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The Barbary States, a collection of Berber Pirate States, were once the most powerful naval entities in the world. They facilitated a massive slave trade and crippled the great European powers until their reign came to an end in the Barbary Wars. In this timeline, we explore what would happen if the states of the Barbary Coast states beat the European powers and the young united states in the First Barbary War. 



  • July: After the capture of the USS Philadelphia by Tripolitanian Pirates, a small contingent of US marines is led to recapture it. OTL they did and conquered Tripoli, earning the respect of the world. In this timeline, they are quickly defeated and Tripolitanian pirates quickly drive away coalition forces. 
  • August: After gaining the upper hand in the Barbary War, Tripolitanian forces invade Sicily. The battle is long and bloody, and various areas of Sicily are weakened. 
  • September-December: Tripoli pirates capture Palermo, thus ending the Kingdom of Sicily. Tripoli occupies sicily for this time and destroys its cities and culture.


  • January-April: The European Coalition signs a treaty with Tripoli so that they will pay the tributes needed in exchange for Tripoli leaving Sicily. Tripoli agrees, but the other Barbary states do not. They stay in Palermo.
  • May: The second battle of Palermo is held, this time with Tripoli on the side of the Europeans, in an attempt to evict other Berber pirates from Sicily. Tripoli, helping both sides, sabotages the coalition and the Europeans are kicked out of Sicily. 
  • June-December: The Barbary coalition(specifically Tunisia) occupies Sicily and begins Islamisizing it. Morocco expands into East Africa and begins sponsoring raids on Spain and Portugal in order to weaken them into submission.


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