Alternative History
Mexihca Hueyatl Axuetleyac'
Royal Aztec Navy
Mexihca navy
Founded May 25th 1570
Country Aztec Empire
Size 236,879 personnel
Current Commander Saynez Ixachi Tekua
Anniversary May 25th (foundation), August 16th (Battle of Honduras)
Principal Engagements Caribbean WarWWI, WWII
Motto On the sea, on the Land and on the Air
Kirov-class battlecruiser

The MHA Nezahualcoyotl. Heroic ship from the WWII that participates at the battle of Honduras

The Aztec Navy is a branch of the Aztec military responsible for conducting naval operations. Its stated mission is "to use the naval force of the empire for the exterior defense, and to help with internal order". The Navy consists of about 236,879 men and women, over 489 ships, and about 490 aircraft. The Navy maintains a constant modernization program, in order to upgrade its response capability.

Given Empire's large mass of water (49,510 sq km) and extensive coastline (9330 km), the navy's duties are of great importance. Perhaps its most important current on-going missions is maintaining peace on the empire's West African colony. Another important task of the Aztec Navy is to help people in hurricane relief operations and other natural disasters.

Although the main purpose is to care the Aztecs interests in the interior and exterior.

Present Fleet[]


Aircraft Carriers[]
Class Name Picture
Tlàloc Class MHA Tizoc Tizoc
Tlàloc Class MHA Quetzalcoatl USS Nimitz in Victoria Canada 036
Coamixin Class MHA Tlacaelel Cihuocoatl Gille cue
Ocelomixin Class MHA Admiral O'Brien Russian aircraft carrier
Ocelomixin Class MHA Yaochiualistli Acallitelotl Ctcuec
Nuclear Cruisers[]
Class Name Picture
Admiral Azueta Class MHA Cuauhtemoc Buque cuauhtemoc
Admiral Azueta Class MHA Nezahualcoyotl Kirov-class battlecruiser
Admiral Azueta Class MHA Ahuìtzol Nuclear cruiser Frunze
Admiral Azueta Class MHA Moctezuma Ilhuaicamina MHA Ilhuaicamina
Quinda Class MHA Quinda Kynda
Quinda Class MHA Itzayana Kynda 2
Quinda Class MHA Tecpanecatl Kresta
Quinda Class MHA Axeihuixolli Mha ahuitzol