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  • France: The Highlands of Monte-Negro and in Macedonia are taken after much bitter mountain combat with the warlords. The conflict in Yugoslavia then ends in a truce. The troop numbers are reduced slightly in Yemen. The 'Chiglie' weapon is a group of six nuclear 15 kt warhead prototype short range Pluton missiles scattered across central Mexico. One is used to vaporise a Japanese flotilla as a warning shot. Basically Japan lost three cruisers and supply ship, so watch out.
I have a deal here- It is to have a a UN-run truce in which Japan will evacuate Mexico and give asylum to those who want to stay Japanese, whist those who like being American can stay in Mexico.
Ten Plutons are in ten in two undisclosed place in Africa and the last 12 are in France. France offers an alliance to the new regime in the USSR. France Offers a trade, mutual defence and protectorate deals that are in the 'Federation of United European and Francophone States ‘to the final nations on the list.
The public referendum results (Random.Org results (0-5= No, 6-10= yes).
  1. Dalmatia = 0 (No)
  2. Monaco = 1 (No)
  3. Spain = 2 (No)
  4. Canery Islands = 10 (Yes)
  5. Azors = 3 (no)
  6. Madiera = 6 (yes)
  7. Portugal = 5 (no)
  8. Kosovo = 6 (yes)
Plans are set a foot for the creation of a new UN run neutral state in Monte-Negro. It is small, harmless, and of little threat and thus should be protected on a global basis. Albania and Kosovo will some time be opened up to a new player as a neutral, united gray nation after the war is over. The former Yugoslav arctic is annexed to the French Arctic. The small weather station surrendered to the French frigate with out a shot being fired. They are sent home and the region is given to the USSR as a love token. The USSR and Thailand are offered an alliance. France sends 10,000 regular troops to Florida, who begin marching towards Japanese Mexico is getting war weary and will not send more troops to Mexico for a year.
  • URA: The URA and French forces seize the advantage from Japan and defeat Japanese forces around many areas of Japanese Mexico. As a result, a large portion of Japanese Mexico is annexed by the URA, leaving only Southern Baja California left. Meanwhile, offers have been sent to Britain, Portugal, and Spain to buy their possessions in the Atlantic.
    • We need to re-work the algorithm because of French involvement, but even then I still have a ten point lead. So for now netiher of us shall have any advancements
  • Baltic states are united under the heading of Republic of Baltika. They invite Soviet and French leaders to Riga for the Riga Treaty which divides Europe into spheres of influence. Sweden, Switzerland and Germany are neutral so those can't be occupied. They also ask whether if they can be a member of the United Nations. The territory extend to include Finland, Poland and Austria in Europe and Egypt, Northern Sudan in Africa.
Presidential elections:
1. Estonia: Free Estonia 97 percent
2. Latvia: United Party 85 percent
3. Lithuania: Republican Lithuanian's Party 99.8 percent

The spheres:

  1. French controls Italy, Ireland, Britain, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, also can annex Western Africa and Northern America.
  2. Soviet controls Caucasia (what between those Hindustan and the UN Protectorate, appears to be Kurdistan), Manchu, Mongolia, those two between Hindustan, China and Mongolia (Tibet and something), free to conquer South America, the Caribbeans and Oceania.
  3. Baltika controls Finland, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, Austria, Ukraine (I think so, between Austria, Poland & USSR), European and Turkish territories of the United Republics of America, free to conquer the UCA, Ethiopia and Tanzania.
It's largely okay. The 'Ukraine?' is the western Ukrainian province of Ukrainian Galicia. 13:29, November 7, 2011 (UTC)

The world in 1970. All grey shades are neutrals.

    • French diplomacy: The south Tyrol is transferred from Italy to Austria. Political relations start with Francophone Rwanda and Burundi and the modernisation of French Africa begins. A trade deal and alliance is offered to the Ethiopia, USSR, Baltica and Thailand. Monte Negro begins to sublimate in to a UN protectorate. 13:17, November 7, 2011 (UTC) AKA Billy
    • Thailand diplomacy: Thailand accepts France's offer of trade deal and alliance.
    • Baltika diplomacy: Okay, but not with Ethiopia.

The planned new world order of 1970.

  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • USSR: Soviet Union is not very happy with the spheres. They would also like to receive North-Eastern Finland and Eastern Poland and Ukraine. Otherwise, there is no agreement.
  • Hindustan: After more than ten years of planning, Chand-8 is sent to the moon. It successfully lands and transports the first human to the surface of the moon. This is a huge step for the EASA for inter-planetary travel.


  • USSR: Annexes their puppet - Tannu Tuva and Sinkiang. The leaders of the two puppets are still under a hierarchial control of these territories, but the main controller is Vladimir (USSR). USSR also annex their other puppet -Ukrainian Galicia.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • France: French engineers start the long work of building building the | Centre Spatial Guyanais at | Kourou in| French Guiana, and a secondary space unit at Nouakchott, Mauritania. The Arianne project is officially agreed upon by the members of the Francophone union and construction of the rockets will begin at the end of 1973. The French student riots of 1968-72 decline two years earlier than in OTL, as the government promises to show them the social and fiscal respect they deserve. France agrees with Baltika's plans, but would like the rest of Macedonia (the strip of land between Kosovo, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria). French oil and natural gas is successfully drilled for in south eastern, eastern and central Algeria. The French government passes new racial equality laws and encourages limited colonial subjects' immigration to the home country. Propaganda radio broadcasts and flyers are circulated in lowland Macedonia, urging union with French held highland Macedonia.
  • Japan: The Japanese Army digs in against URA assault. The Japanese Navy moves several of its missile launcher ships to Baja California and the West Coast of America and they begin bombardment of major cities.
  • URA: The URA military has finally had enough, and strikes small nuclear weapons on Japanese army bases, missile bases, and the capital of the Japanese Mexico. Japanese troops lose a massive majority of their strength and retreat to Southern Baja California. Meanwhile, the offer to buy Atlantic possessions is accepted, with only French possessions not being bought.
  • French diplomacy: France is still in alliance with both the URA and Hindustan, so my attacks are only on Japanese troops, not Hindustanis unless provoked. (AKA Billy) 02:12, November 8, 2011 (UTC)
  • A small Baltica A-bomb hits down-town Cairo.

    Baltika changes its policy not to seek UN membership anymore. It agrees to give France Macedonia, give USSR Ukraine, Northeast Finland and Eastern Poland. They attack Tanzania, Kenya, the United States of South Africa and Rhodesia (USSAR), two other independent nations in Africa (apart from the UCA, Ethiopia), territories of the URA in Africa and take control over the area. Baltika also get West Romania, West Turkey, Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Transdanubia, Slovakia, Polish Galicia, Moravia, West Poland, most of Finland and Austria.
  • Hindustan:


A unified nation called the'Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Ndovu' (Elephantine African Republic) in Africa is proposed by the governments of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Katanga.

The world in 1970.6
  • USSR: Annexes another puppet of theirs - East Kyrgysia. And they invade Kurdistan, because they disagreed to join USSR government. Kurdistan-USSR war begins. It's a surprise attack. USSR's allies are asked not to interfere. USSR also asks to receive a sphere of influence of Western Romania. They also form a Formal Alliance with Baltika. Two months later, the war ends with Soviet victory.
  • Baltika: accept the Alliance from USSR.
  • URA: URA forces drive away the Japanese after the nuclear bomb strikes. all of Japanese Mexico is under American control. The URA asks the UN to give control of the UN Mandate in the Middle East to URA control. Meanwhile, URA sets up a plan to liberate Hawaii from the Japanese blockade.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways. Thailand also improves their infrastructure more.
  • Ethiopia: builds its first homegrown submarine, the Seacobra. More fast attack patrol ships are built. Ethiopia modernizes their tank and halftrack divisions.
  • Fossilized soil bacteria found on CL0001.

    France: The second of its six 15 kt Pluton missile fries eight Japanese missile boats and a frigate off the coast of California. A former Yugoslav scientist, come Macedonian university lecturer, hands a peace of the Yugoslav 1958 Coast land Meteorite over to French authorities for further studies. A railway linking the capitals of OTL Niger, Mali, Berkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Guinea is started. Copper and cobalt mining starts in New Caledonia island. (AKA Billy)


The World in 1971.6 A unified nation called the ‘Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Ndovu' (Elephantine African Republic) in Africa is seriously considered by the ex-presidents of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Katanga.

  • Those countries are occupied by Baltika, remember.?
  • A-ha! So it was those. I was confused as to which at first. It's okay now.
  • France: The national railway is upgraded in France and upgrades begin in Italy and Belgium. Lowland Macedonia is finally annexed after a public referendum, which was made bias by the heavy French propaganda mention earlier. A small number of FFL troops land on the Archipelago of Agalega and send the 150 starving and stale Yugoslavs back home in friendship (well, if they still have homes in the former nation). Reo-de-Oro, Cap Jury, Segunia al Hambra, San Po and Reo Moni are invaded and annexed by Franco-Moroccan Goumieres. The 40,000 French troops and four Pluton missiles in Mexico are made available to any planned URA liberation planned for Hawaii. The French energy minister dies of flue in Issy-les-Moulineaux and the interior minister dies a peptic ulcer in a hospital near Marçon. The governor-prefect of Italy des of meningitis in Marcon hospital. Low level coal and copper mining begins in Kosovo and Albania. Oil is successfully drilled for in the Fezzan, and small amounts are found in the south of Tripolitania.
  • URA: URA warships sail to Hawaii to break the blockade. Battles between both sides are large, but the URA also fired a few small nuclear warheads on groups of Japanese ships. This forces the Japanese to retreat, thus liberating Hawaii. URA diplomats ask France to help them liberate Hawaii and also asks it to participate in it's invasion of Japan. Meanwhile, the URA finally gets control of the UN Mandate in the Middle East. It also asks Britain to let it by its colonial possessions in the Pacific.
    • French response: Yes, the 40,000 French troops and four Pluton missiles in Mexico are made available to any planned URA liberation planned for Hawaii. (AKA Billy).
    • Baltika response: Hawaii should be an independent, neutral nation. Otherwise, Baltika may question any attack to the UN mandate in Middle East. Also Britain should be occupied by France by now.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • Baltika: Builds up its army, navy and air force. They invested loads of gold and diamond in South Africa, and then give the entire western African coast to France. Annex Cyprus and Maldives.
  • USSR: Begins a massive recruitment of their soldiers and builds 500 forts and dig ins on Baltika-USSR borders, on USSR side.
    • French response: The Proto-Yemen is given to the USSR as a devolved autonomous over-seas territory. All of Eastern Romania's borders are closed as is the Syrian-USSR border. It's a political 'squeaky bum time' in the Elezay Palace, France. French colonial troops from New Caledonia and a some local militia men from the Wallis and Fatuna islands annexes Vanuatu after the short, heavy jungle warfare on the two biggest islands. The UK is facing a union with France, via a referendum. (AKA Billy)
  • China: China enacts a deal struck a decade ago (I can't remember when) and annexes Indochina.
  • Hindustan:?


The UN Middle Eastern mandate is dissolved outside Jordan and Israel. Hindustan gets most, but the URA gets the Qatar peninsula. The French education secretary and his interpreter falls ill with salmonella as they tours Syria

  • France: The FFL finish off the occupation of Ghana and Liberia. France offers a trade, mutual defence and protectorate deals that are in the 'Federation of United European and Francophone States ' to the UK, Spain, Portugal and Guinea Bissau. The public referendum results (Random.Org results (0-5= No, 6-10= yes).
  1. Wales= 1 (No)
  2. Scotland= 2 (No)
  3. Guinea Bissau= 10 (Yes)
  4. Portugal= 1 (no)
  5. England= 6 (yes)
  6. Denmark= 3 (no)
  7. Germany= 4 (no)
  8. Spain= 5 (no)
  9. Corfu= 8 (yes)
  10. Create= 6 (yes)
  11. Isle of Man= 0 (No)
  • Japan: The Japanese send their most experienced naval ships to Hawaii. They are armed with air craft carriers, battleships, destroyers, missile carriers, and RADAR ships. The task fleet successfully engages the URA-Franco task force. The two square off and after many brutal hours of fighting the URA-Franco task force is decimated with most of its ships destroyed by long range missiles and air craft. The Japanese launch ballistic missiles into Hawaii, California, New York, Paris, Orleans, and Washington DC. The missiles are armed with biological agents equivalent to weaponized anthrax, weaponized bird flu, weaponized plague, and weaponized Ebola. The missiles cause a huge amount of loss of life as they begin to run rampant throughout the two countries. The Japanese then call for the nations to enter peace talks in Tokyo.
    • French response: All alliances are broken and everyone is called back home. All packs are ended as France goes neutral and calls troops back to mauve French lands to save what they can.
    • URA Response: The URA angrily refuses and drop 20 warheads on certain Japanese cities. The government relocates to Chicago after a nuclear warhead struck the capital. All the victims have been evacuated. Meanwhile, the British possessions of the Pacific become American and the URA diplomats plead France to still fight the Japanese.
    • French Diplomacy:It's an IQ hot situation! Kosovo is sublimated in to a UN protectorate.
    • Baltikan response: If France goes neutral, they will lose Italy, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

A military worker in Paris.

French military personnel watching the highway to Lyon. Note the politician’s buses in the background.

President Jack Bouvey of France, Danish Prime Minister Mitzi Larsen, Swedish defence sectary Jürgen Pearson and German Chancellor Kurt Kaltenbrunner meet in Lyon, the temporary French capital and talk on pooling their resources. Germany sends aid to France and Denmark agrees to merge its foreign, fiscal and defence policy due to the risk of them losing a major war in Europe. The official production of 25kt Pluton missiles starts. Dr Charles de Gaulle junior, grandson of General Charles de Gaulle, is elected as the mayor of Dijon.
  • Baltika offers France and Soviet Union a monetary union and a political block that opposes Japan and China. They create a plan to divide China into 4 parts, one to Soviets, another to France, the next to Thailand and the last to themselves. Also, Baltika aided France a hundred trillion dollar, in the fact that France is in trouble and France did take the Western African coast as Baltika recommended.
  • French response: France Is incapacitated by plague. The home front is the prime. The plan is cool, I agree (Hindustan is welcome), but with a 6-12 month delay.
  • You have not even seen the plan yet.
    • The plan IS:

Plan to divide China, by Baltika in AvAr

  • It's agreeable for a three-turns delay at most. It can only be acted when all five involved nations agree (or at least four).
  • Soviet Union denies Baltikan offer to conquer China, since most of the Chinese leaders are communists. Soviet Union secretly shows China the plan, offered by Baltika. Also, within Soviet borders, anti-communist resistance battles occur, but they do not damage the government that much. Militia is sent to deal with them.

Okay, how come I got a computer virus, whilst I was on this page last time? It took F-Secure 75 minutes to fix the mess. (AKA Billy).

  • France health news: The Governor – Prefect of Wallonia dies of Anthrax in a Brussels hospital. The French transport minister dies in Toulouse of bird flu. The French finance minister hangs him self, in his Bordeaux flat, after his torrid love life is exposed in the national press. France starts the long, but successful work on a bio-weapons vaccine.
  • URA: The URA calls for Hindustan to negotiate about their tensions and hopefully get things solved. Meanwhile, British possessions in the Pacific are passed to America. In the Japanese/URA War, the URA forces go to the remainder of Japanese Mexico and strike a nuclear bomb on the Japanese. The URA now has full control of the Baja area. In Hawaii, the islands are finally liberated by the blockade, but Hawaii, along with California and other hard hit areas will be under state of emergency to rebuild the areas. URA warships head to Japan and threaten the Japanese by giving them one ultimatum: surrender, or invasion. Meanwhile, the URA ask the UN if it can declare control of the grey areas in the Antarctic and the Australasia.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways. Thailand also declines Baltika offer, as Thailand is a neutral and peaceful nation.
  • China: The plans to divide China are found by Chinese spies. China declares that if they are invaded, the population of 1.3 billion will fight to defend every last inch. China reminds Thailand and Hindustan that they are China's allies.
    • Thailand diplomacy: Thailand is a neutral country, and only would use its military in self-defence only. Thailand also would never attack any of its allies.
    • Hindustani Response: Hindustan mobilizes every soldier to fight in-case the Chinese mainland is invaded, saying that all Eastern Superpowers would have done the same. Tanks and troops are sent to China to help prepare any fortifications needed.
    • URA Diplomacy: The URA sees China to be a possible important ally for the future, and pleads the countries who propose to invade it not to.


The UN Middle East Mandate's settlement is put up for question after an ATL version of the OTL dictator Saddam Hussein, violently takes over Mesopotamia Province and lays claim to Basra Province and Kuwait Province. {C {C}

An evacuation of a French community just outside Damascus as a coup hits most of OTL Iraq, on the night of March 6th, 1972.

  • Flag of Free France 1940-1944.svgFrance: France is slowly recovering. The road and rail projects in French Sudan and French West Africa are now completed. A new airport opens in Bamako, (OTL Mali), French Sudan. Oil drilling begins in coastal Gabon. France notes the near equilibrium in the world and that further warring is futile. The FFL land on Norfolk Island and the Trobriand Islands. Malta is annexed and given to Baltica. The housing minister chokes to death on a badly cooked oyster in a Paris pub. The Antarctic and Australasia are grey and still open to claim...
  • URA: After no response for Japan, the URA drops nuclear bombs in every major city in Japan and its cities in its other areas except Tokyo. Meanwhile, Hindustan and URA diplomats agreed to end their dispute on the former Middle East UN Mandate by admitting Hindustan as the controller of the region, but American oil companies are allowed to operate there with no red tape. The URA and Hindustani governments hope to re-establish relations in all sectors. Meanwhile, the UN declares the URA all control of the grey areas in the Antarctic and the Australasia.
    • I didn't see the post you made until now.
    • French Diplomacy: The French transport and foreign ministers condemn the violent rebellion in Mesopotamia Province. Zanzibar is given to Ethiopia, A panicky Scotland, Wales and Iceland join France. A weather satellite in Arianne rockets is launched from French Guiana. France's user quits and gives his nation to the Soviet Union's controller-Doctor261. 05:51, November 11, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy.
  • Soviet Union, under the command of GULAG, revives the forced labor camp system, and builds many camps in ex-French territory, including Africa. Anyone, not happy with Communism system, living in Soviet Union will be sent there to "work for money". Other nations are not informed. Soviet Union also peacefully offers one million for each of the following (for their controllers): South Portugal, East Spain, North Germany, West Germany, North Sweden, North Finland. Fearing of soviet invasion, the decisions are following(
    • South Portugal(1): No.
    • East Spain(8): Yes. Agreed and sold.
    • North Germany(7): Yes. Agreed and sold.
    • West Germany(5): No.
    • North Sweden(5): No.
    • North Finland(8): Yes. Agreed and sold.
  • Japan: The Japanese agree to release all claims to any territory in America and Hawaii. They also begin to pull back their navy to Japan where they will defend the Japanese airspace. The Japanese also add that they are still capable of launching bio-weapons at the URA.
    • URA Response: The URA agrees to Japan's surrender and declares the war between both sides over. The Treaty pf Tokyo is officially established.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • Hindustan:


The Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix will take place at the newly (and earlier than OTL) built Bahrain International Circuit in Manama. The UN says Israel join Japan, Jordan joins Hindustan and both Kosovo and Monte Negro join the USSR. Tanagers is given by the UN to the USSR. Kenyan nationalists riot in Nairobi.

  • URA: With the war with Japan over, the URA begins to focus on domestic issues. URA companies begin to exploit the rich, unexploited resources of their territories, including metals from Australia, oil from Latin America, and wood from Canada. The URA also decides to rebuild cities destroyed before with an even more modern, technological look. Infrastructure such as road, electrical, and other systems are being rebuilt nationwide. The URA also funds research into new technologies, like computers, lasers, high-tech machinery, and medical technologies. The URA also initiates the space program to land a group of men on Mars.
  • Soviet Union: Adopts a new National Language - English Language. From now on, Russians and west-Europe and west-Africa inhabitants will be taught to speak English, as their native language. The process is planned to take 50 years until 90 percent of Soviet Union will speak English fluently. They also continue building the defences on Baltika-Soviet Union lines.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • Hindustan:


A Iraqi Ba'ath style coup also occurs in Kuwait, Jordan and Syria. The Emir of Kuwait flees to Qatar and the governments of Jordan and Syria flees to Turkey. Kuwait is merged in to the rebel held part of Iraq. The UN mandate in the Middle East, Kosovo and Monte Negro ends.

  • Japan: The Japanese people revolt against the Shogun after the loss of the war to "ethnic scum". The Japanese Fascist Party takes control of the military who now openly defy the Shogun and overthrow the shogun and the Diet. They publicly behead all members of the Diet and they also decapitate the Shogun. The Fascist of Japan install a new system of government of power which consist of a oligarchy run by the top military leaders. The oligarchy proclaims an officially fascist government to the rest of the world in the 日本のファシスト政府の'宣言 or in English the Proclamation of the Fascist Government of Japan. The new military dictatorship exports all non-ethnic Japanese from the Home Islands. The Fascist then officially changes the name of the Republic of Japan to the Fascist Republic of Japan. The fascist movement in the Malay States, Singapore, the Philippines, and Tonga also rise up against the "incompetent republican rulers" and they swiftly gain mass popularity especially in the Malay States, Singapore, and southern Philippines from the Muslims who were "oppressed" by the republicans.
  • Ethiopia: Begins to look into a home grown space division and continues to build up their navy and ground forces. They send an alliance to the new Japanese government.
  • URA: The URA happily accepts the offer from Israel. Inside the country, massive rebuilding and economic projects have helped post-war America, although at a large cost. Fortunately, the country is starting to attract more foreign investment than ever, causing the economy on an enormous rise. New housing projects have sprung all over the country and new technologies are bring used by Americans. Outside the URA, the country does not approve the situation in Japan, and threatens to interfere if it threatens the URA.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We will not threaten you, only will we kill you.
  • Russia: In the morning of January 5th, Joseph Stalin was found dead in his bed. The reason of death appeared to be a shot fired from silenced 9mm. A new government is formed. It is a diplomatic government, led by Vyacheslav Molotov, ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Soviet Union. He removes the "GULag" and burns all the concentration and labor camps. He renames his nation to "Russia" and begins planning on declaring new independent states. He shows the world the terrors, made by Joseph Stalin. Vyacheslav goes on the first plane to URA to show them the plans of Invasion of Baltika, which, as Vyacheslav states has many concentration camps and has a fascist government. This meeting is considered secret and no other nation is to know about it. Vyacheslav asks for support in the upcoming war. He also asks URA to guarantee the independence of Brazil.
    • URA Diplomacy: The URA agrees to it. However, it asks them to help invade Cuba. It also asks if France and it's possessions before annexed by the Soviets become independent. It does not let Brazil go since it wants to unite the American continents.
    • Russia promises to make most of ex-french lands independent, if suitable leaders will be found. Russia will help invade Cuba for URA.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.


  1. Kenyan nationalists riot in Nairobi and kill a Latvian trader. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Katanga all form a unified nation called the ‘Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Ndovu' (Elephantine African Republic) in Africa . This inspires an anti-Colonial rising in S. Africa.
  2. Brazil, Argentina and Chile all sedete from the URA with Australia and New Zealand, with Papua New Guinea following suit, declaring themselves the Oceanic Commonwealth.
  3. Huge rebellions happen in Europe, where Germany, Austria and Denmark all merge into one country and fight a successful war against their occupiers. The United Isles follow suit, declaring independence and...
  • Russia: After long preparations, with support of URA, Russia invades Baltika. Would they surrender before Russians actually cross the border, or will they try to fight? The people of the Earth will decide.
  • Ethiopia: Begins to fund and supply anti-colonial rebellions throughout Africa. Declaring Africa is for the Africans.
  • Hindustan: Enough is enough, says the government. Mobilized troops roll over and attack the Ba'arth coup in the Middle Eastern countries. The ferocity shows and the rebellious countries fall. They are incorporated into Hindustan.
  • URA USA: The URA finally agrees to allow the former Latin American and Oceanic nations to be independent, but made sure they were still together by forming the Organization of American States and the Organization of Pacific States. The URA now becomes the USA consisting of OTL USA and Canada. It calls on other nations who share boundaries with the Pacific Ocean also join the Organization of Pacific States. The economic, political, and military legacy of the URA makes the nations in the Americas and Oceania very strong. The URA sends troops to help the Russians in their effort of toppling the Baltika nation and supports African rebellions in Baltikan Africa.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • Japan: The Japanese recognize the 'new' nations in America. The Japanese also declare that the USA is the direct successor of the URA and all grudges there-of. The new Latino nation is declared to be a indirect successor of the URA. The Japanese continue to build up their military. After several weeks of debate the Japanese accept the Ethiopian offer of alliance. In order to cut down on the number of nations they are allied with the Oligarchy rules that it is withdrawing from all international groups besides the UN and the Eastern Superpowers.


Egypt declares independence from Balitka taking large parts of the OTL North Sudan, Baltikan S. W. Libya and northern Chad with them. Baltika occupied Turkey and Greece leave the empire and divide Cyprus on ethnic lines. A bloody Ba'ath coup occurs in Bahrain. central Africa stays Baltics. They go nuts and many people are killed in what appears to be a last stand by the Ba'athists.

  • USA: The USA allows Israel to be independent and promises to back them up in any situation. American forces manage to capture the capital of Baltika with Soviet help. The USA calls for all American and Pacific States to cooperate in the Baltikan War.
  • Russia: While fighting against Baltika, Russia makes the following countries independent: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Republic of Sahara(south of Algeria), Iceland and Kurdistan. They also gift back their Canadian colony to USA. The end of Russo-Baltikan war is expected to end in the end of 1974.
  • Hindustan: Using Hind and Chinese troops, African colonies of Baltika in the South are stormed and the United States of South Africa are reformed. They include Swaziland, Lethsoto, South Africa, and The lower Baltika African colony. After much negotiation, it is decided that Mozambique will join the United States of South Africa.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and is finished building the subways in major cities, however trains and motorways continue to be built.
  • Japan: The Japanese and the Israelis agree to re-start their alliance ( The Japanese military continues fortifying its intercontinental missile launch bases. The Japanese begin experimenting with genetics on bacteria. The Japanese also build three more missile carrier ships. The Japanese also begin producing jet aircraft similar to the OTL F-4 Phantom, which is outfitted with five air-to-air missiles, five air-to-ground missiles, and a .50 caliber machine gun with roughly 300 rounds. The Japanese begin capturing suspected Republican sympathizers in the northern Philippines, mainly from the Christian population. They kill almost 1,200.


Southern Finland Joins Baltika (AKA Billy). China and Hindustan join into the Confederation of Asia. (CoA)

  • Baltika: Baltika again take control of their Eastern European territories (sorry, I was in fever). The massive military conquered Southern Spain too. DECLARATION OF WAR ON RUSSIA (not on Hindustan, China or USA).
  • USA: United States calls for the decolonization of Africa. It begins by letting all of its African territories independent. It calls for the Soviet Union and Hindustan to do the same. It also asks Russia to give its American and Antarctic territories to America at a financial gain. The United States also condemns Japan's actions and threatens that if they don't stop their injustice on the people, they will have to interfere militarily.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Russia refuses to hand the Antarctica to US, because it is a very important research center of Russia.
  • Russia: Russia initiates Blitzkrieg against Baltika, attacking from all possible sides, owned by Russia. They also send anti-resistance troops to South Africa, which must belong to Russia still.
  • Japan: The Japanese declare themselves neutral in the Russo-Baltik War. The Japanese publicly reprimand the Confederation of Asia and refuses to recognize the Confederation of Asia. The Japanese sends large sums of money to anti-confederation forces in the unrecognized state. They also begin to create biological weapon missiles that can carry in excess of ten warheads all carrying a relatively large amount of deadly bacteria/viruses. They also create chemical weapons, and normal explosive weapons with multiple warheads. They begin full scale production of the OTL F-4 (the one that I talked about last post) with the name the Mitsubishi A74M.
  • Hindustan: Secedes from the Confederation of Asia, stating that Hindustan and China are good allies but are not ready for unification. Money is sent to the democratic factions still present in Japan so a coup d'etat can take place.
  • China: Agrees and secedes from the CoA. Huge public work projects continue and they declare neutrality in the Russo-Balkan war.


Malawi joins South Africa. The ‘Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Ndovu' (Elephantine African Republic) in east Africa enters a tribal, ethic are religious civil war. Katanga sees separatist riots. {C {C}The ‘Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Ndovu' is near to collapsing into its former nations as a civil war approaches. Baltikan Central Africa sees anti Baltic separatist riots too.

  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and is finished building the subways in major cities, however trains and motorways continue to be built. Thailand also recognises the Confederation of Asia.
  • Russia massively attacks Baltikan Finland. They threaten Baltika to surrender, or they will send a special gift at their capitals.
  • Japan: The Japanese Army captures several hundred suspected loyalist, with over 79 percent coming from the northern Philippines, and executes them without trial. The Japanese Oligarchy orders that mass


    production of the A74M be done and by 1980 it should replace all other jet fighters. The Japanese Navy launches the first A74M off of an aircraft carrier. The Japanese Army begins using the A74M in strikes in Malaysia against the MalayCong. MalayCong terrorists plant several bombs on rail-lines in Malaysia, the resulting explosion kills 97 people.
  • USA: Angered by the events in the Japanese Empire, the USA begins to upgrade and increase their military, navy, and air force. It also prepares defenses and calls on all American and Pacific (obviously except Russia and Japan) to prepare to invade Japan.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We'll give you the vaccines against the smallpox and bubonic plague that was released on America by Japan in exchange for a guarantee that the Americans will not invade/attack/etc. Japan.
    • American Diplomacy: America HAS those vaccines. We demand that you stop your actions against the people or else serious consequences will occur.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We have better vaccines since we MADE THE VIRUSES! Also the "people" that you speak of are loyalist to the old regime who failed us. Did the Americans not destroy the property of the loyal British after the Revolution and more often than not kill them when you had the chance? There is no difference.
    • America Diplomacy: America finally agrees to the vaccines, but it still asks to end its brutality of its people.


The ‘Jamhuri ya Afrika ya Ndovu' (Elephantine African Republic) in east Africa collapses in to it’s former nations as a civil war approaches. Katanga sees separatist riots. Parts of Baltikan Central Africa sees anti Baltic sepratist riots to. 02:08, November 17, 2011 (UTC) (UTC)AKA Billy.

  • USA: The USA, concerned about the fact its call for decolonization of Africa has been failed to be answered, decides to send diplomats to the Russian and Hindustani governments, pressuring them to give them independence.
    • Russian Counter-Diplomacy: "Africa will not develop quick enough if we declare their independence. And if you haven't noticed, the people who want that independence are terrorist, and non-experienced people. And since you haven't helped that much in a war with Baltika, which is still going, I don't see any chance of cooperation. I want you to send the troops in, and only after that I will assign my good people to lead African countries. And also, Africa is none of your concern."
    • USA Diplomacy: USA agrees to help Russia in its war against Baltika, but still asks for preparation for Africa's independence.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Russia agrees to prepare. "We will send our support of supplies to African nations after we finish this war." Says Molotov.
  • Russia annexes Finland and southern Baltikan Africa by warfare actions.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.

Soviet army vehicles after occupation of Southern Baltikan Africa.


Following the Soviet advance, pro-German riots hit Budapest, Sofia and Voucovar, whilst Pro-Soviet/Russian riots hit Bratislava, Krakow and Belgrade. East Prussia follows Bultika's suit and declares neutrality. They all would like to join the Thailand backed League of Neutrals, like the Swiss and San Marino did in the 1940's. A pro-Hindustan rebellion occurs in Bosnia-Herzegovina, whilst an anti-Russian rebellion occurs in Bulgaria.

  • Russia: annexes Middle Baltikan Africa and Western Estonia. New Panda 38 tanks are put in use in this war.
    • Hind Diplomacy: Russia is asked not to colonize anymore part of Africa as The USSA (United States of Southern Africa) are receiving economic help form China and Hindustan as well as other kinds of support.
  • USA: USA makes an agreement to Japan to end their hostilities and restart relations, but also asks it to end its brutality on its people. US troops land in Baltikan Europe, capturing many ports along the coast.
    • Russian response: Russia sends their troops at France to the riot-points to eliminate the rioters and anyone who is not happy with the government.
  • Baltika: dissolves as the three constituent countries - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - agree to dissolute the union. Colonies are freed. The three new nations all have neutral acts in their Constitutions and thus is no longer part of the war. Goodbye. Baltika should divide, and all go gray by tomorrow. But note, don't color it red, or I'll be angry and vandalise the Map Game. Of course, until Soviets annex. Please wait until 1989.
  • Hindustan: Is unsure of the condition in Europe. Internal matters are discussed and plans on improving infrastructure and the army continue. More railways line routes are opened with China and trade is booming.
  • China: Continues trading with Hindustan. Its army trains in new tactics and new railroads and road construction is begun to connect the remote parts of China.
  • Japan: The Japanese send several tonnes of foodstuff to the dissolving Baltika nation as a way of "humanitarian aid". The Japanese requests from China to purchase Indochina for $13 000 000. The Japanese Navy continues to scrap their current jet fighters for the A74M. The Japanese Army begins experimentation of the possibility of a helicopter that can be well defended and be able to fire rockets and carry machine guns. The Japanese Army also begins a new campaign against the MalayCong on main-land Asia with large Zeppelins. These Zeppelins would be filled with free-fall bombs and an incredibly large number of .50 and .30 caliber machine guns that could stay over a suspected area for weeks while raining high explosives and bullets down on the MalayCong.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and continues to build trains and motorways.


Timiș County in Transylvania and Polish Galicia declare their neutrality and wish to join the League of Neutrals. Serbia n rebels indicate their support for the Russians, whilst the remnants of Croatia and most of Hungary rebel on mass and riot in favour of union with Germany. Timişoara sees popular rallies in support of creating a new, independent and neutral state of Timiș County. People from across Timiș County funnel in to Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral to hear the priest call for a new era of international love and peace. 02:12, November 19, 2011 (UTC)02:07, November 19, 2011 (UTC) AKA Billy

  • Baltika is getting angry - Slovakia and Western Romania isn't mine. They're independent. Baltika retire its military - soldiers go home, tanks and ships and aircraft are sold, pacts are destroyed. The civilians are their job of protecting themselves. There's no military.
  • Russia grants independence to all Russian-controlled colonies, countries and Eastern Spain. As the war is finished, Russia demobilizes their troops and most of them are put in reserves and sent back home. Russia begins preparing plans for independent balkan contries.
  • The BMSPG:

    Union of Bohimia, Moravia, Slovakia and Polish Galicia or the BMSPG for short.

    The Free Bohemian Flag, now the flag flown by the BMSPG.

    Officals from the often divided and fought over Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Polish Galicia gather and form the neutral 'Union of Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Polish Galicia' or 'The BMSPG' for short. I run it. 'The BMSPG to build up their agriculture, opens a lignite (brown coal) mine in Slovakia and continues to build new trains and a Prague-Brno motorway. 10:20, November 19, 2011 (UTC) AKA Billy.
    • Russia: Sends food aid to BMSPG to help them "raise from ashes".
    • BMSPG: Says thank you to Russia for its help.
  • Anglo-German Union: The AGU invades France in Normandy and using blitzkrieg tactics, takes over the country with ease as well as Belgium and the Netherlands. Another invasion is launched into Spain and Portugal at the exact same time, and soon both are forced to surrender. The formation of the United States of Europe is proclaimed from the conquered nations and the AGU. Algorithm needed please. Nuclear bunkers are built throughout the AGU.
  • USA: The American government recognizes the independence of the European countries and gives them economic aid to help support the new governments. Despite the deal with Japan, Japan has not stop its actions against the protesters, and the USA is preparing for war. It also asks the Guyanan countries to join the USA.
    • AGU (USE) Diplomacy: The USA is offered an alliance.
    • USA Diplomacy: The USA happily agrees to it.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: We have stopped the persecution of the loyalists. The MalayCong though is a terrorist organization much like the VietCong, and OTL Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The Loyalists the can now no longer fear the Japanese government as long as they do not harm anybody. Please understand we do not wish for war, we only wish for the terrorists groups like the MalayCong and the VietCong to be destroyed. In fact we ask of America to help us.
    • Russian Response to independent Norway: Russia did not grant independence Norway, and since their government was taken over illegally, they counter-attack, sending modernized military into their territory. Nord-Russian war starts. They also ask if AGU just invaded Russia, and automatically declared war on them.
  • USA Response: The USA condemns it and declares war against Russia by attacking from Alaska into Eastern Siberian territory and nuking areas in the region. It sends diplomats to Brazil, Gran Americana (the green country in the map), all other European countries, and the Coalition of Asia to attack Russia.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • AGU Diplomacy: The AGU will now be called the USE, which asks for help against the Russians. Hundreds of Nuclear bombs are found underneath London in a secret vault. They are Neutron Bombs, nuclear bombs that do not affect buildings but destroy only living things and have a range of 200 miles. The USE gives 50 of these to the USA and threatens to drop them all over Russia, killing millions of people and leaving the machinery and industry for the USE and its allies to use as well as being able to kill millions of troops at once but keeping all of their weapons still usable. It is demanded that Russia back off and grant Norway its independence. And with the best generals from Spain, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, and Ireland, the USE armies are lead by some of the best generals of all time.
    • Why would AGU care about Norway? And when did AGU find time to develop nuclear weapons?
  • Russia: Molotov leaves the government by killing himself in the office. Russia is without a leader. The End(for Russia)
  • BMSPG Diplomacy: What has just happened and why!?
  • Russian Diplomacy: I killed myself [nation] because it was impossible to play here anymore. People attacking for no reason. That went too far.


  • BMSPG: Trade deals are offered jointly to Hindustan, the AGU, Russia and Thailand. A new Lignite/brown coal mine is opened in Polish Galicia.
As the leaderless Soviet Union becomes a state of temporary confusion the long disputed territories of Ruthenia and Bukovina are attached with consent to o the BMSPG. The mayor of the Romanian town of Gura-Humorului offer to join the BMSPG and the offers is accepted. The BMSPG has fixed its size begins building a defensive cement wall around the country. 03:44, November 20, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy
  • USA: The USA begins to attack Russia from its eastern part. It also continues to get more and more countries (especially the Coalition in Asia and other European countries) into the war. It also proposes the EU and BMSPG a plan for a unified Europe.
  • Baltika reunites and breaks its neutral act. The military has to be backed up. The job finished quite quickly and the first nuclear fission program starts. It's going to take up to ten years.
  • BMSPG:A trade deal is offered to Baltika, Russia and the AGU.


Mikhail Gorbachev comes to power in the Soviet Union, and begins massive reforms, and of course democratizing the nation. He also asks for a ceasefire and a peace treaty with the USA. Gorbachev also begins to make Russia a more peaceful and friendly nation.

  • USA Diplomacy: The USA agrees to the treaty and agrees to stop attacking.
  • Thailand: Thailand accepts BMSPG's offer of trade deal. Meanwhile, Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Ethiopia: absorbs peacefully he small grey once Sudan states by the CAR and Eritrea.
  • "BMSPG" What is it. 02:20, November 21, 2011 (UTC)
  • It is the "Union of Bohemia, Moravia, Slovakia and Polish Galicia or the BMSPG for short." 02:27, November 21, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy
  • USE: The USE asks that Nuclear Weapons will never be used by the USSR Block and the USA-USE alliance ever again unless nukes are used by the opposing side first.


Westpreußen-Marienwerder is hit with pro-Baltika riots in the border city of Marienwerder (Kwidzyn) and then the city wishes to join Baltika. The grey Östpreußen-Prusy Wschodnie is hit by similar riots, there is a army coup and it unilaterally join Baltika. A drought causes famine in Burkina Faso. 02:35, November 21, 2011 (UTC)

  • BMSPG: A new railway from Prague to Kraków is built. A Iron mine opens in Bohemia. A Saltmine expands in Kraków. 02:24, November 21, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy.
  • USA: The Guyana countries manage to united with the USA. The country also begins to give aid to the EU and gets more European countries to join it. It also withdraws from Eastern Siberia now that the war is over.
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratize the nation, and makes it more peaceful.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • Baltikan military is now strong enough to invade Poland, but they choose to use their first products of the nuclear fission program to attack and take over Finland first, then Sweden, Norway and Iceland. A trade deal offered to BMSPG. The Democratic Union of Europe is offered to the BMSPG, include a monetary union, a military pact, an official alliance and a special agreement which allows citizens to the members to freely travel to other without passport or visa. Also, Baltika request the UN to be dissolute.
  • BMSPG: They agree to Baltica's The Democratic Union of Europe. The military pact should be only used in self defence, since the BMSPG is neutralist and frightened of a war with the both the USSR and AGU. The UN is now apparently obsolete and moribund. Iron ore is sold at a cheep price to Baltika. 15:43, November 21, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy
  • USE: Military expansion continues.


Soviet East Poland splits up. The pointed bit in the north east joins Baltika, Ukrainian Galicia stays firmly in the USSR and the rest joins the independent, neutral grey Free West Poland. A pro-AGU coup occurs in the Faeroe Islands. Kenya enters a tribal and ethnic civil war after a unfair and disputed election occurs. 02:21, November 22, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy

  • BMSPG: It builds a railway from Kust to Bratislava and a new airport is opened in Prague. A 1,000 strong Homeland Security Force and 2,500 strong Border Guard Force is set up. Agriculture is improved in Slovakia. 02:23, November 22, 2011 (UTC)
  • USA: The USA diplomats talk to Russian leaders about building a bridge across the Bering Sea as a sign of new friendship. It also begins to return to normalcy, as war is now behind them. It also asks the European countries to unite into one nation that will sustain itself. It also asks China and India about a proposed invasion of Japan.
    • Russian Diplomacy: Russia agrees about building a bridge across the Bering Sea, and soon begins planning it.
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratize the nation, and makes it more peaceful.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • USE: The USE invades Italy and the rest of Spain as well as Algeria using Blitzkrieg tactics and steamrolling the enemy armies out of the way with ease. Algeria puts up tough resistance however, and is will still using guerrilla warfare well into the next turn. All three are incorporated into the United States of Europe.


  1. 'Artificial insulin is invented. East Romania joins west Romania as Soviet allies. A pro-USE coup hits Transylvania. Other coup leaders in Timișoara ask to join the USA. Islamic militants take over the Lebanon and Libya’s rival provinces form in to a single nation. A famine hits Ethiopia. 02:21, November 23, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy
  2. BMSPG: Diplomats are sent to Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria and Nigeria. A Riga-Vilnius-Lublin-Krakow motorway and railway is beginning. Food aid to Ethiopia. 02:22, November 23, 2011 (UTC)
  3. USA: Vaccines and other medicines for disease thought to be incurable are found, a major milestone in medicine history. It manages to plan out the blueprints for the Bering Strait Bridge and is presented to the Russians. New settlements are being built in Canada near to the natural resources, allowing millions of people to move there.
    • Russian diplomacy: Gorbachev sees the blue-prints and agrees to it.
  • The USE invades the Balkans and easily conquers them using Blitzkrieg as well as Slovenia and the bordering state to its south. An all-out invasion of Northern Africa occurs with USE troops advancing in huge strides.
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratize the nation, and makes it more peaceful.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • BMSPG: As the USE invades the Balkans, the BSMPG invades northern Transylvania by air. The region is stabilized and the rioting factions are stopped. The 50 airborne and 20 regular troops overwhelmed the local peasant army. 20 more airborne and 2000 regular troopers are trained up. Hungary's Nyíregyháza region joins the 19:35, November 23, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy
  • USE: The conquest of the Balkans and all of the northern countries of Africa as well as Greece and Anatolia ends in success, and the United Afro-European States are proclaimed with the same government but with a large portion of its Congressman now Africans. The name is then changed once more back to the USE, but it is now called the United States of Earth.


Free Poland collapses in the wake of electoral fraud and most of the rioters want to join the either USSR or USA. A pro-Communist/Soviet coup hits Aden. 04:55, November 24, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy.

  • BMSPG: A 4500 strong regular army is formed and 8500 are being trained up. 50 light and 20 heavy tanks are produced. 30 fighter aircraft are produced. Industry in Moravia is inproved.
  • USA: It agrees to the coup leaders to annex Timişoara. It agrees to the Polish rioters to take Western Poland. It also begins construction of the Bering Strait Bridge.
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratise the nation, and he also sends lots of workers to also begin construction of the Bering Strait Bridge.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • USE: An invasion of the African states bordering the USE except for Ethiopia begins, and using tanks, air attacks, bombings, and followed by infantry (advanced blitzkreig), they fall easily and are incorporated into the USE while an invasion of Angola and Namibia takes over the two countries with ease due to the African Nations having little if any advanced weaponry and no tanks or planes.
  • Ethiopia: Upgrades Djibouti’s port and improves the Eritrean railways.


Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania collapse in to tribal warfare. The remnants of Tanzania wish to join Hindustan. An Islamic fundamentalist emirate occurs in central Kenya and the ethically Omoru/Somali part joins Ethiopia. Islamists lead by the OTL Ayatollah Khomeini then take over Iran and also the greater part of southern Iraq. An Islamic emirate is formed in most of Saudi Arabia, with only the American held part of Saudi the coast line being unaffected. The Hezbollah takes over Lebanon. Those Ba’athist Generals stage a coup in Yemen and threatens Russian held Aden. Billy.

  • BMSPG: A second railway line is built from Prague to Bratislava and BMSPG seriously ramps up its metallurgical industries. 
  • China: China is facing major overcrowding issues as there was no one child policy. China therefore invades Japan and all her territories simultaneously and trumps them in Kyushu, Sumatra and the Philippines annexing these territories. Finally Hindustan finally agrees to join into the CoA.
  • USE: The USE attacks all of Africa except for Ethiopia wite goal of having all of the countries beceom equal states in the USE South Africa falls easily as does the rest of West Africa, Nigeria and the three countries clustered together between USE Namibia/Angola and the rest of the USE. The rest will not be fully conquered for at least another turn. The world is promised that after all of non-user controlled Africa is part of the USE, the USE's expansion will stop immediately. Work on railways across the USE is begun and those already built are repaired and fixed up.
  • BMSPG reaction: The BMSPG feels left out of the action and intmidates Greek South Cyprus in to becoming a protectorate and forward bace in the politicaly disintegrating Middle East. The Cypriots will be treated as equils. 16:21, November 25, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratise the nation, and construction of the Bering Strait Bridge continues.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • USA: The Bering Strait Bridge is halfway done. It begins to ask China to buy the Philippines, and in exchange, the US will help the country's domestic problems and help them invade Japan (and eventually divide it among themselves). It also tries to get Gran Colombia (the country in green), Brazil, and Oceania to rejoin the country. In the Middle East, concerned about the Islamic Emirates in Iran and Aarabia, they send diplomats to ask the governments there to recognize their claims, and in exchange, they will respect the territorial rights of the countries. Concerned about the events in Africa and the Middle East, they try to get Hindustan to sell their Middle Easterm territories and try to get Israel to rejoin the country. They also try to get Baltika to sell a piece of their coastline so that their territory in Poland can have some access to the sea.
  • '​'Coalition of Asia: China and Hindustan finally combine under one banner, the CoA. It has three capitials to administrate the nation: Shanghai, Mumbai and Lhasa. The CoA reject USA's offer to help with Japan and refuse to sell the Middle Eastern lands.
  • Ethiopia: Takes Achkoke (North Uganda) and leaves Buganda (South Uganda).


The Islamists take over the rest of Kenya. Ruwanda and Burundi prepare for war with the Islamists. Ruwanda arsks for American help and a formal alliance, whist Burundi asks the same olf the Russia. Billy

  • Ethiopia More railways are built nationwide.
  • BMSPG: Negotiations take place with Romania over access to a port. A new railway is also built between Cluj, Kust, Krakow and Lubin.
  • CoA: Japan is defeated in August after the loss of the home islands by mass amphibious attack. War is declared on Iran and a non-nuclear ICBM hits the Ayatollah's residence and he is killed. Iran's army is routed and destroyed by massive CoA numbers. Awed by this display of force and notification that they will be next, Saudi Arabia joins the CoA peacefully. Meanwhile Yemen surrenders in the face of the entire South Asia division of the army - two million men. The CoA plans to send satellites into outer space that can produce EMP's and another with eight 50-ton blocks of tungsten carbide.
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratize the nation, and construction of the Bering Strait Bridge continues.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • USE: USE troops take over the rest of Africa except for Ethiopia, and true to their aforesaid promise, stop expanding. Work on the newly conquered territories infrastructure begins immediately.
  • USA: The Bering Strait Bridge is three-quarters of the way done. USA accepts the alliance with Rwanda. The countries of Gran Colombia, Brazil and Oceania rejoin the US. Shocked of the growth of the USE, it brings all the nations of the world to declare war on it since it is becoming a threat.
  • USE: All the grey states in Africa are invaded will become USE territory due to their poor technology and they have few tanks.
  • BMSPG: Calls for world peace talks and says neutral Thailand can host it. 20:08, November 26, 2011 (UTC) AkA Billy



An earthquake kills 16 and injures 48 in Napoli, Italy. A set server blizzards hit the Great Lakes, Toronto and most of northern Ohio Killing six and causing major disruption for nearly three months. A drought devastates crops southern Pakistan and Eritrea; a famine is imminent in Eritrea. The ATL version of the OTL Arab despot Colonel Moammar Qaddafi takes control of Libya, northern Chad and the desert part of Niger in an army coup.AKA Billy

  • BMSPG: A new airport opens in Kust. A Prague-Bratislava-Warsaw and Kust-Lublin-Warsaw air route are opened. A Bratislava-Trebisov- Lublin-Warsaw-Kaliningrad-Vilnius-Klaipėda road and railway are being built. A Hertsa-Trebisov- Košice- Nyíregyháza- Balatonszentgyörgy-Balatonberény -Fonyód-Keszthely- Belgrade road and railway are being built. A Prague-Oberlichtenau-Niederlichtenau-Pulsnitz railway and road are to be built. A new coal mine opens near Prague. A coal fired power-station opens in Prague. The Turkish North of Cyprus is bribed in to becoming a protectorate of the BMSPG with a guaranteed plentiful coal and lignite supply. Aid is sent to Eritrea and Pakistan. AkA-Billy.
  • CoA: Food is sent to feed the Pakistanis from across the confederation. Troops seize Southern Iraq and Lebanon. The two satellites are launched. One slab of tungsten carbide is dropped on an uninhabited Japanese island. When the smoke clears, all that is left of the 25sqkm island is ocean and a massive underwater crater. A small tidal wave impacts neighboring islands and kills several people. The CoA sends plans to send military satellites to outer space. The CoA undertakes a massive recruitment run and the armed forces expand to eight million men.
    • I just took Oceania on the previous turn. This is IMPLAUSIBLE! RandomWriterGuy 10:38, November 27, 2011 (UTC)
    • Implausible? You just noticed? :D Everyone, well, almost everyone is doing completely impossible things here, and you just noticed that that guy did something that would be impossible? :D Oh, please. Doctor261 11:37, November 27, 2011 (UTC)
    • After 50 years of bunk history and growing implausible ideas it's impossible to use such terms due to the breakdown of the time line and the imploding of reality. Basically, it's a sci-fi fantasy day-dream world now!Oxfordshire 1972 14:05, November 27, 2011 (UTC)
    • Hey-hoe! Billy.
    • I'll invade him, but I'm waiting for USA to attack.He's Laptop Zombie, he's right here next to you! Send mails to him through his mailbox, and being an admin, here is what he did at this wiki. 04:11, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
    • Calm down; it was an honest mistake...Scandinator
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratize the nation, and construction of the Bering Strait Bridge continues.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • USA: The Bering Strait Bridge is finally completed, and now open for business. The US sends aid to the Great Lakes region to help the people in the region recover. It is also angry at the CoA for trying to take Australia and calls for the world to invade it.
  • Sorry I missed your post.
  • USE: The USE launches a massive invasion of Libya and due to the weak and tiny army of the country, it is occupied and annexed by the USE but immediately is given back its statehood.


Anti-Nicole Chauchescu riots sweep the Communist Romania.

  • Baltika: finishes its nuclear fission program. Now they are building aircraft carriers. Air forces are ready for missions. The military is called to get over the Finnish independence. The railways across Baltika, Poland and BMSPG is keep being build. It invades Poland, Denmark and the British Isles, and take the new name of Baltonordia Commonwealth. It calls for an independent Antarctica. The alliance with BMSPG should be signed in 1981.6 and also BMSPG should start its nuclear fission program. Baltika also agrees to the USA plan of invading CoA. Going to attack Ethiopia soon.
  • BMSPG:The alliance with Baltika is signed in 1981.6 and the BMSPG starts its nuclear fission program. Some lead, uranium and lignite mines open in Bohemia. It is suggested that an alliance be made with Finland. The smaller of the two red patches in Lapland above Finland is bought by the BMSPG $100,000,000. The BMSPG has the coastline, Finland is offered the rest. Baltika is given a free hand in big the red patch on the Finland/Norway border.
  • Finland is occupied for good. The new name means all Norwegians, Faroese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, British, Irish and Polish are treated equal.
  • Good to know they are all equal!
  • CoA: The coalition warns against attacking it. The CoA warn that they will aim the tungsten carbide blocks at New York, San Francisco, Olso, Tallinn, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Santiago should the CoA be attacked. The CoA military is put on Standby Level 0 (similar to DEFCON 1). Three military satellites are launched to protect the other CoA satellites. Another tungsten carbide satellite is launched at the end of the year. South Asian troops invade Islamist Kenya and crush the nation. More to possibly come.
  • Basically, what is tungsten important of? Lighting?
  • If the tungsten carbide hits a city. Everything in a 3 km radius is pretty much gone. There will be massive damage up to 5km but anything further than that has a decent chance of survival. Think if it as a city killer asteriod. There are rumors OTL Russia has one up there...
  • The only reason I threatened to attack it is that I had already have Australia, and CoA is trying to get it.
  • BTW: Has anyone noticed the 1984 similarity O.o. CoA is Eastasia. USA Oceania. USSR Eurasia......
  • Yep! 11:47, November 28, 2011 (UTC)
  • Tungsten carbide is used for drill bits and saw blades. Pure Tungsten wire is found in lighting.
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratize the nation.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build trains and motorways.
  • USA: The US begins to undergo an era known as the "Golden Age of Technology". Computers, lasers, medical advances, color T.V.'s, and new technologies are being a part of American life. Money has been put into research into new technologies, and are still continuing. It also begins a space program, which aims for the first men on Mars. The US and CoA make a standoff, known as the Pacific Crisis, but the US hopes they can get this solved diplomatically. It also asks Ethiopia to join the country.


Timișoara joined Baltika.

  • BMSPG: Opens its first nuclear reactor outside Kust, builds a new airport at Košice, builds several heavy tanks, updates its air force and trains 10,000 regular troops.
  • USA: The country begins to adapt new technology during the "Golden Age of Technology". This causes education to have an added importance, as schools for technological science are built all over the country. The standoff between the US and CoA continue, with the US standing firm as ever.
  • Baltonordia Commonwealth brands its ships into four: BNWS for normal warships, BNHS for health/hospitality ships, BNMS for mail ships, and BNAC for aircraft carriers. It currently has ten mail ships, four large BNHS and seven BNAC. Six aircraft carriers are currently being built. BNAC Riga, BNAC Faroe, BNAC Bronze, BNAC Alfred Nobel and BNAC Copenhagen are sent to the sea area near Ethiopia, as well as BNMS Postman, BNMS Fuel and BNHS Hospitality. The nation offer USA $100 trillion for Greenland. The AGU is introduced to the Democratic Union of Europe, joining Baltonordia and BMSPG.
  • CoA: The Coalition attempts yet again to resume diplomacy with the USA. It was a honest mistake!! CoA produces more tanks, aircraft, guns, nukes and chemical and biological agents should the nation be attacked. Five satellites are launched and another eight tungsten carbide blocks are sent up making the total 23. Three more are military drone satellites to protect the blocks and the last is a EMP emitter that is stationed over Africa, its twin satellite is over South America, both in geostationary orbits.
    • USA Diplomacy: US finally agrees to end the standoff and accept the apology. It hopes for their relationships to be restored.
  • Ethiopia As Africa enters stand off, Ethiopia amps up its military. A new 'Barracuda' class frigate, two 'Omorou' class cruisers, two attack subs, several patrol craft, 30 medium tanks, some heavy tanks, dozens of fighter aircraft, plus a few bombers are made. Ethiopia goes in defective mode and does not want to threaten its neighbors. Roads are improved as are the ports at Mogadishu and Djibouti. An alliance is offered to Thailand. Libya is offered a trade deal if it's non-violent to its neighbours. The two uninhabited grey islandettes north of the Seychelles are annexed peacefully.
  • BMSPG Diplomacy: Negotiations start with Romania over permanent access to a BMSPG run enclave in a port, rather than the ad hoc arguments.


A earthquake devastates Soviet Armenia, killing 60 and injuring 1200. Yerevan is in ruins! A related quake kills two and injures 16 in Bam, Kurdistan.

  • BMSPG: Opens its second nuclear reactor outside Kust, updates its armored cars and trains 2000 regular troops. Negotiations continue with Romania. Aid is sent to Armenia, Yerevan and Bam.
  • USA: The USA still undergoes technological change during the "Golden Age of Technology". It asks the CoA to restore their destroyed diplomatic ties and cooperate together instead. it proposes the two countries and Russia to unite under a country called the Pacific Union.
  • CoA: The Coalition does not agree to lose their sovereignty. CoA troops are trained and outfitted with the latest tech.
    • USA Diplomacy: The US is not trying to take away their sovereignty, it wants to create an equal union dedicated to cooperation, like the CoA.
    • CoA: CoA states that the use of the word unite would mean some loss of sovereignty. The CoA refuses.
    • USA Diplomacy: If that can work, how about we form a pact together with Russia. Would you agree to that?
  • Baltonordia further divides BNWS into BNWS (large warship) and BNSH (small ship) leaving only 20 ships in the BNWS stage. The aircraft team "Periodic table" consisting of approximately 2000 aircraft is sent to Ethiopia, together with missiles and nuclear weapons. The navy consists of eight on 13 aircraft carriers, 20 on 20 BNWS, four BNHS and six BNMS is sent to Ethiopia. The invasion includes the Air Force and the Navy only. However, the Army may take action. Finland and AGU is invited to the Democratic Union of Europe.
  • Russia: Mikhail Gorbachev continues to democratize the nation. He also sends help and supplies to the areas in Russia struck by earthquake.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, shops and continues to build trains and motorways. Thailand also accepts Ethiopia's offer of alliance.