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The unthinkable has happened. The year is 1995 and a Libertarian uprising has left the United States balkanized. The USSR never fell and has become the world superpower, with an expansionist China, Greater Britain, South Asia and Arabian Union close behind. All of Europe has joined the Warsaw Pact except for the United Kingdom and Portugal who have joined together with Ireland, Iceland, Greenland, Australia, New Zealand, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia along with allies Israel (now including Jordan and Lebanon), South Africa and Papua New Guinea to form the authoritarian Greater British Isles. China has absorbed Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and all of South East Asia and has puppets throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. The South Asian Confederation includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and the Maldives while the Arabic Union unites the Middle East and North Africa. In North America, the United States is split between eight factions: The North Eastern Alliance (The New England Federation, New York and Superia) The Confederate States of America, Africa America (Southern Louisiana and Mississippi) Cuban occupied Florida, Deseret, Soviet America (Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California) Chinese California and the Fascist Bloc (New Mexico and Arizona.) After the nuking of Washington, D.C, the government fled to Puerto Rico, surrounded by a Cuban-occupied Caribbean. Inspired by its motherland of France, Quebec allied with the Soviets and invaded Nunavut while the Yukon was occupied along with Alaska. The Canadian government is trapped fighting a war on two fronts and is slowly being pulled into the British sphere of influence. The Fascist Bloc invaded Western and Southern Mexico while The Confederacy invaded North Eastern Mexico and Cuba invaded South Eastern Mexico. At the same time, Africa America funds racial uprising throughout in order to fight the Fascists and Confederates. The world has now transitioned from a two-sided Cold War of ideologies to a five-way Cold War.


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