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Basileus' Interference Timeline is an extremely involved, far-reaching, complex timeline of human history from the times of Jesus onward, to a newer, stimulating possible scenario. Its development can be followed at the forum.

It has been created in the last three years by Stefano, an Italian fan of AH, as a mean of both studying REAL history "in depth", exercising a bit of fantasy and employing some spare time in a creative but orderly way.


Do you wanna see how Belisarius and Totila befriend? Or how the Muslims are stopped in North Africa and the Maghreb remains Christian? Do you wonder why Charles the Great has been assassinated in 799, and why it was his father Pepin who founded the Holy Roman Catholic Empire of the West? And what about the Bulgarian Emperors of Byzantium and the Roman Western Empire reborn? And the Norse discovery of Hesperia (OTL America)? And what's that Greater Norman Empire, or Berestia?

This and many, many other PoDs and sub-PoDs in the Interference Timeline, with some map here and there, for your amusement and delight...


PoD: ca. 1st c. AD

1-1000 AD

1000-1250 AD

1250 AD -

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