Alternative History

The year is 1933. Hitler has just taken power in Germany. The world is still in a depression. Unemployment is high. This Map Game takes place in 1933, when Hitler has just taken power, the depression is in full swing, and the world is still recovering from the First World War. Will your nation become a superpower? Or will it be crushed? It is never too late to join.


  1. Two Nations per user. However, you may not have two superpowers.
  2. Be plausible, no hyperdevelopment.
  3. Nuke programs start by 1940. No earlier!
  4. Must be registered User.
  5. One year per day, goes by half years.
  6. If there is anything else, post on the talk page.
  7. It takes at least four years to develop nukes if you're one of the "Big Cheese" (US, Germany (Maybe), GK, Soviet, etc). If not, much longer.
  8. Make a profile on the Diplomacy Page (Axis vs Allies)
  9. You can also be an occupied nation (i.e, India) and gain independence.


Moderators are people who can: Cause political and natural unrest. EX: An unknown group of people set fire to the Reichstag, or, A giant Hurricane strikes Florida. Basically, the players should respond to the mod's posts. They will be underlined and not bulleted. You can also challenge implausibilities, take votes to revoke some posts, and in very rare cases, you can actually kick people out! An * means you're approved! Please sign with only three tildes, like this: PitaKang

Things Mods can do:

  1. Make natural/artificial disasters
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  4. Ban people.

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From now on, please don't just concentrate on space exploration or sports competitions. It gets boring if that keeps on happening.

New layout for posts!!! Like this:

United States

Politics: The United States invades the Soviet Union.

Economy: The car begins to be mass-produced.

Science/Technology: Minnie is sent to space.

Entertainment: Mickey Mouse is born!!!

Mod: Leave this blank for the Mods to fill out!!!


I would agree with you, but this time period was one where space exploration was of huge importance, and it is a central focus of the world. We could solve the sports stuff by having a separate page dedicated to the sports of Axis vs Allies, which would make this game unique, and focus on the politics on this page. By this time borders are basically set, and if you've noticed, haven't changed extremely in OTL from the 50s onward, therefore space and sports etc. fills this vacuum. Bats

I agree with Bats, and in which should be military-related things like "amp up its army" and "build battleships"?Collie Kaltenbrunner

Politics, I suppose. Bats


USA- [Pros: Good relations with most nations, good military, advanced technology][Cons: Suffering economy, people not happy] PitaKang 23:38, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Korea- [Pros: People unified, common enemy][Cons: Occupied by the Japanese, pays large amounts of taxes, morale low due to Japanese] PitaKang 23:38, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Soviet Union- {Pros: Hard to attack, massive army, excellent tanks][Cons: almost no fleet, obsolete air force, Communist] Roguejedi 23:52, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

Canada- [Pros:good relations with allies, loyal people, away from war][Cons: not many people, small army] Roguejedi 23:52, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

UK- Batmanary 00:47, March 1, 2011 (UTC)

China- [Pros:Large population, Large economic capacity] [Cons: Underdeveloped military, Wide scale civil unrest] Ownerzmcown 02:02, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Japan- [Pros: Large Population, High Industry, Strong Economy] [Cons: Small Territory, Overcrowding, Weak Army] Scandinator 10:18, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Sweden- [Pros: large navy, air force, has high industrial capacity] [Cons: Small population, divisive Nazi and Comintern sympathies] BoredMatt 02:25, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Turkey- [Large army, self-sufficient, allied with Bulgaria and Romania] [Very poor, little industrial capacity, small air force] BoredMatt 02:25, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Germany [rebuilding military, growing world power] [Very weak economy, many enemies] BlackSkyEmpire 02:51, February 7, 2011 (UTC)BlackSkyEmpire

Cuba- [Pros: Good relation with USA] [Cons: Smaller than most countries] CrimsonAssassin 03:15, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Mexico [Pros: Government can change quicker] [Cons: Unhealthy]- CrimsonAssassin 03:15, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Siam [Pros: strategic location, wealthy, moderately large population] [Cons: far from centres of conflict, little say on the world stage, recently experienced a revolution] Detectivekenny (Info; Talk) 06:20, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Italy [Pros: relatively good military, growing economy] [Cons: Fascist government with peaceful majority, fascist dictator rules with iron hand] Fedelede 21:15, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Finland [Pros: Good military, strategic location] [Cons: Small population, many uninhabitable areas] Fedelede 21:15, February 7, 2011 (UTC)

Saudi Arabia [Pros: Very wealthy off Oil] 'Cons: Corrupt government, weak military] StarkBlack 01:13, February 9, 2011 (UTC)

Brazil [Pros:Growing economy, Large territory] [Cons:Relative governmental instability] - Collie Kaltenbrunner 07:40, February 19, 2011 (UTC)

Yugoslavia- Collie Kaltenbrunner 08:21, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

India- Batmanary 4:01, February 24, 2011 (UTC)

South Africa- [Pros: strong air force] [Cons:shortage of available men due to race policies, pro-axis/pro-allied split] Jer1818 00:32, March 7, 2011 (UTC)

France- Ocelot9011 00:31, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

Southern Asian Republic (SAR)- Ocelot9011 00:31, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

Colombia- Michael Douglas

Suriname- Vhaul21:32, March 26, 2011 (UTC)Vhaul Spain- Anonymous History Guy 01:16, March 23, 2011 (UTC)

Greater Persian Union- [Pros: Good relations with most nations, Cons: unstable, land contested by Russia and Great Britain]- Anonymous History Guy

Republic of Guyana- Vhaul 17:15, March 25, 2011 (UTC) Vhaul

Venezuela- [Pros: Developing oil industry and urbanisation] [Cons: Impenetrable jungle, political instability interior and lots of poverty.] Oxfordshire 1972 17:37, August 23, 2011 (UTC)

Norway- user:AltHistoryGeek

Wall of Shame

User:Anonymous History Guy

Crime: Sockpuppeting

Punishment: 1,000 year ban

Known Sockpuppets: User:Vhaul, User:HerMajestyShip

Identifiable Traits: Connecting clauses, bad grammar, implausibility




  • The oppositionist military is controlled and the skirmishes end. However, the Brazilian Imperial provisional government expands, controlling good part of the Northeastern region. The President Dutra tries to negotiate. He offers a change in the constitution which would make Brazil a parliamentary monarchy. The provisional government accepts.
  • Western Cuba and Eastern Cuba finally go to war with each other again. This time, however, both ask that other nations do not intervene. They want the civil war to end by Cubans, not an outside force. Western Cuba buys several bombers from the US.
  • Mexico offers an alliance to the USSR.
  • India offers several weapons to West Cuba. They also officially elect Khawaja Nazimuddin into office. They make a capital for the Pan-Asian Union in Calcutta. They also buy Goa from the Portuguese for an enormous sum of money.
  • Britain finally prepares the documents for the transfer of Yemen and Oman to Saudi Arabia. They also buy Macau from Portugal for a very reasonable price and give the Chinese an enormous sum of money to double the lease of both territories. They shut down all colonial exhibitions, and replace them with "global"exhibits. They commence receiving oil from Saudi Arabia, as per their land deal, and start to put military bases in the Falklands, a bigger one in Hong Kong-Macau, and make one on the Union of the West Indies, in order to get a better look at the West/East Cuba conflict.
  • Germany begins to throw its own comments at Italy, telling the nation that they could never be content with its territories unlike itself and does not care who started the war; Germany tells the world that war should never be for expansion whether it be by land, politics, or what so ever. The German press begins to show images of the local African population of both nations that had happened during the war and some topics go back to Italy's invasion of Ethiopia, in which chemical weapons where used.
  • There was no invasion of Ethiopia in this map game.
  • Siam updates its ports on the Andaman Sea and Strait of Malacca. It asks Germany and Italy to stop the hostilities and resume peace. Meanwhile, it occupies Pondicherry.
  • You can't just up and occupy Pondicherry. True it is French, but India is present right there, and technically an ally of France as well as being heavily interested in Pondicherry, Goa, etc
  • I know, but only France can decide what happens.
  • The US continues to build up their army.They also continue work on the atomic bomb.
  • Korea continues to build up their economy.
  • France stops all trade with Siam due to their conquest Pondicherry. France also warns to Siam any more conquests and war will, be declared.
  • Azad Hind movement failed in India so Indian rebels seek refuge in Greater Persia. The Shah of Greater Persia is determined to unite all Iranic and perhaps even Indic peoples. Persians consider Germans their Aryan allies. Greater Persia annexes Kurdistan, the Kurds support the new pro-Iranic unity position of Persia and support GPU, fearing European and Saudi invasion. Still a timetable is put on the official entrance if Kurdistan into GPU. 1952.6 is chosen as the year of official Kurdish entrance into GPU. GPU officially joins the Axis. GPU has great respect for the US and India, but can not support European colonial influence in Asia any further.
  • Spain asks for support from GPU, Germany, and Italy to rebuild its economy. Spain officially joins the Axis because of support for fascism.


  • A new constitution passes in Yugoslavia. It is turned into a federative constitutional monarchy (it was a unitary one until that moment) divided in seven banovinas.
  • Brazil formally annexes the rest of Bolivia.
  • India warns Siam that they cannot become a member of the UN, if they pursue aggressive policies against the French, when the Indian Navy patrolling the area questions a Siamese shipment of soldiers. India offers a formal invitation to the Pan-Asian Union to China.
  • Britain makes more bases in Malta, the Suez and in Tasmania. They also warn the Saudi Arabian Army to stop expanding after Ethiopia, as warring to expand borders is a crime.
  • America also tells SA to stop expanding, and also tells Brazil to stop expanding, or face war. They continue their nuclear program.
  • Western Cuba invades more of Eastern Cuba. The Western Armies are showing no remorse in the war.
  • Mexico ENCOURAGES Saudi Arabia and Brazil to expand. They should not let themselves be bullied by America. The Mexican President states that "America has become increasingly hostile to nations that expand, even peacefully. They will betray their allies just to stop expansion. A prime example was the threat of war to Brazil, a nation that had recently allied themselves to the USA. We [Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia] need to sign an alliance protecting each other in case another warmongering nation like the USA invades one of us." Furthermore, Mexico urges the UN to keep an eye out for American warmongering. Meanwhile, Mexico anticipates hostility from America and amps up its military as a precaution.

Axis vs Allies 1949.PNG


  • Brazil continues to amp up military, navy and education system.
  • Yugoslavia makes a alliance with Brazil. It also starts to amp up its military.
  • With the French army out of communication due to the French-Italian War, the occupation of Pondicherry is successful. Siam establishes a free trade zone there, which is also a tax haven. It welcomes foreign investment and privatizes French-owned corporations, but agrees to pay back the French government. Siam backs patriots on Ihavandhoo and nearby atolls, creating a temporary sovereign state.
  • Italy continues its war against the French, destroying most French air fields and sea docks by the end of the year. They also continue their fight in the Maghreb and Eastern France. The few territories still resisting on PACA and Rhone Alps (which collapsed after the unexpected fall of Lyon) are retaken, and fortifications are started to be done throughout the Maghrebi-occupied areas. Italy also starts supporting revolts within the Muslim populations in the French colonies, already tired of French occupation and the war.
  • The US continues to research a nuclear weapon, and the production date of a nuke is made to 1951. They also warn that if France and Italy don't stop fighting by 1954, there will be war with the entire United Nations, a war that would devastate both nations. They lay out the terms, telling Italy to give back France all their territory, as well as both sides paying for damages.
  • YOU CAN'T MAKE AN ORGANIZATION GO TO WAR UNLESS IT'S A MILITARY ALLIANCE! And the UN is a peacekeeping force, not a pro-French alliance.
  • We are not being pro-French. If you keep up this conflict, we will INVADE both nations, to bring peace to the region.
  • And that doesn't make it peacekeeping. Besides, the most the UN can do is to send peacekeeping troops and impose economic sanctions. NOT to invade another nation, or it stops being a peacekeeping thing. Besides, your term is pro-French, so you're being pro-French. And I thought you discussed the UN was self-regulating, not a world police.
  • Feds right. The UN cannot create measures pertaining to a specific nation that is not in the UN, because that nation has never agreed to the UN Charter. The UN cannot hold nations to a standard which they do not care for and have not agreed to and then use that as a pretext for offensive action. Even then, you must take into account that in order to take military action through the UN, the entire Security Council must agree to it. Turkey happens to be on the SC.
  • Turkey improves and expands their navy, as well as their ties with the other VP nations. Hungary is accepted into the VP as well.
  • India offers money to both Siam and France for Pondicherry, which could be well used to stabilize Siam's economy and rebuild Bangkok, and France's war effort. They promise it will remain an international trading centre and a tax haven for Siamese and French corporations.
    • Siam accepts half of the deal. Half of the sum is paid to Krungthep redevelopment, while Indian troops are allowed to occupy Pondicherry in amounts that are not to exceed 1.4 times the number of Siamese troops there. However, India does not keep sovereignty over the area. Siam requests that the city of Pondicherry be made continuous rather than divided into enclaves.
  • Britain offers to buy Dutch Guiana, and French Guiana for a sum, so the Dominion of Guyana can expand. They also sign over Yemen and Oman for the unlimited supply of Saudi Arabian oil, as promised. They also begin to start talks over recommencing trade with the Soviet Union for raw materials, and offers to help prop up the Japanese economy, with these newly acquired materials, in exchange for Taiwan.
  • France uses country roads as temporary airfields and heavy bomb advancing Italian troops. France plan a heavily bombing day and destroy half of Rome, Benghazi, Tripoli, and sleeping troops. France quickly zooms in and pushes back Italy to the Rhone Alps and PACA. France also warns Italy to hurry up with the peace negotiations in order to prevent United Nations Sanctions to France and Italy. France also sets up Pro-French and Muslim governments in its Muslim territories and gives them more freedom.
  • I meant destroying your air ports like in the air force AND the infrastructure. How could French airplanes survive unscathed to the destruction of the buildings THEY WERE IN?!
  • Radar. As well as this, they could also build new planes.
  • SAR finishes building their capital Sargon building project.
  • Finland, outraged by France's barbaric bombing, sends volunteers to France under the Italian flag. They also, in a campaign of "Cultural Revenge", send their air force to Italian airfields in Northern Italy and starts bombing (and destroying) four cities throughout France, although this officially was done under Italian command.
  • Mexico, primarily Roman Catholic, is outraged over the bombing of Rome. They criticize not only the USA, but France.
  • The Cuban Civil War ends. Western Cuba and Eastern Cuba unite.


  • Getúlio Vargas is elected Prime Minister. After his election, starts a great purge of the military involved in the attempted coup of 1949,and outlaws UDN. Meanwhile, Brazil amps up its air force and navy.
  • A terrible storm hits France and Italy. It then moves north-east and dissipates over the Western USSR.
  • Cuba expands its military. They suggest using uranium in the atom bombs and search for uranium in the Caribbean Islands. Some uranium is found in an unclaimed island. Cuba claims said island and works on mining the uranium.
  • Mexico tells the world not to trust the USA or France.
  • The US begins to see the importance of oil in the future, and begin a period of intense cooperation with the Saudi government, giving them funding for refineries, and more. They also begin to build up relations with other Arab nations, including Persia and Iraq. They continue their nuclear program, and it is estimated that they will have a nuclear weapon by 5 months.
  • Korea continues to remain neutral in the war between France and Italy, and asks for assistance from the USSR, UK and the US to help build their infrastructure and economy, which was ruined terribly by the Japanese occupation.
  • Japan launches an invasion of the USSR Manchuria, hoping to regain both Manchuria and Korea.
  • India immediately sends troops to defend Korea, blocking the border from Japanese attack.
  • Britain condemns the Japanese attack, and sends money to Korea to help the Koreans, but otherwise does nothing else. They do, however, send in troops to Taiwan and set up a base there. British scientists offer to help the US in the Manhattan Project, and as such the production of the world's first atomic bomb is scheduled for 1951!
  • Saudi Arabia continues to grow more powerful every day, thanks to their new export, oil. The people celebrate that Great Britain has handed over Yemen and Oman to its rightful owner, Saudi Arabia. The President continues to send troops to Ethiopia, saying that it will stop expanding after Ethiopia is a territory of Saudi Arabia.
  • Both Yemen and Oman have been independent or part of GB for the past 600 years, each with their own distinctive cultures and takes on religion. How is Saudi Arabia their rightful owner?
  • France accepts Italy's proposal for peace treaty with three French regions joining Italy. France rebuilds it self which will take one year. France also announces a two year warning until they will most likely have nukes.
  • Colombia invades Panama; the official cause of the war it to recreate Gran Colombia, although in reality it was to give Colombian merchants an advantage in the pacific. Colombia assures the
    United States that the Panama Canal will remain in American hands (It's not a UN territory yet).
  • Please, for now on, spell it correctly as Colombia with an O.
  • Turkey and the Varna Pact expand their air forces. They collectively condemn Saudi Arabia for invading the peaceful nation of Ethiopia without any precedent whatsoever. They call for a debate within the UN in order to discuss and hopefully resolve the situation. They, along with the closely aligned BC, begin research on nuclear weapons and hope to have working models by 1960.
  • Sweden, Denmark, and Norway sign the Bornholm Concordat, creating a regional defense organization for the Baltic much like the Pact of Varna did for Eastern Europe and the Black Sea. They offer Finland membership in the alliance, which they hope will shift the balance of power in the region away from the CCCP. They also publicly condemn Saudi Arabia for its invasion of Ethiopia much as the VP did.
  • Italy finally withdraws its troops from Algeria, and gives it back to France. The fascist party is finally overthrown by a social liberal coup, which replaces the liberal parliamentary monarchy, ruled by the Social Democratic party. It also offers a military alliance to Colombia, and condemns Saudi Arabia for invading Ethiopia, demanding that the invasion ceased immediately. They also continue their nuclear weapons research, which, although delayed by the parting with Germany, is estimated to end by 1953.
  • Finland agrees to join the Bornholm Concordat.
  • Germany as well orders Saudi Arabia to cease its invasion or face condemnation by the U.N. (Ethiopia should not become part of the fascist people of Saudi Arabia, who's only wish is to take over the Middle East as the most powerful nation in the region. We will not stand by this, for a balance of powers is what keeps peace, not expansion - The German U.N. Council/ p.s. The German U.N. Council is a separate council which helps oversee that all regulations of the U.N. be followed by or so be it.)
  • Siam sets up a democratic election for the parliament for the newly created Dhivehi Republic, based in Ihavandhoo. The president, however, is required to remain loyal to the Siamese king if it wants protection of said nation. Similar movements spring up in the Seychelles. Siam upgrades its navy.
  • Saudi Arabia withdraws its troops from Ethiopia. The President gives a speech. " The Government of Saudi Arabia is democratic, and is not fascist at all. We, as a nation, did not mean to harm the people of Ethiopia, but place them under our rule. We wish to become powerful, but not through bloodshed. So please understand that we are not slaughterers at all. Italy, who has killed millions of French, has no right to insult us at all". You guys happy!?
  • Wait, are you a republic? Then why are you called Saudi Arabia?
  • We choose to keep the name Saudi Arabia simply because the people were citizens of the Old Saudi Arabia, this is the New Saudi Arabia despite the overthrow of the king.
  • Oh.
  • Are we cool?
  • India tells the Dvihehi Republic to hold a referendum to see if it will join India or remain independent. (we can all have a say in a poll in the talk page for this. The country was a small French enclave in India.)
  • I'm pretty sure Dvihehi refers to the Maldives, which was never a part of India.
  • Siam invaded Pondicherry, which is on mainland India.
  • Pondicherry isn't part of the Dhivehi Republic. Also, the Dhivehis were just liberated by Siam from Britain with complete support. Why would they immediately turn over power to a close relative of Britain?
  • Oh. They aren't part of Dhivehi? Then forget it. By the way, you just declared war on Britain.
  • Britain sends troops to Dhivehi.
  • Yes, but I have the advantage of popular support and therefore the support of the international community.
  • How so? The referendum on you joining the UN is still going on, and as you have attacked British sovereign soil, and soil that was going to be made into a Dominion, you have also cost Britain's support of you entry into the UN, and possibly also other countries'.
  • The Chinese begin to push for a counterattack in the Japanese-held territory, they push forward with guns and tanks, and capture much of the Japanese-held coast.



  • Brazil continues to amp up its navy.
  • China continues advancing along the coast of the Japanese-held territory, and begin to encircle and close in on the ever-decreasing Japanese pocket.
  • Saudi Arabia continues to build up its military. They also increase the number of warships in their army, and they manage to build two aircraft carriers. The Air Force is amped up, and the capital, Riyadh, has a population of almost three million. Riyadh becomes a supercity.
  • Ummm, I don't think Riyadh has nearly enough population to be a supercity.
  • The British land a contingent of troops in the Maldives, but then slyly land a huge battalion of troops in Malaya, moving from the west towards the east, capturing it, and striking the Siamese by surprise.
  • BTW the map should have Tenasserim as Indian territory.
  • We already went over this… Siam wouldn't just retreat after having its national capital ravaged. No one disputed my 12 reasons why Siam should have Tenasserim including you…
  • I thought we ended the war after I apologized for bombing your capital, and you would stop asking for Tenasserim. No one approved it either. In fact Indian troops are present there, anywho.
  • India continues to send troops to Korea to prevent Japan from breaking through the border. Another batch of troops is presented to China to help defend itself from Japan.
  • I moved the map to the 1950.6 section.
  • Colombia begins to develop its army. Guerrilla warfare tactics are taught to its forces and some efforts are made to acquire modern tanks. Colombia offers a pact of non-aggression to Brazil.
  • Brazil accepts.
  • The VP and BC continue joint research on nuclear technology. Turkey and the VP continue to expand their air forces, while Sweden and the BC expand their navies.
  • The United States detonates a 15 KT nuclear weapon in New Mexico, code named Trinity, to become the world's first nuclear weapons state. They manufacture three more by the end of 6 months, and is expected to have seven by the end of the year.
  • Remember, this would mean India would get some too.
  • Korea takes parts of Japan's territory in China, with help of Russian and Chinese forces.
  • Kaafu Atoll erupts in a massive riot between loyalists and supporters of Siam. By the end of the year, the large population of Dhivehi nationalists overcomes the remaining foreign rulers. The natives claim that the islands are so small, they should not be of any use to the British Empire, and should gain independence. The Seychellois people make similar claims, and Siam declares that it is behind their cause, despite providing primarily material support for the rebels. Siam makes a massive propaganda team through Sumatra, which promises independence and freedom from European powers. As the Netherlands is severely disconnected from its colony due to the war, the mission is mostly successful.
  • Independence isn't an issue. Britain is already planning on granting Dominionship to each of these states (which are small, and would need the support that Britain could give commercially, as well as UN membership.) They have already witnessed the Dominionhood of a huge bunch of nations, and would be aware that there are plans for them as well.
  • Meh. Independence > Dominionhood. Independence is easy to understand for the common Dhivehi. Dominionhood for the common person is no change, just a different white person in the palace, and loyalty to the king. The more educated would probably get angry that Britain did not release the Maldives immediately.
  • It doesn't work that way. Dominionhood is independence in everything except for having the King as head of state. In fact all countries who gained independence from Britain all had a short period of Dominionhood to sort out affairs and set up a proper government. That is why in general, the British colonies in the world started off better in independence than the French.
  • I will agree with you if it were possible to explain why the system is better than complete independence to every Dhivehi fisherman.


  • Brazil starts an industrialization program.
  • The United States gives India much information on nuclear weapons, including schematics, designs, etc., and most importantly, uranium and plutonium. By now, they have four bombs, one ahead of schedule. They also say that any nation, whether they be friend of foe, will face nuclear warfare if they expand without provocation.
  • READ THE ABOVE POSTS. France and Italy are not in war, and I think India and Siam aren't in either. YOU would be condemned for a nuclear war on any nation. Besides, I'm about to have nukes, so it's a bad idea.
  • Just one question. How did you get nukes so fast? You've had almost no posts detailing nukes in the past several years. Even though it is assumed that you are building nukes, I had been writing detailed posts on my nuclear program for several years. Anyway, then I'll back off.
  • He did write that he was developing them, but I'm curious as to how four nukes came into your possession.
  • Italy and Germany had a joint project which was due to end very quickly because we had Enrico Fermi, Albert Einstein, AND the world's first nuclear energy project. But then Italy and Germany fell out diplomatically and the joint program ended. I didn't detail them as much as you, but I DID write I was getting them.
  • I was talking about the US.
  • I know. I was, too.
  • I got four nukes.... by building them! The US made those nukes, like Little Boy and Fat Man.
  • Korea applauds the United State's effort to bring peace into the world... and asks the US for some nuke plans :)
  • Colombia, fearful of what appears to be imminent nuclear warfare, begins to construct a series of mountain nuclear bunkers. These are integrated with the Guerrilla warfare program; there now is some chance of Colombia escaping destruction of foreign domination.
  • India sets up bunkers in the Himalayas, and also re-offers Siam the money for Pondicherry. They currently have two nukes from the Manhattan Program, and also draw up schematics for more. They also make plans for Bombay to become an economic zone, and promote trade there for many corporations.
  • British troops land in Dhivehi, and convince Dhivehi to a Dominionhood, which can end whenever they want, so that a proper government can be established, and anarchy avoided. They send more troops to liberate the Union of Malaysia, an already established Dominion, and offer peace to Siam, as long as it steers clear of British land or that of the Dominions. British spies collect some information on the atomic bomb, but it is speculated to take at least 9 years to build one without the help of the already nuclear countries, India and the US.
  • Yugoslavia asks for a alliance with Italy.
  • Italy theoretically finishes its atomic project one and a half years earlier than due, with all theories for construction finished, although Italy does not have enough uranium or plutonium for a nuclear device. It also informs the United States of its naivetë, as France and Italy have been in peace for a year now. Italy also asks forgiveness from the other states for its former crimes under the Fascist council (which in 1950.6 was deposed) and especially to France. Italy also asks for the United Kingdom to sell them uranium from the rich deposits in Australia. It also agrees to Yugoslavia's proposal.
  • UK denies this request.
  • Why?
  • Cuba, since they 'helped' work on the project, taps into a uranium source on a Caribbean Island. The Island does not have any natives and is claimed by the Cuban government. By December, Cuba has the sufficient materials required for a nuke. Meanwhile, former Eastern Cuba becomes more industrialized.
  • Do you know how long it takes to get enough uranium for a nuke?
  • Six months is enough.
  • Mexico scolds America. They tell the world of America's threats of nuclear war on anyone who expands. This means that America will quickly nuke London if England, a US ally, expands. Mexico offers an alliance against American threats.
  • Probably not my place, but i really wouldn't scold a country that could kick my countries butt. Azecreth 21:44, March 19, 2011 (UTC)
  • China begins a build-up of its military, and starts by acquiring Ak-47's from Russia, and M-1's from the US. They also begin building their own versions of the T-34, dubbed the Type 58. New aircraft are also studied and cities in the south are beginning to be transformed into naval bases.
  • Germany as well finishes its Nuclear Project around the same time as Italy (due to the joint-Nuclear Project between the two). More German agents are sent to the Middle East to help found a more solid Anti-Foreign policy among the people and to implant Pro-German propaganda; In Algeria, there is more success among gaining more supporters, due to the recent war over the territory which is evident due to the propaganda being placed down (Example: "France says freedom, but we say independence" or "Two Kings once fought over us as if we where toys.......Are you a toy or a human?").



  • Brazil continues its industrialization program.
  • Italy discovers oil in Libya, and, in order to keep the Tunisians happy, they turn Tunisia into a dominion. Libya then establishes free trade with the Italians. It also starts helping Romania develop its uranium mining and buys most of its production, and asks for China to sell them amounts of uranium. Finally, it offers an alliance to Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, in order to create an Italy-friendly "Latin Belt".
  • The Chinese close in for a giant pincer movement around the Japanese pocket, their tanks are more powerful than the Japanese's are, and their aircraft constantly keep bombarding the Japanese forces by air. By the end of the year, the entire pocket is surrounded.
  • Brazil accepts the Italian offer.
  • The VP and BC continue joint research on nuclear technology. Information gained through espionage and from a small nuclear pile outside of Cluj bumps up the schedule. 1958 is when the first nuclear bomb is expected to be produced. Experiments also begin with long-range missiles such as those used by Germany as well as with electricity.
  • India continues to send China help. They propose starting to experiment with long-range missiles with the US, and send some nuclear information to the UK.
  • Britain proposes peace with Siam, letting the Union of Malaysia regain Malaya, and after creating a base in Maldives, it allows a three-year dominionhood followed by independence. The BBC also appears on television for the first time, following an Act that prevented biased news from being aired. Its news coverage is considered unparalleled, and it starts to broadcast on airwaves and television sets in France and Germany within six months.
  • Colombia accepts the Italians offer on the condition that Italy help Colombia with its modernisation program, although it continues to pursue friendly relations with America.
  • German soldiers begin to occupy Dutch Indonesia saying that the territory, although not listed in the peace terms, would be turned over to Germany or face destruction. Also, Germany begins to provide information on nuclear and rocket research to Great Britain, India, Siam, Columbia, Brazil, Mexico, China, and Korea in order to help these nations fend for themselves against the United States if any threats against them are made. Germany also apologizes to Italy, knowing that not trusting in ones ally could destroy the respect between the tow and offer support, including rights to set up oil companies in Indonesia.
  • I thought Germany was against wars of aggression. You should have another look at your command, as Germany has only a Baltic port, and Dutch East Indies would be fairly isolated from Germany proper. A more useful and realistic prospect is to have the Dutch give you a set amount of resources from the islands each year, thus granting you the same effect as having annexed them, anyway. Plus the Indonesia movement would have been strong at this point, and Germany would set themselves up for a huge rebel base. Yet another prospect would be to help set up Indonesia, even as a Commonwealth of Germany.
  • I moved the map again to the former section.i know that putting a map without the turn having ended yet isn't in the rules.
  • Cuba completes its first nukes. It finds more uranium of different Caribbean islands. They are unclaimed, so Cuba decides to claim them. Uranium mining begins on the newly annexed islands.
  • The Caribbean islands are all part of different countries. You can't just go ahead and annex them.
  • In the future if you continue to annex them could you at least say which country they're owned by?
  • He means uninhabited Caribbean atolls in international waters, not large islands like Jamaica or Puerto Rico.
  • Mexico thanks Germany for the info. They offer to back Germany up in case the US attacks them.
  • France finishes its nuclear program and finishes rebuilding France's infrastructure.
  • Since when did France have a nuclear program? It would take years to build a nuke, and you had no one else helping you either.

Wait a second, so I take TEN YEARS to finish my project and France takes six months!?

  • SAR creates new jobs in a program to minimize poverty.
  • With the Maldivians under full Dhivehi control, Independence Day is celebrated. An ethnic Dhivehi president and prime minister are elected, while the British are allowed to leave in peace. They may also remain in the Maldives and take part in the government on the condition that they recognize Dhivehi independence. The Dhivehis ask for assistance from Italy and Siam in setting up a stable government. Meanwhile, Siam occupies Aceh, promising Sharia law and complete self-rule.
  • Dhivehi, methinks, wouldn't ask Siam for help, and definitely not Italy. Wouldn't it ask India, its large neighbor to the north?


  • Brazil continues its industrialization program while amping up its air force.
  • Yugoslavia sells part of the banovina of Albania to Greece.
  • Italy agrees to Colombia's demands and starts spending money, resources and manpower in order to create a good mountain infrastructure. Italy also starts buying uranium from Brazil's much bigger reserves, and by the end of the year, they have a nuclear weapon.
  • Saudi Arabia begins to develop blueprints for a nuclear bomb.
  • Mexico begins working on an atomic bomb.
  • Cuba makes more nuclear weapons.
  • How is Cuba making nukes?
  • What have I been doing for the last few years? Cuba has spies in the Manhattan Project. Cuba finds uranium on an unclaimed island. Cuba gathers materials for nukes.
  • Cuba does not have the infrastructure, even if they did have spies, to build nuclear weapons.
  • The VP continues nuclear research, and they expand their air forces. A new tank design, the Aslan, is produced, and production is expected to begin late next year.
  • What is the VP?
  • I think that stands for Varna Pact. It was formed by Turkey.
  • Correct. It's Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Greece, headquartered out of the Bulgarian port of Varna on the Black Sea.
  • India sends an envoy to Nepal, Bhutan, formally inviting said countries into the Pan-Asian Union. They also send an ambassador to the Dhivehi Republic. Pondicherry votes to become part of India, but India keeps its word that it will remain a tax haven for corporations, and it is also the only state that has French as its official language. For this, India sends payment to Siam and France. They also start new railways, interlocking the subcontinent, and one new airline opens, Indian Airways. This flies from London to Delhi and connects Indian flights. It wants to start a Bangkok-Delhi flight.
    • Siam accepts proposals for a Krungthep-Delhi flight on the condition that there are no Trojan horse-type attacks, in which case Siam would call upon the international community.
    • I'm pretty sure you can't elect someone out of their own territory, especially in violation of a previous agreement. You said I would be paid for Pondicherry if I handed over control. I handed over half control and expect half payment. Or I could just say I keep full control and no payment. But no elections were involved, and no matter what results were, they would not affect the treaty.
    • Oh. I thought you were okay with it. Plus, you never stopped with the Dhivehi thing, and Britain surrendered that. It would be a good idea to give India Pondicherry, though.
  • Britain stays in Dhivehi, and as it already said, accepts its independence. They, however, keep the military base already there, but build a new one for Dhivehi. They also send an ambassador to Dhivehi, offering it a place in the United Nations. Britain helps out with stabilizing the economy first, and suggests economic ties with Britain, and also helps build a new airport to connect it with the world. They estimate their first nuclear weapon to be made within two years at this point, with the extensive plans given by India.
  • Colombia peacefully annexes Costa Rica; Costa Rica maintains a separate government, but opens its borders to Colombian merchants and becomes a protectorate. In the meantime, Colombia begins building its first tanks.
  • The US continues to build nukes, and warns Colombia not to expand. They also offer them an alliance.
  • Kurdistan officially joins GPU (Persia) after been annexed back in 1949. Greater Persian Empire prepares for a grand war. Persia pours lots of money into military science and rises to first world status much like *modern Japan. Persia had been Second World throughout the Industrial Era.
  • This is not valid. There is no need for Kurdistan to submit to yet another state.
  • Spain receive massive military aid from Germany. Spain conducts joint military exercises with Germany and the Greater Persian Empire, in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Siam thanks Britain for its assistance in forming the Dhivehi Republic, and helps quell protestors who oppose the remaining British people and former soldiers on the islands. Due to the success, entwined protesters in Seychelles, and Mauritius seek independence through Siam as well. They call upon Britain to recognize home rule as a sovereign nation. Meanwhile, Muslims in Aceh receive Siamese support in liberating the whole of the island of Sumatra from the Dutch and placing it under an Islamic democracy based on the Qur'an. By the end of the year, they have captured Medan and Palembang.
  • I don't think you should be controlling the subjects in my empire to be honest. And again, they would not seek independence through Siam. There is no need to. Please stop trying to increase your influence in British land, and stay outside of it. Siam has no plausible influence in Seychelles or Mauritius, who are much closer to Africa, so your support would not be wanted nor needed.
  • Couldn't the same thing be said about Japan in the Pacific Islands or Papua or the Andaman/Nicobars? And somehow they supported the Japanese? And I ask, how could Africa possibly provide support to the Seychelles/Mauritius? Just let me have these worthless islands and I will be permanently be done with Britain, and I might even decide to let you keep some of the islands. Or else I'll probably just continue.
  • NO! You can't just expect me to give you islands! It's my land, you are not a mod, to suddenly decide the independence uprisings, and those places you all mentioned are very close to Japan, compared to Siam, and two islands off the coast of Africa. Plus Japan actually fought their way through SE Asia, meaning they were CLOSER to all the places you mentioned.
  • Yes, but it is definitely allowed to create independence sentiment if it is plausible. Tokyo to Baa, Indonesia: 5427.8 km. Krungthep to Saint-Denis, Reunion, Mauritius 6239.4 km. 15% margin. Any questions? Detectivekenny (Info; Talk) 02:58, March 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • I'm sorry, but you chose to play as Siam, not as Seychelles and Mauritius (etc.) The MOST you can do, is say that Siam starts to support independence. You CANNOT speak for the people of that place however. Then the same way, I can say that Malaysia invades Siam. AND, you do not have control over Malaya. There is a British/Indian coalition presence there, and we've freed them.



  • Brazil continues its industrialization program. Meanwhile, the Emperor Pedro III asks for Yugoslavian help in case of a republican coup d'etát or a military coup.
  • Yugoslavia also amps up its navy.
  • The US offers Brazil an alliance, and continues to build nuclear weapons. They once again warn nations not to invade other nations.
  • Colombia accepts the American alliance offer, but reminds them that their expansion into Panama was retaking lands stolen from them by imperialist powers, and that the nation of Costa Rica joined Colombia voluntarily. Colombia also requests that the United States grant Colombia access to data gathered on radiation from nuclear testing; if the US accepts, Colombia will share properly updated knowledge on constructing nuclear bunkers. (I've been building them, but without radiation data they're almost worthless)
  • Spain proposes FIF(La Federación internacional del fútbol) (a.k.a. FIFA) and Concilio internacional de Críquet (International Cricket Council or CIC) to unite the world in sports (football/cricket). Spain plans to have the greatest football and cricket stadium on Earth and a booming economy by 1963. Spain looks hold both the Cricket and Football World Cups in 1963. Spain asks Portugal to join them in an Iberian Union to recreate the colonial Iberian Empire, but Portugal is uninterested. Spain controls most of Iberia (which freely joins) except Portugal. The Spanish people oppose a new Spanish Empire and support only an Axis Empire. Spain still attempts to invade Portugal, they are likely to fail, due to poor military training. Spain begins environmental weapons production (can manipulate weather). The Spanish Mafia forms due to poor conditions in Spain and drug trade from Latin America, the Spanish people suffer in a poor, unstable nation. Spanish Catholic Church forms a militia to oppose the fascist government and many peasants join. Tourists are afraid of violence in Spain. Communists gather in Ibiza and look to the USSR for direction.
  • By the way, just saying, there is no Axis anymore. Italy and Germany are a monarchy and a democracy respectively. By choosing to become fascist, you isolate your country.
  • Siam and Portugal aren't fascist? By the way, If the United States can't manipulate the weather until this point, how would Spain do this in the 1950's? and the World Cup was in 1962.
  • I heard Spain was still fascist though. Maybe Spain will become a Catholic State their is a revolution waiting to occur. Maybe WW-III? Spain may drop the Axis if they go theocratic. Persia needs allies for a WW-III, though. Also I never mentioned manipulating weather here, I mentioned Persia having that ready by 1957, and it is possible ever hear of Project Seal (Tsunami Bomb) in 1944?
  • Greater Persian Empire, now officially first world, has few allies beyond Spain and Germany. The Shah announces his plan to recreate the Achaemenid Empire. The Persian people are now more loyal (due to better conditions) and cheer on the Shah. Persia asks Turkey to ally with them or face annihilation at the hands of the Aryans(Persians). Persia cuts trade with India, until India recognizes Azad Hind fascists as their official government, Persians consider North India theirs although it is not officially theirs. Persia considers North Indians their citizens and grant them citizenship. Shah acknowledges Japanese as the East Asian master race, and asks Japan to leave the Pan-Asian Trade Union. Tehran becomes a big tourist destination with many towers and clubs, to compete with India and the Arab nations. Persia commissioned Japanese, Indian and German architects. Persia looks to hold the 1957 Worlds Fair and 1957 Olympics.
  • How is it first world? And how is democratic Germany its ally? It would take longer than that to become first world. Even India is still in the process of becoming First world. BTW, Azad Hind doesn't exist. India became free in this map game before they ever formed, leading to no need to even form it in the first place. Plus, a racist country that is actively threatening nations wouldn't be allowed in international sport. Just saying.
  • There were no Olympic Games in 1957. It was in 1956.
  • I assumed the WW-II atmosphere was still around in this alt hist. Either way Persia is not racist, at the time eugenics was still the norm, it was the 60's that changed things. Nazi Germany had Olympics in the 1930's. Azad Hind could have still existed as an earlier movement before India got Independence, even the India admin said his nation was unstable. Azad Hind supports fascism to boost India's economy. Persia is a monarchy, but a very despotic one, plus Azad Hind supports their Ethnic Unification Initiative (unite the IndoIranic people). Persia wishes no harm on anyone in this game, they only want Iranic lands returned. It is first world because it was second world, even look back to the real 1940's, but in this case Persia begins massive military production in the 1930's when it is neutral and it continues into the 1950's, it economy was heavily boosted by this production, along with trade (it did little combat and had few enemies, until around 1950's when it turned against the Brits and Russians and accepted Indian fascists). Germany was a major ally of Persia in WW-II both in real life, and it would make sense in the game. I am no racist, but Hitler did call Persia "Aryan", so it would make sense that Persia and Germany would keep somewhat of an alliance despite differences. Also Spain is not racist they are soon to be Catholic Democrats, the Catholic Democrats plan for a Jewish state to be built (somewhere between Africa and Asia) and will allow all racial and religious minorities, but will adhere to Catholic law. Also Aryan is an ethno-lingustic term often misused since WW-II. Persia takes on responsibility for creating the Jewish state.

The mod vote has been moved to Talk:Axis vs Allies (Map Game). Flag of South Korea.svgPitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 19:20, March 22, 2011 (UTC)

  • Mexico encourages Colombia and Brazil to expand. Mexico offers an alliance to Colombia.
  • Cuba continues to work on its nuclear arsenal. Meanwhile, the tourists note the lush Cuban landscape. Tourism increases heavily in Cuba, helping its economy. On top of that, the government begins to lean more towards Capitalism.
  • Germany finally gives Indonesia the rights of a Commonwealth to avoid conflicts from the locals, while back in Berlin new power changes begin to take place.
  • India encourages tourism, and the Pan-Asian Union increases. The Krungthep-Delhi flight has been changed to the Krungthep-Calcutta flight in order to increase traffic. India also makes their 4th nuclear bomb at this time. They send an ambassador to Rome, formally recognizing the new government, and they support increasing Indo-Italian relations. India continues to develop its infrastructure, and makes sure that everyone can be employed, as soon as possible.
  • Britain's nuclear program continues. The new Queen, Elizabeth II is officially crowned. Britain helps develop the education and welfare systems in its dominions, and offers the same to France and Italy, to help teach and school the children in war-ravaged North Africa. Britain's nuclear program is accelerated by the uranium coming in from Canada and Australia, and the production of the bomb is going well, but several politicians also question other uses from this technology.
  • Korea continues their nuclear program, with help from the US and UK.
  • Siam reorganizes its army to accommodate the large number of foreign soldiers and to maximize efficiency. It begins a project to improve its air force. Advance of Islamic separatists reaches as far south as Bengkulu, where Sukarno was housed. Sukarno takes control of the independence movement.
  • China begins pushing in on the remaining Japanese pocket, their tanks and aircraft pushing the Japanese closer and closer to defeat.


  • The Emperor Pedro III dies of a heart attack.After a agreement between the Vassouras and Petrópolis branches of the Brazilian Imperial Family, which laid separate claims to the throne since 1908, Prince Pedro Gastão, of the Petrópolis branch, is crowned as Pedro IV. Getúlio Vargas resign from his post as Prime Minister. João Goulart is elected as new Prime Minister.
  • Yugoslavia continues amping up its military.
  • Spain collapses into civil war, Andalusia and Valencia join the Catholic Democratic Spanish Union, the Belearic Islands become an autonomous semi-communist state within Catholic Democratic Spain, and the rest of Spain remains fascist. Fascist Spain refuses to end the war with Portugal. Cricket and Football World Cup moved to 1962, still in Spain. Desperate, Fascist Spain offers any nation (Particularly Britain, India, Persia, Japan, Italy, or Germany), a good deal of its treasury for Nuclear Weapons, and further military aid. Don Franco III exclaims he will never lose power in Spain. The Spanish Mafia makes deals with the Catholic Democratic Spanish government, which decides to become a Capitalist Democratic Theocracy. Mafia helps Catholic Spaniards fight the Fascists.
  • Hate to tell you this, but the Spanish Fascists where chums with the Catholics. They were completely pro-catholic.
  • You are right, I completely messed that one up. I'll fix it. Instead Catholic Spain will be pro-Democracy, how about Catholic Democratic Spain.
  • Persia officially announces it is a Secular Nation with rights for all religions, but one must wonder since they still mistreat their Siddi (former Angolan slaves) population. Persia proposes the first WorldVision song contest to be held in Munich Germany. Persia proposes a Jewish state be built in Israel and asks the British to give Palestine to them. Olympic Games Changed to 1956, still held in Persia. Persia will have their Sandstorm Environmental Weapon ready by 1957. Persia researches solar energy as a power source. Persia is against nuclear technology, favoring environmentalism and the Arbil Protocol. Persian military recognized as one of the most powerful in the world after conducting live video of Persipolis Military Parade.The Shah would love to show off his military more at the World Fair. Persia has the best Mobile SAM. Persia is investing in more Wind Farms and Watermills.
  • Turkey declines the offer of alliance with Persia, but instead offers them a separate alliance with the entire Varna Pact as a whole as well as production licenses for the new VP tank. The VP and BC continue nuclear arms research, scheduled to end with a prototype device by 1957. The army is improved rather drastically as logistics elements expand and the Aslan enters service in both Turkey, Romania, and Hungary (Greece and Bulgaria are scheduled to begin receiving units by 1954).
  • India asks to join the Varna Pact, but they still do not trust Persia. India develops their first tank using information from the Sherman of the US, that they got in '41, and creates the Bengals. The Bengals were built for desert terrain, and works well. They make several fighter jets, and station some on the Andaman Islands, but their primary threat is the Soviet Union and Siam. India's ten million strong army helps create a proper defensive force, as well.
  • Britain proposes the European Union, as a counter to the Russian giant, and invites Germany, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Poland, France, and the Nordic states. This would help regulate the European economy and guarantee protection against war and the like. This would, however, tense Anglo-American relations, but Britain still proposes the idea.
  • The US supports the Persian Israel Jewish State, and also the European Union, and proposes a Union of their own, the American Union, which would have free trade, military alliance, all across both Americas.
  • Korea, with Indian, Russian, and Chinese help, push the rest of the Japanese out of Manchuria.
  • Aceh's independence movement eventually overtakes the entire island of Sumatra. Sukarno agrees to give a chunk of Sumatra to Germany's Indonesian territory in return for alliance. Siam's military begins major technological research to improve weapons.
  • Colombia is uneasy to join an American Union, as it wishes to maintain its independence. The current Dictator of Colombia agrees to allow democratic elections in the country within the next two years.
  • Someone add SAR (French Indochina) to the map.



  • Brazil maintains severed relationships with Fascist Spain.However, It recognizes Catholic Spain as the only legitimate Spanish state.
  • Yugoslavia asks for join the Varna Pact. Meanwhile, it amps up its navy and military.
  • France creates the French Association of Space Sciences (FASS) to study space and try to put a man-made object in space by 1957. France also get permission from Denmark to lease Greenland for 15 years for Scientific Experiments.
  • Annexing Greenland: impossible, Leasing Greenland:possible
  • SAR starts construction on Saigon Stadium, a 70,000 person stadium for use in it new football (soccer) league, SARFL. They also build seven other stadiums with a 20,000 capacity around SAR.
  • The US creates a space agency, modeled after the FASS, named the National Aerospace and Space Agency, or NASA. They then begin to plan for a satellite as early as 1959. They also manufacture more nuclear weapons.
  • Korea continues their nuclear program, as well as driving the last of the Japanese out of Manchuria.
  • Persia launches its own unsuccessful space program to compete with the French. Persia has a great army, a moderately good navy, and a terrible air force. Persia has the best army east of Europe and west of China. Persia's army is smaller than the India army, but is more advanced and better trained. Persia plans to mass produce heavy mech infantry by 1957. Heavy mech infantry will help Persia phase out its few old Panzers and captured tanks from Anglo-Soviet involvement in the region. Persia looks to improve its aerospace industry and put a man on the moon by 1971. The Shah suggests an International Space Program. Persia will attempt to launch a satellite by 1959. The Persian Army is larger than all Asian armies except the Chinese, SAR, and Indian armies. The Shah calls Siam a crazy out of control nation. The Shah stops providing Fascist Spain with ammunition, and cuts off all relations. The Shah switches to supporting Catholic Spain with Mobile SAM infantry, three brigades of marines, and many volunteers. The Shah supports switching Persia to a democracy after he dies, he feels Persia is now ripe for democracy and that too much despotism has ruined Spain. The Persian government orders all troops to the Western border. Persia encourages the world to adopt the Arbil Protocol and reduce emissions by 20% by 1961. Persia names its space agency the Shah's Space Program or SSP. Shah backs marine exploration research. Some economists say Persia depends to heavily on its military industry. Persia switches from a Third Way economy to a Capitalist Balanced Economy. The economic transition puts some strain on the Persian economy, as state jobs dry up, the transition is slow. Persian scientists accidentally discover video games, by 1957, Persia Companies look to commercialize games such as dot tag, for TVs. Persian Electronics works on a console called the Star Station to run games such as dot tag. Persia invests in medical research and large ground telescopes. Persian taxes rise drastically, for the first time in years Persian start to strike. The Shah looks to support the construction of large Color TV's around large Persian metropolises. Persia gives Catholic Spain a prototype ENV. PERSIA RESEARCHES SOLAR CELLS, BUT LOOKS TO PURCHASE THEM FROM THE US, WHO INVENTED THEM THIS YEAR IN THEIR BELL LABORATORIES (OTL). PERSIA CREATES SILICON AND OTHER MINERAL MINES MAINLY IN DESERTS, ESPECIALLY AFGHANISTAN.
  • Video Games, implausible.
  • Video Games were invented in 1948. It is plausible.
  • Very bad ones, okay.
  • Fascist Spain begs the international community for military aid and nuclear weapons, promising any nation millions of dollars in the nation's treasury. The Don's son is kidnapped by the Spanish Mafia, who will only return him to the Don if he surrenders to Catholic Spain. The Don refuses to surrender, he is mad with power. The Don has a small monument constructed to honor Britain's support. Fascist spies fail to infiltrate the US CDC and steal vials of plague. Fascist spies are captured by the FBI. Fascist Spain asks America to return its spies. Catholic Spain accepts all aid from Persia. Before Persian aid arrives Fascists invade Requena, and head for Valencia, on route to Ibiza (Communist Autonomous State of Spain) where communists are held up.
  • China makes more pushes against the Japanese, pushing them more and more to the edge of surrender.
  • Both India and Yugoslavia are accepted into the VP after a year-long vetting process. They ask India to reveal non-critical nuclear secrets in order for the alliance's research project to be completed ahead of schedule. The Turkish Air Force is expanded somewhat, as is the navy.
  • India helps out by giving the VP some scientists and actual nuclear information. However, this is to be strictly between Turkey and India because of certain Communist elements in some of the VP states. India successfully advances their rocket research, allowing unmanned rocket attacks. This info is kept secret and is not found out by anyone. India's armed forces are increased and the Indian Air force is significantly boosted, although not too much.
  • Britain produces their first atomic bomb although it is more advanced than the first one made by the US, due to help from India. Britain speaks to the VP about the Malta Pact, an alliance that would increase the VP's members to Britain, and its dominions, and invites Germany to be a signatory as well.
  • Germany accepts Britain's offer and sends nuclear research support to Yugoslavia, Turkey, Japan, and Saudi Arabia (Do not think this will immediately give you access to Nuclear weapons and anything related). Germany begins to stockpile more and more of these devastating weapon in order to help secure its place in the world. Germany also takes a dive at its own Space Program and they offer Britain and Italy a place in the program, it also promises that the three nations would have a man from each of these nation take that step on the moon when the time comes.
  • Siam occupies Luangphrabang, claiming that Laos legitimately belongs to the Siamese. Siam begins a program where citizens are paid to immigrate to countries such as India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Mozambique, and South Africa, and send their paychecks home, bringing money into the Siamese economy in return for a stable supply of labor.
  • Colombia begins to experiment with rocketry. The Colombians again ask America for data on the spread of radiation to help build radiation-proof bunkers; they remind America that in a total nuclear war humanity would not survive. The offer in return to share all Colombian scientific data currently held state secret; including recently-invented geothermal power.
  • Mexico builds their first nuclear bomb.
  • Cuba works on their nuclear arsenal. The military in increased drastically. The economy climbs. Tourism increases. Many American, British, Mexican, Italian, and French tourists travel to Cuba for vacation during the summer. The infrastructure continues to improve.


  • France starts work on a Fast aircraft in order to fly from Saigon to Paris. France also creates French Aircraft Builder Association which will build the new aircraft which will be completed in 1960. France also gets new tourist from around the world. They also create video games.
  • Please, none of these video game business. AHG is being implausible, so come on guys, don't be.
  • SAR begins its Space Program (SARSP) to build Space Stations in the Atmosphere, they guess the first station will be up in 1962.
  • The Guyana declares war on Suriname, to gain more land.
  • Suriname is Guyanese land already. Britain bought it from Netherlands.
  • Guyana has already been freed into Self-government. Don't speak for the Dominions unless you are playing as it, or are a mod.
  • Uhhh, this player has signed up for Guyana.
  • Oh, never mind, then.
  • Brazil starts to work in the building of a railway system through the country. It also amps up its military.
  • Cuba's infrastructure improves. In some rich areas, buildings are re-inforced against earthquakes. The Cubans begin experimenting on better ways to wage war. Artillery is improved. A prototype ICBM is proposed, though not created yet. In December, a breakthrough occurs in rocket propulsion. Cuba makes plans for a space program.
  • India continues to work on its infrastructure. They perfect their basic welfare and healthcare coverage, and lower the costs of schooling to make these jobs available to people. India proposes that the Varna Pact should start committing to a space program, to explore the stars beyond. India creates a quota for Siamese immigration, because of its already large population, and puts several new laws into effect, investigating alternative sources of energy, although nothing material is made yet.
  • Britain continues its plan on Dominionhood, and releases Nigeria, Guinea, and Sierra Leone as Dominions. Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Guyana and the Union of Arabian States are granted full independence, although Canada, Australia and Guyana choose to have the Queen remain as its de jure Head of State,(exactly the same as Canada and Australia OTL), but everything else is done by their own government, and their actual leader is their elected Prime Minister. Britain agrees to Germany's plan on spacefaring. They also formally invite the Kingdom of Italy to the United Nations.
  • America provided nuclear radiation information to Colombia, as long as they give tem information on how to build nuclear bunkers. They also send aid to France and Italy to help recover from damage.
  • Colombia takes this new data, and sends the data on Geothermal Power, prolonged psychological confinement, and underground greenhouses to America. Colombia now begins to investigate how to create safe water and air sources of the nuclear bunker system.
  • Siamese immigrants to Australia form a community of workers in the service and distribution industries in Port Hedland. Siam manages to annex much of southern Laos, giving it control of much of the Mekong River. Siam sets up a small port a few km north of the border with the SAR, and asks for relations with the SAR.

Axis vs Allies 1954.png


  • The Prime-Minister João Goulart proposes the Triennal Plan, which includes the Basic reforms.
  • Yugoslavia continues to amp up its navy.
  • Saudi Arabia continues to research nuclear power, and with help from the US, they plan to have an atomic bomb by 1957.
  • India reinforces its borders to the west, however no troops are moved from the east. They also send a UN invitation to Afghanistan to counter the threat of Persia.
  • Britain continues to develop its infrastructure, and continues research on its space program.
  • France builds three new nuclear power plants, 100 miles away from Paris, France also ask for relations with Spain, Brazil, Canada, and Siam.
  • SAR accept Siam request for relations and also annex French Polynesia.
  • Cuban infrastructure improves. The proposed ICBM prototype begins construction in March. A test of a smaller-grade missile (nowhere near the size of a nuke) is tested in a field. Initial results show promise. Production of the smaller missile is proposed. During May, a batch is tested. 5% of the missiles did not go off. Another 10% detonated prematurely. One exploded upon takeoff, taking out the cannon. Trial-and-error testing begins in late May. The Cuban economy continues to improve. Places that were war-zones ten years ago are mostly fields, suburban neighborhoods, or shopping centers. The poverty rate decreases. By now, Cuba is capitalist.
  • Mexico encourages expansion, an embargo on the USA, and other things to spite the USA. Mexico's economy improves.
  • I doubt Mexico's economy would improve, without economic relations with the US. Your economic growth would be sorely lacking without their resources, and they are your main trading partner. By embargoing them, you are signing an economic death warrant, so your economy would actually tank.
  • Hell no, they invaded me!
  • Siam completes its annexation of Laos. Siam begins developing better ships to encourage connection with overseas Siamese colonies and communities in Pondicherry, Maldives, Seychelles, Mauritius, Sumatra, and Australia. Siam develops Mawlamyine as a depot for trade throughout the Indian Ocean, and upgrades its banking sector, taking in any foreign funds.
  • I've told you to stop talking for my colonies. I'll do exactly what you're doing to me, right now:
  • Laos declares independence from Siam, and guerrillas kill Siamese officials.
  • There, see? I can't do that, but that's essentially what you're doing to me. STOP IT.
  • Calm down. I said communities, and i meant equivalent to Chinatown.
  • China strikes a final peace with Japan, allowing the safe return of all prisoners. The new peace is celebrated in Beijing and all other major cities in China, and brings new support for the republican government.
  • The United States starts research on putting nuclear bombs on missiles, with not a lot of success, but with a little. They manufacture more nukes. They also critisize Mexico for their overly anti-American stance, and immediately stop trade with Mexico, and open up relations with Korea, and ask for with China.
  • Mod: Canada agrees to an "American Union", but only if Mexico would stop their anti-American stance. Meanwhile, they also ask, and are granted nuclear information from the United States.
  • Mod: Peru sides with Mexico, and encourages nations to expand. They invade Ecuador, as a sign of American defiance.


  • The United States continues ICBM research, and continue to manufacture nukes. They begin to look into nuclear power, as a peaceful way to use nuclear energy.
  • Mod: The Soviet Union detonates their first nuclear weapon in Kamchatka, stunning the world. They have stolen research from the US, and have gotten their nuke extremely fast. They begin to give nuclear information to China, in hopes of having good relations with China in the future.
  • India is shocked by the Soviet detonation, and urges the rest of the VP to dedicate themselves against the Russians. Indian spies hear of the offer, and urge China to not accept, due to the terror, the Soviets have brought to the world. India proposes that the VP starts a space program in order to better study the stars. Indian scientists have already created the organization, but the other countries must join, as the SEA-the Space Exploration Agency, is formed.
  • Britain looks on grimly at the Soviet test, and make their third nuke this year. British forces grant independence to all of its Dominions, although they all choose to continue to recognize the Queen as their Head of State, with the exception of some, like Egypt, however they all join the Commonwealth of Nations, simply a group that bonds the former colonies, nothing more, and Britain invites the US, India, and Guyana to join. This does not mean that they are British. It's not an organization similar to the UN, but more like a club. Britain improves their infrastructure.
  • Mod: A Soviet nuke under transportation in an underground facility a mile off of Tobolsk detonates suddenly while in a train, and being moved to Kamchatka. It was 0.7 miles from Tobolks, and due to being ground-burst, large amounts of radiation were produced.
  • Brazil asks for a alliance with Peru.
  • Turkey agrees with India, and they ask for membership within the SEA. Meanwhile, VP/BC-wide nuclear research is almost completed, with Turkey and Yugoslavia set to receive their first (small) nuclear weapons by 1957. Sweden, Finland, and the rest are expected to receive them by 1959. The Turkish air force and army is expanded. Turkey also asks to join the Malta Pact, and, with Yugoslavia's and India's consent, bring the entirety of the VP into the fold as well.
  • France starts research on ICBM, continue building nukes, and continue researching space programs. France also request to join the Commonwealth of Nations.
  • Britain accepts.
  • SAR is given nuclear weapons by France and is copied by SAR 6 months later with French Support. The SARFL begins its first season.
  • In this years of isolation, the Italian government has cut off most relationships other than trade ones and the ties to Finland, which have merged the scientific development programs. It has instead started funding the development of nuclear, rocket, space and other technologies. It also gives partial independence to Tunis. It finally opens again to external relationships. I hope this is an acceptable re-entrance edit?
  • Finland has followed the Italian model and merged its programs with Italy's, and therefore, Finland has tested its first nuclear weapon in Lapland. It also asks the USSR and Norway to sell them the territories they control in Greater Finland, for whichever price they want.
  • This would not happen, especially in the Leningrad case. Norway might give Finland land, but Russia doing it is next to impossible. They don't even consider it now.
  • Siam captures the French territory of Réunion, promising the inhabitants self rule. Siam sets up trade routes through the Indian Ocean to connect its expatriates and territories. Siam continues sending large shipments of expatriates to Western Australia, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Madagascar. Many also settle the Indian states of Pegu and the Andaman-Nicobars. Siam establishes full control of Laos, and states that mainland affairs are now settled.
  • You know you are almost setting of war with France.

Axis vs Allies 1955.PNG


  • The Triennial plan is put into practice.The Emperor Pedro IV declares that he will continue the Triennial plan in case that João Goulart don't be re-elected in 1957, and abolishes censorship. However, In February, another attempted coup d' etát, led by what was left of UDN, happens.In May, the rebellion is controlled. Another purge of the military involved happens.
  • Yugoslavia helps the government of Brazil in the attempted coup d'etát of February. It continues to amp up its navy, while its economy grows.
  • France sends troops to Réunion and recapture the island and warns Siam to stop expansion. France also makes all of its territories regions and part of the main government in Paris.
  • SAR sets up a referendum in Malasya, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea for annexation in order to have the materials to compete with India and Europe.
  • Malaysia is a dominion. They are allied with India and Britain, and the Commonwealth in general has a trade system going on, and one of your countries, France is part of it!!! Indonesia is a German Commonwealth. Papua New Guinea is also a British Dominion. They don't need to compete with India, and definitely don't need annexation and annexation is implausible anyway.
  • Britain sends diplomats to negotiate a ceasefire in Spain, and establish a coalition government in the country, hopefully under a monarchy. Steps are taken to ensure this, but the final word is Spain's. Britain also officializes the Malta Pact, which exists alongside the Varna Pact,pending Yugoslav response, and they propose the members of the pact sign the Nuclear Usage Act, whereupon usage of nuclear weapons would be limited, and would only be authorized in a defensive case. Britain also pressures Canada and Australia (New Zealand etc.) to remove any immigration quotas on fellow members of the Commonwealth
  • Whoa there Yugoslavia never accepted the absorbtion of the VP into the MP; could you remove the part about the VP being absorbed?
  • Sure but it would be good if they did. It's the same thing, but with Britain and Germany... and Turkey and India accepted it.
  • Explain me more about the Malta Pact.
  • Sure, on the talk page.
  • India joins the Commonwealth officially, but does not recognize the Queen as head of state. They sign the Act, but continue to look into alternative ways of using nuclear energy, other than war. India limits the quota of Siamese immigrants to 140 annually, but emigration trends increase with many people moving to Pondicherry and Siam. A large expat community forms in Sydney and Toronto, and this increases the bond between the Commonwealth as a whole.
  • Cuba develops the ICBM prototype. It is duplicated into five copies and prepared for presentation to the world. Cuba aks to join the UN. The ICBM will be presented during a UN meeting if Cuba is accepted. Meanwhile, the economy expands along with infrastructure and military.
  • Mexico praises the invasions to spite America. Mexico offers an alliance to China and the USSR.
  • It sounds trivial, but it's "smite" not "spite".
  • Actually, both are acceptable.
  • The US warns Siam. Any more expansion, and it will face crippling economic sanctions from the UN.
  • Mod: South Africa declares independence from GB and the commonwealth, and begin a war against Great Britain.


  • A Commonwealth coalition of troops invades South Africa, and Pretoria is occupied, and half the country is occupied within six months. Britain suspected that it was its proclamation of equality to all peoples which set South Africa, a country with deep racism, apart. Britain promises the people of South Africa freedom and equality under a new South African government that wouldn't be segregated. This campaign gains the support of a lot of people, and eventually a rebellion starts near Cape Town, which is considered friendly by Britain.
  • India also intervenes due to the large number of Indian nationals in South Africa, and sends in battalions to occupy Pretoria, allowing the Coalition troops to move into other zones of interest. India makes Britain promise that the new country would be a republic, but also wants it to be a fellow member of the Commonwealth.
  • Mod: The Soviet Union launches an ill fated invasion of Japan, and all their Pacific fleet is destroyed.
  • Mod: Japanese forces soon counterattack, and respond by launching a third invasion of Russia. It is much more successful this time, as that Russia’s Pacific Fleet has been destroyed.
  • Brazil's economy grows. The Trienal plan still is being put into practice.
  • Yugoslavia agrees to join the Malta Pact.
  • Mexico offers Japan an alliance. They debate whether or not to land troops in Russia.
  • France cuts off trade with Mexico and Siam and station troops in SAR.
  • SAR welcomes the French troops. With French help, SAR build their first nuke for defense.
  • The United States offers to buy Yukon Territory for:
  1. Nuclear weapons designs
  2. Enough uranium/plutonium for one nuclear weapon
  3. Oil from Saudi Arabia at cut-rate prices.
  4. 40 million dollars
  5. Nuclear scientists to help build nukes
  6. Nuclear power plants research
  7. Nuclear bunkers research
  8. Geothermal power research
  9. Free trade, as well as free membership in the future "American Union"
  10. Unlimited use of American ports in case of war or for trade

They also offer to buy Baja California for 29 million dollars. I'm almost sure this wouldn't EVER happen.

I must agree as well. BC is probably the most influential province in Canada barring Ontario, as well as being the center of a lot of maritime industry and high-tech research in general. The Yukon has most of Canada's oil reserves. Seeing that Louis St. Laurent(who would most likely be PM right now) found many supporters among BC voters, it would be highly unlikely that he would sell the area. Not to mention that it would be an aborrent idea to most Canadian voters; seeing that the government would effectively be giving away 7 million people for weapons research.

Is this better then?

No. Any US expansion in Canada, after 1900 is totally implausible. Canada, nor Britain would want it. Plus Britain already has free oil from SA due to Yemen and Oman being the barter.

  • Italy and Finland offer Japan an alliance, and start preparing mobilization in order to attack the Soviet Union. Both nations also start rebuilding and modernizing the military, and produce more nuclear weapons in case of nuclear war.
  • Mod:
  • Siam declares the unification of its territories and overseas Little Siams into an economic co-prosperity sphere. Siam divides the sphere into Thailand (including Laos), Malaysia, Tanaw Sri, Sumatra, Pondicherry,

Osteroleiyo, Madagascar, and Indian Ocean Islands. Siam takes steps to reduce dependence on foreign powers. Siam uses its wealth to ensure that anything can be made, grown, or mined in Siam. Siam begins imposing Thai as its language both in Little Siams and possessions. In addition, it takes steps to phase out Southern Thai.

  • Listen, just because there are communities in other areas, doesn't mean that they are suddenly Siamese, or under any kind of Siamese control. I get Pondicherry is a colony, but it doesn't mean that within five years, it's going to accept Thai demands. In fact all these places would rebel. You don't see China controlling Chinatown is all I'm saying. Pondicherry in Thai control is a stretch, anyway, since all the small colonies also wanted to be part of India, and they would rebel, similar to how Goa consistently rebelled against Portugal following Indian independence in OTL.
  • They can still participate in trans-ocean trade, regardless. This union is meant to be economical rather than political or military. And I will bet you that there are plenty of people in Goa who would rather Goa be its own independent nation. You can't predict the minds of people, so I can't say you or I for any matter right or wrong unless you actually lived in Pondicherry when it was captured by Siam in the year 3829.38x.
  • Goa and Pondicherry wanted to be Indian. It's a fact. Goa had riots and etc., where Portugal had to send troops to quell them, and Pondicherry became Indian when Britain left, OTL. I understand an economic union, but why? The Pan-Asian Union exists, which generally serves this role.
  • Yeah, they wanted to be Indian in OTL, because it was better than being Portuguese/French. Economic union was a) to make Siam self-sufficient and b) because you would start screaming at me if I made it a legit union.
  • They wanted to be Indian, because they ARE Indian. Pondicherry being Siamese willingly, would be like Singapore willingly being Indian. Not going to happen anytime soon.
  • The Commonwealth graciously declines the US offer. Britain continues to develop economically, and recaptures Cape Town. They declare peace with South Africa, and remove policies of apartheid, including the Gentlemen's Clubs. South Africa is part of the Commonwealth, but refuses to have the Queen as Head of State, which Britain accepts.
  • Indians everywhere continue to be focused on Pondicherry, and as the migration programs go underway, several new communities form in formerly deserted places, as jobs increase, and the general population does as well. Indians continue to support Pondicherry unification movements covertly. Secret. No one knows this. Especially not Siam. But they also continue their newfound good relations with Siam.


  • Juscelino Kubitschek succeeds João Goulart as Prime-Minister. Meanwhile, Brazil's economy continues to grow.
  • France launches its first satellite - Paris 1 - into space from the Guiana Space Center. France hopes to put a person in space in 1960. France also puts a man on the moon in 1965.
  • SAR amps up the navy.
  • Siam begins to concentrate Siamese population overseas, while improving its army.
  • The United States sends up their first satellite, four months after the French one. It is called Explorer I, and is a great success. Funding for NASA increases, as well as research for a man on the moon.
  • Effective 1960, the USSR will be under my control until RogueJedi returns. Mexico will be controlled by the moderators. (The USSR is really important in this time period and we shouldn't run it into the ground.)

    Regards, CrimsonAssassin 18:12, March 30, 2011 (UTC)
  • Cuba produces more ICBMs. The Cuban Air/Space Exploration (CASE) is founded. CASE works on sending a satellite into space. A nuclear test causes power to go out in a nearby city. EMPs are discovered, but are kept top secret.
  • Mexico offers the USSR an alliance.
  • Mod: The USSR accepts. They apologize for attacking Japan and offers payment for damages. The Pacific Navy begins to be rebuilt.
  • The joint Italian-Finnish space program, slightly out of date with other space programs, tries to launch its first satellite, the Savoia, but it crashes into the Arctic Sea.
  • The Malta Pact'd space program continues to be developed, but Britain and Germany manage to send up a live dog into space, after reading notes spies obtained from Russia, the US and France. Dubbed the Victory I, it is a success for humankind, and a triumph in Anglo-German relations.
  • All right with you, Germany?
  • Yeah
  • The MP's SEA is able to launch a small satellite into space, but it only manages to stay there for about five seconds, before plummeting into the Atlantic Ocean. It is progress, but still need a lot of work. India puts even more funding into the program, but also urges that fellow MP members Britain and Germany merge their program with India, and includes this proposal to France, Italy and Finland itself, all operating under the Space Exploration Agency, allowing a united goal to reach the final frontier.


  • The Triennial plan keeps being put into practice. Meanwhile, Brazil's economy grows.
  • The Columbus I rocket undergoes construction. The rocket is supposed to be the largest rocket sent to space as of yet. A satellite is also planned. It is also a larger satellite than most satellites. TOP SECRET: Weapons are put on it, along with three emergency ICBM launchers.
  • How can you put nukes in space satillites when there has only been space tech for 6 months?
  • It's just a goal.
  • Umm, pretty sure the US did not experiment with rocket tech, so putting nukes on it would be implausible, unless you did, in which case my apologies. I think the whole ICBM thing, though would only work within the 70s/80s. It's much too soon for that kind of tech.
  • Not only that, but an ICBM denotes a ground-to-ground missile. Logically, you can't mount them in space. Also, it would be far more efficient just to have them gravity-powered (ie freefalling bombs) than to put a rocket on the end; massive fuel costs would be saved for only a slight drop in accuracy.
  • Mexico and the USSR begin trading heavily.
  • France quickly develops space technology and sends a human into space on Paris 3(Paris 2 was sending a cat into space but was delayed for Paris 3. France now guess a man on the moon will be in 1965. TOP Secret, France gives space tech and knowledge to SAR.
  • Not within the year. Having a man in space without even having a cat or dog etc. is implausible. The first man in space would happen at least by 1960. No sooner.
  • The SEA, now merged with the British-German programme, sends another animal to space, this time a chimpanzee. This time, the craft stays in orbit, but the chimp dies from heat exposure. Nonetheless, it is celebrated as an achievement of humankind. India again invites France and SAR to the SEA, merging the two projects together. India continues to develop its rocket technology, and creates a nuke, after years of looking into the possibilities.
  • Britain creates a colour television that is affordable for regular home use, with a larger screen than the previous televisions. They continue to work on their economy, and develop new cars, and planes, as the airplane industry beats the boating industry. British Airways inaugurates thei anniversary by opening a flight from London to Bombay, via Cairo and Dubai.
  • I have to go to Washington until Sunday. Keep my countries out of trouble while I'm gone! CrimsonAssassin
  • The United States increases funding for the ICBM and NASA projects, as well as having a dog in space by 1958.


  • The Triennial plan still is being put into practice. Brazil also amps up its military.
  • the SEA draws up plans to send the first man to space. It is estimated that this task will take about two years, and a team of an Indian, a Turk and a German, is established as the first group to be sent. India develops its infrastructure and continues to work on its migration population system.
  • The Commonwealth experiences a lot of interimmigration, and because of the Malta Pact, immigration increases toward Turkey and Yugoslavia, and a strong Egyptian minority starts to grow in Southern Kurdiatan.Britain continues to work on infrastructure.
  • This is not a plan to invade or anything. I am just showing immigration stuff.
  • You still have to ask for my approval for things like this. I want Turkey to remain very homogeneous, and since I am playing as Turkey then I do indeed have the right to ensure you don't do this sort of stuff. Please delete that part of the post that pertains to Turkey.
  • Sure.
  • Kewl
  • France and SAR join SEA and improve their economies.


  • Brazil's economy keeps growing.Meanwhile, Brazil's national football team wins the FIFA World Cup, hosted in Sweden.
  • How about we name the countries in sporting events, then use to see who wins?
  • Okay.
  • Yugoslavia's economy keeps growing.
  • Saudi Arabia tests its first nuke. The Economy, Military, and their relations with allies improve.
  • The United States sends up their first dog into space, a female named Lucy. While she dies in space due to oxygen deprivation, Lucy becomes a symbol of American pride in the United States.
  • the SEA sends a satellite into space. Their third animal sent, an orangutan, survived the trip, and plans on a human achieving space become more realistic. India continues working on their economy and military, as well as their infrastructure.
  • Britain continues working on infrastructure.
  • I will go to and put in the four different space programs into the lottery, to see who gets to have the first man in space, in 1960. Having it be random is better for everyone.
  • Good Idea. I'll start making FIFA and Olympic winners too. Flag of South Korea.svgPitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 20:27, April 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • France builds three new battleships.
  • In SAR, a private space company is formed called SAR Areospace and will try to learn how to have tourism in space.
  • MUCH too early for this. The first man in space has not even happened, so I don't see how tourism is even an option or a goal to be considered.


  • the Trienal plan still is being put into practice.
  • Yugoslavia's economy grows. Two new batleships are built. Meanwhile, the preparations for Zagreb host the 1960 Olympics start hurridly.
  • India builds two new battleships. They continue on working on infrastructure, as well as their covert support of pro-Indian feelings in Pondicherry.
  • Britain continues to focus on technology, and the televisions made six months prior prove a massive hit in the Commonwealth, and the company that makes them expands to France, US and Germany. Britain wants one of their astronauts to go into space, and so extra room is made on board the spaceship. They continue working on infrastructure.
  • According to, Italy will be the first country to put a man in space, followed by the SEA, US, Soviet Union and France. Congrats!
  • According to, Yugoslavia will host the 1960 Olympics! Congrats! Please choose one city in which the events will be held.
  • Yo, who will win the 1958 World Cup? Ah, the 1960 Olympics will be hosted at Zagreb.
  • Yugoslavia won the FIFA World Cup for 1958!! Congrats!
  • France works on its infrastructure.
  • If I were you, I'd be preparing for the 1964 Olympics. The host is Algeria. It's on the talk page.
  • SAR plans on having a satellite in space in 1960 and a space station in 1965.
  • Sorry for my delay in updating a map. It's because the border practically stayed the same since then, and I didn't want to put the same map every two rounds.

Axis vs Allies 1959.PNG


  • Yugoslavia asks for Brazilian help in its late efforts to prepare Zagreb for the 1960 Olympics.
  • Brazil accepts the Yugoslavian request, with the Emperor Pedro IV declaring that it was time to return the favor the Yugoslavia did to the Brazilian Imperial government before. Meanwhile, the Trienal plan still is being put into practice, the Prime-Minister Juscelino Kubitschek declares that the implantation of the Trienal plan probably will be completed by 1963.
  • Cuba sends a monkey into orbit. It survives and Cuba begins making a spaceship for humans. Meanwhile, Cuban/Mexican relations go down. Cuba wishes to join the UN.
  • Mexico cuts all ties with Cuba.
  • The United States sends another monkey into space, named Minney. Minney, against all odds, surivives on her re-entry. A spaceship is planned for humans, dubbed the Voyager.
  • Remember the order for who gets into space first!
  • I know, I know. But I have a question. While the random thing makes sence, it just doesn't seem plausible that India's SEA, a rather new and not as well funded as NASA, could get a man to space first.
  • SEA is a group project, therefore a lot more funding is possible compared to only one nation funding NASA. Also, the German and British space programs were folded in, making it arguably more funded than NASA.
  • India continues working on infrastructure and continues funding the SEA.
  • Britain continues on infrastructure, and improves ties with the Commonwealth status countries. Britain officially invites Italy to the UN, citing good behaviour, etc. etc. They continue funding the SEA.
  • IOC announces Italy as the next host of the Olympic Games!
  • France sends a cat into space in Paris 2 and bring the cat back to earth safely. France also annexes Madagascar and Algeria as a region.
  • How can you annex it if they were part of you territory?
  • SAR sends a Satellite into space six months early and stays in orbit for five months until it crashes over Mongolia.
  • Note: See the Axis vs Allies (Map Game)#Announcements section for announcements.



Politics: The Trienal Plan still is being put into practice.

Economy:Brazil's economy keeps growing.

Science/Tech: the Emperor Pedro IV thinks about the possibilities of starting a special program. The project is shelved because of the current lack of finances.

Entertainment: The first televisions are imported from USA to Brazil.



Politics: more battleships are constructed,Meanwhile, Zagreb is hurridly prepared for the Olympics.

Economy: Yugslavia's economy keeps growing.




Politics: India elects the Maharaja of Travancore as the new President.

Economy:India's Bombay Stock Exchange becomes massively profitable, and is a centre of trade for many nations situated in Asia.

Pan-Asian Union continues to conduct trade throughout Asia.

Science/Tech: India continues to fund the SEA, where the first cosmonauts to enter space are planned within the year.

Entertainment: The Adventures of Shikari Shambu are created, depicting a hunter and his humorous misadventures.


United Kingdom

Politics: South Africa is formally re-admitted to the Commonwealth, and the new government is operating much more efficiently.

Economy: MacDonald's opens in Edinburgh specializing in fine Scottish cuisine. (yuck.) ;)

British Airways funds the Zagreb Games.

Science/Tech: Britain continues funding the SEA.

Entertainment: The popular novel series James Bond becomes a movie, starting with Casino Royale, starring David Niven as James Bond.


Announcement! Check the announcements section!


Politics: French Republic Party takes power and starts reforms.

Economy: The Color TV is invented and France GDP rises 3%

Britain invented the color TV a few years ago.

Science/Technology: Work begins on a Concord which will be finished in 1965 and will send a man into space in 1961

Entertainment: France World is opened in Paris which is like Disneyland.



Politics: Communist and Democracy Parties extend peace until 1970

Economy: SAR GPD rises 2% due to massive advertising of tourism of SAR.

Science/Technology: SAR send a new satellite into space

Entertainment: A popular TV show character doll, Maoi, is send into Space.




United States

Politics: The US begins pouring more money into building ICBMs, and the defense budget is raised considerably.

Economy: The US GDP per capita rises to 3,103 USD, and the popular radio show "The Steven King Show" names the 60s the "Booming 60s".

Science/Technology: The Atlas series of ICBMs are invented, with the Atlas I having a range of 7,000 miles.

Entertainment: The James Bond series hits the US like a storm, being the top-grosser for three weekends straight. A cartoon adaption for kids is planned for 1961.



Politics: India ceases to pay the royal families of the former Princely States, and states it is unnecessary. The defense budget is increased, while an ICBM is made in an Indian base in a confidential location

Economy: The GDP per capita of India rises to about 1000 USD, due to the success of the migration program. The rupee is now averaged at about three US dollars. Trade talks open with Iran (I'm just going to assume AHG's posts were totally not in canon.), and free trade is opened between the states.

Science/Technology: Following Italy's launch into space, with an Italian astronaut claiming victory, the SEA launched the Victory into orbit, with the longest moonwalk being undertaken.

Entertainment: James Bond hits India, and spawns a boom in the film industry, causing Indian companies to start seriously looking into the subject. Nehru's book, A History of India, hits bookshelves, and grosses an enormous amount of money.


United Kingdom

Politics: Britain and the Commonwealth continue fostering ties with the rest of the Malta Pact.

Economy: Britain opens up a larger centre of trade in London dubbed the Global Trade Centre, where independent business organizations take up space.

Science/Tech: British scientists, using experiments derived from Marconi's tests come up with a primitive wireless phone, in which reception is not as limited to the handie-talkie of the War.

Entertainment: The Beatles, John, Paul, George and Pete perform in Liverpool, taking England by storm.



Blah, let's go back to the old posts. There's not enough detail in these.

Thank you.

  • The United States continues to build nuclear weapons, as well as research ICBMs. An idea of "second strike" is developed, that even if all your land nukes are destroyed, the US will have the ability to "second strike" the nation. Meanwhile, the world's first nuclear submarine, the Nautilus, is developed. It can stay underwater for months at a time, due to its fuel coming from a nuclear power source.
  • Yugoslavia amp up its air force, which has been fairly neglected throughout Peter II's reign.
  • the Trienal plan still s being out into practice. Meanwhile, Víctor Paz Estenssoro, from the state of Tarija, which was part of Bolivia until its annexation by Brazil, is elected Prime Minister.
  • Korea begins construction on a plutonium implosion device, with help from the United States. Meanwhile, ICBM technology is requested from the United States, as well as economic asssistance for their nuclear weapons development program.
  • Mexican/Cuban violence increases. Cuba increases its military.
  • The USSR amps up its military.
  • India continues to work on their trade centres, and increases the profit of Bombay, as a trade centre. Shikari Shambu is put into regular newspapers, and appears all over India, becoming one of the faces of India, similar to Mickey Mouse and the States. Indian Airlines again proposes a flight directly to Bangkok and Phuket, connecting Delhi and Lahore. Indian Airlines starts connecting flights to Afghanistan and Persia, as well as Kurdistan, and increases flights between the MP countries. India presses to start a Seoul-Calcutta flight, to better connect the world.
  • Britain continues to develop infrastructure, while Beatlemania hits like a storm. Pete Best is replaced by Ringo Starr and the band experiences a huge popularity boost during the year. The Commonwealth experiences this craze, just as much as Britain.
  • France sends it first person into space and tries to raise the GPD per Capita to $20,000 by 1980 and work on ICBM technology.
  • SAR works on Space station technology and ICBM Technology
  • According to, Italy will be the first country to put a man in space, followed by the SEA,US, Soviet Union and France. Follow the order!
  • Then Cuba. I sure wish they had been entered. They have the infrastructure and money for it now.
  • It is hard when one country put their person in space a year in front of another.Ocelot9011 19:13, April 8, 2011 (UTC)


  • The United States begins a period of cooperation with the East Asian nations, namely Korea and Japan. Nuclear information is sold to the Koreans, but is denied to the Japanese, for their war crimes. Meanwhile, the communist government in Vietnam is viewed with caution, and many Americans call for a democratic government in Vietnam.
  • Mexico declares war on Cuba. Cuba fights back and invades the Eastern Shores of Mexico.
  • The USSR maintains neutrality in the Cuban/Mexican War.
  • France declares neutrality in the Cuban/Mexican War and evacuates its embassy personnel from Mexico and Cuba. France also copy the United States theory of Second Strike. France sends food (Pancakes) into space and when it comes down to earth, is tested to see if it can be eaten which it could.
  • SAR works on infrastructure and ramps up the military.
  • Britain takes Cuba's side in the Cuban-Mexican War, as it is defensive, and a Commonwealth coalition of troops is sent to the Dominion of Belize, with troops pushing north towards the Yucatan. Britain blockades the Yucatan peninsula, and urges the US to respond against the Mexican threat. The Beatles continue to make headlines, while the second James Bond film, Moonraker, is made, with David Niven reprising his role as Bond. Britain formally invites Cuba into the Malta Pact.
  • India sees Britain's actions with caution, but does nothing, for the moment. They continue to improve ties with other nations, notably Japan, with the JIFTA (Japanese-Indian Free Trade Agreement), being formed, regulating free trade between the nations. The Pan-Asian Union is abolished, as it has not gained enough support, and India focuses on being MP, for the moment. A goal is made to reach the moon, but it seems distant for the near future, at least.
  • AIDS is discovered


  • The Trienal plan still is being put into practice.
  • Cuba thanks all helping nations for their support. Cuban influence stretches farther into Mexico.
  • British influence reaches the Yucatan. Soldiers push through, and finally capture the important Yucatan Peninsula, and give the Cubans missiles for their support, but urge not to use them against Mexico. Troops also move into Baja as the 1st Canadian Infantry rolls in. Britain also hopes for the re-establishment of the Yucatan Republic.
  • India presses Britain to pull out of Mexico, and let the Cubans manage their own war, in a secret telegram to the British Prime Minister, souring relations between the nations. They, however, start to send arms to Cuba, in an effort to not lose face in the international community.


  • Cuba pushes deeper into Mexico. It states that it wishes to claim Mexico, but they will reward Britain and India with money taken from Mexico.
  • Brazil proposes to Cuba a alliance.
  • The US condemns the Cuban offensive into Mexico, despite there being no lost love between the US and Mexico. It pledges troops to Mexico if Cuba does not pull out by 1963, and hints use of nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, it starts a new resolution in the UN to condemn Cuba and put economic sanctions onto Cuba if it does not stop their invasion and return all territory, as well as paying for damages in the war.
  • Look, Mexico is Communist, they HATE the USA (even helping them wouldn't really make them change their minds), and they declared war on Cuba first. Besides, I'm trying to get Mexico into Cuban hands and take it off the moderator's hands.
  • France plans to have a man on the moon by 1969 and sends a man into space (Don't condemn me, it has been two years since any human launch.) France also annexes South Sudan for they want to separate from the North.
  • Implausible. It is a Commonwealth realm. You are also Commonwealth, remember, so don't try to just say this.
  • SAR improves the economy.
  • The SEA will now be the first to put a man in space due to Italy's no-reaction.
  • SEA already sent a team into space, but wrote that Italy did it first.
  • Britain continues to work on their economy, and London becomes an open market for business. Several reforms in the Commonwealth occur, making all remaining colonies into Dominions. Britain also uses the Cape to Cairo railway as their primary inter-Commonwealth trade system in Africa, and proposals to increase it into Palestine are heeded. British troops continue invading Mexico, but state Cuba has no right to the country, only to some gains along the coast.
  • India continues to work on the economy and the infrastructure.
  • India and Britain won't be active until Sunday, because of a trip to New York. No attacking any British land or anything until I return! List of Dominions on the talk page.


  • The Trienal plan is completed.
  • Mexico capitulates. Cuba discusses with other nations about what should happen to former Mexico. Cuba offers a sum of money to Britain and India, along with a sum of money to the UN as an apology for invading another nation.
  • How about Cuba annexes parts of the eastern littoral of Mexico, Yucatan included, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras regain independence and the Communist government of Mexico is replaced with another one?By the way, we should take this to the discussion page.Collie Kaltenbrunner 18:27, April 12, 2011 (UTC)
  • SAR develops cheap labor to make goods for France in order to be in good relations and by the end of 1963, makes 70% of French man-made goods.
  • France uses SAR cheap labor to put more money in space programs and send another man into space. (Too many no responses) They also have a Fascist get elected leader.


  • France continues its space program and improve the economy.
  • SAR, with French help, sends a man into space.
  • The United States sends in a man to space before the SAR (just thought I'd clarify, see the order). More nukes are manufactured, and ICBM research continues. Meanwhile, the United States tells Cuba to get the hell out of Mexico or suffer consequences, and tell both sides to stop fighting now.
  • Cuba lets the Central American nations become independent. Much of Eastern Mexico will remain under Cuban control. There will be a buffer of Cuban territory between Mexico and Latin America to prevent Mexico from trying to retake Latin America. Some of the Yucatan wants to stay with Cuba while the rest becomes independent. The Mexican government will be a puppet government of Cuba for ten years according to the peace treaty. Afterwards, if things work out as well as planned, Mexico will be a capitalist nation and Cuba will ally with them and Mexico will be fully independent. Cuba assures the UN that violence has stopped.

Like I said before, how about a civil war in former French Indochina?

China, Cuba, and many other countries would have a civil war before SAR would. It is pretty stable.

  • Brazil continues to amp up its military. Meanwhile, its economy grows.
  • Yugoslavia continues to amp up its air force.

Axis vs Allies 1964.PNG


  • Brazil amps up its navy, building two battleships.
  • France continues its space program while also renting Greenland for 20 years for research.
  • India continues to work on infrastructure, connecting cities by air and railroads, as well as commencing an ambitious venture into interconnecting the country through roads, dubbed "highways".
  • Britain states that Cuba's active annexation of Mexican soil is aggressive, and unneeded, causing Commonwealth mobilization in the Dominions of Guyana, UWI (Union of the West Indies), and Belize. The newly established Yucatan Republic is absorbed into the Commonwealth of their own choice. There are talks in the member-states of creating a Commonwealth Federation, uniting all the Commonwealth countries, but it is disregarded.
  • The USSR sends a man into space.
  • Cuba announces its plans to send a man to the moon. Meanwhile, several projects are announced, including an orbital defense system, an orbital telescope, and a space station with a greenhouse in it!
  • German troops occupy Danzig without any warning, proclaiming the city once again part of the German Republic. (I know, they invade through East Prussia)
  • Just so you know, the city does not connect the two parts of Germany. Part of Poland blocks the way.
  • SAR ramps up the military and continues to work on its space program.
  • The United States offers an alliance to the SAR, and offers help on nuclear weapons and their space program. Meanwhile, the military is amped up, and a new law is put in place, in order to streamline the drafting process.


  • Cuba announces the Lupin-1 Stage Rocket. It is the larges rocket built to date, including powerful engines and a lunar lander. It will launch in 1965. The sci-fi industry improves in Cuba.
  • The USSR increases its navy.
  • The US finishes building its multi-stage Saturn rocket, begins to provide more funding for NASA, and the sci-fi industry, including movies and books begins to go up. Many books are written on space, including (fictional) George Orson's Invasion, which sold over 500,000 copies.
  • Indian infrastructure improves, and production of cars increases. Some troops are put on the border between Afghanistan, so as to be ready to invade should anything go awry in stability in the region.
  • Britain continues working on infrastructure, and the Beatles continue to be popular here, and around the world, with many appearances in Germany, their former grounds.
  • France annnounces it completion of a rocket, the France Rocket, that will be able to launch in 1965, send a man around the moon in 1968.6, and a man on the moon in 1969.5. France also gets double funding for the space program from the use of cheap SAR goods. France also improves the infrastructure.
  • SAR accepts the alliance with SAR and appreaciate help on their space program which is sending a space station into space (Their ONLY goal which they work on) and on nukes. SAR continues making mass-cheap goods to send to France and offers to send them to the U.S.


  • The Lupin-5 Rocket is completed. The launch was scheduled for April 25th, but it was postponed to May 15th, due to bad weather. The rocket lands on the moon on May 20th, 1965. The captain, José Phillipé said a historic phrase: "Ése es un pequeño paso de progresión para el hombre; un salto gigante para la humanidad".
  • Don't you think we should have the mods decide who lands on the moon first? Azecreth 19:06, April 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • Sure. Good thing I'm a mod. Cuba's economy has been going strong and their technology is progressing pretty quickly. Also, nobody's made a move yet, so I am shooting for the moon! CrimsonAssassin 22:13, April 20, 2011 (UTC)
  • No, we will use to choose.
  • Dude, first come first serve. Come on.
  • No. If the first man in space was in 1961, then the moon would only be reached in around the 70s.
  • Yeah, going to the moon is impossible until at least 1969.5, also use
  • Look, I posted this yesterday. You should have caught this then. Besides, it's not IMPOSSIBLE just because the first man in space went up in 1961. Why does this have to be random anyway? That's idiotic! The countries that take the initiative to get to the damn moon will get to the damn moon. Pardon the French, but honestly.
  • 'Dude, Cuba has JUST spoken about getting a man to space. Even if it was people taking 'initiative.
  • It is too early to go to the moon.
  • Then realistically, only the SEA, NASA, the French or the Soviets actually have the sheer funding and tech to do this. Cuba alone can't fund a space program. It would have to be joint program.
  • They have the money and infrastructure.
  • Sure they do, but after staging an invation and occupation of Mexico and relaxing rebellious Mexicans, the Cuban government should be spending too much money on Mexico to get to the moon before 1969.5. They also don't have enough population or scientist to work on the moon project.
  • Considering Mexico, I'll agree with you and pipe down. However, I really don't think this should be random...
  • i think that in 1969, Cuba, the U.S, and France, the only real countries that can get the moon, should be put in a lottery on and be chosen who gets to the moon first.
  • Indian scientists look at the sea surrounding them, and decide that further exploration should be warranted into the oceans. India develops their infrastructure and continues on their highway system. Thei military plan was highly successful, virtaully eliminating poverty, and allowing the progress of the nation into something more.
  • British scientists create a larger television format, allowing better visual clarity. A Commonwealth Integration candidate gains enormous popularity among the Commonwealth states, as well as Britain.
  • Will not be able to play until after Monday.
  • France continues its space program, sending more people into space and starts construction on a OTL Interstate System called Franceways to be completed in 1975.
  • SAR, with help from France, sends a space station, called SARLab into space. It is to be occupied by man in 1965.5.
  • Germany launches its deep space program, created to help observe planet beyond the milky way and possibly a haptible planet. Meanwhile, The space shuttle Juno-2 is launched and heads for the moon to circle it and gather images for studying.
  • Shuttles weren't around for another ten years or so. It was just stage rockets then.


France continues to send rockets into space and continues work on FranceWays.

SAR sends three people into space to SARLAB for six months to experiment life in space.

Indian scientists send a crew to explore the Indian Ocean. Dubbed aquanauts, they explore the depths of the sea. India continues on its infrastructure and highway system.

Britain continues working on infrastructure, and the Union of the Commonwealth movement gains more supporters, with several governments in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Iraq, and South Africa being some who are willing to become part of one country.

Uh, I'm fairly sure those countries are rather nationalistic, even if they are client states, and there's especially no way that Canada would agree to be a be "part of one country" when they were one of the original supporters for dominion autonomy, and a key contributor of the 1931 Statute of Westminster.

It's currently a minority that supports this, not a majority. It will be a slow process.

Japan: Japan decides to lower taxes in Korea and heavily invests in that area. Japan strengthens its military and economy. Japan starts a space program (etc, four years to get a man into space) and a nuclear program (etc, four years to get an atomic bomb (help from USA via Korea)). Japanese anime is extremely popular in western nations as a childrens show creating a lot of revenue for the studios and the government. Factories export manufactured goods all over the world in return for food and raw materials to keep the population going and the factories running. Japan accepts an alliance with Italy but politely declines the alliance with Finland. Japan asks USA, Britain and France for alliances with free trade agreements and technological advances on the table.

Venezuela: Venezuela enters the world game. We have no gripes, but wish to enhance our standing in the world.

Norway:  Johann VI becomes King of Norway. Norway enters the world game.

This game is dead. Join Axis vs Allies Revised (Map Game) if you want to play. Azecreth 17:48, August 23, 2011 (UTC)