Welcome, everyone. I am PitaKang and I am the creator of this map game. As you can see, the game’s name is Axis vs. Allies Revised, as the first one failed miserably after about 30 turns. I hope this lasts much longer than the other one, and that it is much more plausible. Currently, at 8/19/2011, there are only about two or three map games currently active. I am not exactly sure, as I just came back to this site about four days ago. Anyhow, I’d like this to be a very enjoyable map game, and a plausible one. Have fun!

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1. We are going to limit the nations count to one, as that when a person gets two countries; they usually neglect the other one.

2. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you want to be treated . . . IS NOT IT! But you must be plausible.

3. Nuclear programs may start in 1940.6. We will use to determine who starts it first and who gets it. Also, it will take at least four years to develop nukes if you are one of the “Big Cheese”. (US, Germany, Soviets, Japan)

4. One year per day, half years.

5. Make a profile on the Diplomacy Page

6. You can be an occupied nation and declare independence.

7. We will have resolutions/stuff when the UN is created at United Nations Page

8. For now, I am the mapmaker. (Notice how I said NOW)

9. New turns start at 00:00:01 UTC.

10. We go by half-years.


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  1. 1933-1948.6
  2. 1949.6-1960
  3. 1960.6-1969
  4. 1969.6-1982.6


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Moderators are people who can: Cause political and natural unrest. EX: An unknown group of people set fire to the Reichstag, or, A giant hurricane strikes Florida. Basically, the players should respond to the mods posts. They will be underlined and not bulleted. You can also challenge implausibilities, take votes to revoke some posts, and in very rare cases, you can actually kick people out! An (Approved) means you're approved! Please sign with only three tildes, like this: PitaKang

Things Mods can do:

  • Make natural/artificial disasters.
  • Call for implausibility votes, where players vote whether people are being implausible. Someone please show me how to make a voting chart thing.
  • Kick people off if they're being bad.
  • Ban people.

Note: Don't be implausible/biased or I'll kick you off!

Map Makers




Wall of the Dead (may they be long remembered)

Axis vs Allies Revised started on Monday, 8/22, 2011


QqqAxis vs Allies (r) world neuvo 1981


  • BSMPG: It was well notated that the ATL variant of Nicole Ceausescu is hated as the OTL variant. The BSMPG needs a port. Romania is invaded. It is democratized and Nicole is shot for being an evil despot. OTL Moldova and OTL Trans-Denistria join Russia and the rest of OTL Romania becomes a BSMPG territory. The OTL coastal Dobruja sector is under joint rule for the time being. Romania will become an equal member of the BSMPG.
  • USA: The government begins to militarize Greenland for reasons unknown. The government also sends aid to the Russian people effected by the earthquake. It proposes the World Highway System, that connects to every continent on the world with a highway system.
    • Baltonordia refuses to participate in the World Highway System, worry that some nations might use it for militarily uses.
  • Baltonordia began Operation Hell of Ethiopia, using massive Navy and Army invasion. Approximately four million men were sent to Ethiopia, as a result of massive booming in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the 40s until early 60s. The "Amino Acids" team consist of approx. 900 aircraft are sent to Ethiopia too. As of April 1983, there are 4,200,000 soldiers, nine aircraft carriers, ~3,000 aircraft, 500 warships, 70,000 tanks, eight mail ships and three health/hospitality ships of Baltonordia in Ethiopia. Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia, and Eastern Kenya is occupied. Also, Baltonordia reminds BMSPG about the possible union between the USSR and Coalition of Asia, and possibly USA. They propose that all four European nations should join and become one to defend against USSR and CoA.
  • CoA: The Coalition forces are worried at the long border with the USSR, especially since they have expanded slightly and refugees are pouring out. To stem the refugee problem, the CoA decides to ask the USSR to either join or be invaded...
    • Russian Diplomacy: Mikhail Gorbachev, after thinking it over, agrees, but wants to remain a governor for the area.
    • USA Diplomacy: The US does not approve of Russia's or CoA's actions. It tells Russia not to join the country, but asks the CoA to invade Thailand instead.
    • CoA Diplomacy: The CoA accepts the USSR as the third founder of the CoA. Moscow is added as a capital of the CoA.
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratise the nation; and sends more help and supplies to the areas in Russia struck by earthquake.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Ethiopia: Requests that it becomes a protectorate of the USA. The Sudanic, Ugandan, Tigrean and Ocean Islander units dig in. A counterstrike with two heavy tank corps and 56 MiG 25s re-takes the westernmost province and connect with a mechanised unit in Addis Ababa. An alliance is also offered to Finland, Thailand, BMSPG, Libya and the USSR.
  • BSMPG diplomacy:Arms and some military advisors are sent to Thailand just in case the CoA invades them. A military pack is offered to Thailand against the threat of CoA invasion. A warning is sent to the CoA to keep off Thailand. As the USSR screws up politically under CoA pressure the Dobruja politically falls into BSMPG hands as the joint rule treaty implodes due to the lack of Soviets at the quay-side controlee-offices. An alliance is offered to Malta and Libya. A canal is dug from Nyíregyháza to Kust.


The ATL version of the OTL Hosni Mubarak stages a coup in Egypt and hangs several pro-Ba’athist generals stage a coup in Algeria. A pro-USA coup occurs in grey Sikkim and the grey Pacific islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia wish to join the COA. Tahiti wishes to join the USA. Aden joins forces with Ethiopia. Tonga wishes to unite with the USE/AGU.

  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • BSMPG: Malta becomes a satellite state and signs several pacts with the BSMPG, but Libya and the Maldives reject an alliance out of hand (Random.Org decided). Three Frigates are being built and two corvettes are built. They annex the grey island south of the Seychelles.
  • CoA: Maldives (, Vanuatu and New Caledonia join the CoA as minor states. The rest of the grey states across Asia are taken over in CoA coups in fear of a repeat of the Sikkim exclave. The rest of Ethiopia that borders the CoA is conquered by the CoA forces along with the remnants of Finland. The CoA holds the first ever democratic elections in the former USSR with the right-wing nationalists winning 68% of the ballot. The CoA implements an election cycle of eight years with two years between each election- East Asia, South and West Asia, North and Central Asia plus European area, Presidential elections.
  • USA: The government agrees to Tahiti's and Sikkim's requests to join the country. Concerned about the CoA, they call for the European and African states to join the US as the Earth Union (EU).
    • It'll better be the Western Union, right?
  • Baltonordia is keeping its military in Ethiopia. The nation opens military bases and ports on the coast. It requests the union to be Western Union, however they will not join with Ethiopia or if BMSPG don't join. Other weapons of mass destruction, like biological weapons, chemical weapons and radiological weapons are starting to be made. The new weapons is used "against the threats" which is unspecified.
  • Egypt- Hosni Mubarak, conquers the URE/AGU part of Sudan quickly, less and independent Darfur (they may fall later), and forces land in Tigre. 40 medium tanks are built, 30 bombers are built, a patrol ship, a frigate and a Cairo-Luxor, Port Sudan, Khartoum railway and motorway are being built. Over the next two years 200,000 troopers will be trained up, creating a total of 450,000. A new housing and factory development begins in Alexandria. An alliance with the USA, Thailand, Baltinordia and/or the BSMPG is requested. Boutros Boutros-Ghali becomes governor of Egyptian Sudan.
  • Ethiopia rebels: Requests to join the USA's Western Union. Tigre is liberated as is the three provinces that surround Addis Ababa and the Ethiopian highlands with heavy guerrilla warfare and casualties and dig in rather than advance. The Juba Valley is freed with some difficulty A patrol ship from Aden sinks an Egyptian tug-boat in Aden. An alliance is offered to Egypt (if it does not have plans on the Horn of Africa), and also offers Darfur, Algeria, E. Samoa and Switzerland. Agents are sent in to the former south Uganda...
  • BSMPG response: The Egyptian alliance is accepted. The titchy grey Trobiarian islands, near PNG are quickly annexed. Random.Org decided the fates of the many grey enclaves in India. Goa, and Diu go to the BSMPG. Pondichéry and Yanaon goes to Baltinordica. the once French Saile reef, in the south of the Lakshadweep Islands and Daman joins Thailand. The USA's hand takes the enclave at Surat and Mahé. The rest ( Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Machilipatnam, Kozhikode, Chandannagar, Karikal and the lesser ex-French enclaves of the Coromandel Coast and Malabar Coast ) is now CoA.

A nationalist rebellion takes place on the Indonesian island of Sulawasi. Narco-lords blow up the Colombian Justice and Interior ministers. A hurricane devastates Hainan island, killing 60, wounding 180 and making 7,000 homeless. 20:02, December 2, 2011 (UTC) AKA billy.

  • BMSPG:The grey Wallis and Fatuna islands are annexed. Two Cruisers, 175 fighter jets, 20 bombers, ten patrol boats, 20 heavy tanks, 20 medium tanks are made and 7,500 troops are recruited. Aid is given to Hainan island. A frigate and 500 troops land in the BMSPG dependency of Malta. An oil well is open in Romania's Walachia province.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • USA: USA calls for Thailand to join the country and calls for all countries in the world (except the CoA) to join the country due to CoA's growing aggressive nature.
  • CoA: The CoA is renamed the Terra Confederation (TC) due to the fact that African and European areas are now included. Hainan is quickly restored to order and the damage undone in a short three months. The rebellion in Sulawasi is put down with the ringleaders discovered to be USA agents. They are interrogated and sentenced to death. The TC announces that the USA is attempting to achieve world domination and thus the TC are the only major obstacle in their way. They threaten the USA with an oil embargo. The TC offers Thailand to join as a part of both Hindustan and Chinese spheres with Bangkok becoming the SE Asia regional capital. More satellites are to be launched.


  • Thailand Diplomacy: Thailand agrees, but asks if it's okay if it can also have Special Administrative Region status. If not, Thailand will join either way.
  • BSMPG: The armed forces' advisers pull out with most of their gear and they fear Thailand will sell out to the CoA.
  • 'Egypt: Egypt finishes of Ethiopia’s Tigre, northern Ethiopian highlands and Sudanic lands after heavy fighting . Addis Ababa is captured with Paratroopers. Egypt builds hardened bunkers in Khartoum, Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and Port Sudan (They take a year to be built) and all equipment and bunkers are to be shielded against EMP and nuclear warfare. The north of Darfur is conquered after several months heavy desert warfare. Scotra island is quickly annexed and offered to Baltonordia, BMSPG and the USA (first come, first served). Alliances are offered to Libya, Algeria, Baltonordia and the USA. By Random.Org chose, Algeria said ‘Yes’, but Libya said ‘No’. Many patrol boats, ten Frigates, five Subs, five Cruisers, 25 medium tanks, 20 heavy tanks, 75 fighter planes and ten bombers are made. Egypt's eyes turn towards Africa and the Sahara desert. A new irrigation system also starts up in Khartoum.
  • Libya was retaken by the USE a couple of turns back. DeanSims 19:27, December 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • Baltonordia: It accepts the alliance from Egypt, and take down the ruins of Ethiopia. A meeting of the USE, Swiss, BMSPG, American and Baltonordian leaders is announced to start at the next turn at Tallinn. It has annexed Madagascar from the CoA.
  • USA: It calls for all the countries of the world to join the newly reformed Western Union to combat the growing power of the CoA. It releases more satellites into space to spy on the CoA.
  • USE; The USE launches an invasion of Algeria. USE troops easily conquer its coastline and the territory bordering the USE. Egypt is told that it will not be harmed and that a strong Egypt will be a great thing for Africa. Paratroopers land in Algeria and begin to push out from several pockets until Algeria is finally occupied after five months of grueling warfare. Egypt will be given aid to allow Algeria to rejoin the USE as it has already been given all of its rights back. Libya was conquered a long time ago after it rebelled and has been given its rights back as well. Eastern Libya will be given to Egypt if it accepts that Algeria is still USE territory.
  • BSMPG: User retires, all land and resources are politically attached to Baltonordia and Laptop Zombie runs the nation now. The Indian Ocean islands join Egypt, the rest is now owned by Baltonordia. The Frigate and 500 troops in Malta go to Alexandria to help Egypt's military train up.
  • TC: The TC accepts Thailand's entry, the Burmese lands and placed in the state of Burma administered by Hindustan. The rest of Thailand is given special administrative powers but must still answer to China. The TC condemns the unprovoked Baltonordia attack on Madagascar and demands its return. TC units trapped there start guerrilla operations against the occupying Baltonordia forces. The TC warns they will not tolerate this and will launch an all out war if Madagascar is not returned. More satellites are launched including three EMP emitters and six military combat satellites.


  • USA: The USA continues to call for the world to join America's side, and begins mass militarization. New oil deposits are discovered in South America and Canada, and research is being pushed into more renewable energy resources. They also manage to land a man both a Mars Spirit Rover MER-A (Mars Exploration Rover – A) and Mars rover opportunity MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover – B) class android on Mars.
    • I think that is extremely implausible.
    • No wonder why it's ASB.
      (Talk to Doctor!) 09:51, December 4, 2011 (UTC)
UN response: The UN starts investigating the size, location and environmental cost of the ever-growing oil and gas exploration business and the newly found oil and gas fields in all parts of the world. The international report will be published next turn.AKA Billy.
  • USE: We are going to expand territory in Africa.
  • Baltonordia give Madagascar back to the Coalition of Asia. They request that Bosnia being part of the USE. Chemical studies start, as the chemist manage to create trans-actinide elements (elements with Z > 103) and the element of Administratium, the element without a proton. Physical and biological studies started, too. Space program launched, and eight space satellites were launched. The meeting was officially dated during the whole August 1984, as the American, Baltonordian, Egyptian, Swiss and USE leaders meet in Tallinn. The Baltonordian president request that the Western Union being an organization instead of an united nation. The Swiss president wants to join the union (Random.Org) and wants it to be an organization too. Feel free to take turn on opinion about the meeting.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • USA's player RandomWriterGuy resigns and gives control of the country to USE.
  • The USE and USA are united and the USE-USA constitutions are merged but mostly like the USA's. The United States of Earth name is kept.
  • TC: The TC improves infrastructure and rebuilds Madagascar. The TC issues an ultimatum, pull all satellites out of TC airspace and space zone or they will be shot down. The year concludes with another seven military satellites launched and two more EMP satellites. This makes two an a half above Europe and North America, and one each over Africa and South America. The Terra Confederation issues a statement wishing for world peace under a single, fair government. They offer Egypt to join the TC and have Cairo established as the capital for administrative area of Africa.
  • Egypt backs Baltonordia for the time being.


The UN condemns the recent blow outs and pipeline leaks at the Kimmeridge Oil Field (OTL UK), Ploesti Oilfields (OTL Romania), Yibal Oilfield (OTL Oman) and Toot Oilfield (OTL Pakistan). Wind, solar and nuclear power are to be encouraged (please use it all responsibly).

:There are the following (as yet known to the UN) oil, gas, oil shale and coalfield located with in-

  • USE
  1. Mittelplate oil field (OTL Germany)
  2. Kikindaoil field (OTL Serbia)
  3. Barnówko-Mostno-Buszewo oil field (OTL Poland)
  4. Chinguetti oil field (OTL Mauritania)
  5. Bonga oil field (OTL Nigeria)
  6. Niger Delta province oil field (OTL Nigeria)
  7. Jubilee oil field (OTL Ghana)
  • CoA
  1. Sui gas field (OTL Pakistan)
  2. Tuzla oil field (OTL Serpska, Bosnia)
  3. Šamac oil field (OTL Serpska, Bosnia)
  4. Thar Coalfield (OTL Tharparkar District, Sindh province, Pakistan)
  5. Azadegan oil field (OTL Iran)
  6. Yadavaran oil field (OTL Iran)
  7. Block 5A oilfield (OTL S. Sudan)
  8. Dai Hung oilfield (OTL Vietnam)
  9. Shtokman gas field (OTL Barents Sea, 600 km off the Kola Peninsula)
  10. Oil shale field Dead Sea graben area 1 (West Bank)
  • Egypt
  1. Adar oilfield and Heglig oil fields (OTL N. Sudan)
  2. Abu Rudeis and Ra's Sudr oil fields (OTL Sinai, Egypt)
  • Baltonordia
  1. Ogaden Basin oil field (OTL Ethiopia)
  2. Nogal valley oilfield (OTL Somalia)
  3. Schiehallion oilfield (OTL UK)
  4. Dambořice oil field (OTL Czech Republic)
  5. Hrušky oil field (OTL Czech Republic)
  6. The Corrib gas field (OTL Erris Head, County Mayo, Ireland)
  7. Ronsen block-A5 gas field (20-25km S.W. of the Fearoe Islands)
  • USA
  1. Tamar gas field (OTL Israel)
  2. Sigguk oil Block (OTL Greenland)
  3. Arch Apex Gas Field (OTL Toole County, Montana, USA)
  4. Thunder Horse Oil Field (OTL Gulf of Mexico, around 150 miles off New Orleans, USA)
  5. Gaza Marine-1 and Gaza Marine-2 (OTL Gaza Strip)
  6. Yolla gas field (OTL Bass Strait, Australia)
  7. The Hunter Valley Coal Chain (HVCC) (OTL New South Wales, Australia)
  8. The Bowen Coal Basin (OTL New South Wales, Australia)
  9. Tupi oil field (OTL Santos Basin, 250 km off Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  10. The Kearl Oil Sands (OTL Athabasca Oil Sands region, Kearl Lake area, 70 km from Fort McMurray, Alberta.)

That was the report. 23:49, December 4, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy

  • Baltonordia turns up to claim the Barnówko-Mostno-Buszewo oil field. The B3 oil field is discovered (OTL Poland). The synthesizeing of the isotopes 1Ad, 2Ad and 4Ad was completed and was checked by the President of the Faroese Province, the President of the Livonian Province and the President of the Swedish Province, respectively. Chemical study of the element have get to the conclusion: The element belongs to Group 1, above Hydrogen in the Periodic table. Administratium was predicted to become a dangerous weapon when combined with some other elements, predictably Flourine, Chlorine, Caesium, Rubidium and Potassium. Diplomatic talks are started with Egypt and the United States of Earth, defining a "World of Four", referring to Egypt, USE, Baltonordia and CoA. The secret talk (CoA wasn't invited to the meeting and so doesn't know what happened) refers to a new world order, the Triple Order after the World War III. The military now has 24 aircraft carriers, 80,000 aircrafts, 6.3 million men, 76,000 warships and four million tanks.
    • What is administratium? And those numbers are WAY too large. You would need a population of one billion people to support it. You only have a population of around 120 million max.
    • The poulation would be about 150 million to 175 million if Ethiopia and the colonies are counted. ATL Egypt has a poulation of 100 million to 115 million and a militey man power of 570,000 and rising as of date (in theory it could have about eight million to ten million recruits). 12:46, December 5, 2011 (UTC)
    • Four million tanks and 76 thousand ships are too much. Each tanks has three men in it and the warships have an average of 500 in each. That alone would need 15 million troops with a backing of one billion people.
  • Egypt: Develops the Adar oilfield and Heglig oil fields (OTL N. Sudan) along with Abu Rudeis and Ra's Sudr oil fields (OTL Sinai, Egypt). Algeria is given to the USE and South Darfur is annexed. An Egyptian frigate annexes the two grey Caribbean islands and a second dose the grey Eastern Samoa-Egypt now settles down. A new EMP/ chemical/ nuclear proof bunker is built in Port Sa’aid (the previous are retrofitted against chem’s to, A nuclear bunker is built now for the public in Luxor to. A Cario-Luxor-Khatoom motorway is built. 150 Fighters, 30 bombers, ten interceptors, two AWAX style early warning aircraft, 20 heavy tanks, 30 armored-cars, five frigates, two destroyers, four motor torpedo-boats, one cruiser, two minelayer ships, seven medical/hospitality ships are being made and they are nuclear, EMP and chemical proofed. 120,000 troops are recruited and spending on both the military and irrigation increases fast. 20 helicopter gunships and 26 light tanks are built. A Khartoum and Luxor Nile to city irrigation plan is enacted and the infrastructure of Cairo is improved. Egypt fancies life aligned to Baltonordia for the time being. A new oil fueled powerstation opens in Cairo. The land between the Khasham el Ragaba, WadiAbu Genifat, Junayhat al Atash and Beni Suef are all irrigated in a massive cost to Nile mass irrigation plan that takes 1.5 years to build. Bio-weapons countermeasures like vaccines are produced in small, but pert quantities. Mohamed ElBaradei (Arabic:محمدالبرادعى) becomes the governor of the Darfur and western Ethiopia.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.


  • TC: The Terra Confederation's nations and states hold talks in Almaty. There the final draft is created for the defensive plans should the USE attack. Ten satellites are launched with three stronger EMP emitters and seven military combat satellites. A USE satellite is shot down over Japan. Egypt is re-offered the plan with Cairo as the capital of the province of Africa.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Egypt: 100,000 troops are recruited: 20 fighter jets, ten conventional type Scud-B missiles, four AWAX early warning jets and one sub are built. An Alexandria to Cairo, Abu Rudies, Giza, Luxor, Port Sa'aid railway and an oil fired power station in Khartoum are built. The grey (Arab ethnically) Gaza strip is annexed after heavy and urban warfare and bloody skirmishes with the local militias. Egypt says it would join the TC if Baltonordia is also offered the same sort of deal in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. They will let the Baltics chose for themselves, but want the TC to give them a similar deal in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Soliman (Arabic: محمد حسين طنطاوى سليمان)‎, becomes the governor of Tigre. A women's literacy campaign is launched.


Australian nationalist rebels, left wing politicians and local anarchists declare the neutral Mumbarguri-Kalgoorlie- Kanowna-Belle Soviet Republic (The MKKBSR) in a zone covering southern Queensland, southern NT, W. Australia, Sydney city, Coffs Harbour, Dilli (East Timor) and South Australia. They condemn all foreign intervention in Queensland, NT, W. Australia, South Australia and NSW. The MKKBSR's motto is "Orta Recens Quam Pura Nites" (Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine).

  • Baltonordia proposes the Alliance of the World Democracy, including Egypt, Baltonordia and USE. Switzerland is annexed and transferred to an autonomous province, and then given to USE. The newly formed Mumbarguri - Kalgoorlie - Kanowna - Belle Soviet Republic is annexed and given to USE. Administratium is found in uranium ore and iron ore. The first compound with Chlorine has been made.
  1. When will this game ends? And who will write the game into a timeline? PitaKang retired, I've got lots of works in my wiki. DeanSims seems to be the right one. And I propose we change the rules, somehow. The rule of Nuclear Powers seems no longer appropriate. The game is on the downfall and a threat of World War III is presenting, or meaning it's no longer Axis vs. Allies. So, it's possible that we end this game around 2050, which means April or May. 04:23, December 7, 2011 (UTC)
  2. It ends in 2012. Otherwise it becomes a future timeline and this is althist.
  3. It was me. Althist will still be althist, because the future won't be like that and so it will still be alternative.He's Laptop Zombie, he's right here next to you! Send mails to him through his mailbox, and being an admin, here is what he did at this wiki. 10:45, December 7, 2011 (UTC)
  4. I agree with Laptop Zombie in this issue. The River Nile-2 12:08, December 7, 2011 (UTC)
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Egypt: 25 new OTL-UK 'HST-Intercity 125' style trains are created for its new railways. The design for these trains is also given to Baltonordia, Thailand and USE. 25,000 troops are recruited, 80 heavy tanks are made, six conventional Scud-Bs built and two aircraft carriers are created. Uranium, lead and gold are discovered in some parts of Tigre. A Cairo-Port Sa'iad-Gaza city motorway is built. Essam Sharaf is made Egypt's governor in the Gaza Strip. Mohamed El Baradei (Arabic:محمدالبرادعى) becomes the governor of just the Darfur as western Ethiopia in now run by Ahmed Nazif. All Arabs, Islamics, Ethiopians, Nubians, Bedouin, Jews, Egyptians and Christians are friends.
  • USE: Starting training the army prepare to invade Terra Confederation. Offers annex to Egypt.
  • Egyptian Diplomacy: Egypt is tempted, but would like to know if such a deal is also on offer to Baltonordia, before fully deciding.
  • TC: The TC inquires as to why the USE would wish to attack the TC. The TC drafts men into the army which swells in size. The space program goes into overdrive with twenty military combat satellites launched over the six months.


Local rebels, Nationalists and fascists set up the 'Auckland-Nanharna Nationalist Republic' (ANNR) in New Zealand’s North Island, Naramiah NSW, southern New Caledonia, Norfolk island and the Santa Cruz islandetts (south of New Caledonia). A six-day long blizzard also kills 12 people and injures 22 in the fishing village of Korf in Kamchatka.

  • Egypt: Egypt suggests Baltonordia and the 'Auckland-Nanharna Nationalist Republic' join it in a neutral block as the rest go to war around their joint safe haven. A further 36,000 troopers are recruited, 55 helicopter gunships, four supply ships and four mine layers are built. Upper Nile State is moved to Egyptic South Sudan. The nation's borders are re-enforced, guarded, entrenched, mined and blocked off! Radar units pop up in all major towns, defence facilities and archaeological museums in case of war. A radar unit, patrol boat and some troops go to each of the Island colonies. Socotra island also reserves a scud missile, a corvette and five helicopter gunships.
    • Baltonordian response: Egypt and Baltonordia will form a block. However, the USE is a great ally of mine and thus must be part of the block. It's against the Terra Confederation. However, the plan will be keep secret from Terra Confederation.
  • Baltonordia repeats their will of the Alliance of World Democracy, consisting of Egypt, Baltonordia and USE. The military is trained against possible invasions from the USE and Terra Confederation. The first design of an Administratium bomb is created. As of November 1986, Baltonordia was the only nation to have aircraft carriers. World War III is nearly, and if it really starts, Baltonordia will be the same side as the USE and Egypt.
  • Note both the USE and TC have at least 50 aircraft carriers and administratium does not exist and if you are talking about neutron configurations, then they are too stable to create a bomb.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Egypt: 30 more fighters, ten 'OTL HST Inter-City 125 trains and several new coal fired power stations open in Cairo, Luxor, Khartoum, Alexandria and Port Sudan. Both Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Upper Nile State and Western Bahr el Ghazal become part of Egyptic South Sudan - Separate from Egyptic North Sudan. (President Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak (Arabic: محمد حسني سيد مبارك‎) will become governor of Egypt proper, but will be subordinate to Baltonordia's leaders. Asmaa Mahfouz (Arabic: أسماء محفوظ‎) is governor of The Sinai Peninsula and Esraa Abdel Fatah (Arabic: إسراء عبد الفتاح‎) becomes the Governor of Egyptic South Sudan. A new airport opens in Khartoum, Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.
  • USE: Declares war to Commonwealth of Baltonordia. Attacks all their territory. Sent 200,000 soldiers trying landing South England.
  • Egypt: Seeing that war has begun, Egypt's old user (The River Nile-2 16:20, December 8, 2011 (UTC)) region make some last moves, so as to hold the line until Laptop Zombie takes over, before quitting it all outright as Egypt's user and handing the nation's control over to Baltonordia for good. The borders are securely guarded and the air force put on alert. Aircraft bomb Crete, Izmir and Tel Aviv. A scud hits the USE enclave in Saudi Arabia and destroys an oil terminal and an Egyptian frigate blockades it. Egypt asks the CoA to attack the USE. A submarine is launched in Port Sudan. It launches six Scuds into Tabrook and two in to Tel Aviv (12 are left and 20 are being made). Egypt's 916,000 army, gains 45,000 more recruits, is put on alert. 250,000 troopers annex coastline and eastern half of Cyrenaica, and both the eastern half the rest Chad's two most northeastern Provinces. 120,000 troops slam into Israel in an outright total war and take the Negev desert and Tel Aviv after heavy fighting. Gold, copper, some lead, zinc, some plutonium-239 (Pu-239), some uranium-235 (U-235), some uranium-238 (U-238) and small amounts of Yttrium are found in Tigre’s small uranium mine. Several Egyptian ships shell and siege Crete and 20,000 troops land by sea and air in Romania to help Baltonordia. Troops clash on both sides of Samoa, with heavy losses and an indecisive and drawn battle of no real result. Egypt digs in and becomes entrenched in its forts.


The local rebels, nationalists and fascists that set up the 'Auckland-Nanharna Nationalist Republic' (ANNR) in New Zealand’s North Island and near by islands chose to join Baltonordia as world war looms. New blizzards hit Korf, Kamchatka. AKA Billy.

  • Egypt: Seeing that Laptop Zombie is not here, Egypt's (The River Nile-2 02:20, December 9, 2011 (UTC)) will rule from Egypt region to make some last moves, so as to hold the line until Laptop Zombie takes over the join country when he net posts.Egyptian troopers cease and crush the OTL-CAR's north eastern province and dig in to there entrenchments and bases to. Another conventional weapons warhead scud missile hits the USE rebels in the Benghazi region of Libya, which is only just under Egyptian control. 1200 more troops land in Romania, to help fight the USE in England. Naval and airborne forces launch a new assault on Crete and take the south side of it after a horrific battle and the sinking of an Egyptian corvette. The USE coastal enclave is hit by bombers, but the determined defenders destroy most of them and the accompanying fighters with SAM missiles. 2000 anti-aircraft guns, 60 fighters, 300 SAM missiles, 30 heavy tanks and a frigate are made by Egypt and its empire as 4000 more troops are recruited from the colonies and occupied lands. A submarine is sent to patrol around Egypt's Socotra island, near Yemen. Egypt tells the USE to back off and leave the Commonwealth of Baltonordia. The alliance with the Commonwealth of Baltonordia. is re-enforced. A frigate, 50 fighters, two bombers, 20 medium tanks, 6000 troops and a submarine are sent to defend Baltonordian lands in the Horn of Africa. An Egyptian Submarine sinks a USE supply ship near the Madeira Island as it travels to attack southern England.
  • Baltonordia: throws the first Administratium bomb in the area near the OTL German coast. It wants to resume diplomatic talks with the USE for the Alliance of World Democracy against the Terra Confederation. The Navy and Air Forces move to Denmark, England, Wales, Ireland and Norway for further defend. It now has approximately 30 Ad - bombs. The Commonwealth Council declared that the World War has started. The special BaltoNordian National Office of Secret Intelligence (BNNOSI) is founded secretly with 500 members from the Army. The previous borders between Baltonordia and USE is being keep.
  • Egyptian response: A truce with the USE is started and new diplomatic talks begin the USE.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • TC: The TC decline to participate in this conflict but send the Balnodicans supplies and loans to fund the war.
  • USE: Starting offensive in Mainland Europe, East Africa. Sent fleet to blocked the English Channel.


  • Egypt: An Egyptian submarine sinks two USE freighters as they leave Italy for Spain. Israel is finished off in very heavy fighting and a conventional scud missile hits Haifa. Cyrenaica is finished off, save for rebellious city of Benghazi. A second frigate joins the blockade of the USE enclave in Saudi Arabia. 1,000 troops are sent to Cyprus and Malta to help Baltonordia defend them. Three Scuds and a bomber squadron strike in to the USE forces in Ethiopia's Ogaden region and halt the USE's advance deeper into the Ogaden. A scud hits Tripoli. 20 scud missiles, ten fighter jets, a supply ship and 20 light tanks are made. Hosni Mubarak orders that a second sphinx is built at Giza, with an image of HIS face carved into its head. Egypt tells the USE to leave Baltonordia alone and stop trying to invade it (Egypt is not leaving now war is on).
    • We agree with Egypt's action. Maybe we can offers peace now.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Baltonordia: Sends 13 million men to Southern England, as well as BNAC Riga, BNAC Alfred Nobel and 10 warships. Egypt is given the special status of AR (Autonomous Republic) and so later posts of Egypt will be "Egyptian AR". The Commonwealth successfully gained the OTL Turkey part of USE. Attack the New Guinea (USE part only), Corsica and Sicily islands. 20 aircraft carriers, 29 warships and 400 tanks are built. BNAC Tallinn and BNHS Hospitality is send to take over the enclave of USE. Baltonordia shoots far - ranged missiles to the OTL area of Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, however, it's accurate enough not to hit the area of the Terra Confederation. The Commonwealth Council and the Military Council meet again to discuss defensive plans against the United States of Earth. Alliance is offered to the Terra Confederation. 15 million are sent to defend the Southeast European territories, or OTL Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary. Also, the territories on the Horn of Africa is powered with 14 million troops. The North Island of OTL New Zealand is powered with 11.5 million men. The Scandinavian Peninsula (including the Faeroe Is. and Iceland) and the British Isles have approx. 27 million troops in total. The rest protect Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Livonia provinces.
  • USE: Starting offensive in East Africa, Egypt. Sent nine million to attack the Czech, Poland,Hungary, South Romania. Landing 15 million troops to East Ireland and prepare to take over all British Isle. Take over OTL area of Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, New Guinea. Alliance is offered to the Terra Confederation too. Offers a treaty that to share the old land of 'Baltonordia' after it defeat to Terra Confederation.
  • Egyptian AR: Would like to form a truce if the USE likes to have one. Hosni Mubarak loves the new Sphinx, with his face cut into its head. A USE-Egypt ceasefire starts in the turn.
  • TC: The TC will not tolerate this cold-blooded war of former ally against former ally. A place in the TC is offered to Balnordica with a British and Scandinavian SAR as well as Cario being capital of Africa. The TC pours supplies into the Balnordicans and stops trade with the USE. If the USE do not pull out of the war then the TC will join it.


  • Egyptian AR: Egypt stops the fighting on its fronts for six months. Troops dig in to their trenches and man their forts defensively and do not attack unless provoked. A one turn-Egypt-USE truce is held for peace talks to occur in. New diplomatic talks begin the USE. Baltinordica and the TC are also invited to the peace summit in Cairo.
More military and civil anti-nuclear, chemical and bio-weapon proofed air-raid shelters are built in Gaza, Port Sa’aied, Alexandria, Cairo, Giza, Omdurman, Khartoum, Luxor, Aswan and Port Sudan.
Husni Bey (Arabic: حسني بي‎) is a well-known OTL Libyan businessperson and Chairman of HB Group, who becomes the ATL governor of Cyrenica and Mustafa Hosni, who is an OTL Islamic preacher and televangelist from Egypt, bcomes governor of the sections that were part of Chad.
  • USE: We agree with Egypt's truce. And we must continue landing in British Isle and going to take over all of British Isles in two years and build up British Republic after all. We will attack the last part of Czech, Poland and Romania as well. Starting attack Denmark after five months.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Baltonordia sends 1.3 million men to Southern England, Finland and Poland.


Both San Marino and Lichtenstein join the USE. Monaco, Andorra and the Vatican still remain neutral. N.E. Bulgaria breaks away to form the Bruncorn Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR).

  • Egypt AR: Egypt builds two new sewerage works in Cairo and one Sewerage works at Alexandria, Suez city, Giza, Khartoum, Port Sudan and Shendi (or Shandi) (Arabic: شندي). Shendi and Suez city each get several hardened bunkers and air raid shelters. A new oil driven power station opens in Khartoum. The electricity, fresh water and phone services are improved.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Baltonordia occupies the BSSR and then give it to the Terra Confederation. It massively move troops into the British Isles (16 million) and Denmark (14.5 million), and take control the entire British Isles and Denmark. An alliance is offered to the Terra Confederation. Troops marking 18 million in OTL Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, returning the borders in the area like previously. The Air Force and Navy occupy the Sardinia island, and ports are opened in the Triple Islands (Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily). The USE enclave in OTL Saudi Arabia is free for the Terra Confederation to take. War is ongoing. As of August 23, 1988 One Baltonordian dollar is equal to Three USE dollar/Two Egyptian dollar/0.5 Terran dollar. Baltonordia opens trade deals to the Terra Confederation which equals to 45 million Baltonordian dollar or 22.5 million Terran dollar (of Aug. 23, 1988). Move 20 million troops trying to take Greenland and Bermuda.
  • TC: The TC declares war on the USE. The declaration of war is followed by giant EMP bursts against the entire continents of North and South America, most of USE Africa and USE Europe and Australia and New Zealand. 90% of all technology in those areas breaks down and stops working. Planes literally fall out of the sky. Troops seize all USE exclaves across Asia and an invasion of Australia, USE New Zealand and the rest of Oceania is mounted with three million troops. The USE counterattack is stopped by the dropping of a tungsten carbide block on Pearl Harbor and another on Lagos causing five million deaths. Ten million troops surge into Africa and seize OTL DRC, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. A naval blockade is inflicted on Antarctica and the USE forces there surrender to the firece Himalayan Mountain Corps and Siberia Corps who tackle the harsh climate with ease. By the end of the six months Oceania has fallen and the Pacific is the domain of the TC. The alliance with Balnordica is accepted.
  • Baltonordian response: The Treaty of Stockholm will be signed by leaders of the TC, Baltonordia and Egypt next turn, which creates the formal alliance. Also we wish to have the South Island of New Zealand. OK?
  • Egypt AR: Yep.
  • USE: Attempts to land nine million troops at Hong Kong, Tainan, Shanghai, Tsingtao. Attack the Europe under Baltonordia controls and Croatia. Take over Australia, starting offensive to attack to Middle East, try to get the oil for our supplies. Attack Egypt if it's don't want to get peace with us. Take over the TC's East Africa. Make a speech that title is "All people in the world,defend your homeland with us, kick the d___ed over the planet. Take back the Italian Islands, starting bombing in all of England specially London, Birmingham. However we must destroy Egypt by five million in nine months. The troops is moving to the border of Egypt and us. We will take over East Egypt and Chad, Sudan. Sent 20 million troops to Europe to defend the offensive of enemies, and try to take over the rest of Europe. Sent 15 million troops to OTL Congo to defend TC's offensive and try to attack East Africa. Sent six million troops recapture Libya. 20 million men are recruited. Sent more seven million troops landing Shanghai, Macau, Taipei, Tokyo and Tsinghao and attacks OTL China, try to take all of coastal China.
  • Egyptian AR response: The Treaty of Stockholm is signed and Egypt AR takes over Northern Chad, the rest of Crete and coastal Tripolitania. 20,000 men are recruited.


  • Egyptian AR: Egyptian troops remove the USE from the Greek islands, retake the coast Tripolitania and kick them out of the enclaves in North East Africa.
  • File:Bullet proof armored ballistic blindage panzer orazzando, armiranje, titnik, blind, gepantserd, loricato, bepensrad, mbrojtur, amerad, blinduar, geranzerten, blinde, harnas, rustning, armure, pancel, acorazado,.jpg
    take over Angola and Tunisia, and remove USE troops from the British Isles and Denmark. It moves five million into the Faroe Islands and seven million more troops to take Cape Verde, Sierra Leone and Bermuda. Radio settlers in the North Island and warships, as well as BNAC Faroe, BNAC Democracy and BNAC Sweden was moved to Australia to help the Terra Confederation attacking them. one million troops were moved to each of Japan, Taiwan, Manchu and Hong Kong. Moving six million troops trying to take the Samoas, Vanuatu, Easter Islands and other Pacific islands still under USE control.
  • The Treaty of Stockholm between the Commonwealth of Baltonordia, its special Autonomous Republic of Egypt and the Confederation of Terra was officially signed on March 14, 1989 including a military agreement, an economical union, trade deals weighting approx. 34 million Proxy (common currency) and the monetary union using the Proxy. 1 Proxy = 2,34 Baltonordian dollar = 1,09 Terran dollara (of April 1, when the currency gained its official status).
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • TC: The TC destroys the landing fleets of the USE with Anti-ship missiles and the convoys are destroyed. Australia falls to the TC's overwhelming numbers and the USE in Antarctica surrenders to the TC. The Bosnian exclave launches a massive invasion on the USE and secures the entire Balkan region and the TC troops swarm onto Alaska. Hawaii is bombarded and taken by the TC. The TC's Africa campaign takes all African nations up to and including, Chad, Niger, Burkina Faso and Ghana. The Lagos crater is remolded into a city. Three more tungsten carbide blocks are dropped on the following targets, Norfolk, USA; Chihuahua, Mexico; and Lima, Peru. More EMP blasts hit the USE territories and almost all technology is damaged or destroyed.
  • USE: We must take back all of our African territory by using one billion troops or more. However, we will send two fleets to destroy TC's defend fleets and landing in the coastal China by 15 million troops. If there were nuclear weapons we will throw them in Warsaw, Czech's capital, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, Delhi, Shanghai and also Moscow. Bombing all of Southern England especially London, Birmingham. Sent 2000 fighters to help us bombing and destroy enemies air fleet. In Europe, ten million troops will defend our territory and try to take over East Europe by 15 million troops, sent 20 million troops to take over the Northern Europe. We will also use EMP blasts if we have, we use it to make damage of all enemies territories electricity system.

Egypt AR: Look back a few years, I have made a partial anti-EMP/nuclear/Chemical/Bio-sevival capacity.

  • Egyptian AR: Egypt takes over Moyotte. Egypt builds a frigate, recruits 20,000 men and opens a nuclear power station in Port Shadouf, 5 km north of Port Sudan. User resigns this time for good, Egyptian AR becomes a full part of Baltonordia.The River Nile-2 16:52, December 13, 2011 (UTC)


Rebels take place in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Greenland, the Antilles, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Guyana, Suriname, OTL French Guiana, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Central America and Mexico. Nationalist setup the Fascist Federation of the Antilles, consisting of all islands of the Antilles, together with Suriname, Guyana and OTL French Guiana. The rest of Latin America, together with Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria wants to join the Terra Confederation. The local people of Greenland manage to join the Commonwealth of Baltonordia.

Southern Sri Lanka implodes in to a gigantic fault-line, killing 200,000 Tamils and 3000 Sinhalese in the quake.

  • Baltonordia trains Penguin Troops in Antarctica in July, and use it to fight against the USE troops still in Antarctica in November and December. Some troops move to Greenland. Attack Bahamas and setup Tsunami machines in Bahamas, Bermuda and Cape Verde to damage the USE. In 11 - 13 October, 7.6 metres high tsunami was recorded in Casablanca, 9.0 was recorded in Nouakchott (OTL capital of Mauritania), 9.2 was recorded in the OTL São Tomé and Principe, while 7.0 was recorded in the Canary Islands, marking eruptions of all volcano in the area. The OTL Equatorial Guinea was flooded under 2.3 metres of water. The African coastline of USE was completely destructed. And then in 20 October, all islands of the Antilles recorded tsunami of 7.3 metres or higher, while Miami recorded a 7.8 metres, Tallahassee - 7.5 metres, Jacksonville - 8.3 metres, Key West - 7.9 metres, Melbourne - 8.1 metres. Again in 5 November, a tsunami 9.2 metres hit the whole US and Canadian Atlantic coastline into 6 km in land, destroy everything. The tsunamis destroyed all technology and weapons, except for the machines themselves. Moving another three million troops each to British Isles and Denmark, marking 21 million total in each.
  • TC: The TC accepts the new applicants and invades the rest of USE Europe and Africa. The Sri Lankans are swiftly given aid and food supplies. The USE exclaves in Asia and Africa are all defeated and the rest of Australia falls. The TC gives the NZ south island and TC Antarctic regions to Balnordica in return for the Balnordican territories in Asia. The TC troops invade Canada through Alaska.
  • Baltonordia agrees with the plan. It's bombing New York, Washington D.C., Albany, Danville and other Eastern cities (OTL USA). Trying to get a plan to have particular areas in old USE Europe, also it wants the Canary Islands plus OTL Morocco, OTL Mauritania and OTL West Sahara too. In exchange it safely attack the Fascist Federation of the Antilles, since the FFA was destructed completely and most people were already dead. The dead bodies are thrown in the middle of Atlantic. Finally, it gives the FFA away to the Terra Confederation.
Now I'm going to show the plan:
Planned Axis Allies

The world after the war

  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.


Hollywood starlet and 18 year old co-star to Eddie Murphy (in 'Cops Out Loud') Jacqueline Juanita Pearson wins her Oscar for 'Best Newcomer To Hollywood' that year .

  • Baltonordia attacks the USE to the planned borders. The Military Council meets in an annual meeting. Try diplomatic talks to gain OTL Netherlands, OTL Northern Germany and parts of OTL Belgium, also the Sardinia, Sicily and Gibraltar islands. Invite the Terra Confederation to the Warsaw Treaty.
  • TC: The TC agrees to the Balnordican plan but extends an invite for Balnordica to join the TC with special administrative rights for the Scandinavia and the Baltic States and with Cairo becoming the capital of Africa. The TC hold plebiscites in the territories that Balnordica wants and only Benelux (Luxembourg, Netherlands and Belgium) votes in favour of Balnordican annexation. The USE is defeated in the Battle of Salt Lake City and is split along the planned treaty line. The TC begins the long process of reconstruction.
  • Baltonordian response: The Commonwealth annexes the Benelux and divide the area into four provinces: Netherlands, Flenders, Wallonia and Luxembourg.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  1. I feel that the war has ended. The administrative divisions should be known to each other in the next three turns. The Warsaw Treaty will be signed next turn. Main points: 1. The two nations of Commonwealth of Baltonordia and Confederation of Terra rules the world, using the border present in September 1990, and MUSTN'T declare war on the other. 2. The two nations agree to retire their military within ten years, except for the anti - rebels forces, and when needed, the ARFs should help each other. 3. The two nations agree to publicise their administrative divisions within two years. 4. The two nations both allow multi-party political elections. 5. The two nations from the Political Alliance of World Democracies (PAWD) to replace the United Nations.He's Laptop Zombie, he's right here next to you! Send mails to him through his mailbox, and being an admin, here is what he did at this wiki. 10:31, December 15, 2011 (UTC)
  2. Someone please update the map! He's Laptop Zombie, he's right here next to you! Send mails to him through his mailbox, and being an admin, here is what he did at this wiki. 10:31, December 15, 2011 (UTC)
  3. Unite under the banner of the Terra Confederation???

El Ungahbungah, Vilmas, Eroworks and radiation deformed (cannibalistic, but not holistic) Ug-ug people loot Cairo.


Stateless beings, dissimilated Vilmas and old war veterans rally against the world’s conflicts in Brighton, Sussex.

  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • TC: The TC spies the amassing landing fleets of the USE.


There is an armed revolution in occupied America, Mexico and western Canada against the enemy and crush the occupiers except in Anchorage and Kodiak island. A legion of rebellious mutos, deformates, stateless citizens, El Ungahbungah, Vilmas, Eroworks and radiation deformed (cannibalistic, but not hollistic) Ug-ug people take over the ruins of Lenningrad, Madrid, Chipperton Island (southeast of Mexico) Berlin, Brussels and Rome.

Those cities are still intact and as of today radiation kills and cannot mutate entire human beings into creatures of more strength than a human.

  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains and motorways.
  • TC: The rebellion is crushed ruthlessly as an extra three million troops pour into North America. One tungsten carbide block is dropped outside the rebel stronghold and the power of the blast awes them into surrender.


W. Australia is devastated by a new-variant S.A.R.S. outbreak. Sydney city and Coffs Harbour are totally depopulated by it. Port Moresby, Auckland and Dilli fill up with refugees. Fiji ejects failed Aussie asylum seekers forcefully to evade the S.A.R.S crisis. Izmir and Cairo see some mild occurrences of Bird Flu, S.A.R.S. and Colic. People start to riot slightly in all of them.

New York, Leicester, Prague, L.A., Washington D.C .and Huston are over-run by alliance of stateless people, refugees, semi-mutants and renegade Apache medicine men. The citizens who cling onto the ruins of Norfolk, USA; Chihuahua, Mexico; and Lima, Peru start fleeing to Tahiti. Three months later Tahiti is swamped by stateless people, cancer victims and refugees from Miami, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Key West and Melbourne; who hide on the island and begin to look for help!

Mombasa, Gabon, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, New Guinea are overrun by an alliance of Witchdoctors, voodoo priests, Gronates and radiological deformities from the major cities. Both Port Shadouf and Port Sudan fall to the combined forces of the Bedouin, stateless people, refugees, El Ungahbungah, Gergashites, El munbojumbo, victims of EMP induced epilepsy and the Islamic El toafate tribes of the Sudanese desert heart lands.

  • Thailand SAR: Thailand continues to build trains, cars and motorways.
  • TC: Aid is sent to help all those in need across the TC. Reconstruction of war zones continues and will be mostly finished by 1993, with normality resuming at 1999. Any uprisings are put down harshly.
  • Baltonordia: Aids and Scientists are send to W. Australia. Uprisings are put down violently. Peace is secured around the world and the war will end next turn.
  1. First, the guy that runs the Thailand SAR, stop "build trains and motorways". That's meaningless. Second, if an IP or mod post something in bold next turn, it'll be cleared as the game already ends. Third, Scandinator, can you re-write the game and archive articles related? Only the main game and archives have to be kept, other pages should be deleted or at least clear information. Instead, a new timeline will start and we two write the timeline (namely Axis vs Allies Revised). The only pages to be created new will be "Axis vs Allies Revised", "Participants of the World Game (Axis vs Allies Revised)", "Organizations and Treaties (Axis vs Allies Revised)", and the participants in the name AT THE TIME THE NATION CEASED TO EXIST, or the time the user went away. For example, it would be Commonwealth of Baltonordia instead of Federal Republic of Baltika. In the case of the Terra Confederation, there would be individual articles namely Hindustan, China, Terra Confederation, Thailand, Thailand SAR (may not be created) and Russia (not Soviet Union). In the history of the Terra Confederation, it starts with the Confederation of Asia when the two nations secede from it right in that turn, then in the idea and reality of the Coalition of Asia, and continues to the end. The history of Baltonordia, however, distinct into three periods: Early Timeline that ended with Soviet occupation; 1969 - middle 1970s, when it try to divide the world with the Soviet and France but ended with the war and neutralite:, Rising as a Power when it somehow gained power with the BMSPG and Egypt joined it.
  2. We get writing timelines.


Port Sudan is slightly looted buy the Bedouin El Ganobil, Al Raggies, El Bamba, El Woobanick, El Ungahbungah tribes. An armed band of stateless citizens, rebellious refugees, crimmos, crooks, Mercs, La Badidos, El Ungahbungah, Vilmas, and radiation deformed Ug-ug people storm Peking! There is much looting of medicine and food stuffs. Crimmos also loot all the liquor stores, gas stations and sports ware shops. Josaphine Prentice becomes president of the Vilmas. 幻想郷、フィンランド、名取市 、宮城県、日本 in Japan is reduced for 38 seconds, by the Mercs's use of a hyper-miniaturisation gun' to the size of a pinhead!
  • USE: Proposes to Baltonordia that the two nations should unite to form the Republic of Earth, under Baltonordia's current government. Rebel's Nukes are launched at the alliance's major cities and they are all destroyed. Moscow, Delhi and all of the most populous cities of the TC as well as those which are strategic are bombed, killing over 700 million people and over 280 million TC troops. A deal is proposed giving the United States of Europe after it expanded to its full size in Europe and both American continents the new name as the Republic of Earth while Africa goes to the TC and Australia becomes a Republic. Everything else goes to the TC.
  • Car-rola Emperium: The whole of west Africa and DCR rise up and form it into a USE allies
  • The USE is gone and no organized rebellions should occur in the TC due to the reconstruction and aid services and the equality of all men in the Terra Confederation. Also the TC and Baltonordica have all the nukes on the planet.
  • Thailand SAR: Thailand decides to legalese street racing, but anyone that would like to street race would have to make a proposal, make a 'route' either a closed course or from point A to point B, have a certain date for when the race is set, then have the streets closed off for that day the street race is going to be, etc. And safety rules would have to follow to ensure people can stay at speeds but at the same time stay safe.
  • TC: Reconstruction continues. The Supreme Hegemon of Terra declares that nukes are horrible nasty things and decides to decrease the TC stockpile to Baltonordican levels. Nuclear plants and coal plants are systematically shut down across the TC and are replaced by huge solar and wind farms. The TC requests Baltonordica join it and unite under one world government. The Hegemon issues a directive at Thailand banning street racing as it is dangerous and economically destructive.
  • Baltonordia refuses to lose its sovereignty. Railways and airways are built. Occupies the last ruins of the USE in the Caribbean. The list of people who can direct the use of nuclear weapons and other WMD is shortened to six: President of the Commonwealth Council, President, Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of General Defense and the General of the Commonwealth Military. The number of nuclear weapons is reduced to two atomic bombs, one hydrogen bomb and four nuclear warheads per 12 million people.
  • Thailand SAR: A regional race is held on Thailand's racetrack. Meanwhile, Thailand also focuses on producing petrol-efficient cars.


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