Baldur von Schirach
Timeline: Let's Kill Hitler

OTL equivalent: Baldur von Schirach

2nd Führer of the German Reich
1967 – 1974

Predecessor Adolf Hitler (as Führer)
Alfred Rosenberg (as President)
Successor Kurt Dietrich

27th Chancellor of the German Reich
1966 – 1974

Predecessor Philipp Bouhler
Successor Kurt Dietrich

1931 – 1964

Predecessor Position established
Successor Position abolished (merged with Chancellery)

Gauleiter of Austria
1940 – 1964

Predecessor Josef Bürckel
Successor Position abolished
Born 9 May 1907
Berlin, German Empire
Died 8 August 1974
Munich, South Germany
Spouse Henriette Hoffmann
Political Party National Socialist German Workers' Party

Baldur von Schirach (9 May 1907 - 8 August 1974) was the 27th Chancellor of the German Reich and later 2nd Führer, the first since Adolf Hitler. He was a prominent member of the Nazi Party and for the majority of his career was the head of the Hitler Youth. von Schirach, an anti-Semite and anti-Christian, was responsible for sending many thousands of Jews from Vienna to death camps such as Mauthausen and Dachau. However, he grew to detest the conditions of the camps and under his Chancellorship he closed South Germany's remaining concentration camps, ending the Holocaust.

von Schirach confirmed to the world that South Germany had death camps and that the Nazis were responsible for the deaths of hundreds upon thousands of Jews, disabled individuals and political prisoners. In doing so, he contributed to the instability of the Reich and its eventual collapse sixteen years after his death.

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