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Kingdom of Ayiti
Ini an Ayiti
Timeline: Days After Chaos
OTL equivalent: Hispaniola
Flag of Haiti 1908 – Present
Flag of Haiti 1964 (civil).svg
Inyon fè fòs
(Union makes strength)
Location of Ayiti
Official languages Yoruba
Regional Languages Igbo
Ethnic groups  Ayisyen
Demonym Ayisyen
Religion Ayisyen Vodou
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  Wa Najac II Uzurpatris
Legislature Supreme Asanble
 -  Established 1908 
 -  Conquest of Hispaniola 1917 
 -  Total 76,480 km2 
29,529 sq mi 
 -  2014 estimate 1,181,200 
Currency Ayisyen ajan

Ayiti, officially the Kingdom of Ayiti (Haitian Creole: Ini an Ayiti), is a large island kingdom which controls the entirety of Hispaniola. Rising from the survivors of the Chaos, the empire was established by Haitians who banded together under the first great Wa (or king) of Haiti, renamed Ayiti following the global catastrophe. The nation invaded and conquered the neighboring Dominican Republic after disease and starvation weakened it, and anti-Dominican sentiment in the remaining Haitian population for past defeats, attempted genocide, and general disregard for their people by the Dominicans. Following their successful conquest of the island in 1917, the young kingdom moved to develop into a major force in the region, and today maintains a naval force unmatched by any of its neighbors, as well as a brutally efficient bureaucratic system.

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