Alternative History
Mexihca Yaoyotl Chicaktlij'
Royal Aztec Army
Aztec military
Founded Circa 1330's
Country Aztec Empire
Size 1,009, 008 personnel
Current Commander Cuahuchinmenua Iahuaketl
Aniversary June 30th (La noche triste event), November 16th (Armed forces Day)
Principal Engagments Aztec-Spanish Wars, WWI, WWII
Aztec tank

Cuacalli II, Aztec tank.

The Aztec Army (Anahuacahui Teyaotlani) is the land branch and largest of the Aztec Military Services; it also is known as the National Defence Army. It is famous for having been the first army to adopt and use an automatic rifle (The Mondragón rifle) in 1899, and the first to issue automatic weapons as standard issue weapons, in 1910. In September 2007 the Secretary of Defense reported that the Aztec Army consisted of 1,009, 008 men in 2007.


This is one of the first fire weapons on the Aztec Army's inventory around 1550. (replic in the National Museum in Tenochtitlan).

The army is the oldest army in the Americas; having a history of more than 600 years.