Alternative History
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Banat People's Defense Force
Banat People's Army/Air Force
Timeline: EEC
Headquarters: Timoschwer
Branches: Army, Air Force, River patrol
Active personnel: 4,000
Reserve personnel: 10,000
Founded in: 1918
Ages qualified for service: 18-36
Time of service: 6 month

The Banat People's Army is organized around the several ethnic militias which make up the principal ethnic groups of the country. Nominally integrated and under the command of the Banat Defense Minister, who is appointed by the council of state. Practical difficulties involving this integration have plagued the armed forces throughout its existence, however, they have been mitigated by several treaties, including the Treaty of Manhattan, Treaty of Berlin, and others which guaranteed the neutrality of the Banat state and the direct participation of the militias in the Banat government, which has prevented the emergence of 'warlords' .