What If The Aztecs had a Navy? Note: This is Part 1 also, a map is put on my profile


The Aztec Empire Never had a navy. But what if it did? it could colonize the Caribbean and have a war with the Incas.

Aztec Navy


Moctezuma I: Sees the what is now The Gulf of Mexico, he names it "Tlaloc's Sea". He Creates A navy Hoping to find Quetzacotl in Exile and Please Tlaloc. A explorer name Tzolilpoli Colonizes Land. All of the expeditions together lasted 4/1458-6/1460 With 50,000 crew members. Only eight Survived,Just one of them would change Aztec history Forever. Note: The explorer dies of a stroke five days after the last expedition.

An Armed Revolution

Xiolani Cattalamaxi: A crew member, envious of the other seven being at Moctezuma's court and him being a admiral in the navy leads an armed revolution to go against Moctezuma, The seven are forced to live in the Cuba-colonized part of the Aztec colonial empire. He spares Moctezuma and starts the Cattalamaxi Dynasty.

Cattalamaxi Dynasty, Part One: The first three Rulers

Xiolani Cattalamaxi has a stroke five months after the armed Revolution. He was 56 Years old when he died 1461.

He didn't leave any Offspring so his nephew, Tiolani (it's a tradition in his family to end the first name with "lani"). The 15-year Old Colonizes Florida, north Venezuela and the Bahamas. He made an army with swords instead of spears. At age 32, he marries a Cuban native and has three Children. When Tiolani was 43, he died of smallpox. His 21 year old son, Caolani, colonizes Trindad. He meets the Europeans but they Massacre [the Europeans] all until they're extinct from this continent. He continues Colonizing N. America. He died at 1516.

Aztec world map

Map of his expeditions Blue is the land he gained, the explorer with 50,000 crew members, that is.

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