This is the Battle for Earth Reloaded Map Game! The first two games died. MP and I tried reviving it last time. Fail. NOW WE TRY AGAIN!

The POD is the same again. Human nations detect an unidentified object crashing onto Mars and exploding. While the Americans blamed the Soviets and vice versa, it became clear that neither side was capable of such a thing.

Meanwhile, the various Alien nations discovered what had happened. Now the Aliens debate on what to do with the planet and its inhabitants ...


  1. Please obey the word of the mods and the following rules.
  2. While it is an ASB game, please try to be as plausible as possible.
  3. You may play as one Human nation. To maintain balance you absolutely must have a human nation if you want an Alien Nation. Previous contact with Earth is forbidden lest your Alien Nation is a mod/ancient nation.
  4. Turns are in quarter years, or three months.
  5. If you are Soviet Union decides to focus completely on Space exploration, then chances are the Americans will take over the world.
  6. Please refrain from destroying celestial objects. You can use the action as a threat, however.
  7. Please do not uplift Humans too quickly.
  8. The oldest a normal Alien nation can be is 20 million years. The species could be older, but that is the limit of the nation's age. Oldest mods nations can be is 50 to 55 million years old.
  9. Alien nations cannot have intergalactic technology unless they are several billion years old. Point is, no intergalactic travel.
  10. There will be an algorithm for wars on planets (land and sea). There will be no algorithm for space battles, so you must be incredibly plausible.
  11. Mods should not gang up on non-mod players.
  12. Just because your ability is unique does not mean that it is invincible.
  13. If they want, mods have ancient races that can be the oldest at 45-50 million years old. As a result, they automatically have Hyperdrive engines and can choose another ability.
  14. If you have any doubts or questions, ask a mod.
  15. That should be all the rules. Have fun!

Das Mods


There are several requirements for being a mod:

  1. You have to be a user who joined this wiki before of during January of 2012.
  2. You have to have more than 3000 edits, with exceptions.
  3. You have to have a good record on map games, and have to have played four or more games, with exceptions.

The Actual Mods

  1. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1.pngRegen Flag.png Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. (Game Reviver for the Second Time)
  2. Monster Pumpkin (Co-Game Reviver for the Second Time)
  3. CrimsonAssassin (Honorary Mod for Founding the Original Game)
  4. Lx (Honorary Mod for Playing the Last Two Games)
  5. CourageousLife (Mod for Playing the Last Two Games and this one)
  6. PitaKang (Honorary Mod for being the last of the six great races and playing the last two games. Welcome to play this game.)


There will be two maps. One of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the other of Earth. Should we need any more, then we will add them.

Earth Map

BFERel 2.png

Incendian Empire

Please, when you add your nations, do not make them bigger than half the size of the Dravimos Empire, capisce? If you make it bigger than that size, your nation will be downsized to the size of the Hanzen Empire.

  • Does that look good? I tried to eyeball it for about half of the Dravimos Empire. If it isn't, I'll gladly change it, just please don't downsize me! CourageousLife 15:55, June 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • You're safe, just not the Skaven. *sigh* Bob, you'll never understand the rules of editing the map, eh? It's not even your turn yet, it's Wegscuba's turn, and your nation is too big. I'll give ya one more chance when it's your turn. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1.pngRegen Flag.png Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 18:16, June 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Wait, who's turn is it? Vir prudens non contraventum mingit 20:41, June 25, 2012 (UTC)
  • Wegscuba/Perigrini-Salaamberia
  • Whoa, how come the mechs are in second now?
  • Crim, would you mind uploading the map in .png so it's not so grainy?
  • Agreed. Also, you can't exist outside the galaxy.
  • Sorry to edit the map for you Crim, but we need to keep things going. Bob, it's your turn.
  • Ah, the Mechs are supposed to be really secluded (as in most people have no idea they still exist). Only way I could do that is be on the very fringes of known space.
  • That's as far as you can get while still being inside the galaxy. Sorry :<
  • It says that Bob is done but ... I don't see the Skaven. ~~Guns
  • Its ok? (Mantelar Alliance) Bauglir Zero 19:33, July 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • Could ya do it again? Just wait an hour or two to get the Byzantar off the map, OK? The Byzantars ain't supposed to be there yet. FOLLOW THE GOD DAMN RULES, DEAN!
  • Bob, after you see the Mantelar on the map, it's your turn.
  • Also, save the map in .PNG!!!! .JPG just makes it grainy! Anyone else seen uploading a jpg file will have their nation taken off the map and put back on in .PNG!
  • It's been three days now and Bob still hasn't edited the map, can someone move him down the list so the rest off us can get on with it.
  • Why is Bob on the list as Bobby Lugia?
  • I moved him to the bottom. Just someone, please go! Your loving mod, CourageousLife (talk)
  • I put mine on the map and ya'll removed it, why I did it in order, edited it in the full size, and did it in PNG. What is wrong! Bobalugee1940 (talk)
  • OK, I fixed the list. Follow this order or perish.
  • This is over. I'm putting everyone on the map, and you're not. The End.
  • OK, now I'm confused. Are the players or the mods putting down their countries?
  • Mods.

The Map will be edited in this order:

  1. Ahlose Alliance (DONE)
  2. Mechs (DONE)
  3. Perigrini Salamberi person(DONE)
  4. Guns (DONE)
  5. Mantelar Alliance (DONE)
  6. Bobalugee
  7. Axyljohnson
  8. Polandians
  9. Praedonia
  10. Yagor
  11. Willster22
  12. Vivaporius
  13. DeanSims


Human Nations

Please add any Human nations you wish to play as below.

Alien Nations

To create a new Alien race, please choose two strengths and two weaknesses. One strength can be unique and limited to your race.


Please choose one from below and create one of your own.

  • Rapid Reproduction
  • Hyperdrive Engine
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Death Ray
  • Death Ray Shielding
  • Racial Confederacy


Please choose two from below.

  • Weak Genetic Diversity
  • No Home world
  • Divided Planet
  • Low-Gravity Home world
  • Weak Immune System
  • Overly Hostile
  • Complex Government
  • Home world in the middle of nowhere
  • High-Gravity Home world

If you think of anymore, please let us know!

Alien Nations

  • Terran Empire (Flag of South Korea.png PitaKang- (But here's my number|So call me maybe)): species that evolved 122 million years ago- however, due to infighting and tribal communities, sentience was not achieved until about 78 million years ago. Even then, there was much fighting, and the world was divided into hundreds of small nations. This however, encouraged technical growth and the development of war technologies, as they were constantly at war. 53.2 million years ago, Emperor Adis united the Terran tribes into the Terran Empire. They have been constantly at war.
    • Strengths: (Hyperdrive) (Death Ray Shielding) (Extremely high military and logistical technology)
    • Weaknesses: (Overly Hostile) (Dictatorship state)

When you have created your race, it should look somewhat like this. Keep in mind that mods automatically get Hyperdrive:

  • Soram Empire: Mod controlled, run by a dictatorship and currently embroiled in civil war.
  • Holy Hanzen Empire: Mod controlled, Roman Empire space analog.
  • Regen Flag.png Regenetech Empire, having survived the last two games: <Hyperdrive Bonus><Racial Confederacy><Telekinesis (USE THE FORCE!!!)> | <Complex Government><Ancient>
  • Darthor Survivors a group of warrior aliens who work as mercs for the highest bidder be it with money or with the offer of land, highly adaptive and can easily get used to other planets similar to humans in biology and physical appearance: strengths: death ray shield, highly adaptive. Weaknesses: no home world (having been destroyed previously and other worlds conquered by other raises due to infighting and no central government), weak genetic diversity (again due to infighting over the past few hundred years all that are left now have try to rebuild)
  • Mantelar Alliance (By: Bauglir Zero), a racial confederacy led by the angel-like species called Snilloc, is conformed by the red Snilloc, the main race, the green six feet tall. Thar's war lovers and sharpshooters, the colorful wookie-like Cheves, the white giants of three legged and four arms known as Vomisa, the six legged brown "centaurs" called Varos and the white as snow little humanoids Kajorks, and obviously the Alliance is open to new species or factions willing to follow the Mantelar Code.
    • Strengths: <Racial Confederacy> <Advanced nanotechnology (Snilloc)>
    • Weakness: <Weak immune system (Snilloc)> <No home world (for five of the six races)> <Low-Gravity home world (the sixth race: Thars)>
  • The Yagor Empire, "The Lonely Race" By Sasafred12
    • Strengths: <Telepathy><Telekinesis>
    • Weaknesses:<Home world in the middle of nowhere><Complex Government>
  • Polandians, "The Small People", The Polandians are like Humans, except that they are smaller and wider. They are Three Feet High, and Two Wide. There are two types:
  1. Type A, Stronger and average smart.
  2. Type B, Extremely smart, but lacking in other areas.
  3. Type C, the Elite Polandians. Have all the power, thanks to excellent Charisma and Monetary Skills.

The Polandian's home planet is divided into two main factions: The Plavers, a nations mainly made out of Type As under the control of the Type Cs, against the Polaners, who are Type C's who have rebelled against the tyranny of the Plavers, and have influenced a large number of Type A's to join the cause of Freedom. Type Bs tend to be neutral in the conflict and continue to develop technologies.

  • Strengths: Rapid Reproduction, Small Resource Usage.
  • Weaknesses: Divided Home world, Racial Confederacy.
    • Hey, Racial Confederacy is a Strength, not a weakness, just say ...
    • Really? I considered that a weakness, since the different races don't always get along ... TacoCopper
  • Praedonia. Praedonii are small and physically weak, but they are particularly intelligent, especially technologically. They have no home world and instead move their entire population on gigantic cargo ships. However, owing to their need for basic resources, they will often attack other ships, unless they have a prior agreement with a civilization not to do so. They have purged their species of all diseases, as, owing to their weak immune system, many of these would be possibly fatal, by using genetic filtering technology. Their greatest scientific achievement is the use of genetic technology to be able to temporarily alter their own DNA, effectively shapeshifting. Over a number of years this technology has been refined.
    • Strengths: Hyperdrive Engine, Genetic Technology
    • Weaknesses: No home world, Weak immune system

You need to have a human nation before get an alien nation.

  • Umm, I already have a human nation
  • Have to?, Rule 3 says: may play, not must play.
  • Those are the rules from the old game.
  • OK, no problem.
  • My mistake. TacoCopper
  • I now have a human nation.
  • Skaven, "the Empire of Mice" By Bobalugee1940 The Skaven are a relatively new species with only about 20,000 years under their belt, the evolved from highly intelligent rodents that had taken the place of reptiles that had ruled their planet for millennia. The Skaven have a very rapid reproduction with reaching full sexual maturity at only 1 year of age. Skaven live an average of 27 lower class and 42 years for the higher class.
    • Strengths: <Rapid Reproduction><Extreme Intelligence>
    • Weaknesses: <Complex Government><Low Lifespan>
  • Salambi-Perigrin Empire (both empires united, northern part of the galaxy) Wegscuba 21:54, June 24, 2012 (UTC)
    • <Hyperdrive Engine> <Excessively Large Starfleets>
    • <Weak Immune System><Home world In the Middle of nowhere
  • Willster22 01:31, June 20, 2012 (UTC) ​- Caribiu Confederation are a nation of medium sized faun-like people who live on Gliese 581 d that climate is a mix between the arboreal plains and arboreal forests of Canada. They are also herbivorous, and their diet is mainly made up of the fruits that look like Earth's pine cones on small shrubs that are like mini pine trees. They also domesticate hooved cows that are brown with black blots that they milk. The milk is very high in nutritional value including protein, calcium and several vitamins. The pine cone like fruits are high in calories and carbs and are used as an energy food. The national dish is a soup with a broth made of the milk of a horse-cow and tea made by putting pine needles in boiling water then straining out the remaining solution. The food in the soup is the crushed pinecone-like fruit and the roots of the pine tree-like shrub.
    • Strengths: <Hyperdrive Engine> <Highly Religious>
    • Weaknesses: <Low-Gravity Home world> <Home world in the middle of nowhere>
    • Alpha Centauri is the home system of the Regenetech Empire
  • Ahlose Alliance: by CourageousLife
    • Confederacy of three species - the Caborr, the Itbriell and the Ahlose. The Ahlose - government. The Caborr - research. The Itbriell - Protection.
    • Strengths: <Racial Confederacy> <Technological Malleability> <Hyperdrive (Forgot I was a mod this time)>
    • Weaknesses: <Weak Genetic Diversity (Caborr)> <No Home world (Itbriell)> <Divided Home world (Ahlose and Caborr)> <Weak Immune System (Ahlose and Itbriell)>
  • Dravimosian Empire
    • Strengths: <Racial Confederacy><Hyperdrive Engine><Sentient Biological Assimilation>
    • Weaknesses: <Complex Government><Overly Hostile>
    • Monster Pumpkin Oh boy, here we go again ...
  • Aesir by :Axyljonson
    • Strengths: <Superhuman Strength> <Expansive Livespans>
    • Weaknesses: <Home world in the middle of nowhere> <High Gravity Home world>
  • Centri Republic : by: Vir prudens non contraventum mingit (Guns)
    • A race of creatures, led by several 'Hives'- like bees or ants- they are divided into six classes- the Soldiers, Workers, Behemoths (A massive type of soldier, around the size of a house, with spikes down its back), Drones, Queens, and the Sapienti. All are exceedingly intelligent (with the exception of the Behemoth), though the Sapienti are the most so. All have variations, except the Queen- for instance, some Behemoths can fly. They have been around for around 15 million years, and have colonized much of the Western Outer Galaxy, though not all. They communicate telepathically. They can also change gene combinations (or, at least Queens can) in order to adapt to new needs (for instance, combating an enemy that can fly by giving their Soldiers/Behemoths wings. Finally, their Sapenti discovered 5 million years ago how to manipulate energy, matter, and antimatter, which helped them discover FTL travel, with some extraterrestrial help. However, as it is extremely dangerous, it is never used on a large scale (i. e, destroying a planet/star) for fear of ripping open a hole in the fabric of the universe. Still, it gives them an impressive military bonus. Unfortunately, their home is on the very tip of the Galaxy. Also, their government is exceedingly complex. They are ruled by a council of Queens, though all internal and external diplomacy is performed by the Sapienti. The population is divided into: 20 billion workers, 7.5 billion soldiers, 6 billion drones, 2.5 billion sapienti, 30 thousand queens (between one and 8 per hive, depending on the hive's size. Hives are essentially their cities), and 200 thousand behemoths.
    • Strengths: <Telepathy> <Antimatter, Matter, Energy Manipulation> <Genetic Adaption>
    • Weaknesses: <Complex Government> <Home world in the Middle of Nowhere>
    • Regular nations cannot have a size of more than 1/16 of the Galaxy. The Eastern Galaxy is split between the Regenetech, Azaranian and Dravimosian Empires.
    • My bad.
  • The Polarans (by Vivaporius): The Polarans are a race of humanoid cyborgs the hailed from the northern star of Polaris. Having strip-mined their home world millions of years ago, the Polarans inhabit worldships surrounded by massive fleets. As a synthetic race, they have effectively wiped out sickness and to a certain degree death as well, but this resulted in their weak genetic diversity. They travel the the galaxy strip-mining worlds to fuel and feed their armadas, and seek to strip-mine Earth as well. Since they have no permanent home, they largely live outside the bounds of the galactic plane, and return to the galaxy proper ever so often to collect resources from the rich worlds within.
    • Strengths: <Hyperdrive Engine> <Antimatter, Dark Matter and Energy Manipulation>
    • Weaknesses: <No Home world> <Weak Genetic Diversity>
  • ​Ryanid F'Er-Mat (by Doctor261): Ryanid F'Er-Mat (Empire) is a dominating race of Ryan planet. It has a Kr'aan May (which translates to Death Ray), which is one of their most powerful weapons installed into battleships. They have a very unique advanced shielding technology, meaning, that they can stand alive in their ships for a longer period of time.
    • Strengths: <Death Ray> <Advanced Shielding>
    • Weaknesses: <Overly Hostile (to humans)> <Home world in a Middle of Nowhere>
    • Read rule #3, damn it. Fourth time I said this in this game.
    • if you gen an earth nation, you have my permission to uncross this -Lx
    • Absolutely correct.
    • Playing as TWO characters? Are you mad or something? No wonder why this game is going to die like before <.<' . I'm never going to play as two nations/characters in one game. Ever.
    • Am I mad? No, you have proven that you do not have the capability of managing two nations. You're an actor, right? Ever play two characters in one play? They're in two different scenes. You're not obliged to post as the human nation AND the alien nation in the same turn. The reason we have this rule is because we've learned our lesson. In the last two games, we had a zillion aliens ready to go to war. But we had less than ten nations defending Earth. Simply, the terrorist aliens destroyed Africa, Australia, South America, China, Eastern Europe, and half the Soviet Union. The last two games actually failed because a homicidal terrorist blew up half of the known galaxy in the first game, and the second game because a player did a bunch of weird stuff that turned everyone else away. They failed because we had too many aliens. This is why you have to have a human nation before you get an alien nation. Called the balance of powers.
    • Well, in fact, I didn't play two roles at once? That's exactly the point? And keep that maturity thing to yourself.
    • What I mean is that we switch around: one turn you play the alien nation, next turn you play the human nation. You're not going to play the two roles at once. That's what I tried to tell you.
    • Well. That would be really hard not to "make an alliance between my human and alien nations".
    • What are you talking about?
  • Azaranian Empire: -Lx (leave me a message)The Azaranians are a humanoid race and one of the oldest in the galaxy, aging at nearly 50 million years old. The First and only race to independently engineer an energy-based FTL drive, Much of the Azaranians' Technology is based upon the manipulation and transformation of Pure energy. The Elective Monarchy is very selective on who can be the Emperor of the Azrath. Only the Azhuranthia, the Elite members of the Azaranian Race able to consciously manipulate the pure energy around them for their own purposes. Although each Member of the Race possess this ability, the proficiency of an individual to use it ranges from none to able to manipulate time itself (only prevalent in 0.00000001% of all Azhuranthia, not to mention Azarath). The Emperor is elected by the Council of Azhuranthia, and is a member with an appointed-for-life aid in the position of Emperor of the Planets. There are 8 levels in the Azaranian Government. Each can make whatever laws they desire, but they may not contradict laws of an upper level. it is getting increasingly complicated to co-ordinate all the levels. A Uniqe trait that comes from the Azhuranthia is their ability to release energy from 7 points in their body, and the impacts of each energy particle with each other and every cell in the body create "radiance Energy", which makes it possible for an advanced Azhuranthia with almost complete control over their abilities to regenerate each cell in their body, giving them a new body per se but the same mind, if it is successful, the amount of "radiance energy" in the body makes it nearly impossible for somebody to kill an Azhuranthia that has gone through the process of Radial Regeneration for about 15-24 hours after the initial blast of energy. However, while this process can save an Azhuranthia after they are fatally wounded or are on their deathbeds, if resulting in failure, the amount of stress put on the body's systems (especially the nervous system) cripples them, and in severe cases causes Death, the Azaranian equivalents to MS, late stage Alzheimer's, and extreme corruption of internal and vital organs. if the energy point in the head is released first, it will blow it to oblivion, and kill almost everyone in a 5-meter radius. There is a more complicated process where an Azhuranthia can separate his consciousness from the body, and merge it with an infant born at the instance it happens (the host only to remember his true self when the mind has ripened). The Azaranian contacted Humans many times in the past, and their abilities to regenerate their bodies and transfer consciousness led the ancient Hindus to mistake them for gods, and led to their beliefs about "reincarnation". When the Azaranians have noticed that they had meddled to the point that nearly every early human society viewed them as gods and adopted many of their symbols. Most notably, the (and I can not stress this enough) [Hindu] Swastika
    • Strengths: <Death Ray><Hyperdrive><Manipulation of Energy(extremely advanced energy-based technology)>
    • Weakness: <Complex Government><Divided Homeworld>
  • Byzantar Empire: Born on Alpha Centauri C, the Byzantar Empires history: 2561 years after the first city was founded the first Space Shuttle was launched and they landed on their own two moons orbiting their home world. The Byzantar Empire then began full efforts into expanding into Space. Colonies were founded all over the galaxy within 1/16 range of the Home World. Now the Empire is an Imperial Republic, and has the latest technology in its section of the universe/galaxy.
    • Strengths: (Rapid Reproduction) (Hyperdrive Engine)
    • Weakness: (Population expands so rapidly it can be dangerous to current populations if not contained) (Complex Government)
    • >.> This contradict half of the stuff we already have. Also, non-mod nations do not know about Earth and it is forbidden to have land inside the Sol System.
    • That's just stupid. But I'll go along
  • Mech Network (by CrimsonAssassin): Created 65 million years ago as a labor force by an ancient, enigmatic race known only as 'Phantoms', the Mechs gained sentience and revolted. The ensuing war resulted in the destruction of the once-great Phantom and galaxy-wide destruction. The last battle with the Phantoms occurred over a massive terraforming tool known as The Forge over Earth. The Forge was lost and crashed to Earth. The Mechs, rather than taking over the Phantom empire, traveled to the far reaches of the galaxy to create their own 'nation'. Fading into legend, the Mechs haven't contacted any organics since then, its military force offline but ever-growing. When a beacon from a fragment of the lost Forge is activated on Earth, the Mechs have returned to known space.
    • Strengths: (Rapid Reproduction) (Mech Virus) (Hyperdrive)
    • Weaknesses: (Overly Hostile) (Home world in Deep Space)
  • Etherians: The Etherians are a race of sentient, space-faring beings. They were once a humanoid species, much similar to humans, evolved about 60 mya, but due to fighting amongst themselves, they ended up destroying their planet about 50 mya. Only a small amount of about 1,000 survived and escaped to a nearby planet. They created "avatars" on computers, which were exact copies of themselves on computers. Before an Etherian died, a computer in their brain sent all of their thoughts and memories to a central computer containing their avatars, who became ever wiser. An artificial body was grown, and a computer containing a copy of the avatar became implanted into the brain, and so on. Eventually, the Etherians rejected their original bodies, replacing them with many "custom made" ones, so the Eitherians were more a "confederacy" than a species. They have been colonizing the arm of the galaxy below the Terran Empire, to put backup avatar holding computers on remote planets, in case some get destroyed. They are ruled by a parliament of the oldest and wisest, some even remembering their home planet. A fleet of ships has been sent to a remote star, called Sol by some aliens, due to the amount of species detected by a scanner. Bfoxius (talk) 01:22, August 24, 2012 (UTC)
    • Strengths: (Racial Confederacy) (Ancient)
    • Weaknesses: (No Home World) (Adopted World in the Middle of Nowhere)
  • Honorable Union of Gemini and Solaris (by Vivaporius): The Gemini Federation was formed 18 million years ago following the end of the Gemini Wars, which unified the Gemini race and the smaller Solarian race together in the face of an alien invasion of their homeworld. The federation is a xenophobic state, and highly critical of humanoids that engage in diplomatic relations with non-humanoids. Regardless, they have managed to carve out an empire for themselves, crushing aliens threats to their empire, and persevere in the face of foreign political pressure to cease the anti-humanoid policies. Following a number of wars, the Gemini closed off their empire to visitors, and refused to see other empires' diplomatic envoys. However, the increase in activity recently has forced the Gemini Federation to look into the situation beyond it realm, and figure out how it should apply itself to the "Earth issue". Some support moving it to save fellow humanoids, while others seek to maintain the federation's isolation.
    • Strengths: <Racial Confederacy> <Hyperdrive>
    • Weakesses: <Overly Hostile> <Xenophobic>
      • Gemini Federation
        • Strengths: <Death Ray> <Matter/Anti-Matter/Energy Manipulation>
        • Weakesses: <Complex Government> <Extensive Corruption>
      • Solarian Empire
        • Strengths: <Telekinesis> <Telepathy>
        • Weakesses: <Weak Genetic Diversity> <Arrogant Race>
      • Nightorians- The Nightorians are a sentient, space-faring race of reptilian beings, their civilisation about 23 million years old. Long ago, they devastated their world through nuclear and biological warfare, and built fleets of arkships. They know of Earth through radio signals and signs of nuclear explosions, and are debating whether to help the nations with their technology, or destroy the planet.
      • Strengths; <large ships, heavily armed and armoured> <laser-weapons>
      • Weaknesses; <no home planet> <severely divided government>

The Game

"Let the games begin!" ~ Yours Truly, Scrawland


  • Galactic Event: The Soram Sol Investigation Fleet loses three ships. One crashes into Mars, another into Venus, burning up in the atmosphere, and a third into Deimos. The Americans point fingers at the Russians, and vice versa, but it becomes clear that neither side has the capability to have caused such a strange event. Globally, newspapers begin to talk more and more about extraterrestrial life. The public is whipped up in a frenzy, the governments are trying to calm everyone down and figure out what's happening, and in the far reaches of the galaxy, the Soram dictator laughs with glee while the Regenetech, Dravimosian and Azaranian Emperors fear the Second Sol War, or even worse: the Fifth Galactic War.
  • China - We support Russia in their claim against the US.
  • Brazil: Supports America, but industrialization begins.
  • Both of you read again. "it becomes clear that neither side has the capability to have caused such a strange event."
  • Even if it's clear, it's still an excuse to exploit the other side's weaknesses and gain favour with allies. Also, as is said above, the governments are trying to calm everything down, so by blaming a rival nation it gives our people something to believe.
  • Right, I know. I said, suspects that neither side could have done this.
  • Centri Republic: Immediately dispatches the 9th Guards Fleet to Earth. Accompanying it is a hive, which is relocated to Saturn, using the hydrogen as fusion fuel to warm the colony as well as keep it afloat and power it. Another three fleets are prepared, as well. A satellite is bugged and cut off from the humans; they think it is merely a malfunction.
  • North Korea: The Supreme Ruler of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, tells the people of North Korea that it is nothing to fear as of now, and that they should get back to work. Meanwhile, North Korea begins the difficult tasks of farming in the northern regions of the country, away from the democratic monsters to the south. The military asks to purchase some of the USSR's or China's finest tanks.
  • Praedonii - We ask the Ahlose alliance for safe passage through their territory, in return for not attacking any of their ships. The various fleets also begin to converge towards the southern tip of the Byzantar empire, except the highest located fleets, which move toward each other.
    • Ahlose D: The Ahlose agree.
  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire immediately goes to Earth, where they set up a small warp-drive station in orbit of Uranus. A small scouting party is sent to the Earth. A small power station also begins mining of this solar system's sun, and the Earthians notice a dramatic decrease in solar flares this year. The Terrans contemplate what to do with the Earthians- they are rather weak and seemingly incompetent at hard labor, and they are too fragile/brittle for too much work in space or in high/low gravity worlds. The real value of the planet lay in the sun, as another valuable source of energy. The other planets of the solar system also contained much valuable minerals. The Terran Emperor and High Command discuss what to do. It is decided in the end that they shall wait, and see other's reactions. However, Earth is sprayed with trillions of tiny nanobots, which begin to spy on world governments.
  • Algeria: Houari Boumediene takes power in Algeria, after deposing the former President Ahmed Ben Bella. He continues the authoritarian trend set by his predecessor, and begins a new industrial and agricultural drive. Oil is also pumped heavily. Algeria begins to sell oil at dirt cheap prices to America and Europe. The new government wishes to have peace with all the minority religious groups, making peace with both the Christians and Ibani Muslims. They also promise their people that they will not depend too much on oil, as they realize that oil is a commodity that will run out later, and that the profits it made for the nation was too varied depending on the current political situation. They begin to heavily encourage tourism, and a huge modernization attempt is carried out. They request lowered tariffs from European nations, as well as with North America.
  • The Regenetech Empire begins to mobilize the widespread Navy in case of Galactic War or Sol War. The Empire is not interested in a repeat of the Sol War from 73 million years ago and asks that the Terran retreat from the Sol System. Troops occupying the Soram Empire's capital world begin to secretly mobilize in case of war. However, the Soram do not suspect and believe that the occupying armies are still occupying and not preparing for war. The fleets from the farthest reaches of the Galaxy begin to move inwards.
  • The United States begins to research into what has happened and sends Mariner 4 to investigate. President Johnson decides to pull out of Vietnam and asks the Soviet Union if it is willing to end the Vietnam War.
    • (I completely forgot that MP was gone and that he asked me to post for him.) The Soviet Union agrees to a temporary ceasefire in Vietnam, with a Korea-like situation, as well as in Laos and Cambodia.
  • The Dravimosian Empire sides with the Regenetech Empire of the matter but still begins to mobilize the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Fleets in case of war. The Monitor Space Station is moved from Plutonian orbit to Jovian orbit to be closer to Earth. The Emperor believes that the Human species is perhaps suited for integration into the empire, but he needs to convene with the council on that matter. A sensor station is established in the orbit of Pluto.
  • Canada: Canada starts a space agency called the CSA, or the Canadian Space Agency. The President supports US desicion to end the Vietnam War. We ask co-operation to the US.
  • Ahlose: The Ahlose wish to remain at peace, but will fight for the Humans, if need be. The Ahlose send the Redeemer shuttle to Ganymede to set up an observatory and future base.
    • Centria: Offers an alliance, just in case.. (By the way, are all the six oldest civs allied? Because that really isn't fair..)
    • Ahlose Dip: The Ahlose agree.
    • No, it's four on four. Soram, Terran, Democrist, Hanzen vs. Regenetech, Dravimos, Azaranian, Caborr.
    • 'Yeah but Regentech, Dravimos Azaranan are the strongest. And do we even 'have Democrists this time? Besides which, the Hanzen are nothing.
    • Terran is also part of the strongest. Hanzen and Soram are also strong. Size matters not.
  • Mantelar Alliance: The 221th Scientific Group (two scientific ships, two troop transports and four frigates) is near the Oort cloud watching the strange activity. We send a little Explorer to the Ahlose (Ganymede) to ask information about the actual situation, and we also ask passage through Ahlose space and ask for a non-aggression treaty and friendship.
    • Ahlose Dip: The Ahlose agree.
  • Mechs: After years of debate, the Mechs reach consensus over Proposition 988. This proposition will re-enter the Mechs into galactic trade and widespread communication for the first time in almost 65 million years.
  • Norway: Norway builds up Military and builds military bases and fortifies the Norwegian-Soviet border. Alliance offers are sent to Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States and West Germany.
  • You're already part of NATO.
  • India: The military undergoes modernization as per the plans of the Indian government and its five year plan. It has stated that it will begin its own space program in the near future, but seeks to focus on developing the decaying infrastructure of the nation first.
  • Polaris: The forty Polaran worldships gather outside of the galactic plane, and prepare for an assault on the unaffiliated worlds of the southern galaxy for genetic materials and mineral resources. The armada accompanying them consist of thousands of ships, and millions of troops. Talks on establishing a base in the Tau Ceti system as a forward base for a war in the Sol System begin.
    • Centria D: Warns that any such warlike move would trigger the full mobilization of the Centrian fleet against Polaris.
    • Polaran R: We have more ships than you have hairs on your head. Your people shall feed the next generation of Polaran children, and your worlds shall fuel our armadas.
    • Centria D: ... Good luck. You touch one Centrian ship, planet or citizen, and we'll destroy everyone of your puny worldships. For every ship you send against us, we'll send 10. You don't want to play this game, friend.
    • The Centauris are established Regenetech.
  • Ah.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Leadership is annoyed that the war in Southeast Asia is over, as it was hurting the American cause. They are, however, pleased that they gained the allies of North Vietnam and North Laos, while Communist forces in Cambodia were defeated by the Royalist and Thai forces. A new space program, the Ascension Program, is commissioned, and it is designed to have a permanent space station and manned Lunar landing soon.
  • UK: Concerned with the possible outbreak of war, Harold Wilson pours money into the construction of large scale nuclear bunkers across the country to protect the population. The 22nd Special Air Service Regiment has an increase in funding and is put on standby.
  • Aesir: concerned about the mobilising of bordering empires, the Aesir send a scout ship to investigate the cause. it is expected to arrive in the following year and activate its gate to allow the rest of the fleet to follow


  • Galactic Events: The Mechs come out of isolation and both sides request it to join their side. The Soram Fleet is withdrawn from the Sol System, but two carriers crash into Uranus on the way out. Three men in the Soviet Union start preaching that God is avenging himself upon the Communists for being atheist, and it soon catches on very quickly, especially in East Germany and Poland in Europe, and North Vietnam and Laos in Asia.
  • Canada: A new spaceship prototype is build and space investigation continues. The CSA propose to the NASA a joint project to investigate the "crashes". A telescope installation is build in Newfoundland.
  • Canada doesn't have that capability yet.
  • Better?
  • Much.
  • Soviet Union: The Ascension Project begins to construct a satellite that will aid in the Space Station process. The Soviet government decides to try to expand the Soviet Union to counter American influence.
  • Dravimosian Empire: The Dravimosian Military starts to call up reserve fleets for an offensive/System exploration in an unrevealed section of Dravimosian space. Each of the seven (I think) race's counsilors are called into session by the emperor to discuss the Sol System and the Human Race.
    • No, eight. You, Regenetech, Terran, Mech, Caborr, Azaranian, Soram, Hanzen, Democrist.
    • These are the ancient races?
    • Ja.
    • Democrist? I thought we didn't have them? They're not on the map ... Also, you aren't only ones in Sol ...
    • They're not on the map out of respect for Taco's decision not to play them, but regardless, they're one of the eight galactic superultramegahypebonuswhupreveryoneelse-powers.
    • Ahlose D: The Ahlose (Caborr) offer to host the meeting on Ganymede.
    • The Regenetech say that if we all meet up in the Sol System the Earthians will see our ships. We must meet in another system. Everyone is invited to Crizmer P'hthadun, a Regen city near the Core.
    • Ahlose Dip: The Ahlose accept the invitation.
    • No, there are not eight. These councilors are only the races in the Empire.
    • Dravimosian Diplomacy: Accepted.
    • Oh I see. Regardless, delegates from the eight nations are invited to Crizmer P'hthadun. Attn interspecial confederations: sends delegates to represent all member species of your nation. (At this rate we'll have something like 127 err ... "sentient things" at the meeting.
  • China: We offer to help fund the Soviet Ascension project. China continues to reassure its people that there is nothing to worry about and to keep going with their everyday lives. We also offer to host an international meeting that will discuss the unusual events occuring in our solar system, to try to relieve some of the tension that has built up.
  • Centria: Following the Polaran threat, the army and navy is put on High Alert, and plans begin to launch a fire sale (a three stage cyberattack that takes out any computer that broadcasts) on them. The other three fleets sent to Saturn- the 5th, 11th, and 74th- arrive. A second hive arrives on Titan. Picking up news of the Humans attempts to reach Mars, Plan 341 is considered, though it doesn't get passed by the council ... yet (MOOHAHAHAH NONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS! ... Because I haven't decided yet ...)
    • Polaran D: The Supreme Technocrat apologizes for the hostile statements made by the Science Council. Our people seek a non-aggression pact with your own for future prosperity of both.
  • You can't go to Saturn. It's made of gas.
  • Floating, enclosed city. It isn't actually ON Saturn, just close enough to use the hydrogen for energy.
  • Brazil: Plan 341a (Coincidence), an economic stimulus plan, begins.
  • UK: Economic buildup begins to fund the space program and a request is sent to Canada and the USA to hopefully combine projects.
    • Canada Dip: No problem, the CSA accepts and will share all data if you do the same.
    • The US agrees.
  • Aesir: The Scoutship arrives in Sol system and begins preparations for gate activation SECRETLY, but hangs on the outskirts of the system so not to alarm the gathering fleets into hostile action. Communications are monitored and intelligence is gathered.
  • Polaris: A Polaran armada containing several world and core ships, is directed by the Science Council to enter the galaxy to push deep into Centrian space if needed. The Science Council has scoffed at the Centrian reply, and is in support of a war. However, the techocrat has ordered them to stand down for now.
    • The Regenetech Empire threatens war on the Polarans if they attack the Centrians.
    • The Polarans threaten to invade the Regenetech Empire if they do not allow the Polaran people to handle their own affairs. Many more mightier races have fallen before yours. No one wants a war, but your people aren't helping make the situtation any better.
    • Bah. The Empire scoffs at your threats and puny worldships, which are smaller than half the size of Imperial Death Stars.
    • We can fit planets inside of ours, and we know of no death stars. But, when we come to consume, we shall keep you in mind.
    • Ours are larger in diameter than planets. (Death Star? Star Wars? Ring a bell? That, 2X times bigger than Jupiter.)
    • Centria: Refuses the Non-Aggression pact, stating that they don't want to take sides. However, agrees to peace. If the 'Science council' persists, however, the Sapienti will launch a fire sale, cutting off all communication, and every computer that broadcasts (it's called a fire sale, because EVERYTHING must go). Then, the 6th, 19th, 101st, 33rd, and 92nd fleets to hunt down and destroy every one of your damn world ships, using Sigma Field ALPHAs (the weakest form, but then Foxtrot, the strongest, could potentially take out a galaxy ... Though anything above Delta is completely uncontrollable, and Charlie is enough to only destroy a system). We hope fervently this will not be nessacary.
    • Polaris: Your fleets are too small to be of any threat to our people, but please, send all of your ships to the edge of the galactic plane, and fight us on our terms. Then we will go to your planets, and devour them. Have a nice day.
    • Please, stop acting like you have the largest fleets in the world. I ask it that you consider it that there are much more powerful, stronger, and more challenging nations than yours.
    • The proper term is galaxy, and I never said I did. And where did I ever say I had more than everyone one else? You forget, the Polaran race is space-borne. If they don't have fleets, then they leave themselves open to attack. So ship for ship, I do have more that the Centrian Republic. In regards to the mod nations, then I don't have more ships.
    • Oh yes, I meant galaxy. Sorry about that. What I mean is you cannot boast that you have more ships than the Centri Republic, or anyone for that matter, when you have no idea of their number. The Republic also has a large are of territory to defend, so I'm pretty sure they have a bucket load of ships.
    • We do =D, but even then, ahem, FIRE SALE. All your communications are knocked out. We have a whole segement of our population (Sapienti), and a large one, working together in perfect harmony (telepathy). Every computer of yours that broadcasts will be ours. In any case, why do you think that our fleets are small? Seeing as I've already revealed we have at least 101, and obviously have many, many more? A fleet being roughly 100-200 ships of the line?
    • I never said your were small. All I said is that you don't have enough ships though. I may be wrong, and if your I mod, I bow in respect. And the Polarans don't use computers in the sense typically used. Think vacuum tubes and lots of fleshy parts. Bio-organic technology rules the day in Polaris. And the Polarans are synthenic lifeforms. They are more machine than anything esle, and their minds aren't the same as puny organic ones. Synthetics! Like machines and organics, without the machines or organics! :D
    • Hehe. Doesn't matter. If it broadcasts - as it pretty much has to function - it's ours. I'm not a mod, but Scraw is.
    • Right. But wouldn't that be like taking over a thinking fruit? You know, the ones that also have immune systems for that?
  • India: The Indian government has spread word that the event is totally harmless, and that the people should return to their homes and continue working. The military has voiced its concern, and seeks to look into the issue once its budget has been increased. Plans to focus the Indian space program into finding out what happened to the rover is underway, but there are many skeptics in the government who think it was a trick.
  • The United States asks all the UN members to meet at the UN headquarters to discuss the increasing number of recent events in space. President Lyndon B Johnson has decided to push the Apollo program faster, to reach the moon, where strange signals are coming from. (Hint, hint, 1996, OTL movie) Meanwhile Mariner 5 and Mariner 6 reach Mars and find strange technological objects scaterred about the Red Planet. The counterculture movement now protest extraterrestrial life existing, as do many extremist religious groups, particularly the Catholics.
    • China: We offer to support the meeting.
    • UK: As a member of the security council, the UK would like to put to the vote the formation of an independent task force with troops provided by the council members to act as a 1st contact team in case the extraterrestials prove hostile. We would also like to announce the CoE is fine with Alien existance.
    • France will attend the meeting.
    • Canada: We will go.
    • Brazil: Will go.
    • Centria: Secretly hacks into the Mariner 6 probe and shuts off communications to Earth. Also, an American military satellite is hacked, to find out what the capabilities of their race are. It is found that the have large amounts of Thermo nuclear weaponry, and it is decided not to send a ship into their atmosphere, as they might panic and launch their weapons. This might cause a few dents in the ship.
  • Global Event: The Pope denounces extraterrestrial life and calls anyone who believes in it a heretic.
  • Most modern Popes weren't much for calling people heretics.
  • Well, they didn't admit to the heliocentric system until 1992, so I think he'd do it. And the Vatican is kind of insane, so I think it can happen. Besides, it's not like he can enforce it anyway.
  • Praedonii: In the event of war, we offer to provide military backing to any nation that pays large amounts of money, and perhaps some information about the cause of this sudden build up of military resources. The fleet CONTINUES to converge while simultaneously preparing for a war, in which it may be forced to take sides to avoid obliteration. Currently, we do not favour a side, although we can be easily persuaded to help out one group should that group have a reasonable amount of expendable money (and protection from its enemies). Also, we continue to develop our technology.
    • The Regenetech Empire offers 65 000 000 000 Regen credits worth in gold and silver (Basically 65 billion OTL US dollars. And no, that won't bankrupt me.) for continued aid from the Praedonii in case of war.
    • The Praedonii accept. We now begin to mobilise our army. We also wonder if the Regenetech empire would be able to provide some information on who and why we are fighting, as this is becoming a little complicated for our puny Praedonii minds.
    • It is mostly because the Galaxy has always been split in two sides since the Fall of the Aslar Empire (Phantom Empire, MP, is the right word?): The Conquerors and The Defenders. Now that the Soram Empire has renewed interest into the Sol System and hostilities have been renewed.
    • We get it now. Mostly, we only care about the money, but we don't want to end up fighting against our own side.
  • Norway: Norway increases military, infrastructure, economy, technology and social issues. A project for a space agency comes into gov't mind.
  • Mantelar Alliance: The Mantelar 231 Exploration Group launches a fast operation a recovers all remains from the Soram ships in Deimos and Mars, Mariner 5 is also captured (very carefuly, the humans have not prove aliens take the probe) by the group and disconnect, to further study. The Group returns to the Oort cloud and send most of the remains and Mariner 5 in different ships to the Mantelar Alliance territory. The Scientific Group ask an non-aggression pact to the Polaris.
    • Polaran D: The Polaran people seek an alliance with the Mantelar race, and are happy to accept.
    • Mantelar D: We only ask for a non-aggression pact, but if you want an alliance we have conditions, 1. Never attack us, and we never will. 2. Stop extinguishing intelligent species. If you want to mine a planet, we want to buy at least 100,000 of its inhabitants, we will take care of them.
    • Polaran D: Those terms are acceptable.
  • Mechs: As Mech trading ships continue to flood out of Mech territory, Installation 6 is relocated to the fringes of Mech space, outside of the blockade area. It is open to visitors and will, in time, become a galactic trade hub. The massive planet-sized space station is scheduled to take a tour of the galaxy in the coming years. In the meantime, more of the military is reactivated.
  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire sends several scout ships to Earth, and soon a warp station is released in orbit over Earth. It has high levels of stealth, and is able to take down other satellites. The military is put on a slightly higher threat level, but not by much. They mostly stay in the shadows, not seeking direct confrontations.
  • Algeria: Algeria continues to improve their economy, and the efficiency of Algerian workers begin to rise under a strict government regime. They export a lot of oil, but work is also put into other sectors of income, mostly tourism as the next big one. They also demand an explanation from the US or the USSR about the mysterious crash in Mars, although the government does not have much interest.


Mod Event: An unknown spacecraft is seen escorting a large cannon-style weapon towards Earth. The weapon fires two unidentified projectiles towards Earth.

Mod Event: A large meteor crashes into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, creating a tidal wave that impacts the Eastern Americas and Western Europe and Africa. Another large meteor crashes in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the resulting tsunami impacting Eastern Africa, India, Indonesia, and Western Australia.

  • Canada: The space research is continued, the CSA share all data with the NASA and UK, our telescope is working, two research stations are projected to the next year. The Government start to make reparations in the affected areas (by the waves). We ask the NATO to create the North Atlantic Space Agency or something like that to co-ordinate space investigation and defense. The RCAF budget is increased.
  • India: The government declares a national state of emergency after the displacing of several thousands of people as the tides engulf southern India. The military is mobilized, and intelligence indicates that something about the asteroid was off, as it followed no natural trajectory. Additionally, it flew in an almost straight direction, further adding to the mysterious impact. Regardless, the news is kept secret, and only top-level allies and politicians are given the information.
  • Eh? What tsunamis?
  • What do you mean, what tsunamis?
  • Read the mod event, .-.
  • My bad.
  • Hey, wait a minute, who's making these events? This is a job best left to the Chancellor! (jk)
  • Guilty. I just got bored and the game was going slow.
  • Brazil: As part of the tsunami hit Brazil, the army is mobilized. They evacuate people from the flooded areas and prevent looting. Brazil's astronomers, meanwhile, note that the asteroid could not have been natural, as it was far, far hotter than normal, and appeared to be made out of ... energy.
    • You don't know that it was aliens yet
  • Praedonii: The research ship Mirage, stationed in a fleet nearby the weapon detonation (see map), detects a large concentration of energy in what we believe to be an uninhabited system. Also, we begin mobilizing for war: we begin construction of over one thousand new fighters, as well as a new warship, the Silverblade, the name commenting on the refined armour and weapons technology.
  • I told you last turn.
  • Knew that.
  • Centria: With the burst of Energy, it is realized that war is going to occur. Massive mobilizations of one half of the full fleet - nearly 5000 ships of the line - as well as 13 hives are moved to Earth. Due to the Polaran threats, the remainder stay, but all ships are put on high alert and ordered to discharge Sigma ALPHAs at anything that moves. In addition, for the second time in history, all of the Soldier class merge their minds telepathically, working as one great unit.
  • Polaris: The Polaran harvester fleet Tau-773a (two worldships, seven coreworlds, thirty-seven battleships, several tens of thousands of other warships), is sent ahead of the main armada to find the Centrian home world. Behind the fleet are countless more ships of all sizes preparing for an invasion. The Science Council sends an ultimatum; If the Centrians continue to mobilize with the intent of attacking the Polaran people, then Polaris will launch a full-scale invasion of their space. Polaran soldiers are created specifically for fighting the Centrians in the possible upcoming war.
    • Centria: A fire sale is launched, cutting off communication between ships. Then, the 5000 ships of the line hunt down and destroy each of the ships who attacked us, using Sigma ALPHAs, Proton Torpedoes, Antimatter Spheres, Heavy lasers, EMPS, etc. The Tau-773a fleet is thus completely wiped out, as they only have 37 battleships ... whereas as stated above we have around 5000 ships of the line waiting. And the Mobilization is not intended to attack the Polarans, but now, you have started war.
  • As a non mod and non canon race, you have to scale your numbers down a bit. I'll not tell you this again. And everyone is mobilizing, so I think it should be made clear that the Centri (and everyone else) are mobilizing to defend their nation, while you are preparing for an aggressive campaign.
  • You're really not making sense. I think it would be best from me to leave the game before something bad happens. Don't want any drama.
  • What do you mean I'm not making any sense? You're not even 25 million years old and yet you have super advanced technology and masses of ships. Really?
  • So being 20 million years old isn't good enough either? I didn't know building warships took hundreds of thousands of years. Regardless, I'm not going to get into a fight about it. That's why I need to leave. Enjoy your game.
  • Goodbye, Viva. I'm sorry you leave.
  • It's your ridiculously high numbers. Regardless, if you're leaving, farewell. I'm not going to attempt to stop you. And building those worldships definitely would take a while.
  • Dravimosian Empire: With war being apparent, the entire Xeraji species is mobilized, and many auxiliary units are also put into action. A small fleet of ships is sent to the Sol System to evaluate if the Human race is worthy of continued existence and possible admission to the Empire, which is largely ceremonial due to the ethics of the council and empire What race are the blue dots around the map again?
  • Praedonii.
    • Centria D: Argues that while NO race deserves extinction, thses humans are too warlike to be advanced into our culture. Instead, I suggest we follow the Mantelar plan, unifying them against a threat.
  • Soviet Union: The KGB arrest the triumvirate of religious fanatics spreading a false religion throughout the world. They are shot to death in a small warehouse in Minsk, and other supporters are picked up and deported to Siberia.
  • Mantelar Alliance: The 221th Scientific Group made another fast move and picked up all the Soram remains in Venus, the remains are send to the Alliance and the Mantelar ships in the system made a base in Sedna. Sedna is declarated Mantelar Territory, and the Mantelar ships start mining and building defenses and more. The Elite (government) sent a Elite Lord. The Sol Administratum decides that if the humans feel threat from space, posibilities of a Nuclear War are reduced, so we are going to make them feel in danger, in order to pacify the planet.
    • Centria D: Agrees that this plan is for the best, especially since human weaponry cannot destroy the more advanced ships of the various species gathered at Sol. Offers Centrian help.
    • Mantelar Alliance: Accept the help.
    • Centria Response: Sends ten ships of the line to close orbit of Mars. From there, proton torpedoes head towards Earth (advanced tracking System) and hit low population targets. Also offers an alliance to the Mantelar.
    • Mantelar Alliance D: We accept the alliance, we also want to share our base in Sedna with you to co-ordinate efforts. My six frigates fire six small warheads from Deimos against low population targets in both, America and Eurasia.
    • Centria D: Thanks the alliance and offers our own bases, on Saturn and Titan.
    • 'Mantelar Alliance D: 'Okay, the Administratum Officer in charge of this System, one scientific ship and one frigate will move to Titan.
  • Terran Empire: The Terrans still stay out of Earth; however, they send out more scout ships and spy on the humans.
  • Algeria: The Algerian government continues exports and expanding the economy, as well as their military. They dismiss the so called aliens as secret weapons tests by the "apostate West".
  • China: Send rescue teams to affected nations, India, Indonesia and northern parts of Africa. We also secretly accelerate our satellite program (launched in 1970 in OTL), with plans to launch it in late 1968. We blame the various incoming objects on a natural phenomenon.
  • Denmark: As one of the most hard-hit countries by the tsunami, many people question if the governments of the world are hiding something. Denmark proposes the ESA (European Space Agency), taking an example from Canada, and asks European nations to work together on it. Denmark is too busy rescuing their own people, so they do not send rescue teams to the Netherlands, although they apologize to them.


  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire continue to get energy from the sun, as well as warp in a few scout vehicles. However, one scout ship malfunctions while in the atmosphere and crashlands in a desert on a continent known as "Africa". They are immediately taken by the government there, as they were knocked unconscious. After much discussion, Terran High Command send to the surviving alien's microchips the English language, essentially allowing them to suddenly be able to know the language. However, this backfires as the Terran survivors of the crash, who had been taught that the Earthlings were like mere animals, are shocked as they realize they are very complex and have a great culture. One of them, who has the knowledge of the "kill switch" on their microchips, disables them using a fail safe device. The 11 survivors then begin a mission to bring the human race to an era of peace.
  • Algeria:
    • January: A strange alien craft that looks like a "needle ship" crashes into the Sahara, making a massive impact crater and a shock wave that rivals a nuclear explosion. Most of the crew of the alien craft were killed by the impact, but a few were taken alive. A sampling of the air in the craft showed the team what air they needed, and create an air-tight room for the alien. The air is constantly refreshed. They cannot communicate with the aliens, and have no idea exactly what they eat, if they eat at all. They are presented with a selection of food and drink and are asked to pick one. It would seem the aliens eat plant based foods only.
    • February: The Algerian government begin panicking as it looks as though the aliens will die of starvation. However, on the 12th, the aliens suddenly begin to speak Arabic, and explain that their leaders had "sent" the languages of the Earth to their microchips. They also explain what foods they require, as well as other nourishment. Those are immediately brought to them, and they hungrily eat. The aliens then tell the Algerian government that since they seemed to be stranded, they would be happy to help with their nation. The Algerian government immediately requests weapons designs- however, those are respectfully refused. Instead, the aliens get plans for a cold fusion nuclear reactor, and explain that those power most of their ships. They also leave plans for the "mining of the sun" behind for future generations to explore.
    • March: Construction of a cold fusion reactor begins, and it is explained to the public as a "alternate energy research project". The public is outraged, as they believe it to be a waste of money and time as Algeria has enough oil. The government goes ahead with the project, and it is expected to be finished in September. The aliens also give the government a formula involving minerals not found on earth which would make a much more permanent type of concrete- they give them a few samples of the minerals for the Algerians to replicate.
    • April: The aliens give out more plans for more system, most of them long-term. They give the Algerians a highly advanced radar taken from their, which would detect even all but the most heavily cloaked alien ships, such as theirs. The Algerians immediately pair it up with their SAM defense network. They study the radar; however, replication is still expected to be months, if not years away.
    • May: The cold fusion reactor is halfway complete, although the public is still protesting, a leak has leaked that it is actually a "cold fusion reactor", which still leads to outrage as Algeria has plenty of oil. Many scientists come knocking at the Algerian government to tell them and elaborate, but they are declined and sent home. The presence of the aliens is also kept a secret, as they believe the highly Islamic population would not take kindly to acknowledgement of extraterrestrial life. Also, the new radars from the spaceships detect several alien ships in the area- the Terran technicians successfully recognize them as Mech scout ships.
    • June: The Algerian government, with the help of the two aliens, begin to develop a domestic house robot to help with menial tasks. It is, however, months away from the first working prototype and years from actually mass producing them. The cold fusion reactor construction is quicker than expected, and the due date is adjusted to August. This reactor will be enough to power over 3/4 of the nation, and will produce only water vapor as waste. As their economy improves at an exponential rate, they begin to upgrade their military and infrastructure. Several high-rise buildings are planned in Algiers, and the navy is also improved. With the help of the aliens, a successful ABM system is in the process of being planned, and the SAM system is also greatly improved. Another project in progress is the launch of a solar energy satellite, which would beam down energy every day. The people begin to notice what is happening, as the quality of their life improves. However, they do not complain, as they are simply glad that it is happening.
  • The Regenetech Empire kindly asks the Terran Empire to be a bit more careful next time above Earth. It also decides that it will make an Earth landing next year due to the Algerians becoming superpowers all of a sudden. The Empire asks the Mantelar and Centri to join the Regenetech Empire in the Earth landing.
    • Mantelar Alliance: We accept. The Elite Lord in the System, Horen Breete will join to the landing.
  • The United States offers to collaborate with the Algerians with the newly found "aliens." It also asks the government to keep the news secret. Meanwhile the first man steps foot on the Moon. He is Neil Armstrong and he says "That's a small step for one man, but a giant leap for all of mankind." His words become iconic and a symbol of the great achievement. NASA has three more moon landings planned for the Artemis project before it kicks off its Ares project. It also agrees to work with the CSA. President Kennedy is shot in Chicago, Illinois and Lyndon B. Johnson becomes the new president. (Let's pretend he didn't get killed in 63, OK? Thanks.) He vows to send man into the far reaches of space in honor of Kennedy's ambitions.
    • Algeria: The Algerian government vehemently denies the existence of such aliens, and tells the US to not stick their nose where it doesn't belong.
    • Canada: We have to do something about Algeria and it's now a serious threat. They lie to us while developing highly advanced technologies as cold fusion. Maybe it's just a bluff of his government, but perhaps we are dealing with something much more dangerous.
    • The US satellites or something would have seen it anyway. The ship in itself can be described as an alien, being otherworldly.
  • A Praedonii Segment finally arrives in the vicinity of the Sol system, with a second Segment nearby and moving quickly. Naturally, we support the Regenetech's attempt at removing the Mantelar and the Centri from the system. We begin arming our weaponry. We also (secretly, of course) begin preparing a scout team to travel down to the surface of Earth. We are working on a series of Shifts that mirror the humans' physiology so that we can go down to the surface of the planet without seeming out of place. This way, we can collect huge quantities of data on the Earthlings.
  • Canada: The CSA is in total disposition to the NASA. We continue space research and the RCAF budjet is increased, again. We want to share a moon landing with UK and US. We also want NATO to investigate Algeria.
    • Algeria vehemently opposes any NATO intervention in Algeria, and any such action will result in grave consequences.
    • Canada: Investigation, not intervention, unless you provoke us, we are not enemies.
    • Intervention, investigation, they are all the same to us. Algeria is not a part of NATO and NATO has no jurisdiction over Algeria, and has no power to invade our sovereignty.
    • You realize we could just send some spies pretending to be tourists?
  • Mechs: A beacon from a relic from the Mech Revolt is traced to Earth. A fleet of scout ships are sent to the area. The beacon is pinpointed and discovered on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Ships land to survey the area. Meanwhile, Installation 6 is moved to a more accessible point in the galaxy for further trading with other races.
  • Mantelar Alliance: The Elite Lord arrives to the System (Titan), with the Second Battle and Command Group (six battleships, four destroyers, six frigates and one Capital Ship). The Watch Unit is alarmed by the Algerian new tech and go back to Titan where the Elite Lord decides to land alongside the Regenetech.
  • Ahlose: The Ahlose are concerned of affairs on Earth. Since several races are planning to go, the Ahlose seeks to meet with the leaders of the factions on Earth (US and USSR), as ambassadors for all alien nations in the alliance (the Ahlose alliance). We seek imput from the nations planning to go. The meeting will be as discrete as possible, hopefully not arousing any attention.
  • We're not going to Algeria. We're going to the UN headquarters, Washington and Moscow.
  • Oh, well count me in.
  • Denmark: Denmark tells the USA that they have no right to investigate a neutral nation like Algeria. Meanwhile, other European nations do not respond to the ESA proposal, so Denmark begins construction on their own. They plan to launch a satellite in a year. (Tell me if any of this is implausible) Construction of a "Mission Control" begins in Copenhagen, and a launch station begins construction in an unidentified location in southern Denmark. Denmark plans to attend the UN meeting.
    • Canada Diplomacy: (I'm not sure if it is plausible) The Canadian Space Agency wants to join efforts, we can help you, our program is older and more developed, but you have to know that Algeria can be a danger to peace.
    • Denmark Diplomacy: Denmark heartily agrees, and several Danish scientists emigrate to Canada, although they are still going to construct their facilities as the European Launch Complex. We ask you to rename the CSA, because we are helping too, though if you don't, we'll still be okay. We think that Algeria should remain unprovoked, unless they do something decisive.
    • Oh yes, the United States said it. And when did Canada become the United States? Anywho, most of your post is plausible. And NASA and the CSA and the DSA are now one, the North Atlantic Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NAASA.
    • MOST of my post!? Thanks! My posts are never plausible, Scraw, you of all people should know that.
    • Yeah I know. Kind of why I was a bit surprised.


  • Guys, this entire turn has been retconned due to mass confusion. Feel free to post again.
  • Mantelar Alliance: Two Battle Groups are called to the system. We set a base in Greenland. We want to start friendship with the UN, we request UN to publicly declare our existence. We offer to US bio-upgrades to a 32% of his army (the bio-upgrades can be deactived from the computer we will gift you), to Canada bio-upgrades to 16% of the army, including airmen. To Denmark bio-upgrades to 7% of police and army. We want to buy the north of Greenland from Denmark. A Diplomat travels to the URSS to ask diplomatic relations and we advise the VP to reform their economies and politics.
    • Denmark Diplomacy: We accept, North Greenland is yours.
    • For the sake of the map, define 'North' Greenland.
    • All Avannaa and a little piece of Tunu .
  • Ahlose: The Alliance wishes to maintain friendly relations with the Earth nations, but does not reveal itself yet.
  • Praedonii: With our project completed, we'll deploy three espionage teams down to the surface of Earth, disguised using our genetic technology as normal earthlings. They land in the US, Russia and Algeria. The US-based and the Soviet-based teams immediately travel to the government buildings and the Algeria-based team does the same. We do not reveal ourselves to the earthlings in any way, instead remaining completely hidden so that we can be useful if and when we are needed. We also do not reveal our movements to any other space-capable civilization.
    • Dravimosian Diplomacy: The Emperor offers a surprising deal to the Praedonii: Join the Empire, and the Empire will protect you and help you regain your home world. This surprising many counsilors, as usually species join the Empire through war.
    • Praedonii Diplomacy: We have a deal with the Regenetech promising them support should war break out. We will not make any deal that compromises this arrangement. Aside from this, we are considering your offer and will reply when we have decided.
    • The Regenetech Empire advises the Praedonii to join the Dravimosian Empire.
    • Praedonii Diplomacy: After fierce debating among our political leaders, we have decided to accept your gracious offer.
  • Dravimosian Empire: The Empire sets up a line of ships orbiting Ceres, ready to fly to Earth should the need arise.
  • Centria: Landing in the UN headquarters, Washington DC and Moscow, 45 ships are sent down into low orbit. Another 20 are sent to the Mantelar base following their kind offer. Announces support of the Regenetech, Azaranian and Dravimosian empires. The first base is established on Earth in Antarctica, directly on the Geographic South Pole, however this is merely a military base, and no hives will be moved there unless both the NATO and WP don't mind. The base is roughly 300 by 400 miles.
  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire, seeing that all the other major powers are revealing their presence, does the same, landing in Algeria with dozens of ships. They offer their powers and assistance to the Algerian government, which would be much more than the measly help of 11 crash survivors. A warp station is set up in Algeria, which warps in the necessary equipment and pieces to upgrade Algeria to roughly 650 years in the future.
  • Algeria: Algeria accepts the Terran offer, and requests that they upgrade their entire military and infrastructure. They also request help in the building of several more cold fusion reactors, as this will help their economy greatly. Point defense drones are also received from the Terran Empire, and they are set up at major points in the nation. A new combat suit for their spec ops teams also is received, and the teams begin advanced training with them. Bio-injections are also put into their police and military, and the "shots" are to be finished by next year. This will make them feel less pain and have more stamina and strength. The cold fusion reactor is finished and begins to power all of Algeria. Also, the Algerians fabricate an incident in the Tunisian-Algerian border, and use it to briefly invade Tunisia. They pull out soon after, with this only having been a test of their military abilities.
  • The Regenetech Empire also lands on Earth, and as a sign of goodwill, it begins a project to transform the Arctic and Antarctic into habitable areas. It urges the humans to enter a period of nuclear arms reductions and to make peace. The Communist nations are also urged reform heavily lest they collapse in the near future. It also urges all nations to join together to ensure global peace. It also offers technology to the US, UK, France, Soviet Union, China, and Poland or Japan, but the Communist nations must agree to reform first. Meanwhile it also deploys troops to any nation engaged in war.
  • The United States is shocked to hear about these aliens and Robert F. Kennedy tells everyone that he was right after all and that there really were aliens! Meanwhile they accept the alien offers of help and agree that world peace is necessary to avoid a nuclear apocalypse. Robert F. Kennedy is appointed Ambassador to the Dravimosian Empire and Ted Kennedy to the Regenetech Empire. Meanwhile Robert F. Kennedy knocks everyone's socks off and is the presumptive nominee for the Deomcratic candidate for the '68 elections.
  • Mechs: A piece of The Forge is discovered in the Yucatan Peninsula. A recovery project commences. At the dig site, a group of indiginous organics discover the Mechs. The organics quickly flee, bringing back armed organics. The organics attempt to communicate with the Mechs, but open fire when a Worker crawled nearby. The organics were put down and sent to Mech Space for analysis. These organics seem to share traits common to several races throughout the galaxy. They are mammals and have varying facial structures between specimens. A report of possible indiginous hostilities is sent to the various races in contact with Earth.
  • Denmark: Denmark's first satellite, Odin I is launched early with the help of NAASA. However there is not much time for celabrating because Denmark is rapidly dividing into two camps, the Loyalists who want to remain loyal to NATO and the NAASA, and the Progressives, who want to side with Algeria and benefit from their advanced technology. Soon, riots spread across the nation, the most famous being the Arhus Riot, in which Loyalist police beat troublemaking Progressive demonstrators. The Danish Government, unaware of what to do, and about to give away the secret of what happened at the UN meeting, asks the governments of the Earth and galaxy about what to do.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union is contacted by emissaries from a race of aliens that call themselves the Dravimos. The Dravimos offer aid to the Soviet Union, feeling that they are the strongest nation, and the one most likely to unify the planet and the Human Race. General Georgy Zhukov is appointed as ambassador to the Dravimosian Empire, who immediately propose several changes to the structure of the Union. They also offer certain degrees of technology in exchange for natural resources, which the Union has not replied to.
  • China: Violent rebellions sweep across the country, demanding that our Communist leaders be overthrown. After just three months, the government collapses, and a new democracy is formed, even though Chinese Communism is not quite defeated. Small parties of activists continue to try to establish a new Communist government, but they are unsuccessful, and are imprisoned by the strict new government police. This important change is known as the Fall of Communism, and is believed to be the first in a chain of events that will eventually destroy Communism across the world.
  • Brazil: A piece of Centrian tech accidentally falls into their hands when two of the ships moving to Antarctica collide, and it is swiftly reverse engineered. By June (six months after it was found) four prototypes have been made. Test firings show that it has a range of up to 100 miles (computer guided) and that it can vaporize pretty much anything. The President, in order to test it, fakes a border Skirmish with Uruguay then uses the four weapons to drive back Uruguayan troops, eventually annexing it.
    • Praedonii: Following these skirmishes, the Praedonii forces on Pluto dispatch a fourth team to Brazil, covered by a series of new Shifts. We take a series of scans of the technology and also use our sophisticated positions to position several of our spies in jobs working on the technology, with plans to reclaim it as soon as possible.
  • Canada: Canada accepts Mantelar offer and starts mass building of Ground to Air Missiles and other defenses against attacks. We condemn Brazil's violence. The Army is bio-upgraded and the RACF receives radars and other tech, mostly defensive. Canada publicly declares the existense of the aliens and their help to the country. We ask Denmark to stay loyal, and fight the progressives, because even at UN's side the Mantelar and other aliens can help.


As co-leader of this game, I declare a new turn.

  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union, along with many consevatives around the world, protest the ceding of land to the aliens, claiming that the earth is primarily for the Human race. As such, the soviet government claims Soviet Antarctica (Marie Byrd Land), and the government also sets plans to expand Soviet territory through Asia and Eastern Europe. The border is closed with China due to its government's overthrow.
    • Centria: The Centrians, a firm supporter of Communism, as it is as similar to the Centrian system as is possible without telepathy and hives (the Centrians are basically exceptionally intelligent (average IQ 190) humaniod ants). As a result, it is decided that if the Communists will be less harsh with their people, the Centrians will give them over 500 billion dollars worth of financial aid in gold, as well as large amounts of tech that will make your people satisfied with your government, no matter what. However, for this, three things MUST be agreed upon: A) Free Speech will be allowed, though the banning of religion is fine; B) It must be mandatory for EVERY Soviet citizen to be fully educated, no matter gender, race, etc; and C) The protests against aliens must cease. However, the Centrians (who now control much of Antarctica) will agree not to enter Marie Byrd Land or any such.
  • Dravimosian Empire: The Dravimosian Empire, detecting alien weapon signatures on the planet, increase the supplies and technology to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Armed Forces are supplied with (by human standards) bulletproof armor, better anti-missile technology, and the Dravimosian fleet also builds the first spaceport at Moscow, and begin building the first Human spaceship, to be completed within two years.
  • Praedonii: After months of preparation, the team in Brazil launches an attack against the base which is currently holding the weapons, attempting to give the impression that they are merely terrorists. The attack is successful and few people are hurt. The technology is carried to Pluto where it can be analysed. Meanwhile, our new Battleship, the Silverblade, is finally completed on the Pluto base, and sent to Earth for the first direct Praedonii communication with humans. It heads for the US, but is too big to land there, so it instead remains in orbit and dispatches a series of shuttles down to the surface. We offer them small amounts of technology, but we ask for their support with the eradication of Communism, and also helping Communist countries build themselves up again. We also ask for a lot of money to 'help the process along'.
  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire's presence in Algeria is strengthened as more Terrans arrive and their technology becomes incorporated into Algeria's. They provide blueprints, as well as the material needed for building factories and such that will produce Terran tech. They provide sample materials for the government to study and replicate. Also, seeing other alien nations land on the Earth, they revamp their efforts to superpowerize Algeria.
  • Algeria: Algeria increases security around their alien technology, and combat suits are nearing mass production for the army. An ABM system is set up in Algeria, which would protect it against any modern ICBM. A new comms satellite is also set up by the Terrans, and important government officials are given satellite phones. A GPS satellite is also launched, which can track people accurate up to an inch. Several weather and spy satellites are also put up, and the spy satellites can actually read a newspaper in a person's hands if zoomed in enough. One of the satellites, a top secret surveillance satellite has the ability to locate anyone in Algeria using facial recognition if they are out in the streets. It is used, to great effect, to hunt down criminals. The military is amped up significantly, helped along with the Terran technology. Also, a small team of Algerian spec ops forces sneak into (with the help of personal cloaking) the Libyan palace and assassinate King Idis. This throws the nation into chaos as Gaddafi begins his takeover a year early. However, citing that they were "helping their Islamic brothers", the Algerian military quickly "liberate" Libya from Gaddafi and the Loyalists. Both are put down with extreme prejudice, and the guerrilla effort led by the remnants of both forces are hampered by the satellites and the fact that both their leaders were dead. Terran drones and Algerian soldiers fight a largely bloodless guerrilla campaign, and by the middle of the year the movements have been squashed. The Libyan forces mostly withdraw- however, they keep one/fourth (the north-western) of the land containing Tripoli for "security reasons".
  • Denmark: Meanwhile, the Loyalist/Progressive riots continiue, though on a much smaller scale, due to the bio-enhanced police and military. It is a great shock to the world when King Frederik IX expresses support for the Progressives. He wishes to meet with the Algerian Prime Minister/President, and a Terran ambassador to discuss the future. Odin II is launched.
    • Algeria and the Terran Empire accept the offer of talks.
  • Damn it - everyone knows about aliens, all aliens, don't you know? I told you already, the split is implausible.
  • Centria: Noticing the inequality between Earthly nations is often the fault of lack of technology, it is decided that the Centrians should do as the Terrans and Mantelar are doing, only on a global scale (though only a chosen few will get tech). Unfortuneately, the ship with the tech heading to South America is one of those that had earlier fought the Polarans, and unbeknowest to the crew, it has an engine problem from when a torpedo hit it there. As a result, it is forced to land in the area formerly known as Uruguay, but was recently annexed to Brazil. All the crew survive, however, and on the condition that all otbher tech is handed out, it is agreed that Brazil can keep their share AND Argentina's share of military tech (they were the two countries chosen in South America), as well as their share of non military tech. Meanwhile, supports the Communist side, as it almost resembles the Centrian system (though Communism is political, the Centrian system is biological (think of Centrians as exceptionally intelligent ants)). A permanent ambassador is sent to the USSR, as well as Brazil, following the arrangement. Meanwhile, 15 Centrian Observers arrive to ensure that the tech isn't used for war crime like purposes.
  • Brazil: Despite the recent setback with the Praedonii (though the Brazilians believe they were Uruguayan rebels) the Brazilian deal with the Centrians greatly aids them. As Brazil has suddenly been elevated to effective superpowerdom (like Algeria), the President expresses hope of a united South America, under Brazil, with the whole world in envy of its technology and culture. Meanwhile, 15 Centrian Observers arrive to ensure that the tech isn't used for war crime like purposes. The Diplomats and the observers both find a sense of affinity with the humans. The same is established in the USSR.
    • It'll take you a while, just letting you know. Even Algeria took 'em a few years, and that was with the full help of the Terrans.
  • Canada: New alien tech is brought, first defensive systems and military upgrades, but then 30 nuclear reactors are build to give energy to the whole country, each reactor is protected by an alien Energy Shield and an ABM system. The whole country is protected by six independient ABM systems and 200 laser cannons (under Mantelar watch, not canadian) able to destroy any missile. The Primer Ministre declares that Canada is leaving the British Empire, but will stay in the Commonwealth. Two new ships are made using Mantelar help, the plan is to build an entire fleet in five years. The Mantelar Alliance also show the canadian where to start mining, and some mining tech is also receive. We ask Denmark to stop talking with irreflexive and aggressive countries, our friendship should be enough. A Peace Observer from the Mantelar soon start watching everything to avoid any violence using alien tech. Some minor riots in all the country against the aliens happen. But the free education, health care and lower taxes calm down most people.
  • Ahlose: The Alliance is distressed to see the balance of power being disrupted among the Earth nations. It decides that the best solution would be to atempt to restore balance by gifting another powerful country with its technology. Since the United States was a major power before the emergence of alien technology, the Alliance decides it is a perfect candidate for technological advancement. The Alliance sends ambassadors to Washington to offer the technology and the terms of use.
    • The United States thanks the Ahlose.
  • The Regenetech Empire gets mad everyone else, humans and aliens. Once more the Soviets and the other Communists are asked to reform, as their way of life will lead to ultimate collapse of the Soviet bloc as well as Communist influence. It continues, however, aiding the Soviet Union and the United States. Meanwhile it continues the habitablization process in the polar regions and agrees with the Soviets that Earth belongs to humans and humans only and is not a land for intersellar species to come and claim. With the Brazilians, Algerians, and the Soviets most likely to be gearing up for war, it cuts aid to those nations and those allied to them and instead turns to the NATO which is retaining a recent peaceful stance. Heated debates begin in the Senate over the topic of Earth. A post apocalyptic film titled "35796" is released, taking place 500 years after the present year in the Regen calendar. A group of people in the Linneer system takes interest in British railway engines and begin reproducing models of them on the Linneer planet.
  • The United States builds the first anti missile shield above North America and Alaska. Regenetech and Praedonii military resources are used in the United States military and the new military forces are amassed in Alaska for America predicts a war with the Soviets. The 25th and 26th (OTL) amendments are passed to the Constitution. President Johnson is reelected in a landslide, and the largest margin of victory since ???


  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire continues to supply the Algerians, and help their research projects. The Terran Imperial Fleet is brought in orbit over Earth, although far away enough that the humans cannot detect them. They also give Algeria an "assassin" satellite, which is able to shoot down a small ray of highly intense energy which will kill the person which it is aimed at- also, unfortunately, anyone else in a ten foot radius. It is a "crude" piece of technology, and one the Terrans have abandoned for millennia. The Terrans also begin to drop hints on Kinetic Energy Weapons to the Algerian research teams.
  • Algeria: The Algerians continue to receive Terran aid, and their military is greatly improved. Also, with Terran help, the vast deserts of the Sahara are slowly transformed into lush farmlands, which begin to improve their food supply. They also build more power plants, as well as other public services. Healthcare is made free that year, and the taxes are cut to half. Energy costs also plummet, due to the huge amount of excess energy from the cold fusion reactors. Due to these reforms, thousands of people from the neighboring nations flock to Algeria. Algerian agents also begin to trickle into Tunisia and begin spreading propaganda about how better off Algeria was than the rest of the world- which it was, mostly. Freedom of speech, for real, is finally introduced, as well as a true freedom of religion. All religious institutions are freed from taxes, as well as many small businesses. The Algerian government also begins to buy out some companies in the United States and Europe, hoping to spread their influence through economy.
  • Pita, this is starting to get implausible. You cannot claim that people over whom you have no control come into your nation. You certainly cannot begin buying out all these companies.
  • And yet, why not? People go where the wealth is, and currently, in North Africa, the wealth is certainly in Algeria. And besides, I didn't say I'm buying out all these huge corporations, just a few, to get a foothold.
  • Centria: Shocked at the Terran behavior, enter into a full pact with the Brazilians to aid them, giving them tech some 500,000 years behind current Centrian tech but nearly a 100,000 years ahead of human tech. This includes high frequency 'bouncer' lasers and fusion generators. Also, offers similar tech to the USSR, to aid them in their (ahem, pun coming) spread of Communism.
  • Mechs: Detailed schematics on human physiology are created. Multiple clones are created to test certain things on in the Mech fleet. Humans are officially added to the Mech Archives. Simplified copies are released to the rest of the galaxy. Meanwhile, parts of The Forge are excavated and sent to the Mech Fleet.
  • Praedonii: Our team in Brazil launches an investigation of the technology given to them by the Centrians, but no direct action is taken. Meanwhile, we dispatch an additional troop of units to Algeria to investigate their rapid growth. Disguised as anti-government rebels, they break into one of their governments' bases to steal a sample of the technology inside. Studies of the technology are transmitted up to our Pluto base. Upon this realisation, we send a message to our allies the Dravimosian and Regenetech empires warning them of this power. We also send a message to all the nearby empires, the Dravimosian, Regenetech, Centrian and Terran empires warning them that the humans have not yet reached a stage in their development to manage such a huge leap, and that it could be dangerous to the entire human species.
    • The Terran Empire has its own independent agenda, and would kindly ask the Praedonii to go away.
    • Centria: Agrees with the Praedonii but argues that an imbalance would be far, far worse. Also, warns the Terrans that if they continues handing out tech to only Algeria (even we handed out tech to ALL countries) then the Centrians will give newer tech to Algeria's enemies. (~~PROXY WAR~~)\
    • New tech? What newer tech? LOL ... what what did I ever say about a proxy war ...
    • No, I'm saying it'll be like a proxy war, Brazil v Algeria. And you said you gave them an assassin satellite that was out of date by alien standards. Newer as in newer to aliens.
    • Aah ... :D
  • Mantelar Alliance: The Alliance start building defenses all over our Greenland. We ask Denmark's King to meet with the Elite Lord in the system (in Greenland), we offer USA and URSS to build a shared Moon colony. After seven years of politics, the non-organic intelligences (robots, AI's, androids ... ) in the alliance are recognized as citizens. In Canada 200 volunteer to be taken by the Alliance to live in our capital world. We now see that our desorganized intervention just destroy all equilibrium, but we now the Terran were the first nation to break it. The First Diplomat visits Argentina and offers a military alliance.
  • Ahlose: Technology shipments to the United States begin, the most significant being advanced (by Earth's standards) mag-lev technology, which will lessen the need for oil. Ahlose spacecraft begin orbiting the moon. The Ahlose's next technology shipments will include advanced (by Earth's standards) spacecraft technology, specifically for lunar shuttles. Materials will be provided to create a Moon base for the United States, provided they advocate for allowing an Ahlose base on the Moon
  • Azaranians: The Azaranian empire detects much presence .in the Sol system. The azaranians send a team to activate the Mars station, which includes an interstellar transport relay. Machines using pure energy and the microdifferences in the vibrations of the energy to add a spacial dimention and allow the objects within its energy field to seemingly exist in two places at once, with a second transport relay with an identical vibration frequency as the point of exit, and when it exits the energy field, it is turned back into a three dimentional object at the point of exit. The Azaranian team uses the small amount of energy left behind when the Azaranian exporation teams retreated to allow the Humans to naturaly evolve without any more intervention, as the Azaranians had heavily influenced the Hindu religions. and other human faiths when they first visited the planet. The azaranians easily fix the mass-energy converter core, and restart it, when a small delegation is sent to establish first contact with the humans as they assume that it is the humans that are active in space, although rumors are coming out that the other races of the galaxy are the ones in orbit of earth, not the humans ... the Azaranians are in for a big surprise.


  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire increase their presence in Algeria, setting up an entire base in the middle of the once lifeless desert. The continue terraforming much of the desert into lush farmland, although it will take time before the entire desert has been transformed. They continue to give the Algerians tech, and upgrade their entire computer system. The new tanks being produced are also starting to be fueled by fusion reactors, as well as other forms of transport. Also, a non-aggression pact is made with the Mechs.
  • Algeria: Algeria once again flexes its muscles by sending in Algeria agents to put a crude bomb in the Tunisian president's home. The bomb explodes, killing the president and his family. Tunisia is thrown into chaos as its leader lies dead. Algeria then rolls in, saying that it needed to restore order. Most of the Tunisian people welcome Algeria with open arms, as they expect the Algerians to do what they have done in their own nation and in the part of Libya that they occupy. The Algerians oblige, starting construction on a cold fusion reactor and terraforming the desert. The Algerian army also takes more land from the Libyans, who are in no state to complain.
  • The selling or possession of personal androids and AIs is banned in Mech Space. Genetically modified organic clones are sold in lieu. They are highly unpopular among most organics and Mechs and the clones are taken off the market within a month. A delicious new type of meat starts being served in Mech Space to organics. Meanwhile, on Earth, another piece of The Forge is recovered. This piece is a nearly impregnatrable shell. Scans discover a very powerful energy signature inside the shell. It is discovered to be the energy core, still stuck in emergency mode. The core, however, is unstable. In April, it explodes in Mech Space. Luckily, casualties are minimal; only 3,000 casualties are reported. A recreation of The Forge is created out of archived memory banks. The original map was created when the Mechs infected The Forge with a sleeper virus 65 during the Mech Revolts.
    • The Regenetech Empire offers the Mechs an alliance in exchange for the Mechs Mechanizing several Imperial prisoners.
    • Mechs: We would like to start with a non-aggression pact before a long-term alliance is created. Would you like the Mechanized prisoners returned to your empire as workers?
    • The Regenetech Empire agrees to the non aggression pact and agrees to take back Mechanized prisoners. (Largely to incorporate them into the military.)
  • Mantelar Alliance: The Non-organic citizens gain legal access to vote, education (education for computers?), mechanical care, army (as full soldiers, not support units) and more. The Alliance start building farms and factories in Greenland. To USA 100.000 bio-bosts (one per soldier) are gifted, with this the soldiers can enter to a super-human state during days (is necessary to sleep and eat more than before if the soldier don't want to die). The Alliance ask for a meeting with the Terran Empire in the Moon, a colony in the Moon is almost completed, we ask tall nations to send people to populate it. The 12th Battle Group arrive to Sedna (one mothership, with seven battlecruisers, two destroyers, one scientific ship, two frigates and eight troop transports).
    • Terran Empire: All right, we agree to the meeting, what's there to talk about?
    • Mantelar Alliance: Possible stop of hostilies, regulations on our intervention on the planet and more.
    • Denmark: I, King Frederik IX believe that a galactic cold war is beginning on Earth, between the Centrians and their allies, and the Terrans. To combat them, I suggest that we put aside our historical grievances, and band together for the time being.
    • Erm ... what? Grievances with who? You're already being supported by the US, and we have three camps. Regen-NATO vs. Dravimos WP (can fight together if needed) and Terran-Algerian.
    • I'm not meaning Danish grievances, but Terran-Mantelar grievances.
  • Centria: Growing increasingly worried about the Terrans, Brazil is encouraged even further. A hive is shifted to Antractica, where the Centrian colony has grown to roughly the size of Gabon. Another one is shifted to Saturn, making a total of 4 hives and nearly 30 fleets (since many were sent back to Centria after it became clear war wasn't going to occur immediately. Continues to give Brazil tech. Notes that it supports the WP.
    • Praedonii Diplomacy: We offer to provide military support to the Centrians should war break out in return for large amounts of money.
    • Mantelar: (Centria) If you say yes, We can help you with half the price. (Praedonni) What do you understand by money? gold, silver, iron, food, toy cars?
    • Praedonii: Anything shiny and valuable. Food definitely, as we have no homeworld to harvest from. Iron we can steal whenever we need it. Gold and silver are good too. We'll take your toy cars if they're spare, but we'd rather have the gold.
    • Centria: Well, they say that if you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime (we Centrians have a similar saying) so instead of giving you food we will teach you how to run space borne hydroponic plants, that can fit on ships.
    • Stop stop stop stop stop. Logically, no one would at all do that since Algeria has had way more time to advance than Brazil and could be totally annihilated. I know this is an ASB Games, but try to stay as much in the zone of plausibility as you can.
    • Heh, thank you. I thought it was pretty dumb, and it's obvious that that "unfortunate accident" was created by the Centrians to start a war. Anyway, I've made a page on the Great War, so take a look.
    • Seen it, already edited it, too. Good so far. Maybe a war infobox?
  • The Regenetech Empire declares sovereignty over the Sol System belongs entirely to its inhabitants, and that non-Earthicans (looking at Centria and the Mantelar here) have no right to barge in and claim land. Meanwhile the Imperial Navy discovers that several system close to it and the Soram are uninhabited and declares ownership of the area, although this is mostly a way to gain more naval bases close to Earth. The Droid Army is put of Interstellar Hypcom and several division are take out of standby mode and hibernation. Meanwhile more tech is shipped to America and the UK, France, and Denmark.
    • Algeria has actually requested the Terrans be there.
    • That's why I only said Centria and Mantelar.
    • Brazil and Centria have the same deal as Algeria and the Terrans so if they're allowed..
    • I'm talking about Antarctica. And we all favor our human nations.
    • Well no one lives in Antarctica so I don't see why your complaining.
    • Centria: Refuses. A) No humans live in Antarctica, B) We have established a base on Titan and Saturn, where, not surprisingly, the humans can't even reach yet (though with the kind of tech infusions they're getting ...) C) The humans are divided. Until you decide what belongs to whom ... However, agrees not to make any more bases in the inner solar system AND to pull out the hive from Antarctica and move it to Titan Ithe military base remains.)
    • The Azaranians Agree with the Regentech. It is the reason that the Azarath left the Sol system in the first place.
  • The Ahlose pull several ships into North American orbit to protect those countries should war begin. The Ahlose wish to remain neutral, but will fight if provoked. More technology is shipped to the US.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union fearing the actions of Algeria and Brazil, ask for more technology from the Alien races. The Soviet government and the Dravimosian Ambassador create a reasonable expansion plan, and it will be implemented soon. To make up for the plan, the Soviet government announces reforms to appease the Dravimosian Government. These reforms include an end to one-party rule, a socialist-capitalist economic system, and freedom of religion.
    • The Regenetech Empire is now pleased with the Soviets and begins giving technology.
    • Centria: Offers the same tech if Communism remains, though free speech, etc, is allowed.
    • Soviet Union: The country is not as free as the United States yet, but it is more free than it was.
    • Centria: Agrees to send tech but asks that the Communism remains in full force (ie, no private industry).
  • Dravimosian Empire: The Empire, pleased with the reforms made by the Soviet Union, provide the Soviet Union with the technology and the means to make advanced weaponry. A shield generator is also placed in Moscow to complement the ABM devices there. The Soviet Spaceship is almost complete, and will soon launch out of Moscow.
    • The Regenetech Empire asks their good allies the Dravimos to support the United States since the Regnetech is now supporting the Soviet Union.
    • Dravimosian Diplomacy: We will send medical supplies first, and when they prove themselves, then we will send more.
  • Denmark: After negotiations with the Mantelars and Terrans, King Frederik IX becomes a changed man. He believes that the NAASA nations should team up with the Mantelars to help promote galactic peace. The military is greatly improved, thanks to the Mantelar tech, and it begins to expand, most notably, the Danish Air Force, profiting from the improved tech. We offer the Mantelar an alliance, and the Terrans a trade union.
    • Mantelar Alliance: We accept the alliance and offer to build a fusion generator powerful enough to supply 75% of your energy demand. Also we want to start a Medical School in your capital. We wish this is just the starting of our friendship.
    • Idk if you know this, but all of NATO is supported by the following nations: The Regenetech Empire, the Ahlose Alliance, the Centri Republic, and the Praedonii.
    • Actually no, the Centrians are neutral, because they like Communism but dislike the Oppression that their populace is undergoing.
  • Canada: We support Denmark position, we also ask Iceland to join us. The Canadian Air Force is upgrade with stealth shields and energy shields. All defensive stations in the country are put under energy shield, and 12 fusion generators are build to supply these shields (and the generators are also under shields). Free health care, free education (including college), lower taxes and increasing scientific budget all over the country are the greatest news. We ask USA to ally with the Mantelar Alliance. The Naval Fleet is also upgraded with high tech and the first canadian rocket is build.
    • The United States accepts since the US is with the Regen-Caborr-Ahlose side, and so is the Mantelar.
  • China: We begin the long process of recovering from our government's collapse. We ask for support from the Regenetech and Dravimosian empires, as we need to set up a new government quickly. The influence of Communism is still not yet entirely extinguished, and already secret movements are planning to retake the country. Our satellite program is finally completed, and it is launched into space.
    • The RE agrees to limited aid for now.
  • The Peruvian government is staring to seek more advanced technology, and would much apreciate Brazil's help as they already have an alien ambassador. Although some followers of the Inca religeon are throwing themselves in harms way because they believe that the return of their gods is upon them.
  • The Azaranian teams finish repairs to the Mars relay. The first scouting flotillla is sent through, and what they find is amusing, earth nations getting support from some of the long-standing rivals of the Azaranians, The most surprising thing is that the Terrans have supported the less-advanced nations such as algeria. The Azaranians nearly start a war, because their scout ships showed their weapons when they tried to contact the ships in orbit, the only thing that prevented it is that at the last minute, people realized that it was an azaranian vessel, and that it was part of the azaranian culture. The azarath experiment with their first Zero-Point Energy module(see stargate ZPM for reference). It is a huge success, and this discovery has revolutionized the nature of power storage, with three modules capable of sustaining a city or Superdreadnought's life support for over 10 000 years. It is the most powerful generator since the invention of the mass-energy converters used in the cores of most starships(99.999% as powerful) After the Scout flotilla returns, the fist sol delegation is created and sent into the Sol system to contact the earth Nations, and possibly share technologies such as starship building, the azaranian knowledge of genetics and advanced gene therapies, or perhaps hyperdrives and tacheon drives.
  • New turn?
  • I guess so.


  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union proposes, with alien guidance, the Treaty of Moscow. Under this treaty, any nation wishing to become a member state of the Soviet Union is free to do so. After showing Mongolia the benefits of the technology that has been given to them, combined with the new rights that the Soviet Union now offer, Mongolia elects to join the Soviet Union. This treaty is also shown to all other members of the Warsaw Pact, offering them greater technology and freedom while barely affecting their autonomy. The first interplanetary human spaceship is completed in Baikonur, and gifted to the Soviet Union. After selecting and training a crew, the spaceship is christened the SUS Zhukov, and it is currently orbiting the Earth. Advanced factories are set up in the western Russia area, and they will soon start to produce either goods for the people or classified weaponry.
    • Praedonii: We offer to fund and support the treaty in return for a constant stream of food supplies, and permission to land our ships freely inside the Soviet Union.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: What will they do if they land in the Soviet Union?
    • Praedonii Diplomacy: We are analysing the surface and its people. Our mission remains purely peaceful, and we intend to continue to collect data by any possible means, so that we are prepared if war breaks out. Since we already have ten spies inside your territory disguised as high ranking officers and politicians, you can see that we do not currently have any violent intentions. If war does break out, which we believe is likely, we will alter our terms.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: You know, if you have spies, you probably shouldn't reveal that they exist. Your ships can land at Baikonur, but don't try anything funny. We will be watching.
    • !!!!!! Mongolia would never join the Soviet Union ... and besides, why would the USSR want Mongolia, anyway?
    • Oh, really? Id '''have to challenge you here. China has fallen from the grips of Communism, placing it in unknown (but probably republican) hands that might plan to invade Mongolia once again. Furthermore, the leader of Mongolia at the time, Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal, even wanted Mongolia to join the Soviet Union OTL. With the prospect of a Chinese invasion, combined with an already existent wish to join, further influenced by the advanced technology the Soviet Union has, why would they not? In my opinion, this is more plausible than Tunisians and Libyans letting you annex their countries, with Arab nationalism and all. ~MP.
    • China can't invade Mongolia- They'd get their ass kicked. And nobody wants Mongolia. And also, they didn't let me annex their nations, I forcibly took them over. There's a difference.
    • Whether they can't or not is irrelevant, as they would want to. China wanted Mongolia for about thirty years, and who knows what they want now. Also, Annex: "to incorporate (territory) into the domain of a city, country, or state" ~MP
    • Also: Read This. This is why people might want it. ~MP
    • MP is right, and Pita, you couldn'y be more wrong. I told that all of a sudden the French influenced Algeria cannot get total control over Italian and British influenced Tunisia and Libya. Nor would anyone want to do anything with them.
    • All right, I guess I'm wrong.
    • Praedonii: As we said, we have no military intentions. As for the fact that we have spies inside your country, it is public knowledge that we have teams in the major superpowers across the globe. It is, as we hope you will understand, purely political, and is nothing personal against your country.
    • Centri: Asks that a peace deal be reached, such that the Centrians will provide massive amounts of aid an tech to the USSR in return for an alliance, and permission to land in the USSR (for scientific reasons, not to set up a base).
    • Soviet Diplomacy: As of now, alien research ships will be allowed to land in the Soviet Union, on the condition that they are watched and obey the commands of their watchers. This is so that the aliens do not harm any native wildlife by accident.
    • That's an intricate piece of diplomacy, LOL. The last sentence. 'We don't trust you' turns into 'This is just to prevent a mistake'.
  • Mechs: In order to further negotiate and otherwise communicate with other spacefaring races, several programs are uploaded to things contacting the Mech Network. Anything communicating with something with this new program will get this program too. The program, technically a sleeper virus, is used to gather information such as language and customs of different aliens. The virus is not being used as malware, though it is kept secret. Meanwhile, plans are put into place to build a Forge MK III. The homeworld of the creators of the Mechs, known to the galaxy as The Phantoms, is being looked for. The Mechs are on the cusp of rediscovering it by the end of the year.
  • Praedonii: A small research ship lands in the Soviet Union, and begins to take samples of various animals (very carefully, of course) and vegetation on the planet for study. We continue to highlight the threat of the Terran armies. We launch a series of satellites into space around earth. We begin to monitor the communications of the various sides of the war, Centri Empire, Terran Empire and the Mantelar Alliance. Finally, we begin work on our newest and most powerful weapon, codenamed Project Iris (it doesn't mean anything but it sounds mysterious. I can call it what I want). We reveal the existance of such a project only to the Centri, but we do not reveal what it actually is, only that it exists and will be a major weapon against the Terran and Algeria.
    • Centria: Offers ten million tons of platinum, gold and silver, as well as five million tons of yeast-based food, and the advanced Centrian hydroponic tech that allows them to grow food anywhere, in return for Praedonii aid in any coming war. Also, suggests that they follow us in the formation of a third pact.
    • Praedonii diplomacy: We will probably be happy to but ... um ... who are you?
    • Mantelar: " ... advanced Centrian hydroponic ..." I guess that Centria. We also offer dehydrated food, fuel, any substance you need (IDK, medicines or whatever) and ten million tons of gold, silver and vanadium, three million tons of platinum and iron. And five merchant ships.
    • Praedonii diplomacy: We accept both the Mantelar and Centrian deals (medicines will be fine), and we accept the Centrian offer to join the third pact. In response, we begin to mobilize our remaining four segments that are outside the Sol System and move two of them towards it and the others towards Terran space. And anyway, it could be Brazil, Centria have given them tech.
    • Yeah, that was us Centrians. Not Brazil.
  • Centria: A team is sent to the USSR, comprised of three Harvester units, seven scientific moduless, and a team of Sakata Mark II drones, as well as a platoon of A-27 Prides, to ensure safety. Meanwhile, the first A-28 Gladiator units (translated to English) are put into production and sent to the lines in defence of Sol as well as other borders. Angry at both the Regentech and the Terrans, for different reasons, they split from both, forming a third pact, along with Brazil (and any allies who wish to follow).
    • Praedonii: As we said, we follow Centria in the formation of the third pact. Of course, we would like to indicate to the Regenetech that we hope to continue our agreement despite these new alliances.
    • Centria: Has no problem with the above; Pact three is somewhat like a nonaligned pact, you can support, just not militarily.
    • Stop right there! (said Napoleon when a Prussian fled to the Grand Armee) You can't get up and say you're mad at the two most powerful nations in the galaxy. Without the backing or protection of either one, the other could easily destroy you, even get together to get back at you.
    • Its more like a nonaligned pact. We will not fight for either one and will fight any side that attacks us.
    • You are not a mod. You CANNOT uncross stuff. I cannot believe you had the nerve to do so. The Galaxy is designed into two opposing factions--and both sides are weary of the Centrians--leave the GA (Regen side), the Terran do ont have to worry about the GA trying to save you, and the GA no longer has the bonds that kept them from attacking you. It's that simple: JOIN or DIE, as Ben Franklin once said.
    • All right, OK. I get it; it's a game in which the mods have all the power, and if you're not one you can do nothing. You either support the Regens or the Terrans. Other wise, you're screwed, because they can wipe you out anyway. If you aren't a mod, you don't matter. Forget this, I quit. You mods fight with each other.
    • All right, this is why there have been so many problems with these games before. And SS, why can't they form their own coalition? It is their only hope of defeating a mod race by themselves, which is what killed the first game. Why shouldn't they be able to do that? Guns, please stay until we get this all sorted out. ~MP
    • Actually, think about it. They're in the GA. The Terrans are just itching to attack them. The GA is basically their only shield agains the the might of the Terran Empire. So they have two choices: A: Join one of the alliances. B: Remain neutral, so that one side can step in to protect them if the other attacks. Or C: Ally with one of the Forming a new pact (even if neutral) openly shows that they are willing to defy their more powerful enemies. Basically it's Czechoslovakia saying they don't need France and Britain and are willing to combat Nazi Germany all by their lonesome, maybe with Poland and Yugoslavia. See that happening?
    • NO. It is like saying what India, China, and the whole NAM did in the Cold War. They refused to support either Russia or the US. If Russia had attacked them, the US would have come to their aid. And Vice Versa. In any case, there are several nations in here. If you're telling me that the Mantelar, Centrians and Terrans cannot stand up to the Terrans, then it is as I said above: you cannot do anythng in this game unless you are a mod. In fact, your example above somewhat proved it. If you are not a mod, you're Poland or Czechoslovakia, if you are you are the USSR or Nazi Germany or the US.
    • The Terrans aren't itching to attack the Centri- they just hate the Regen. The Terran and Regen have been in almost constant war for the last few million years, with 6 Galactic wars between them. The first one was a draw, although a draw in favor of the Regens, the Regens won the second one, Terrans won the next two, Regens won the fifth, and the sixth was a draw, once again in favor of the Regens. So we're pretty much even in terms of power, but the problem is the Regens have the Azaranians and other nations on their side. And I'm fairly certain the Terrans can't stand up to the Terrans ;)
    • Terrans can't stand up to the Terrans? (No, really, confused.)
    • BZ (Mantelar) I'm sorry, but the truth about this game is that if you're not a mod, you are just used as a satellite/client state. You are not able to do anything without the approval and support of at least one mod, and obviously, they can wipe you out if you defy them, no matter why, and the only way you can survive if with a mod directing you. I know the mods are ancients and blahblah, but this is more like an "Elite" really playing, and many more just working for them. Even with all of that, I really like this game, so I'm not sure if I'm going to stay playing. This is just the way I feel, don't get angry with me
    • While you are right on most parts, there is one more option: neutrality. Simple as that.
    • Wasn't that what we were trying?, First I tried to ally with you (Regen) and fight the Terran, then I tried to improve my relation with the Terrans and then Centria and I tried neutrality (and just look what happened). Oh, about Greenland, I did ask Denmark about it, I even pay them for a totaly useless terrain (for them). I never tried anything in Antarctica. And then the Regen appear throwing us away with less than no reason.
    • You didn't try neutrality, the Centria made it clear they were pissed at both sides. Of course you're non aligned. But that doesn't mean you're neutral. You could still be willing to attack either side. Why don't you just say: "I do not want to be with either side, or fight for the cause of one side, or fight the other side. I want to be neutral." Instead you say "I do not like you or you, so go away before I call the cops on you for walking on my lawn." The first example is neutrality. The second is clear defiance and non-alignism. Also I didn't know you asked Denmark.
    • Okay, what I see is that maybe there was no understanding, but still Guns was clear, we didn't want to fight none of you. About Greenland, just read this, I believe (maybe I'm wrong) the only reason why all this trouble started was your post about Centria and I having no right over some lands. If you trace back all the diplomacy I believe all goes back to that. So (please do not take offense) all this discussion was caused by you not reading what you should do. The reason why whe left your side was because you throwing us away from Earth with no reason (Centria left Antarctica long ago and I had all rights over north Greenland).
  • '​'Terran Empire: The Terran Empire continues to land ships in Algeria, and set up a Nexus in the middle of the lush farmland where they co-ordinate their efforts. They also begin to set up a teleportation matrix for battlefield uses.
  • Algeria: Algeria continues to modernize their military, and also equip their warriors with teleportation devices (check the Terran Empire page). They also take another quarter of Libya for "protection issues". While the Libyans do not appreciate the Algerians suddenly taking over their nation, they can do little to protest with Terran war machines and Algerian troops everywhere. The guerrilla movement is largely a failure, due to Terran technology.
  • I'm kind of ready for a real "Battle for Earth", instead of this "alien nations assisting mankind for greater good". I think it's ironic that the old BFE map games were too ASB, and all of the alien nations made the Earth a mess when now, the aliens have alliances, and have an "adopted country" (Terran Algeria, Centrian Brazil, Dramivos USSR). Just sayin', unless you want this map game to go out not with a bang, but with a whimper, like many before it. Someone, please ignite the spark. However, don't go over the top like the old map games.
  • Heh, you know the Terrans don't give shit about helping Algeria or mankind in general ...
  • Well Pita, you did kind of start this whole picking a human nation thing.
  • Uhh ... yeah, I knew that. Algeria's just an excuse to take over Earth.
  • ^^That wasn't me, BTW. -Pita
  • Denmark: The first Danish man, Han Kristian is sent into space. He instantly becomes a major celebrity, meeting with the likes of people from a Mantelar ambassador, to the US president. This signals the era of when space travel is not just USSR, and US stuff, it can be feasible to a small nation like Denmark. Meanwhile, King Frederik IX is growing sick. He is sent to the Royal Danish-Mantelar Hospital in Copenhagen, where the best medical professionals in Denmark are. It is hoped that he will recover.
  • Mantelar Alliance: The Alliance promise full support to the Centria's Third Pact. In an unprecedented act the Alliance offers all democratic nations in Earth to join the Alliance as autonomous members. We offer to all humans our allies to populate our Moon colony with people chosen from your countries. We ask the Mechs a non-aggression pact (we recognize non-organic citizenship). In Greenland a utopic city called Paxer is build (700 citizens, 64 humans) and we welcome all those aliens and humans who wish to settle there with peaceful intentions as an establishment of international co-operation.
  • Brazil: Joins the Third Pact. Four ships are built, the BSC Empire, Ghost, Terra, and Leader.
    • The Peruvian government once again asks the Brazilians for aid in getting better technology and help with direct contact with alien races.
  • The Azaranians, seeing that the Soviets have constructed a space vessel, offer their knowledge of tacheon propulsion and hyperdrive technology (Tacheon drives, although effective can damage the fabric of space-time, but are unfortunately the only way that objects with the mass akin to a Superdreadnought-class starship (or Star-Catcher, Six of them in an array can transport a star via the same system as transportation relays. This requires tremendous amounts of energy. So far, the Azaranains only had the resources to construct 12. Six for both the Entrance and exit points of transport). The Azaranian Capital cities officially change from Matter-energy Generator power, to the much more long-lived and stable ZPM power. The Azaranians Officialy Establish a base on mars, and send their first Terraforming squadron to prepare the equivalent of 1600 sq km living space for diplomats (Alien and Azaranian), members of the Sol Delegations, and a military outpost. The Azaranians Dispatch 4 Diplomatic Delegations to the Sol system, the first Delegation to the USSR and Eurasia, the Second Delegation to the Americas, and the Third to Algeria and Africa, and the Fourth Delegations to Powers Alien to the Sol System. The Azaranians try to establish relations with the Mech Synthetics, and offer knowledge of Zero-Point Module technology, a generous olive branch considering their past conficts regarding the Synthetics tresspassing into Azarath space in the past in search of the "Phantom" homeworld.


  • Praedonii: We continue with our widespread militarization. We continue to move segments of our fleet towards Terran space and towards the Sol system. We also continue with our Iris project, which is progressing smoothly. We have installed huge biomes on our worldships for mass food growth, eliminating the need to attack other ships, for which we have Centria to thank. We also publicly denounce the Terran Empire, and we claim that they 'have no thought for human life'. We encourage our allies the Regenetech and the Dravimosian Empire not to trade with them and if possible to help us should war break out, so that they do not become a serious threat to the human race.
    • Terran Diplomacy: The Terran Empire demands the Praedonii back off from our space, or there will be consequences.
    • Holy Hanzen Empire: (Am I allowed to do this?) The Holy Hanzen Empire denounces the move towards Terran sectors and demand the Praedonnii back off.
    • Centria: SECRETLY (no metagaming, people) Informs the Praedonii that they cannot support them in this war, as they have a SECRET alliance with the Terrans, as well as the more public one with you and the much more shaky one with 'them bastards', AKA the Regenetech. (And ... I never left Antarctica, guys ...
    • So peeps, who asks you to respect other people's rights are "bastards?" Nice, nice ...
    • LOL it's a joke. Besides which, I'm pretty sure that most Centrians won't like you, they feel that it's none of your business.
    • Dravimosian Diplomacy: We will not cease trade with the Terrans unless they do something that would warrant such an action.
    • The Regenetech Empire denounces the Praedonii and strongly advises them to back off, lest utter destruction follow.
    • Praedonii: Very well, we withdraw from Terran space. We do, however, increase our presence in the Sol system, on our pluto base.
  • Meanwhile, the Regenetech Empire cuts off all ties to the Centrians, due to their increasingly hostile behavior and advises the rest of the Galactic Alliance to do the same. It encourages Mexico and the United States to unite on Earth, which will strengthen the two nations and show the galaxy that humans have vast co-operational activity.
  • Centria: Asks Brazil if their portion of Antarctica can be annexed to Centrian lands.
    • Brazil: Due to the heavy amounts of support from Centria, gladly agrees.
    • Brazil gained Chilean land, I presume?
    • Yep.
  • The United States receives a shocker as President Johnson dies in office. Robert F. Kennedy becomes the new president. Meanwhile it says that it would join with Mexico if it were so interested. Testing its new capabilities, it builds the first of soon-to-become-many floating forts and flying forts. The United States sends two new ships to join its existing one in Earth orbit, although one is sent to lunar orbit. The US claims half of the visible side of the moon as US territory and the first settlers are sent there. President Kennedy announces plans that see America expanding into space. "Humanity is full with a desire for more. There is no more left where we are, so we must go where there is more: the planets, and their moons, and the star systems, and their planets and moon; to heavens, to infity and beyond!" Meanwhile he claims the Marie Byrd Land for the USA and sends people there who are interested in living there permanently. As another show of power, the United States annexes Cuba and sends massive numbers of troops there to enforce this.
    • Ahlose Diplomacy: The Ahlose will aid the US in building their Lunar settlements so long as the Ahlose are also granted access to the base as well.
    • The US agrees.
  • Event: The British Royal Family is assassinated (BY HUMANS). Lacking Prince Charles or his siblings, the crown passes to Henry, the Duke of Gloucester.
    • ​Uhh ... So somehow terrorists just wiped out some 20 people (and that's the IMMEDIATE family) in one quick blow? How?
    • Heh, yeah, pretty implausible ... :P
    • Terrrorists supported by one of the aliens. Anyone is free to claim.
    • Either us Brazilians or the Algerians, I'd guess. Maybe the USSR too.
    • Brazil: Denounces the actions, offers any and all support for this horrible event.
  • Vertical farm concept for Lunar Base

    The Ahlose begin shipping supplies and materials to the Moon to build the US-Ahlose Moon Base. The first part of the construction includes a projectile shield to protect from *ahem* asteroids. Plans also include several vertical farm towers to sustain the inhabitants and a large biosphere equipped with artificial gravity equivilant to Earth's.
  • Mantelar Alliance: The Alliance starts mechanization of the army, thousands of millions of soldiers are converted into cyborgs. Thousands of space stations are hide all over our space to protect our races. In Greenland we start building the Ark, a bunker protected by many shields, with all life samples the Mantelar Scientific Team has collected, from humans to bacteria, thousands of species. With the purpose of protect those species from extinction, copies of all DNA samples are send to the ships in Sedna. (Secret) Loyal human spies are send to a many nations around the world, with Mantelar tech these spies are able to infiltrate hundreds of organizations as military, companies, governments and more. An AI is gift to Denmark to help with the bureaucracy, another to Canada.
  • Mechs: The Phantom homeworld is discovered. The planet has recovered since the war. When the descendants of the Phantoms are discovered in a medieval-esque state, a fleet of Mechs is called in to bombard the planet. The Mechs keep this report secret. The Phantom homeworld and the two-light year radius around it is deemed 'off-limits'. Meanwhile, the Mechs work on creating The Forge MK II in deep space. In May, some humans in Mexico discover the Mechs again and panic. After the aggressive humans are put down, a virus is uploaded to several electronic items. The virus will expand over the planet for a few months before the Mechs utilize the virus to learn the languages on Earth.
  • Brazil: Expansion is stopped, with only Peru and Argentina left in South America. Peru's offer is declined, but both states get an offer to join us, and reap the benefits. The country is renamed into the United South American Republic (USAR, lol.)
  • Algeria: Algeria takes the rest of Libya, and begins the invasion of Morocco, which is very successful. The nation is made into a client state, and Algerian/Terran troops are stationed there. They also begin to terraform Morocco into farmland. However, they are not received as well in Morocco as in other nations because Morocco had a much higher standard of living than Tunisia and Libya. But, resistance is almost impossible due to Terran tech. They continue to terraform the rest of Algeria, and it is expected to be finished in a few months.


  • Global Events: Morocco, Libya and Tunisia begin a rebellion against Algeria with surprising technology on par with the Terran tech. Who is responsible for aiding them? (Anyone free to claim.) Meanwhile it is uncovered that the assassins of the British Royal Family were ... ... Yugoslavian! How? Who is backing them? (Free claim, same as African rebel supporters.)
    • Algeria: The Algerians begin a harsh crackdown on the rebels, when one is caught, the ten nearest people are executed. If there is an attack on an Algerian or Terran soldier, ten people are again picked and executed. (I got it from Man with the Iron Heart). The harsh measure work and the rebellion dies down in scale. Suspected rebellion hideouts are hit with the assassin satellite, and Terran war machines patrol the streets. Terran drones also take to the air, using their infrared heat, etc, vision to seek out any evildoers :D
    • Brazil: Offers to avenge the killing of the family, and to prove it, uses residual analysis to find and capture three of the terrorists.
  • The Regenetech Empire: secretely begins to fund the existing Soram Revolutionary Movement and also begins to arm them secretly. The rest of the Galactic Alliance (Dravimos, Azaranian and Ahlose only) is invited to support this so that we can make a friend out of an enemy. Meanwhile it supports the United States more and more and soon their technology is on par with Algeria's--higher, according to some.
    • Heh. We really should do a "technological strength" meter. I personally (not biased) think the Terrans have more technological prowess than you because they have much smaller numbers, which requires them to have more tech. (See Protoss vs Zerg or Terran in StarCraft).
    • The Azaranians would be on par if not more advanced than the ancients from Stargate (Transportation relays = stargate network)
    • Actually I think the Regenetech and Azaranian Empires warrant more tech because they are larger. More genetic and special diversity. Larger and more widespread population also means a larger need for faster and greater transportation methods and communication.
    • Wait, so due to the *ahem* misunderstanding about Antarctica, you cut off ties with Centria, but since that was resolved ...
    • I think they're still on our side and not yours.
  • The United States begins pressuring the Central American nations to become US protectorates in case the USAR wants to expand northward. Meanwhile, Panama is convinced to give the Canal Zone to America indefinitely. More people go to the Marie Byrd Land and it is renamed the US Antarctic Territory, soon to become a state. Meanwhile, it quietly decides to fund the Algerian's rebels and also sends some technology to them.
    • Algeria: Algeria, seeing as how the United States supports the rebels, begins to send covert teams into the United States, where they begin to wreak havoc among the American population. Schools are targeted, as well as military bases, financial institutions ... The Empire State Building is bombed, although with minimal casualties. The Statue of Liberty is also severely damaged, and the head is blown off.
    • Hold on, how are you going to tell me that you managed to bomb the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty? I mean, even if you send a couple teams into the US, they aren't going to do that much damage, and aren't going to 'wreak havoc' on the population, at least not on the scale this post seems to say.
    • How would you find out in the first place? A few independent companies thinking that since the Algerian business conglomerates are disrupting the global economy are supporting groups who could possibly change that. And this will just show the the racist whites that blacks really are bad people, killing innocent people not at fault who have no power to change the will of the more powerful. KKK world dominance! Heightened hatred! I doubt you want that.
    • Centria: Denounces such actions.
    • Heh. All they did was plant some high explosives (Terran type) into the Empire State Building (not that hard), and the Statue of Liberty. And wreaking havoc as in making people a bit more nervous, taking down a few national monuments, etc ...
    • And don't you need an RNG for that sort of thing? Seizing the Canal Zone, you'd need an RNG, you cannot control other nations ...
    • Well, the US owned until 1999 when they had to give it back to Panama (per the original treaty) but I doubt Panama will come suddenly and say "Hell no" when faced with masses of intimidating American troops with alien technology.
  • Communist World News Network:' Poland seeks to join the USSR, but Finland will do so only if the USSR reforms more. (Perhaps into a New Union type USSR.)
  • Mechs: The virus infects most human communication devices by October. As the languages of humanity are translated, a message is compiled. This message is broadcast on infected human communications devices. "Greetings, inhabitants of 'Earth'. You live on a beautiful planet and, needless to say, you wish to keep it that way. It has come to our attention that an important relic is on your planet. Efforts to excavate the object are underway. While parts of the object have been recovered, pieces still remain. Most lie in the ocean, but several pieces are in parts of a nation called 'Mexico'. Recently, dig teams have been interrupted by alarmed humans reacting in violence. Please understand that the dig teams are not out to harm you. Now that you have been informed of this, be aware that further violence against dig teams is an act of war. Furthermore, embassies will be established shortly. Thank you."
    • The United States was warned about this, and agrees. (Mexico is American territory). Mechs are free to come and retrieve so long as no human is killed.
    • The Azaranians, suspicious about the mechs, especially after the shutting down a specific array of star systems, The Marshal-Director of the AEEAT sends some agents of the Reconnaissance division to investigate the Mechs in "Mexico". The Azhuranthia Council is thinking of reactivating the Sol-3 relay, located at Stonehenge, which was built by the Azaranians, to officially "have easier relations with humans, and make it easier for Earthicans to visit Mirthiosaly and vice versa, but secretly to be able to send Spies to Earth without the use of Spacecraft
  • The Azaranian Senate votes to send teams to a nation in Sol called peru, to observe the changes since their last arrival 2000 or so years ago to investigate an anomaly in the Sol system that just happened to be the accidental discharge of the Mars Relay. The Azaranian Military Triumverate authorizes secret mission by the AEIT (Azaranain Spec-ops) to investigate the suspicious actions by the mechs: Suddenly stopping efforts to find the homeworld of their creators and then declaring a zone off-limits. The Azaranians' offer to negotiate diplomatic relations are slowed due to non-response, and since the value off ZPMs as WMDs was discovered (via remote or local overload), any trade of this technology is halted. meanwhile, the Azaranians' first Intergalactic probe sends its first message from Andromeda. It Traveled for nearly 10 000 years at 250 times the speed of light through hyperspace, only surviving because of the dynamics of its Matter-energy generator at its core, turning the atoms and subatomic particles around it into essentially unformed matter. Some of its readings have found a habitable planet. Although this probe is not capable of setting up a Transportation relay, the Azhuranthia council authorizes the construction of a second extragalactic probe that can, and this one will however take nearly one hundred years to build and, due to recently developped ZPM technologies, able to use the Tachyon drive engine while in hyperspace to travel to what is known as the Adromeda galaxy in just a few weeks. Years and set up two transportation relays, as this type of travel will very much drain at least ten ZPMs and is only good for this type of travel(three ZPMs for Each Transport relay, one for powering the ship). The future probe is set to make two transport relays, the midway relay, about one million light years from the Milky Way, and another 500 000 light years from Andromeda, and use itself as the final destination, and is to land on a newly discovered habitable planet. The
  • Intergalactic travel is really really implausible. And impossible. Would take a literal trillion years to develop that.
  • We sent a probe into hyperspace, for 10 000 years. Look at the wrath from stargate, they had a hyperdrive that wasn't even close to intergalactic, but after they recovered A ZPM, they suddenly had the power to use their puny hyperdrive to go fast enough to travel between the Pegassus irregular galaxy and the Milky Way. Using the same hyperdrive the probe was equipped with, it would have taken 400 years to cross the galaxy from one point to another. We clearly have much superior technology. It will still take over a century to build the next probe, well, not in the lifetime of this game. We won't have any intergalactic travel for at least another century or three. You know how construction estimates work. They say one thing and then it costs three times more and takes three (or more) times longer!
  • Praedonii: We would like to apologise to the Terran empire for our actions. We admit that we acted before we had all of the information, and hope that we can begin to restore the relationship between our people. As a result of our actions, our leaders have faced a powerful resistance and have been overthrown in the space of just months, and have been replaced by a much more democratic and less greedy government. This new government seeks to establish bonds with other species to avoid war at any cost. To celebrate the rise of a new government, a new ship has entered its first stage of construction, the Loyalty, to mark a new era in the security and development of the Praedonii.
    • Mantelar Alliance: (Secret) We are developing shapeshifters in Sedna (not DNA changes, just external shape), we ask if the praedonii scientists want to assist our investigation with their experience, all results will be share and your help will be rewarded.
    • Praedonii Diplomacy: We accept your request. We would like permission to send one of our research ships into your territory. This ship will be equipped with the latest genetic technology, to help with the research. Our protocols mean that we are unable to reveal the full extent of our technology, but we will do what we can.
  • Mantelar Alliance: Thousands of humans are integrated to the Greenland colony, many of them are clones from random people and the others are volunteers, this is sociological experiment about the possible coexistence between the humans and other Mantelar races. Thousands of Anti-aircraft, anti-missile and shields are build all over Canada and more are gifted to Denmark. The Robotics Ministry start investigating about a new weapon, called "Replicator" a robot able to replicate and evolve. Cloned human spies are send to many nations responding to the Elite Lord only. A secret KW is build in the Moon. The Robotics Ministry is impressed by the few data recollected about the Mechs. One Scientific Group arrives to Sedna. The Sedna industry finishes 12 more battleships.
  • Canada: Open our borders to all people who want to help build a new civilization. The naval fleet incorporated 12 battleships almost automatic. The Mantelar agricultural tech allows Canada to harvest 67 more food that needed. We start economic reforms, all Canadian citizens can claim free food all the year in different Mantelar cities. 75% of the homeless receive a house, 89% of drogadicts are treated. 98% of the criminals are send to psychological teraphy, the other 2% is integrated to the Canadian Special Forces. The CSA protest how the USA leave us out of all their space programs.
    • 30 Battleships????!!?!!?! Where the hell are you getting the money for that, and besides, battleships are obsolete by now ...
    • I know human battleships are obsolete (I'm not that dumb). This one uses alien upgrades (chronite armor, railguns, super-radars, anti-missile defenses). Canada government now has access to mining tech from aliens, electronics (from aliens), and advanced factories. But I will lower it down to 12. (I understand by Battleship a ship with heavy armor and heavy caliber guns)
  • ... But the US hasn't done any space stuff. And besides, our agencies are one: the NATO. When America does it, Canada and NATO are part of it too.
  • NAASA*
  • Algeria: Algeria continues to brutally suppress rebellion in their conquered territories, and it seems to have mostly died down from the harsh measures. Algeria also takes Western Sahara and begins to terraform it - it also begins the invasion of Mali at the urging of the Terrans, easily taking half the nation in 6 months due to Terran technology. Algeria also renames itself to the North African Federation.



Events: Seven people are killed in New York by group called Human High Culture, all of them related with aliens somehow. The US vice president is killed by the HHC with an alien counterpart of a RPG. One NAASA installation is destroyed by an alien powerful bomb, 87 people killed.

In Canada an alien nuclear reactor is sabotaged by a similar group, the energy shield stops the radiation from spreading out. Scientists related with the alien tech are kidnapped and Ottawa is damaged by a powerful bomb.

The HHC steals a great number of Regen weapons and Mantelar bio-upgrades from the US military. In Europe riots are organized and six people die, and the European counterpart of this group starts helping the African rebels against the Algerian, suicide bombers attack military buildings and border patrols.

  • Canada: Canada points to Algeria as responsible for these attacks. Police force is increased and against the protests more help is asked to the aliens. We offer our condolences to the American people.
    • Algeria: Algeria denies that these were from Algeria, our teams pulled out two months ago.
  • Centria: On a moon in the Centrian homeworld's system, a deactivated group of aliens called the Dalex (if you don't get this, you're not a whovian) is found. They were another race in the Centrian system, before a massive war occurred. As they were losing, they merged themselves into robot (think Dalek that can climb stairs) like thing with shield so powerful, you required to destroy the land for miles around just to kill them. However, it was too late, and the Centrian destroyed their homeworld. Having found this, the Centrians decide to use it to aid their allies the Brazilians and thus themselves. Of the 500 Dalexi found, 200 are moved to Australia, where they begin destroying everything they can (on SECRET centrian order.) The Remainder are lost in America, to destabilize it. ALL OF THIS IS SO TOP SECRET, PRETTY MUCH NO ONE KNOWS IT. Then the Centrians come in and deactivate those in Australia (since they have the codes). The attacks are blamed on the HHC, which Centrians are swiftly finding. A Brazilian is found. However, before he can be interrogated, he lights a bit of TORCHWOOD (that's two in one post, and I'm not done yet.) and performs self immolation. Meanwhile, on Titan, researchers mix the DNA of a Centrian baccilus and a human virus and get a microbe called the washta nerada (and that's three.) It is tiny, but airborne. IT tends to swarm in vast amounts, and when it touches something organic it will eat through it, to the very bone. As it is opaque it causes a shadow under it. Hence the name, which in Centrian means Shadow Death. Security protocols are locked down tight, so that no non vetted personnel can even meet the top scientists in Brazil or etc. As a result, the HHC can't attack them.
  • Algeria: Algeria, seeing the attacks in America and Canada, begin to beef up their own security. They seal off all their borders, and the drones patrolling the borders are given the kill order for anyone attempting to cross. They also offer their help in tracking down the criminals who are sinking the global economy.
  • Mechs: Work on the Forge Mk II continues. Meanwhile, several more viruses are created and put in the cyberwarfare storage AIs (secret).
  • The Azaranian spies quickly are able to fit into the human societies due to their outer appearance being very similar. The Azaranian fourth fleet is moved to Sol. The Azaranians make first contact with the Peruvian government, and give a working Zero Point Module (ZPM) as a gift. Work on the transgalaxy probe is set to start within a decade. The AEEAT comes out with preliminary evidence showing that the mechs may be responsible for the destruction of a planet due to the residual radiation coming from the zone that the mechs are denying organics access to.
  • The Peruvian government receives the most powerful power source in the known universe. The Scientists are trying in vain to understand how it works. Instead, the ZPM is set to power the Peruvian Capital, and potentially the entire nation. All non-clean power plants are shut down in favor of ZPMs.
    • Terran Empire: In response to the Azaranians giving ZPMs to the Peruvians, we give the Algerians Khaydarin crystals, which contain about as much energy as ZPMs, albeit in a different way.
  • Denmark: King Frederik IX passes away, leaving the throne to his oldest child, now Queen Margrethe II. She continues her father's mission of working on space exploration, and co-operation with aliens. Her motto is: "With God's help, the love of The People, and Denmark's strength, we will rule the stars." Many people are encouraged to move to Greenland, which will hopefully become the world center of aerospace industries. Thanks to the alien technology, parts of Greenland's ice sheet are melted. Some concerns are raised about "rising sea levels" from environmentalists, but they are mostly ignored. Following the HHC attacks on New York, the police and military are considerably amped up, and more heavily trained. An energy shield around Denmark begins construction.
  • Praedonii: Our government rapidly grows in power, with many powerful politicians and generals giving them support. The Loyalty is completed in our Pluto base. We also begin a new secret project that will infiltrate the most secure government bases in target countries and transmit the intelligence back to us. These targets are Brazil and Algeria, for now, although we have plans to begin similar operations in both the US and the Soviet Union.
  • Mantelar Alliance: The Alliance sends techs as never before to Canada and Denmark, even one ship to each one. Greenland is heavily shielded and many automatic industries and more are built. The Police Corps from the ships are investigating the attacks and we point to the Terrans and some other unknown organization. The hundreds of spies all over the world are investigating the attacks. The 9th Recon Fleet, the 10th Mechanics Fleet and the 9th Battle Fleet arrive to Sedna (more than 30 ships).
    • Praedonii Diplomacy: We offer the Mantelar an alliance, so that we can share our scientific and military resources.
    • Mantelar Diplomacy: We accept.
  • New turn time!


  • Mechs: The Mechs continue construction on The Forge MK II. Patrols in former Phantom space discover a massive derelict flotilla in deep space. Signs show that resources on the ships had dwindled for centuries before the flotilla's inhabitants had put themselves in cryostasis shortly before the original Forge crashed on Earth. The Phantoms had since died when the ship completely lost power. Every ship was rigged to fly into a nearby star. No genetic material is taken from the flotilla and no ships survive.
  • Algeria: Algeria continue to expand, taking the rest of Mali. They begin terraforming Mali also. Meanwhile, troops begin massing in the Egyptian-Libyan border.
  • Canada: economy and society are increased, roads, airports, industries, towns, energy generators, Anti-Missile systems, shields and other infrastructure using alien tech. The police is upgraded with alien tech, as weapons, flying cars (yap), advanced laboratories and more. Most University, College and School Professors receive education by almost instantaneous direct computer/brain interface, a process known as taping, the same to thousands of engineers and other industrial works. Robocops are integrated into the police force.
  • OK, let's end this ... or rather bring it alive.
  • I'll call a vote on the talk page.
  • Centria: Centria, following a council, declares war on the Regentech and their allies! Bring the pain, b!tches! MOOHAHAHAHAHA! The Fleets quickly work, surprise attacking Regentech ships (As in, sending 20 to deal with five). The Ships of the Regentech in Sol are mostly destroyed before they realize what's going on. Also, in order to end the HHC, NY, London, Paris, Tokyo, Mumbai, Beijing, Moscow, and Berlin are completely destroyed in a wave of attacks, along with Leningrad, Stalingrad, Vladivostok, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and San Francisco.
    • Algeria: Algeria, in response to the Centrian attacks, begin the takeover of Egypt, Niger and the entire African West Coast. They begin to cease oil output, and also the missile/laser shield is activated. The military is placed at DEFCON 1, and the entire army, air force, and navy are mobilized. The North African Union Navy bombard Lisbon, and begin to move into Portugal, with the help of millions of Terran war machines.
    • Canada: In response to this war the Canadian forces take Iceland under our jurisdiction. The entire army is mobilized. The borders are still open to the hordes of American refugees. Seven hundred PTDS are now functional. At least two million robot soldiers start to be produced. No war declared.
    • Praedonii: We promise to assist Centria and the Terran Empire in the war against the Regentech and its allies, but we first state that you need to comply with the following conditions: first of all, any intelligence acquired by either of you is shared to us immediately; second, before we join the war, we want all of the enemy's ships cleared out of the Sol system; and thirdly, we ask to make sure that no enemy ships ever arrive within 200,000 light years of the system. We do, however, offer to use our advanced technology as a weapon against the Regentech, as well as large numbers of ships.
    • Centria: Agreed, yes. Anything. Just help./
  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire follows Centria and quickly declares war on the Regentech, sending in their massive Imperial Navy to devastate the Regentechs. Combined with the Centrian fleet, the Regentechs lose a significant amount of ships before the attack is repulsed. However, the Terran side also lost quite a few ships.
  • The Azaranian Senate, hearing of the Terrans' actions against the Regens and Centrians' killings of the Azaranian Delegations that were located in Washington and Moscow at respective times demand retribution. The Fourth Assault fleet, and Second Support Flotilla are sent to aid the Regentechs over Earth. The Azaranians Appear in an instant using the Mars (Interstellar-Transportation) Relay and the Stonehenge Relay, using the element of surprise to turn the tide of the battle to put out immense destruction of enemy fleets with relatively no losses and put the Terrans and Centrians on the retreat ... until re-inforcements arrive at last. The Men on Mars are told to put up the city-wide planetary bombardment shields (Like Atlantis' Shields in Stargate) and shut off the relay until further notice. A smaller version of the shield is put around Stonehenge. Victory seems only temporary, as this was only a fraction of the Race's involved full Naval force, only the ones stationed around Earth ... and the Azarath sent their entire Fourth Fleet for retribution ... a great numerical advantage until the Imperial Terran Naval Re-enforcements arrive. The Front line now seems to be the Asteroid belt (or closer ... element of surprise changes a lot of things in battle ... but only once ... because you didn't go to war with us yet).
    • Centria: Insists that the destruction was purely to destroy the HHC, and that they were targeted blows. The Azarath Embassy survived. *hands diplomats over*
    • Whoops ... forgot I could have put shields in the embassy, you can forget the part about my post where I want retribution for killing diplomats ... we are helping our Regen Allies ... and unfortunately Centria killed a Hundred-plus million to pacify a thousand ... and are allied with the Terrans, who attacked the Regen. if you opt out of the Terran side and help rebuild Earth you might have some war reparations come your way.
    • Well, we started the war actually, so ...
  • Mantelar Alliance: The Elite Lord in the system declares all Mantelar forces in the system independent from the Alliance and in war against the Terran and Centri. The fleet in Sedna leaves the planetoid to hide in the Oort Cloud (you can't find me). The ship on Titan uses self-destruction to destroy the Centri base, no Centrian survivors found and only six from our side survive the giant blast. When the Azaranian force the Centrian and Terran to retreat the Kynetic Weapons System in the Moon starts firing every Algerian force outside the protection. Thousands of weapons and military tech are give to the European army and population. Our shields are put over many different locations in the North Atlantic.
    • Centria: The entire Oort Cloud is destroyed by a Sigma field, along with all of your ships. Don't mess with Centria, and Don't Betray us. 50 fleets and 30 Battle Groups invade the Mantelar homeworld and start blowing stuff up. Said shields are destroyed by heavy fire. And, Canada and Denmark are both utterly blanket nuked, completely destroying EVERY single individual in them, just for treating with you betrayers. We shall bring the pain, Buddy. Not a smart move.
    • ​The Azarath chased you to the Asteroid Belt before the Mantelar got involved ... so Canada is a No unless you come up with some plausible reason to get past the front lines ... without re-enforcements. Canada did not betray anyone yet, and they aren't even the Vassals of the Mantelar. and completely utterly destroying worlds killed the other games ...
    • I'm not sure you could destroy the Oort Cloud without destroying the Solar system. Just watch that the Cloud is all around the system, and is pretty big.
    • The Oort cloud was destroyed by a sigma field. There is literally nothing left. I'd get into the sci-fi schmatics of a Sigma field (invented by Arthur C. Clarke) by It is seriously complicated.
    • Mantelar: You betray us allying with the Terrans. The Mantelar have no homeworld, just a capital world and I'm pretty sure you will have more losses than we will because our army and economy are not centered in any planets, most of our population is living in colonies and the government of every colony can work by itself. Right now we send our Armaggedon Fleet to destroy your colonies, using just Cyclonic torpedoes.
      • Actually, you originally suggested the alliance to me ... Also, how will you destroy a hive mind? You need to kill every single Centrian in existence to destroy the hive mind. And ... You just lost a huge portion of your fleet in the Oort Cloud.
      • Yap, I know I did, the real reason I side with the Regen was because you side with the Terran, and I believed that the Praedonni were going to do the same, so I thought that maybe I should aline with the Regen to balance numbers. :P. And I misunderstood the nature of the Hive Mind. right now we have to kill each other, good luck
      • UMM ... It's Dravimos + Azaranian + Ahlose + Regentech + You vs Centria + Terra + Praedonni ... maybe Soram and Holy Hanzen too but Soram is occupied by the Regens and Hanzen doesn't look like it's going to put up much of a fight ...
      • Most of these species are not even posting.
    • Praedonii: We offer to create a SECRET alliance, as continuing with our current alliance may be a little difficult ... when we are ready, we can combine our forces and recapture the Sol system. If not, we will have little choice but to join the Centri and the Terrans against the Regentech, and losing such a formidable ally would be a regrettable move. As you know, we have secret forces all over Earth waiting to strike, which would be considerably useful to whichever side we join.
    • Mantelar: We accept.
    • Ooh, you traitor. The Regentech are the Bad guys. Why you be signing up with them?
    • Haha, I'm just triying to balance numbers, And you never included me in any alliance and the Terran diplomacyis still hostile to me.
    • That's because he never updated that ... I'm there too and I'm on his side. YOU WERE in the ALLIANCE! Thus, if it applied to us the same offer was open to you.
    • Okay, don't hate me, I don't really like the Terrans, and I was never invited to any alliance, so my decision was based in my relations with the Terrans.


  • Algeria: Algeria, while taking heavy losses, continues into Portugal. Millions of civilians are killed as the entire nation is turned into a battlefield. Egypt is taken over, as well as most of West Africa. Missiles are also launched at Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and other Gulf nations to stop the flow of oil to other nations. Missiles also strike at the Mantelar KEWs on the moon, crippling them.
  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire mobilize most of their military and begin to warp into the Solar System. There is another face-off between the Terrans and the Regen/Azaranians, in which both sides take heavy losses. The Terran Armada also begins to steamroll through Aesir, killing most of the fleet in a few months and destroying many planets.
  • Praedonii: We send a message to the Centri and the Terrans stating that we will not join the war at this current time as our military is not assembled. We also demand that in order to secure assistance from the Praedonii, the Centri must cease all offensive action against the people of Earth immediately. We pledge to protect earth and will stand against ANY nation that tries to attack it. Also, one of our Earth teams in Algeria launches an assault into Algerian missile bases disabling them, but disguised as African rebels. We deploy another team into Portugal, and evacuate hundreds of thousands of civilians through Spain into France and Germany.
    • Centria: Agrees, stating that the primary goal of the attacks was the destruction of the HHC, now achieved.
  • Whoever deleted my post, please don't do it again.
  • CENTRIA: Suggests that a truce be arranged. All sides have taking massive casualties, and this must stop. Centria proposes a peace treaty on the talkpage. Meanwhile Centrian forces are fully mobilized, and Plan Sigma begins. Thousands of Sigma ALPHAs and BRAVOs are realeased in Mantelar territory. The results is the destruction of hundreds of star systems. Also, for the first time in hisotry, a Sigma CHARLIE is detonated near the Mantelar capital world. the Result is the complete destruction of 30 star systems, after which the energy input cancels out the field. (I'll explain about Sigma fields on the talkpage.)
    • Mantelar: There is not going to be peace, you destroyed our Capitalworld, and thats is more than actual damage, most Mantelar population believes the Elite Lords are almost divine beings, and you kill many of them (3000?), somehow my war is now a crusade.
  • Mantelar Alliance: The remaining Elite Lords order the Last Resource. Thousands of nanites are left in hundreds of unhabited system, with the order of selfreplicate with all possible mass in the system (thats faster than you think), once that happens the nanites build with themselves thousands of Mantelar Automaton Destroyers and collect energy from the local star, and then all ships travel to the Centri Republic destroying every intelligence is seen and "eating" whole planets, you can destroy one ship but then the rest of then can absorb the nanites and continue fighting (using both, nanite missiles that eat your ship and energy weapons) in only two months seven hundred thousand Destroyers are ready and killing everyone in the Centri Republic. And also the Dispersion is ordered, all possible people have to leave their planets in comercial ships and stay away from solar systems.
    • Dude, I said NEAR. As a WARNING. Didn't hit your capital. Massive amounts of casualties, though.
  • Now, y'all have no sense of plausibility. I will curse strongly, okay? Whoever started this war, you really did a stupid thing there. 20 to 5? My ass. That's like ten people versus a giant. Why are there Centria attacking the Regens?I thought we cleared out the mess with claiming earth land. I retconned that. Nuclear war? What the is wrong with you guys? Even with anti-nuke technology, no sensible nation is going to come and send missiles around the world. Algerian Muslims attacking Arabian Muslims? You realize that just makes them lose their whole Muslim-ness? Destroying a city of 12+ million to kill a hundred? Destroyed national capitals? Do you want your home system blown out the air? Cause I can do that. Another thing. No nation is going to attack a non-belligerent nation unless they looking for galactic or global domination. And to do that you have to be stronger. So, three options: A: Retcon the game back to the declaration of wars. (You can revise your casus belli.) B: End this game. C: Continue as we are going. I vote A. ~ The Marshal'
  • Scraw, what's wrong with you? I really didn't want to censor your post, but I kind of had to. What's gotten into you? I realize you're frustrated, but this is not the way to express it. Keep it clean. CourageousLife (talk) 01:24, September 13, 2012 (UTC)
  • I warned Guns. He's ignorant. Read a few posts back to when we established the the Centria were only using the Pole, so I retconned all "We hate you for taing human property" thing. He insisted on the whole war thing. Now, we all know very well (at lest you, MP, Lx, and I now) that the whole destroying entire cities and/or planets is against the rules and what killed the last two games. (Looking at the Genocidists.) I mean, come on, some bees are going to come and boats and destroys millions of space ships? Also I think everyone is completely ignoring the sheer size and power of the Imperial ships. And then there's the fact that all the humans of Earth would combine and use their new technology to bascially destroy the entier Centri Republic and maybe devastate a few Terran warships. And why would you attack someone who's not fighting with you? Your friend? Your only shield? Trust, I can blow out the entire galaxy if I want. The Senate just ahs to tkae a vote and the Chancellor just has to press one button and boom! There goes the galaxy. Everyone can start packing up and go to Andromeda if you want. I can always make you do that. If everyone wants to die, consider my next post valid. So vote A for survival! ~ The Marshal
  • The Marshal apologizes for his harsh language. It's just that he hates this kind of implausible stuff and it really pisses him off. He's also hotheaded, so that explains a lot. ~ Spokesperson for the Marshal.
  • Well, everyone can blow out the galaxy ... Also, excuse me. I didn't know that you retconned it. And the humans are fighting among themselves, the Brasilians and Algerians are still against it and they ARE the most powerful nations on Earth since ALL the others were frigging devasted.
  • Regnenetech secret warheads destroy Terra and the Northern-northern quadrant of eeh Empire, killing more tha 30+ billion Terran residents. Meanwhile all borders are closed except the one to the core and parts to teh Dravimos and Azaranian Empire. The Centri Republic is completely destroyed by a couple of Death Stars. The Praedonii ships are all nuked for their betrayal. All civilians in Portugal are evacuated to space. The Empire begins to evacuate Americans, Soviets, Spaniards, Frrenchies, Italians, Angles, Africans, Middle Easterns, and anyone else who wants to go to the edges of Regenetech space where they will be untouchable by the enemy. The Soram Empire is fully annexed and troops remain their. The Hanzen Republic is also invaded as a precaution. The Chancellor and Vice Chancellor are assassinated. The Marshal assumes temporary control. He, too, is killed. The Emperor declares a state of absolute control until the war ends and the Senate is disbanded. No one complains because they udnerstand why. The Royal Family is evacuated to a secret location. All occupants of the Empire are ordered to being receding from the border worlds. Any Terran, Centrian, Hanzen, or Praedonii found in the Empire is executed. Far off troops in Sol begin to install superlaser fire arms on Sol planets, and any and all centrians are captured and executed. Take that b******s.
    • Mantelar Dip: Don't kill the Praedonii, they were secretly at our side, or at least neutral.
    • Nope, they sided with the Terrans.
    • Terran Empire: In response to the Regen attacks, the Terran Strategic Missile Command launch thousands of missiles at the Regen part of the galaxy, killing 50 billion+ Regens. The Terran Imperial Fleet is also sent to Regenetech territory, where they blow some planets up. War machines are built as fast as they can be by Forge Worlds.
    • Like I said, you guys do not read carefully, and do not where to stop. Read CAREFULLY this time.
    • Praedonii: We never sided with the Terrans, and we never had any of our people in your empire anyway.
    • So? I can still destroy them. Anywho, I thought you switched sides.
    • Centria: Destroys your Death stars with Sigma BRAVOs. I can destroy suns, same as you. Two Jupiters isn't even a damn challenge. Meanwhile, a Sigma DELTA is launched into Regentech territory. Unfortunately, we misconstrue the damage it will cause and it destroys the entire galaxy before closing. Everyone's dead. Retcon time.
    • Bravos are nothing. You can't destroy something that large. Meanwhile, your DELTA will have to find the people first, because everyone is moving towards the core, and when we're ext to the core, you can just forget about the power of your SIGMA thingmas because the gravity near the core will rendenr it completely disfunctional. Another thing is that I already destroyed most Centrian in the Centrian terriotry and all the planets with my mass genocide weapons which are never used unless on backstabbers. Anyway, I hate to say this, but I TOLD YOU SO! Why the hell do you never listen to anything anyone else says? You just skim through the writing! I hate it when gamers do that. READ THE SHIT DAMN IT!
    • OK. What the hell is your problem, Scraw? You send death stars, the size of two jupiters. I could ALPHA that and they'd get screwed. BRAVOs can destroy three - four systems. Soo ... Next, Are you serious? I READ WHAT YOU SAID. YOU MAYBE MORE POWERFUL THAN ME, BUT THIS IS LIKE INDIA VS PAKISTAN. INDIA CAN FRIGGING PWN PAKISTAN CONVENTIONALLY, BUT PAKISTAN HAS NUKES. Stop being such a prick. I didn't know you retconned it. And, I read everything you said. YOu used superpowerful weaponry on me? Two can play at that game. And, as I said, it grows exponentially. The Black hole will have no effect on a Sigma because they are four dimensional, not 3-D. So gravity has no effect. It's a damn game, scraw. and you know the problem with this game? EVERYONE can destroy EVERYTHING.
    • You do realize with Azaranian technology we could warp in, shoot, and warp out before anyone could even reat? You have to think This is more like the USA vs. Colombia. Ayways, you know what the real problem is? You THINK you an destroy anything. Wake-up call, Carpet King, you CANT'T.
    • Azaranian technology is powerfull, yes, but the Relay technology absolutely NEEDS an end point, or else you could end up in any random spot within Transportation Relay or superdreadnought-based relay`s effective range. there are still ways of maximizing the probablilities, but still there would be infintite possibilities light years apart. If the Terrans destroyed the Azaranian-built relays as they were gaining territory, the Azaranians had to use traditional hyperdrive or tacheon drive in thee superdreadnought-class vehicules` case. Superdreadnoughts (StarSnatchers) and Dreadnought-class vessels carry Transportaiton relays as their cores, and every ship has a miniature transport relay, that they can use to transport themselves to a ship or planet-based relay in it short (relatively, 1000 for fighters) range. The Main role of StarSnatchers is to transport Dreadnoughts into battle, and there are only 12 into existance. Also, if they become dormant (not used for more than a century), the main reactor shuts down, because not all have been fitted with ZPMs yet, it would take three to six months to get full range up and running. The Azarath have used the technolgy enough in the 6th galactic war (I`m making the cannon invention date pre-6th GW or even pre-5th if the dates are right), so it's no mystery that the Terrans would no if they destroy them we couldn't warp. If that technology were perfect it would be too OP, and this game would be ended in a heartbeat. Remember to include vital flaws in technology so that your enemies can explioit it. if we said that there were a perfect shield and weapons that we could mobilize fleets and destroy entire systems in less than six months, that would really be OP. Remember, the key to these games is that if you have a technology like the Interstellar relays, make in imperfect so that it won`t be as boring and so that you cant just say youre the apex race and everyone bow down to you. NOBODY CAN DESTROY ANYTHING UNLESS THERE IS MAJOR BUILDUP, I WOULD HAVE TO SAY A MINIMUM OF ONE FULL YEAR OF ACTIVE SIEGE AND BE WINNING TO BE ABLE TO DESTROY A SYSTEM. MINIMUM. that is my expert moderator opinion ... I wonder why it's not in the rules yet, I remember ther was a clause about superweapons and destroying systems in the previous two games. and I do understand that the war was to spice things up, but let's roll back this turn because it's really getting quite ridiculous, and remember, make your war actions grounded in reality, so that nobody can just ransack heavily foritified places, and that there is more of a fair game, to make things more interesting (remember, we are looking for longevity, not apocalypse)-Lx (leave me a message)
    • Denmark: After Centria's attack on Earth, and Algeria establishing a foothold on Europe, Denmark leaves NATO to avoid being a Centrian target. Good relations are stressed with Canada and the US, despite leaving. Greenland is now slowly warming, and as predicted, many Danes move there for jobs. The entire southern border of Denmark is fortified, with the most advanced military tech avalible. We ask our good friends the Mantelars to assist in building the fortifications. Meanwhile, the Praedonii are offered an alliance. Rumors of a spaceship of unknown size and purpose being built in a remote part of Greenland circulate.


  • Algeria: With most of the Portuguese and Spanish either dead or evacuated, Terran/Algerian forces easily take the Iberian Peninsula and begin pouring into France. War machines also begin to take over Switzerland, crippling the world economy.
  • Canada: The Army move to Norway, Finland, Sweden and Germany to help the local forces to fight back a possible invasion from the Algerian, thousands of battle-automatons (robots) and Drugtroops (special forces with stimulating drugs) protect the techs buildings shields and the allied countries. 20 Atmospheric Destroyers are built (similar to S.H.I.E.L.D's Helicarrier) to protect the Atlantic from hostile ships.
  • RIGHT THEN PEOPLE, BACK TO REALITY. Emperor Palpatine comes to the Milky Way Galaxy from a galaxy far far away. It turns out Han Solo killed his brother and not his clone. Palpy has been waiting for tens of thousands of years to get here. Now he got here. He begins destroying the galaxy starting with Earth. He rigs the elections to appoint himself President of the USA. He burns the constitution and declares himself Chancellor of the American Republic. Yoda comes from the GFFA and tells him he can't do this without permission of the Senate. "I AM THE SENATE!" he roared. Then he conquered all of the West and stripped the UPSA (Brazil) of all its technology and isolated the continent of South America. Everyone died of starvation. He declares himself Chancellor of the Western Republic. Again, Yoda comes, and again "I AM THE LEGISLATURE!" Then he conquers Algeria in no time flat. He begins bringing Iberians back to Iberia and appoints himself Chancellor of the Iberian Republic and the Western Republic. Then he sinks Algeria like he did to Atlantis 4.5 MYA. He also declares himself Chancellor of the Sunken Republics. He conquers Africa and enacts apartheid all across the continent. He joins the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He is later declared Chancellor of the Soviet Republic. He conquers Australia in no time flat (repetitiveness) and he declares himself Chancellor of the Deser(e)t Republics. He conquers the Pacific, jumping from Hawaii and Australia. He begins a move into Asia and swiftly destroys China and Japan. Then he destroys India, Indochina, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. He is declared Chancellor of the Asian Republic. He declares all his titles merged into Chancellor of the Earth Republic. Then he conquers Europe after lunch. He now owns all of Earth. Yoda comes back. "I AM THE PLANET!"

Then he destroys every non-Palpatine in the galaxy and all the Empires have to band together to save themselves but the Centrians and Terrans are still a-holes and betray the Galactic Alliance. Then Palpy takes control of the Galaxy and becomes Emperor of the Galactic Empires. He dies. I take control of the Galaxies. I free the GFFA into the New Republic and the MWG into whatever it wants. I make the words of Lx law and declare a rollback to peaceful 1970.5 and also appoint myself Supreme Marshal of the Galactic Empires. "No Palpatine, I am the GALAXIES!" said I.

  • Wut
  • What are you talking about Scrawland?
  • Scraw, right now, you're either drunk, raging or crazy, or more probably all three. Are you over the legal limit for drinking in whatever country you are in?
  • >.> That was just a fun way of saying that I'm retconning the game back to 1970.5 because the whole galaxy imploded because of Palpatine.
  • My bad. I only read the first paragraph.
  • Oh yeah, wow. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU RETCONNED IT, scraw. We Centrians no be a-holes. So why you be raging?
  • Dude, it was a JOKE, not a rage. Mucho differencia.'
  • Mechs: The Forge Mk II is finished. The Forge makes its maiden voyage to the Phantom's homeworld and opens fire on the planet. The planet's crust is shattered by the blast and all evidence of the Phantom's existence on the planet is destroyed. The no-fly zone is lifted and The Forge is taken back into Mech Space. Within a decade or two, the Phantom Homeworld will recover, becoming more filled with life-bearing capabilities than it had in the days of the Phantoms.
  • Algeria; With the help of the Terrans, much of Algeria's gained territory is terraformed into farmland. Start of the development of the NeoAlgerian Civilisation.
  • Nightorians; A scoutship from one of the arkships arrives in orbit around Jupiter. The Nightorians set up a telescope within Jupiter's clouds and begin spying on the events taking place further in-system. Nobody else realises that they're there.
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