Shi'ite Republic of Basra
جمهورية, دولة جمهورية, رجال اّدب شيعي
2004 –
Proposed flag of Iraq (first proposal, 2008) Coat of Arms of Iraq
Ardh Alforatain
Basra as of September 21st, 2004.
Capital An Najaf
Official language Arabic
State ideology Republic
Government Islamic Republic
Head of State
- 2005 –
Ayad Allawi
Head of State
- 2005 –
Prime Minister
Ibrahim al-Ashaiqir al-Jaafari
Area km²
Population 22,300,000 (2010 est.)
Currency Basran Lira

The Shi'ite Republic of Basra is one of the three nations the former Islamic Republic of Iraq was divided into following the UN removal and occupation. The nation is populated almost entirely Shi'ite Muslims, and is a close ally to Iran.

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