Welcome to the Portal Page for the Battle for Earth ATL. This ATL is a spin-off from a map game done in early 2012. The timeline chronicles the battle for control over Earth, the events leading up to it, and the events afterwards.


The year was 1965. The Cold War was at a hot point. America was tied up in the Vietnam War, sparking the hippie movement. Meanwhile, the Beatles have struck big in Europe and America. The Space Race was in full swing. The motivation to explore space was high, though if anyone had known what was out there, mankind would happily stay on Earth.

In July, Mariner 4 flew by Mars and discovered something shocking: a lone spacecraft of unknown origins flying towards the Red Planet. The craft impacted on Mars and exploded. Fingers pointed at the Russians, but the Russians denied the capability of this. Attempts to get to the craft began immediately. Little did humanity knew they were stepping into affairs beyond them.

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