This is the Battle for Earth Revised Map Game! As some of you might know, the Battle for Earth map game slowly died off, and now Scrawland and I are trying to revive it in all its potential glory. Please obey the rules, and have the most fun possible!

The POD is the same. Human nations detect an unidentified object crashing onto Mars and exploding. While the Americans blamed the Soviets and vice versa, it became clear that neither side was capable of such a thing.

Meanwhile, the various Alien nations discovered what had happened, and in the process stumbled upon Earth. Now the Aliens debate on what to do with the planet and its newly discovered inhabitants, and tensions rise between them...


  1. Please obey the word of the mods and the following rules.
  2. While it is an ASB game, please try to be as plausible as possible.
  3. You may play as one Alien race and one Human nation.
  4. Turns are in quarter years, or three months.
  5. If you are playing as a Human nation, please pay attention to what happens on Earth. If the United States decides to focus completely on Space exploration, then chances are the Soviets will take over the world.
  6. Please refrain from destroying celestial objects. You can use the action as a threat, however.
  7. Please do not uplift Humans too quickly.
  8. The oldest an Alien nation can be is 45 million years.
  9. Alien nations cannot have intergalactic technology unless they are several billion years old. Point is, no intergalactic travel.
  10. There will be an algorithm for planetary wars. There will be no algorithm for space battles, so you must be incredibly plausible.
  11. Mods should not gang up on non-mod players.
  12. Just because your ability is unique does not mean that it is invincible.
  13. If they want, mods have ancient races that can be the oldest at 40-45 million years old. As a result, they automatically have Hyperdrive engines and can choose another ability.
  14. If you have any doubts or questions, ask a mod.
  15. That should be all the rules. Have fun!


There will be two maps. One of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the other of Earth. Should we need any more, then then we will add them.


Battle for Earth Map1
500px-BFER 7


The Insectus now have two more colonies - Titan and the Rojlokki world, the name of which escapes me - and I believe they should go on the map, yes? SPQR 02:11, May 3, 2012 (UTC)

No. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. 00:36, May 5, 2012 (UTC)

Human Nations

Please add any Human nations you wish to play as below.

Alien Nations

To create a new Alien race, please choose two strengths and two weaknesses. One strength can be unique and limited to your race.


Please choose one from below and create one of your own.

  • Rapid Reproduction
  • Hyperdrive Engine
  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Death Ray
  • Death Ray Shielding
  • Racial Confederacy


Please choose two from below.

  • Weak Genetic Diversity
  • No Homeworld
  • Divided Planet
  • Low-Gravity Homeworld
  • Weak Immune System
  • Overly Hostile
  • Complex Government
  • Homeworld in the middle of nowhere

If you think of anymore, please let us know!

Alien Nations

When you have created your race, it should look somewhat like this. Keep in mind that mods automatically get Hyperdrive:

  • Dravimosian Empire Monster Pumpkin
    • Strengths: <Hyperdrive Engine>< Racial Confederacy><Sentient Biological Assimilation>
    • Weaknesses: <Complex Government><Overly Hostile>
  • Itbriell CourageousLife
    • Strengths: <Hyperdrive Engine><Advanced Biological Mimicry>
    • Weaknesses: <Divided Planet><Remote Homeworld>
  • Peregrini Wegscuba
    • ​Strengths: <Multi-Racial Confederacy> <excessively large starfleets>
    • Weaknesses: <Weak Immune System><Homeworld in the middle of Nowhere>
  • ​Azaranian Empire -Lx (leave me a message)
    • ​Strengths: <Hyperdrive><Manipulation of Pure Energy fields ("regeneration" and shtuff)><Please add another perk Lx>
    • Weaknesses: <Complex Governement><TBD>
  • Nova Empire Enclavehunter
    • ​Strengths: <Multi-Racial Confederacy> <Death Ray Shielding>
    • Weaknesses: <Complex Government> <Overly Hosilte>
  • Regenetech Empire: IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Syngraféas Enallaktikí̱ Istoría, Dic mihi lingua Anglorum. (MY OLD RACE, FROM THE OLD GAME, WITH ANCIENTNESS!)
    • Strengths: <Hyperdrive><Firewall><Racial Confederacy>
    • Weaknesses: <TBD><TBD>
  • Insectus Empire: SPQR 19:23, April 12, 2012 (UTC)
    • Strengths: Hyperdrive Engine, Hive mind
    • Weaknesses: Low genetic diversity, Divided Homeworld (a tad hostile, too)
  • Thalmor Dominion Bobalugee1940
    • Strengths: <Racial Confederacy><Hyperdrive>
    • Weaknesses: <Overly Hostile><Superstitious>
  • Terran Empire Flag of South Korea PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs)
    • Strengths: <Racial Confederacy> <Extremely high Technological development due to weak bodies>
    • Weaknesses: <Weak Genetic Diversity> <No homeworld>
  • ​Reapers Doctor261 (Talk to Doctor261) 16:11, May 8, 2012 (UTC)
    • ​Strengths: <Death Ray> <Death Ray Shielding>
    • Weaknesses: <No Homeworld> <Overly Hostile>
  • The Federation of Blible.  Cmdrtrappitt
    • ​ Strengths: < Telekenisis>  <Rapid Reproduction>
    • Weaknesses: <Low Gravity Homeworld> <Homeworld In The Middle Of Nowhere>

To become a mod, a person must pass several requirements.

  1. Be a registered user.
  2. Have at least 1000 posts on the wiki. You don't need to tell me, I can look for myself.
  3. Have a plausible record on map games.

If you apply and pass, then you are now a mod. Congratulations!


The Game

The game will start as soon as we have enough mods and potential players.

The game may now start, as we have enough mods and players! Good luck to you all!


Mars Crashed Debris

Part of the crashed Soram spaceship that crashed into Mars, as seen from an Automaton.

The Soram government sends a few spacecraft to investigate the disappearance of a ship sent to explore the Sol System.
  • Itbriell: The Itbriell receive information of a lost spacecraft in the Sol System and send ships to investigate.
  • Regenetech Empire:
    • April: By Imperial Order, a probe is sent to the Sol System nearby to investigate the recent crash. It is found that humanity, long observed by the Empire, has only recently begun to explore space and has just created nuclear weapons and has entered a Cold War.
    • May: Emperor Vlasvar VI dies and his son Byslank III takes over. The Lukz'ab Army runs into an Azanarian Fleet at the border between the two nations. Nine more probes are sent to the Sol System to observe what is happening on Earth.
    • June: The residents of the Former Ill'bank Federal Empire celebrate their incorporation into the Regenetech Empire. Crown Prince Vlasvar and the Imperial Advancement and Engineering Agency develops several new military tactics and weapons.
    • Early July: The Empire begins construction on a small space station in the Far Outer Sol System, in the Oort Cloud.
  • Nova Empire: The Novans begin research into military tactics and weaponry, but a few funds are placed into self-sufficiency. Probes are sent to the Sol System to discover Earth, the two powerful nations of America and Soviet Union, and nuclear weapons.
  • South Korea: South Korea begins to place soldiers on the DMZ and begins research into ballistic missiles, advance communications, and begins to build a satellite.
  • Senegal: A new president is elected. In a speech to a crowd in Dakar, the capital, he declares "Our fair country was once part of a mighty empire, right here in western Africa. The world has forgotten what we can do, what we are capable of achieving. We shall return to our former glory!" He initiates a large tax break for Senegalese citizens who start their own companies within the nation, and he proposes a plan to build coed schools around the country.
  • Dravimosian Empire:
    • April: The Dravimosian government hears of the Soram government ship disappearing in the Sol System. They send two Xeraji scout ships to investigate, and several automatons land and take surveillance photos. They also gather several examples of armor plating and circuitry to examine them.
    • May: A scout ship enters a new system near the Dresh home system, and it seems that a species is in that system. The government plans to contact them soon.
    • June: Scientists upgrade Dravimosian Automatons, and as a result their shields and response time are improved.
    • Regenetech? Are we near the Dresh homeworld? There's a yellow dot quite near us. :)
    • No, the Dresh are a species in the Dravimosian Empire.
    • No no, you said "A scout ship enters a new system near the Dresh home system, and it seems that a species is in that system. The government plans to contact them soon." Is that a species of the Empire or one of the other player nations or the Soram Empire?
    • Oh, I get it. No, since we have borders with both you and the Soram Empire, the Dravimos know both. It is a hopefully a-soon-to-be member species of the empire.
    • Oh, OK, then. On the side, can we have a formal alliance then?
    • Regenetech Diplomacy: The Empire offers an alliance to the Dravimos.
    • Dravimosian Diplomacy: The Dravimos accept.
  • USA: the USA finds strange crater markings that look almost artificial on the surface of Mars. It is confirmed that it is an artificial spacecraft. Spy networks are put on alert in the Soviet Union to find if the USSR is the cause of this (USSR does not know of this) Current OTL space programs continue with the same successes and/or failures they had in OTL.
  • Peregrini: The Peregrini hear a rumor that a Soram spacecraft crashed in the Sol System. this does not concern the Peregrini, as the system has been researched before. A planet there was recorded as having sentient life, however, a mutant strain of bacteria from the Peregrini homeworld wiped out all inhabitants beyond recovery. though it has been several centuries before a circumnavigation of the galaxy has been attempted by the Peregrini (which takes years without hyperdrive), the damage caused was so great that scientists are certain the inhabitants have been wiped out.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union also detects the object crashing into Mars, and they step up their space program as a result.
  • Canada:
    • April: Canada starts a space agency called the CSA, or the Canadian Space Agency. Canada decides to start a mission to Mars owing to recent developments. The Prime Minister agrees to create the Ares project, the first mission to Mars.
    • May: The first Canadian satellite is launched into orbit. The CSA starts looking into building a space station and/or bases on the Moon and Mars. A launch pad is built in Newfoundland. Another is built on Baffin Island.
    • June: Canada continues research into the Ares program and asks if plans for America's Apollo rockets can be loaned to the CSA. More development is put into the idea of a space station.
    • Early July: Preparations for the first launch of the first Canadian rocket starts.
  • Thalmor Dominion:
    • April: The Thalmor High Judge, Sheogarth, is found to be insane and is removed from his office. His brother, Peryite, is put into office. High Justice Peryite announces that he will personally review all decisions made by Sheogarth.
    • June: Peryite overturns nearly thirty decisions made by Sheogarth during his thirty-year reign as the High Judge.
    • July: Thalmor ships accidentally meet Dravimosian ships; they fire upon the unknown vessels and destroy five of their ships before retreating back to Thalmor space.
  • Terran Empire:
    • April: The Terran Empire send several probes to Earth, several of which latch onto their moon. Also, several more probes release billions of nanites into the space around Earth, which then enter Earth satellites and patiently wait for orders. Meanwhile, trillions more are sprayed all over the world, smuggling into key government facilities and electronic devices of governments all around the world. Meanwhile, the Terran Empire build several more installations, to house their population. Their population now stands at 873 billion, spread over several hundred colonies and installations.
    • May: The Terran Empire upgrade their droid army, which stands at several hundred million, with about three billion more ready to be activated. The industry is improved, and more defenses are set up along the main cluster of the Terran installations. Also, Installation 1, the first installation after the destruction of the Terran homeworld is finally deactivated and dismantled. It had housed three million inhabitants, and had been the biggest installation. Also, their droid armada is also improved, with several hundred capital ships and several million starships. They are able to coordinate extremely well, as that they are droids. Their technology is also one of the most advanced in the galaxy, as they have very small and weak bodies, which lead to early and rapid technological development.
    • June: More nanites are sent into the Earth atmosphere, and more also into the space outside Earth. All satellites on Earth have several thousand nanites inside them. Also, nanites get inside Air Force One, Air Force Two, Marine One, the Crystal Palace NORAD center in the Cheyenne Mountains, the Soviet base in the Urals, all the nuclear weapons, as well as in all secret weapons facilities. Several million droids are also deactivated, as it seems as though it is all peaceful for now. Droids in deactivated mode do not need to be maintained, as they maintain themselves even in hibernation mode. A new version of the Servant Droid v.9.3.52 comes out, which is slicker and faster than the older version. It is used mainly in restaurants, although many wealthy families have it for their personal use. It also comes with a self defense weapon, although it is non-lethal. Finally, research begins on "matrix shields", shields that will be cast by satellites in key positions around the "main cluster", in case of an attack.
    • Pita, I am just warning you, your race is no longer billions of years old, so you might want to tone down your numbers for now.
    • Err, I did...
    • I noticed, but even then, your population probably would not be almost one trillion. Put your empire on the map and we will see.
    • Why not?
    • Meh, I guess not. But your people would have to live on many, many installations. Also, on the map why are some of the other empire's missing?
    • Someone took me (Scraw) and the Novans (Enc) off the map.
    • Secondly, your numbers are still sadly excessively high. I know they're nanites, but billions? And in that little place you have...873 billion? OK. Might I suggest you make the place a bit bigger?
    • Err, yes, billions. Nanites are extremely small, so small that you can't even see them.... so yes, billions. And that little place????? Do you have any idea how large that place is??- Pita
    • Can we start the next turn? This is what ruined the last one.
    • No, half the people didn't even play yet.
    • OK. it would be bad to finish the first turn without them, so, never mind.
  • Insectus Empire: The home world of the Insectus is being ripped apart by conflict between four hive queens. The current reigning hive queen, Iliad the Second, is assassinated, and her daughter Queen Embris takes the throne. She inherits her mother's hive mind of workers and immediately re-establishes the collapsing space empire of Iliad the First. She leads a mission to the world Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, to establish a colony, setting up a new hive. Her daughter becomes Iliad the Third, but instead of destroying her like the usual custom or causing a war between queens, she embraces her daughter and together they establish a massive hive mind to figure out why in the galaxy everybody is so interested in Earth and Mars. She finds a three thousand year old Insectus probe at the South Pole which contains a static message from the legendary Queen Horus, the first hive queen to establish the long failed Insectus Galactic Queendom. On Ganymede, they get to work deciphering the message from their ancestor.
    • No nation ever held sovereignty over the galaxy, and certainly not yours, since your nation is far younger than the ones of the Regenetech, Dravimos, Azanarians, and Terrans.
    • If I claimed to hold galactic sovereignty, I made a dreadful mistake. The hive queens, stunned by the threat and apologizing for unwittingly causing such trouble, flee to their home world.
    • It is okay. We will forgive and forget.
    • Regenetech Imperial Diplomacy: By Imperial order, leave the Sol System at once or face force from the Empire's Grand Navy.
    • Regenetech Response: Thank you for leaving. We are just trying to make sure that the humans do not get scared. We would let you stay, but the humans would start cowering in fear and send probes to Ganymede and discover you. Sorry for anything. You can take your message and leave.
  • China: The Chinese overhear an Insectus transmission referring to the crashed Martian spacecraft and complete building of the top-secret Tai Long program, a series of experimental manned spaceships which were scrapped in OTL at the end of the Space Race. Tai Long 1 is secretly sent into Earth orbit, and Tai Long 2 lands on the dark side of the Moon. Tai Long 3 is sent on a mission to study the downed spacecraft. After creating a replica of the site on Earth, the Chinese begin to build an exact replica of the spacecraft in the top secret Project Wang Mu. The spacecraft will not be finished for a long time, but one thing is for sure - a study of the site proves beyond doubt that somebody shot the spacecraft down! Meanwhile, as information on the projects is leaked out, the people are angered by the fact that the Chinese Communist government is keeping secrets from them and rebellious thoughts spread among the populace. A rebellion, led by the self-proclaimed "first Emperor of the Mian dynasty" starts to form.
    • I don't think you'll be able to overhear a transmission from the aliens, and sending two space ships up, coming back, and beginning to create a replica within this turn is implausible.**

Agreed. Slow it down.

    • Good point. Okay, if they were already secretly working on this for ten years, would you accept it? Also, the Tai Long missions are now unmanned, and Tai Long 3 fired a smaller probe into Martian orbit to take high-resolution photographs of the crash site, therefore eliminating the problems of a Martian probe so early.
    • Well, if they worked on the program for a year or two I would. The Martian crash site has disappeared by now, but I'm sure some other alien event will happen by then...
    • The crash site disappeared because the Chinese destroyed it to hide the evidence.
    • No, the Soram did. Something else will happen, don't worry.
    • Oh, well. I hope the Chinese got good photos before the ship was destroyed...
    • Not really possible.


Thanks for your concern, guys, but no need to wait for the other players to start the next turn. The Soram ships in the Sol System retrieve the remainder of their crashed ships and send stealth fighters to Earth to investigate if the natives know anything.

  • Senegal: A plan to build schools around the country is finalized and put into action, providing jobs for thousands of workers across the nation. Several upstart companies begin extraction of minerals like iron ore and gold and sell them on the global market, bringing in a lot of capital into the country in the process. Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar opens a brand new observatory, and students notice strange patterns on the surface of Ganymede, most likely caused by the impact of a meteor.
  • Insectus Empire: A campaign begins to end the ancient war between the four Queendoms of Talloke. Embris and Iliad, now known as the Hive Mind of Two, succeed in killing Queen Endor the Ninth. In investigation of the probe, they find evidence of the existence of a mysterious "artifact." Its function is unclear and the rest of the message is indecipherable, so a fleet of Insectus head for the Sol System to find the answer.
  • Novan Empire: The Novan Empire continues research on Earth and learns that each capital of the superpowers is Moscow and Washington D.C., and that a small country in the Middle East, Israel, is hated by the Arabs surrounding it. Construction on the space station around Pluto continues, and is expected to be done in 1966.
    • Regenetech Diplomacy: Can we have access to your Plutonian space station?
    • Novan Diplomacy: When it is finished, yes.
    • Regenetech Diplomacy: Thank you. In exchange for this, you will have access to the Caelus, as well as all of our allies.
  • South Korea: South Korea continues to position soldiers on the DMZ, while construction on their satellite continues. An advance version of the Patton tanks begins to go under construction, while Hyundai continues to build good cars, but crappy trucks.
  • United States: The spies in the USSR don't find any Soviet missions to Mars. In fact, they realize that most of their current space programs were started this year. The president then calls the Soviets directly to ask if the object on Mars is their spacecraft. Meanwhile, the government takes a look at another craft which was discovered in New Mexico. This craft is also presumed to be Soviet, but now the government isn't so sure.
  • What craft are you referring to?
  • Soviet Diplomacy: No, the craft was not ours.
  • I was referring to this one that the USSR has no knowledge of.
  • Dude, capitalization.
  • I was just being curious, not critical.
  • Peregrini: The Peregrini hear more rumors about the sol system. they send a diplomat to Itbriell to find out what it's about.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union continues its moon program, and it is felt that a Soviet Cosmonaut will land on the Moon by 1968.
  • China: The Chinese Revolution is taking hold, with the self-proclaimed Emperor Tai Lung spinning a tale about how the gods told him he had been chosen to lead China to freedom. Meanwhile, Project Tai Long is brought to an end and Project Wang Mu becomes the government's top priority. Work on the spaceship Draco I continues as the Chinese scientists begin to unlock the secrets of interstellar propulsion. Some have already started dreaming about the galactic empire of the future...
  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire finish researching matrix shielding, and matrix satellites are put up around the Terran Home Cluster. To save power, they will be turned off, but ready to instantly turn on at the moment's notice. More nanites also penetrate the Earth, as well as the space station around Pluto. Nanites begin to then go inside important political figures in Earth. More installations are built, to support the ever growing population. The droid army is further deactivated, to save up on maintenance costs.
  • France: In a nuclear attack, the city of Paris is destroyed completely. Many government officials, including President Charles de Gaulle, are killed. Fingers are immediately pointed at the Soviets, and France starts to investigate, but does not declare war. Factories collecting dust from the last world war roar to life, manufacturing tanks, jeeps, guns, and bullets, and the French army begins furiously training, preparing for another possible attack.
    • There, I'm not too over aggressive and everything is done in self-defense. Satisfied?
    • Have you already decided who did the bombings? If not, could I use it for a little story arc I have going?
    • Okay, but who do you plan on having bombed you? After all, like I said, we're trying to make sure we don't have over-super-macho-hombre homicidal terrorist beasts pillaging root ships and bombing every other nation they see.
    • Umm, that wasn't me. First come first serve, whoever claims the bombings gets exclusive rights. I would prefer it to be a human nation, but I wouldn't mind an alien nation. Flag of North Carolina CourageousLife 23:34, April 16, 2012 (UTC) (France)
    • Just wait until the next turn to claim it, because nobody's gonna notice it there. Flag of North Carolina CourageousLife 23:41, April 16, 2012 (UTC)
    • United States Diplomacy: The US also blames the Soviets and will take action in case NATO gets involved in a war.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China requests a Soviet alliance. Communists gotta stick together, you know! They also say that if the Soviets did commit the bombings, then they will support them in a potential war with France and its allies.
    • Brazilian Diplomacy: We too, blame the Soviets.
    • Dudes, any of you ever heard of grammar and spelling?
    • South Korean Diplomacy: South Korea also blames the Soviets.
    • Canadian Diplomacy: We aren't pointing fingers.
    • Soviet Diplomacy: The Soviet Union denies that they have bombed Paris, stating that the Soviet Union would gain nothing from starting World War Three.
    • Senegalese Diplomacy: We will not assign blame prematurely. However, the president assures that what little armed forces Senegal has will be used to fight against whoever launched the attack.
  • Thalmor Dominion:
    • July: The Thalmor Army begins to find evidence of a mysterious artefact on the planet New Atmora. They find several thousand small pieces of bone and large amounts of ship parts that seem to be extremely old.
    • August: The artefact is found to be the DNS White-Gold that was lost nearly 200 years ago. Excavation begins.
    • September: The DNS Summerset Isles accidentally warps into the Sol System after their hyperdrive engines malfunction. They immediately relay their coordinates to the Thalmor Admiralty after they discover the presence of life. Nearly a dozen full battleships are sent to the region.
    • Love the Elder Scrolls references, lol.
  • Dravimosian Empire:
    • June: The unidentified species is now able to communicate with the Dravimos Scientists, and they appear eager to join the Empire. Their unique Biology presents a problem, however.
    • July: A new design for a hyper-advanced capital ship is laid down, and the hull begins construction.
    • August: With the rising commotion in the Sol System increasing to large levels, the recon fleet is reinforced by several frigates and a few cruisers. A small recon space station is started around the orbit of the Pallas Asteroid.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union continues its Lunar program, and forces are put on alert in case of any NATO attacks.
  • Regenetech Empire:
    • July: By order of the IAEA and approval of the Imperial Senate, Operation Caelus begins to build a space station in orbit of Uranus that all nations can have access to. An Imperial Freighter is sent to the Dravimos to demonstrate what goods the Regenetech have.
    • August: An alliance is offered to the Azanarians. More microregos are sent to Earth to examine it. An Oil Crisis begins on Chase, the homeworld of the Kazorians. Gold Rush of 2659 begins on Krandor, a moon of Endor.
    • September: The Stonehenge Monument on Earth (called it!) is shifted one nanometer left in order to allow Sol to strike on one particular spot in Britain. Kazorian Chase is sent drill droids by Imperial Order.
  • Canada:
    • July: The CSA builds the first prototype Ares rocket, based on the Apollo rockets of America. Ares I is prepared for launch in November. The PM gives more federal aid to the CSA.
    • August: Canada sends two probes, Columbus and Hudson to explore the Solar System.


The five Soram scout ships underestimate the force of the Earth's gravity, and four crash into the planet. One crashed mostly intact in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, one fragmented and landed in Poland, one crashed into the Arabian desert, and the final one splashed down in the South Pacific. The final ship returned to the Soram homeworld to report the event. The Local authorities transport the ships to secure locations.

  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire's Imperial Armada is equipped with matrix shielding, and it is generally upgraded as well. Also, many fixed turrets are replaced with missiles, as that fixed turrets are easy targets for the enemy. Also, the droid army is further deactivated, stored in storage installations. However, as said earlier, it can be reactivated at a moment’s notice. Matrix shields are also completely set up around every Terran installation/colony, and it is hoped to scatter Matrix shield satellites all around Terran space. Also, auto-turrets are built and launched into Terran space, where they will sit and patrol the area, while taking orders from Terran High Command. Also, a new bio-weapon is created, specially for Earth. It is airborne, waterborne and insect/rodent borne, and can also be spread through human contact. Several humans from their “Third World Countries” are taken and the bio-weapon is tested on, with the death rate being 14/14 taken, and taking about 1.5 months, since if it kills too fast, then it would not be spread. Meanwhile, 1/4 of the regular army, all volunteers, take cybernetic implants inside their body to strengthen them physically, and be able to take on more pain. Finally, a new version of the soldier HUD comes out, named Battlefield v.2.4.23, which gives the soldiers great coordination over the battlefield, and be able to fight better.
  • Pita, must you be a complete homicidal-genocidal galactic terrorist again? That's what ruined the last game. Almost everyone (including your allies the Salaamberians and the Democrists) got pissed off and stopped playing. Anyway, this time I can blast you to oblivion if you want. Just saying. The whole reason we created this game was so that everyone would keep playing, at least longer than the last game. I mean, you can do some killing, we need that, but don't go and be prepared to blast some whole entire freaking species to nothing.
  • Novan Empire: Construction on the space station continues, and more probes are sent to Earth, and plans to begin an colony on Pluto begin. Meanwhile, a small task force is sent to the Sol System to protect the space station and construction crews, while foot soldiers are positioned on parts of the space station that are completed.
    • Regenetech Diplomacy: Please don't build any colonies inside the Sol System because we don't the humans to go all "Jesus H. Christ!!!! There's a nonhuman blub on Pluto!!!!!" Maybe you can build it with the aid of Regenetech Cloaking Droids, who can cloak it.
    • Novan Diplomacy: That can work.
    • Regenetech Diplomacy: OK, then.
    • Regenetech Empire: By Imperial Order, 8000 Cloaking Droids are sent to Pluto to assist the Novans in building a Plutonian base.
    • Regenetech Diplomacy: The Empire offers an alliance to the Novans.
    • Novan Diplomacy: We gratefully agree.
    • Peregrini Diplomacy: The Peregrini want to know of this new information regarding Jesus' middle name.
    • Regenetech Diplomacy: It is actually an old Regenetech joke. One probe, which had poor transmitter, sent sound recordings from Jerusalem saying "Jesus! Hey! Christ!" said by Greek and Roman travellers at the same time. This translated to "Jesus H. Christ."
  • South Korea: South Korea continues to mobilize troops to the DMZ, and launches an satellite into space, to become the first South Korean satellite in space. Secretly, the South Korean Military Command begin to prepare for an infiltration in North Korea to disable any plans for nuclear weapons or space flight. NOTE: This is secret.
  • Insectus Empire:
    • October: Upon arrival in the Sol System, the Mind of Two are shocked to witness a rogue queen, Sevirus, bombing a historic human city called Paris just to kill an archaeologist on the trail of the artefact. The queens send out their hive mind to find Sevirus and the artefact.
    • November: After a month of searching the Sol System, it proves clear that the artefact is between the orbits of Saturn and Mercury. The search is narrowed down and all the ships are shielded so the humans don't go ##%$&%&**! and start committing mass suicide.
    • December: The queens decide the artefact is not on any of the Jovian moons or Mercury and narrow down their hunt. They station themselves on Triton, a Neptunian moon, and continue the search with better shielded workers. They also study the probe to decide what exactly the artefact is. Meanwhile, Sevirus hides on the Earth's moon and continues her own hunt for the artefact. She has a better idea of just how powerful it is...
  • Notice: Triton is already a base to other species. Rogue Illbanks arrived there hundreds of years ago.
  • 'Okay, then, forget Triton. Titan. It's a moon of Saturn, sort of like Earth but freezing, has volcanoes that spew antifreeze and a methane cycle sort of like the water cycle on earth. Pretty much Earth's weird little brother. We'll set up a base there.
  • I know what Titan is, I'm practically the World Factbook for Objects in the Solar System. OK, Titan is fine.
    • ​Peregrini Diplomacy: The Peregrini want to know information about this human language that uses only punctuation marks.
    • What?
    • What he means in ##%$&%&**! That was human cussing bleeped out.
    • lolz
  • Peregrini: (The last two posts I made were just cheesy jokes - I couldn't resist. delete them or keep them if you want) The Peregrini decide to send the crew currently in Itbriell on another circumnavigation of the Galaxy. their next stop is in the Novan empire - and they request any information about current events in the galaxy - including the Sol System.
  • China: The Chinese find a crashed Soram spaceship in the South Pacific and use it for the finishing touches on their starship. The ship is completed by late August and a test flight around China proves successful. Three more are under construction in their factories.
  • The Ship mostly sank. And what would the Chinese navy be doing in the South Pacific? Not to mention you are kinda expanding too fast without any aliens helping you.
  • Also, how would you use it for finishing touches???? How would you know how to use, etc. Also, why were you in the South Pacific??
  • The Chinese couldn't not notice the crash and release this was another one of the ships they were already building. Also, I am drawing a bit on secret history, the idea that China was already well into their space program, though secretly of course. I know we can't use secret history here, but nothing says we can't turn it into alternate history. So this explains the advances. And agreed, they might not know how to use it, but they were researching the program for a quarter of a year, so who's to say they couldn't eventually figure it out through trial and error?
  • No, no and no. A: It's the Cold War. If you get caught with a secret space program: You go BOOM. B: Vietnam War. It is one of your proxy wars. You're also doing other stuff on the side? You go BOOM. C: China under a Communist government is too new. Already you as China are starting a space program? We make you go BOOM.
  • You still haven't explained why you were in the South Pacific, not to mention, the Chinese wouldn't know about the Aliens until now anyway. Too soon for Humans to be interstellar travelers.
  • Wasn't this during the Cold War? 60s?
  • Thalmor Dominion: The Thalmor Navy in the Sol System begins to investigate the strange energy signals coming from Earth and find one of the downed ships in Pennsylvania. They immediately confiscate the crashed ships before the humans can investigate. They also drop a nuclear weapon on the town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania to make sure the local population wouldn't tell of their "visit". The Thalmor Army attacks the "rebel" planet of Ysgramor for mass Talos Worship. The inhabitants are completely obliterated.
    • Yeah, that's not going to get noticed at all...
    • Bob, if you read correctly, the US Government took it away, to Fort 51, and you are not allowed to know that. No one is. You're also not allowed to investigate without sending something unnoticeable, like nanites or something microscopic. No navy is going to land on Earth yet. Period. Or an exclamation mark, if you prefer.
  • Dravimosian Empire:
    • October: The new alien species has almost been absorbed into the Empire peacefully after scientists create bio-suits for them when they are around other species. The first councilor of this new species is proposed.
    • November: Upon several months of investigation, military commanders and analysts reveal that the ships that destroyed a few Dravimos ones were from an unidentified species. Investigation for their homeworld begins, and the first model of a hyper-advanced Corvette-class spaceship is first unveiled to the general public.
    • December: The Pallas Recon Station is hurriedly completed when they discover the crash of their Soram rivals. One Cruiser and three destroyers are sent to protect the station, bringing the number of ships in the Sol System to ten.


Can people please stop editing for a few minutes so I can get my piece in?? The Vietnam War continues on, and the Viet Cong make some gains. The next turn will begin soon.

China: Draco I and Draco II fly a top-secret mission out of the atmosphere, where they observe a secret American facility known as Area 51. The mission is a success, and the Draco III is finished with standing ovation. Project Wang Mu becomes absolute top priority, so the government fails to observe the revolution forming and the emerging Mian "dynasty" steals ten thousand guns before the government becomes interested.

As if that would happen. I'm so tempted to say "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no."

Why can't the Chinese secretly do this? I want a reason.

Read what I wrote above about going BOOM.

It would be possible for a small counter-revolution to take place. Probably wouldn't succeed, but it could happen.

No nation would put a space program ahead of national affairs unless some astronomer or something became a dictator or such.

I've been going over the China posts I made, and I have decided none of them count - China will be introduced next turn. So much editing otherwise...


October: The Insectus narrow down their search to Venus, Earth and Mars. The Artefact seems within their grasp.

November: An attempted expedition of Venus turns up not a trace of the Artefact and leaves only workers and probes totally incinerated, so the search narrows down to Earth and Mars. Meanwhile, on Talloke, Queen Amarylis is mobbed by warriors from the Hive Mind of Two and brutally injured.

You can't even go through the Venusian atmosphere.

Well, we have futuristic shielded spaceships, but just to make you feel better they dissolved on the surface and a scan showed no trace of the Artefact, so they decided to look elsewhere.

It's spelled "artifact."

Futuristic shielded spaceships? This isn't a sci-fi fantasy.

Humanity has done it. If we can, so can they.

Humanity has done what?

I was inspired by, and on that show it is spelled Artefact.

Humanity has had spacecraft enter the Venusian Atmosphere and survive for a long period of time. Aliens could easily do the same.

A ship, yes. The Insectus people, no.

Quote from that article, Matt: "This article's title is a nickname, based on conjecture or similar. The correct title is unknown." Also, they spelled the title of the page right, but whoever wrote the page spelled it wrong.

None of this has any point! After their probes and workers melted, they scanned Venus. No Artefact. End of story. And yes, I will continue to spell it that way because it is cooler than with an "i".

December: While in hospital, Amarylis is killed by a suicide bomber and her hive mind is absorbed, therefore destroying the last of the three rogue queendoms. Peace and prosperity looms on the horizon. Meanwhile, Mars has nothing to do with the Artefact, and a search of the Moon turns up nothing but Sevirus's hideout. She is captured and tortured, eventually confessing that the Artefact is a cold fusion engine as powerful as a star and contains the power to create planets or destroy them. She dies with the words "The irony, such a power, and yet in the hands of such a puny race. For there is no option left to consider but the fact it is on Earth..."

Artificial Stars: No. Super destructo weapons: no.

Trying to make the game interesting, okay? How about just planets, and forget the terraforming. And forget artificial star, just some cool cold fusion weapon, OK?

Terraforming is good. Most of us have terraforming powers.

If so, then it is worthless, whereas a planet destroyer (real or rumored) will generate interest ...

Generate interest? Is that what you are trying to do? Why would you want to do that?

Because we want people to be having fun ...

We technically have artificial stars today, but they would not be able to destroy or terraform anything.

Look, an engine fueled on cold fusion that has something SIMILAR TO an artificial star that can create or destroy planets.

Terran Empire: The Terran Empire develop a new version of the nanite, called the Construction Nanite. Installations are now built with trillions and quadrillions of nanites, which constantly repairs whenever needed. They begin to also deploy nanites as an offensive weapon, secret! Also, nanites go into the Pluto base, and observe things there, feeding live video/audio back to Terran HQ.

Quadrillions. I know they're nanites, but here's a rule: If you can't count that far in a minute, you can't use that number.

-.- One cc has billions of nanites. Yes, Quadrillions.

I think I know that. Do you know how many billions make a quadrillion? And did you ever realize that they're small, so they can be unnoticedly crushed?

Regenetech Empire:

January: The Caelus is completed in orbit around Uranus. Several more droids and personnel are sent to Pluto. A microspecter discovers a Terran nanite on Pluto but fails to recognize it. A commercial fleet is sent to the Dravimosian Empire and another is sent to the Novan Empire.

Insectus: The hive queens ask for permission to use the Pluto space station in their hunt for the Artefact (with an "e"), as Titan doesn't have enough resources. They also ask if the Regenetech would like to own the colony the Insectus st up on Titan.

Novan Empire: The Space Station Pluto goes online, and is manned by fifty people. Research into anti-micro devices begins, which is capable of detecting any micro synthetic or micro organisms. More personnel are sent to Pluto, while a Novan task force enters space.

Regenetech Diplomacy: Would you like our microspecters? They are micro devices built to find enemy microspecters.

Novan Diplomacy: Nova would accept the offer, and thanks the Regenetech.

South Korea:

Peregrini: The Peregrini find that the natives of earth not only survived, but have thrived. they plan to do a fly-by of the planet, and send self-replicating probes to the surface of the new planet.


Insectus: The United Hive Mind discovers that Endor the Tenth, a rogue daughter of Endor the Ninth with no hive mind, is fleeing Talloke on the stolen merchant ship Isthiskis, meaning "warrior" in Standard Insectus. They track her down all the way to the Kuiper Belt, where her ship is damaged by UHM laser weapons and crashes into Eris before being attacked by two UHM fighters and incinerated, thus eliminating the very last of the rogue lines and ensuring the UHM total control of the Insectus Empire. The queens celebrate with a tour of Talloke and pause the search for the artefact to start expanding their borders. They also propose a Regenetech alliance.

Regenetech Diplomacy: Not for now, but we offer trade agreements and offer to help find the Artefact.

Insectus Diplomacy: Thanks. We accept the offer. Of course, how do we find it without the humans flipping out? And where did it come from, anyway? So many questions ...

Regenetech Diplomacy: Simple. Cloaking droids, of course.

Oh, yeah ...

China: Communist China is becoming very curious about what the %^$%^*%* is going on in outer space and begins work on Project Wang Mu, starting work on a potential manned spacecraft called the Tai Long. Meanwhile, Qing revolutionaries are riling up citizens to overthrow the Commies and establish a democracy or something. The self proclaimed "Emperor of the Mian Dynasty", Shi Lao, is the head of the revolution and promises 1000 years of peace if Communist China is destroyed.

Soviet Union: The Soviet Union launches a probe at the Moon, setting the stage for a lunar landing within five years. They send aid to the Communist government of China.

Dravimosian Empire: The Empire continues monitoring activities in the Sol System and starts to test their new ships.

Novan Empire: The Novan Empire, after probes return from Earth upon hearing the news, sends a small squad to Earth (with cloaked technology, of course), to watch the uprising and revolution up close, and will relay information to the Novan Warships, who will archive it. The Novans also prepare to indirectly intervene (as in disrupting supply lines of the Communists by using EMP weapons on their vehicles, and disrupting the navy by secretly cutting holes out of the sides of the ships. Note: These are all done by drones, and no actually aliens will land on Earth, besides the recon team). The Pluto Station is online, and construction on the cloaked colony continues. The Task Force One lands cloaked troopers in the Mojave Desert to secretly research the world by land. They discover an vast city called Las Vegas, with loud automobiles and an weak military. They also discover that the current President of the US is Richard Nixon, and that America is caught up in an war. (Brought over, Enclavehunter put it on the wrong game, LOL. :D)

Terran Empire: The Terran Empire continue to put up Matrix shields, and a small installation is send to the Solar System. It begins to orbit Neptune, and more are built and sent. They are equipped with nanites, and nanites are released into the Solar System, where they latch onto any electronic thing out there. More nanites flood the earth, targeting power generators in general, where they listen in onto the humans.

Thalmor Dominion: The Thalmor begin to search out near the very edge of the galaxy for signs of life, so far they find none. The Thalmor Navy continues to send several ships to the Sol System. The Thalmor continue to fight rebels that continue Talos Worship, most notably is New Jorrvaskr, a large trading hub that is populated mainly by Nords that continue to cling on to the "old Nord style" and continue the banned worship. The Thalmor begin to crack down on the planet's inhabitants and nearly seventy thousand are executed for Talos Worship. The Thalmor also establish a small space station around Jupiter called Akatosh.


I have made a species page, I would suggest you guys do the same :) Also, please look at it and comment! :D Terran Empire (Battle for Earth)

You're late. Really late. Three to five of us have already made nation pages. Oh well, looks like you're using the old page. :)

The turn begins as soon as everybody has played. if you have already played last turn, and you are getting impatient, you can post here.

Insectus Queendom: The Insectus Empire is renamed the Insectus Queendom, and the UHM becomes the sole world power. With their homeworld united, the Insectus can finally take to the stars. A new colony is set up on the planet Agron, and on the surface they find the dwindling remains of a once powerful spacefaring empire, the Rojlokki. Their emperor, Aadbar VII, makes an alliance with them, and the two share their knowledge and resources to begin the Artefact campaign. Shielded drones investigate the continent of Africa and find nothing, though they make intriguing observations of the human race and discover, ironically, that the place where the human race was born now has one of the lowest human populations and is being torn apart by instability and warfare. Relics of a failed map game called Human Evolution are collected. (LOL!) They begin scanning of Europe, too, and find that it is a fascinating place full of culture and great cities. They visit the ruins of Paris, which Endor the Ninth destroyed, and leave flowers at the wreckage of the Eiffel Tower. Meanwhile, a scan of the Catacombs turns up a strange crystal that seems to contain clues to the location of the Artefact. Following the trail, they immediately head for the Emperor's Tomb in China.

Good luck not alerting anyone! :)

Regenetech Empire:

July: The Empire sits around being bored, so the Emperor makes an Imperial Decree stating the the Empire will always be the last one to post in the game so that it can respond to everything. This becomes the 117th Amendment to the Imperial Constitution, and the first amendment since 1929 CE.

Is this a cheesy joke?

Yes. But from now on, I will abide by this rule.

Good. I should have thought of that first...

Dravimosian Empire: Dravimos Technicians discover nanites infiltrating the Pallas Space Station's electronics, and a scan of the nearby ships reveal that they are there as well. Over a period of a week, they are all removed. They are identified to be Terran manufacture, and the Dravimosian government angrily demands that the Terrans never do such a thing again to Dravimosian ships. The Corvette prototype is shown to be very effective during engagements, and is now being mass produced.

Soviet Union: The Soviet Union begins constructing the space mission that will land Humans on the Moon. It sends aid to the Communist government of China. The Soviet Union officially lays claim to a section of Antarctica, naming it the Soviet Antarctic territory.

Thalmor Dominion: The Thalmor settle more regions in the lower edge of their territory, near the very edge of the galaxy. The space station Akatosh expands and settlers begin colonies in the Jovian moons for materials. The Thalmor launch the SS Ysgramor which is the largest carrier in the Thalmor fleet, holding 1021 fighter, bomber and shuttle ships.

​Communist China salutes the USSR.

Communist China: Project Wang Mu continues and their first spaceship is nearing completion. They are alarmed to find that an unidentified flying object is heading towards the Emperor's Tomb before it vanishes. They begin a UFO program similar to Project Flag in the US. Meanwhile, they offer an alliance to the Soviets. The Mian Revolution is gaining power, and now the majority of Chinese citizens are plotting against the Commies. The "emperor" is alarmed when the same UFO flies over. Believing it to be a sign from the gods, he rallies up the rebels, gives them arms and starts sneaking out important government documents, discovering that there is a weak spot in Beijing where anti-Communists have tunneled into the government building and bribed some of the guards. A strike is prepared through these tunnels.

Terran Empire: The Terran Empire begin development of better nanites which cannot be detected so easily. Also, the remaining nanites are set on military mode, set to attack anyone trying to tamper with them. They will simply punch through their throat, or whatever they are wearing. More nanites are also released into the Solar system. Also, more droids are deactivated, and a de-militarization mind takes hold of the Terran population. Instead of offensive weapons, more defensive weapons are created and set up, such as more matrix shields, floating turrets, and other nasty tricks. Anti-matter and nuclear weapons are also placed at strategic places along the empire, ready to explode at the enemy.

US: the US continues working on sending a man to the moon before the decade is out. A branch of the military is created that will investigate all alleged extraterrestrial sightings.

Peregrini: Hundreds of self replicating probes now dot the earth's surface. Due to their advanced cloaking devices, they have not been seen yet. However, they are armed in case any native life becomes antagonistic.

Azaranians: The Azaranians finally emerge into Galactic affairs with a new Emperor after nearly 2000 years of Isolation during Arhan X T'Loak's reign, and the New Emperor, His cousin, Azaloth V T'Loak. This NEw Emperor Expands his dominance, and sends a team to reactivate the Mars relay, a device left on the red planet that is Azaranian tech, and that can seemingly "teleport" objects from nearly one million light years away. There is a catch, it needs a start and end point however...and power, and the Mars Relay only has enough left to move one team of engineers to send to it. The great face of Mars lights up, and a great streak of light is seen dashing from the planet, before the fave and the pyramids stop their glow, until they are repaired. The team also brings equipment to set up a habitable camp. It is expected to be up and running within five months.


July: Canada launches Apollo 5, enroute to the Moon. (Sorry Americans, it's just that we used your plans and advanced on them!)

August: Apollo 5 lands on the lunar surface.

No moon landings yet.


1966.75 ===

Insectus Queendom: The Insectus have shielded themselves and done a preliminary scan of the Emperor's Tomb, turning up a scroll emitting strange energy signals. After abducting a translator (a hobo in the middle of nowhere, no witnesses) they discover that the Artefact was made long ago by the Rojlokki. They came to Earth at the dawn of civilization and kidnapped seven humans and seven Neanderthals. Together, the three races created the Artefact. But one of the humans betrayed them and stole the Artefact, sparking a war that destroyed the Rojlokki. The last of the Imperial Humans returned to Earth years later and founded a tribe that became Ancient China. He had the Artefact. The Artefact was passed down through generations of emperors until one lead a fleet to North America. He died and the Artefact was buried with him in a hidden tomb. The translator is given amnesia and left behind as the fleet heads for North America.

Primeval Wiki spelled it wrong. Trust me.

Insectus Diplomacy: To the Regenetech. Want to help us find the Artefact with an "e"?

Soviet Union: The Soviet Union detects multiple unidentified objects over China. Not knowing what they are, they decide to take matters into their own hands and invade Manchuria and Ugyhuristan, trying to prevent the Mian revolt and an expected Western attack.

Dravimosian Empire: The Empire decides that the situation on Earth is becoming too complicated and troublesome, and the Pallas station is moved to Mars Orbit. The rest of the fleet is moved to Earth, where they make landing zone in the North Pacific. Technicians discover more Terran Nanites, and after ten people were killed the nanites were completely purged. The Dravimosian government orders the Terrans to stop sending Nanites to Dravimos vessels or bad things will occur. Nanite checks are now mandatory for any type of ship.

Regenetech Repsonse: The RE does the same.

Insectus Diplomacy: The Insectus offer help in a potential war on the Terran Empire, putting a quarter of their hive mind at the Dravimosian's disposal.

Regenetech Empire:

October: The Empire, following the Dravimos, scan everything and several quadrillions of Terran nanites are discovered and reprogrammed to trick the Terran. (Secret.)

May I ask how they were reprogrammed?

How do you reprogam anything else? By opening them up and rewiring them. Same as anything else. Quite obvious.

..... Nanites. Think.

I think if anyone is advanced enough to own a couple of quadrillion nanites and build and rebuild them swiftly, they'd have discovered how to open em up.

```Terran Empire:``` The Terran Empire continues to update their nanites, and releases a new version (secret) that is undetected by current Regenetech or Dravimos standards. They, however, amp up their nanite detection against enemy nanites. Military nanites are also produced more and more, as the High Command begins to realize the potential in an unseen enemy. They also strongly caution any Earth landings, as the Earthians are extremely paranoid and may open fire on any "aliens". The Droid Army is deactivated even more, and a new version is developed, to match the latest EMP. The hundreds of millions of droids automatically update themselves. Another world is colonized, and turned into a Forge World. Nanites continue to be released in Dravimos space, although they do not entire Dravimos ships. Nanites are also mass produced and released all across the galaxy, as the prime SIGINT machines for the Terrans. Nanites go back to Passive Mode, which makes them harder to detect although defenseless. The military gets rid of 20% of their hardware, and use the budget saved to upgrade their current vehicles/hardware. Soldiers are now equipped with Personal Cloaking Devices, although Droids are not. Also, a new ad-on to Terran armor makes it so that if a soldier becomes badly injured, the soldier is immediately warped back to a Terran clinic where they are healed up.

Communist China: The Chinese discover the plans for the revolution and start working against the Mian Dynasty. The Emperor launches the attack on the Communist's weak point and attacks. The revolution is unsuccessful and its leaders are executed, but the Emperor dies a martyr, raising his hand to the heavens and proclaiming that "it is time" before the firing squad fires eight bullets into his chest and three into his head. His martyrdom inspires his son, now the Mian Emperor, to continue the revolution, and the Chinese Civil War begins.


A fleet of twelve Soram ships enter the Sol system and enter orbit around Venus.

Communist China: The Chinese Civil War is so far a mainly one-sided affair, with the Commies greatly outnumbering and outgunning the Mian revolutionaries. But Emperor Zhan-shi Shuguang seems to have a great deal of luck on his side. The Communists ask for Soviet assistance against the Mians. Meanwhile, the leader of Communist China is injured by a Mian rocket and appoints his head general, Zhan Shi-ying Huang Dao, temporary leader. He institutes martial law, stating that all those suspected of being a Mian will be imprisoned and executed without trial on any evidence, no matter how flimsy.

China is Communist for now.

I know.

Terran Empire: The Terran Empire watches the turmoil in the nation named "China" with great interest, and wonder how this will work out. They remain passive for now, however. The Droid Army is further deactivated, with increased funding towards the Space Navy. Also, the Terran Empire's nanites begin to infiltrate Peregrini probes.

Insectus Queendom: The Rojlokki Alliance is going great and the two races are closing in on the Artefact at top speed. North America has been scoured and now the only place left is Northern Canada. The hunt for a forgotten Chinese emperor continues. Meanwhile, some Insectus fighters turn around to study the civil war in China, fascinated by the turmoil of the human race. The queens themselves arrive on the cloaked ship Scythaskiths, the Common Insectus word for "new dawn." They begin a campaign to learn as much about human history as possible in case the human race is lost and all their records are destroyed. The Regenetech are asked if they could provide assistance in the quest for the Artefact. The one with an "e."

I wish to ask the Regenetech to follow up on the offer to help us find the Artefact. You will have the rights to the Artefact, since the Insectus, being a generally peaceful race now, have no use for something so dangerous.

Matt, trust me, it's with an "i." Haven't you seen the name of the page on the Primeval Wiki? Unless you created something that does not mean "an ancient thingy left behind by ancient people," it is with an "i."

I know, but on the show it was spelled with an "e" and it just looks cooler that way. Besides, this is pretty much a pointless debate. Funny, but pointless nonetheless.

Yes, funny. All right, I suppose we ought to give it up.


Soviet Union: The Soviet Union fortifies its positions in Manchuria and Ugyhuristan. Suspected Mian forces are rounded up and sent to Siberia. Noticing recent inactivity by the United States, the Soviet government makes secret plans for theoretical invasions of Japan, South Korea, South Vietnam, Iran, and Finland.

Chinese Diplomacy: Communist China salutes the USSR in their campaign on the Mian Empire. Zhan Shi-ying Huang Dao asks for an official alliance and troops to help fight the Mians.

Can the USA become mod-controlled? After all, it is very important and Weg is not playing recently.

I suppose... :)

It's about as plausible for Russia to invade Japan and South Korea as it is for the Cow to jump over the moon...

Which is why they are theoretical. They haven't happened, and since the U.S. is now under mod control, probably never will.

Even without US help for Japan, it would still be about that much plausible.

The plans are for if war were to break out between the Soviet Union and any of the aformentioned nations, not first strike plans.

Feel free to have the US mod-controlled. I don't have enough time for it. Wegscuba 21:27, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

United States (mod controlled): The USA prepares for a moon landing in two years. The United States proposes that the Republic of China begins to fight against the Communist China and Mian Revolution.

Communist China: What republic of China?

Taiwan? You really should study a bit more before posting ...- Pita

Yes Taiwan. What is wrong with that?

Nothing, just didn't know about it is all.

No no Quote Communist China: "What republic of China?". I'm telling the user for China to study a bit more before posting comments like that which make him look stupid.

Oh, OK, makes way more sense. Also, to avoid looking really stupid, write in bold instead of as your nation.

I strongly protest to being called stupid. Unless an apology is forthcoming, whoever said that about me will be attacked next turn.

OK. Have fun attacking a highly advanced alien race which has been in existence for 45 million plus years... :)

Make that two highly mighty and supreme and ancient and powerful races, Pita. Also, it seems furthermore foolish to declare war on a nation(s) because of an argument between three people who don't even exist yet.

I was only thinking out loud. You're right, forget the attack, but you still owe me an apology. I am a nice person, by nature, but insults really rile me up.

Peregrini: The circumnavigation crew is now sucessfully back on their homeworlds. There are now self-replicating probes in every nation on Earth. Due to their advanced cloaking devices, they are able to disguise themselves and function as ordinary objects (a coffeepot, toaster, camera, instrument, etc and no, this will be nothing like transformers, I know people will start to think that). Due to this, they are able to extract information from even the highest levels of all governments. They know of several nations which produce nuclear missiles, an advanced and deadly, yet, obsolete technology, and they know of at least two nations that are planning to go to Earth's moon. They send probes there ahead of them.

Azaranians: THe Azaranians Finally are able to access The Mars Relay, and Transport many diplomats to this area. The Diplomats are Set up a very comfortable, small, terraformed residency zone beside the relay, Where there will an Azaranian Embassy to that system Contact with the other races is done, as the Azaranians introduce themselves as one fo the oldest species in the Galaxy. Ceveral Agents are sent to Earth to Examine their Situation. They look at the Soviet Unon and the United States, as the dominant Superpowers with Great Interest.


The Soram fleet lands on the far side of the moon to watch the Human nations more closely.

  • Insectus Queendom: The hidden Chinese tomb is finally discovered and drones carefully investigate the site to learn more about human history. They find a wealth of data on the human race, but the Artefact had already been found a few years before by archaeologists and taken to a museum in Berlin that was bombed during World War II. The fleet immediately heads to the site of the museum and find that some of the surviving exhibits, including the skeleton of a Spinosaurus and the Artefact, were stolen by treasure hunters and taken to an old castle in Romania where a ring of international thieves headquarter and sell treasures behind the iron curtain. The expedition narrows in on the castle.
    • What is this? Indiana Jones?
    • Maybe...
    • Sure seems like it. If we contact Earth, I'm pretty sure Lost Ark and Crystal Skull will be based off of this.
    • Pretty soon, the Insectus will be landing at Akator LOL. In all seriousness though, the Regenetech offered to help us find the Artefact. Do they still want to help, or should we just give it to the humans? ;)
    • Meh...I don't know.
  • Terran Empire: The Terran Empire send several stealth probes to orbit the Earth, and download hundreds terrabytes of information on Earth, such as military specs, etc. Also, nanites on Earth's surface do a massive hacking spree against the US government, while faking it to originate in China. Hundreds of government computers are compromised, and 2/3 of the data are taken before the US government shut down the server.
  • Peregrini: Due to a solar flare some probes malfunction. in the USA, one probe kills a man on the highway. A witness claimed he was shot by a walking coffeepot. He is arrested for drunk driving.
  • Communist China: The Communist Chinese are alarmed to find that the Republic of Taiwan is forming a temporary alliance with the Mian Empire against the Communist government. Security is doubled and the Chinese ask for arms from the Soviets to help fight Taiwan and Mian.
  • Please, please don't say things that didn't happen. Taiwan didn't form an alliance.
  • Sorry, but I don't see how they would stand much of a chance against Communist China like the US suggested on their own. I mean, look at a map. Taiwan is not a big country. Against China, they would be obliterated without help. And the Mians are currently the largest threat to Communist China, so naturally they would have no choice but to join forces against the Commies. Besides, there's that old saying - your enemy's enemy is your friend. So yes, an alliance. A tenuous, uneasy, temporary alliance, but an alliance nonetheless.
  • Forget the size of Taiwan. Taiwan is very strong, no matter what. They also have lots of people from Mainland China and the support of half the nations of the world in 1967. They could beat the Commies first with the help of Tibet and Mongolia alone. They originally seceded because the Empire was overthrown. But Mongolia is in support of the Republic. Right now, you should be more worried about Tibet and Mongolia rising up to help the Mians.
  • Of course! Great idea!
  • Please. Be realistic. China invading and conquering Taiwan is like Russia taking over Japan. Totally impossible, and will likely end with a humiliated China with hundreds of thousands of losses.
  • Communist China (re-post): Tibet and Mongolia offer the Mians help in their revolution. Meanwhile, Taiwan starts campaigning against Communist China and Mian, with the backing of the USA. The Mian Empire is rapidly gaining ground thanks to the new alliances. The emperor finally captures Hainan, turning Mian from a movement to a country. The military is trained in kung fu, tae kwon do and karate to give them a small advantage against the Chinese. After the Long Nuclear Proposal of arming space stations with missiles is introduced, Project Wang Mu once again becomes government priority and the nuclear space station Wudi becomes the main goal of the project, with (secret) plans to use it on Hainan and Taiwan by the end of the year.
  • Kung Fu is really a term, meaning all martial arts. Tae Kwon Do and Kara te are Japanese. China fails to have any real martial arts except the serene practices of tai chi.
    • Tae Kwon Do= Korean :) Also, Hainan is part of China... And do you know how implausible you are sounding right now? The "Mian Empire" was a stretch, but a space station with missiles? Please.

First of all, karate didn't get invented in, say, America, but it is practiced there. Similarly, the Mians can practice any martial art they want. Second of all, I know Hainan is part of China, but in case you forget, China is at war, so their enemies can conquer parts of China. And third, the space station is secret. You never read about a space station, okay?

  • There is a bizarre glitch going on. Why is this?
  • I think you messed it up by mistake. If you see this happen again, don't post, or else I will not be able to fix it. Like this time.
  • Edit conflict, I believe. Apologies.
  • The only people that would help the Mian Empire is Taiwan, Japan and other Western allies. However, with Soviet aid to the Communist government and a mass computer crash in the U.S. (Thank you, Pita), doubtful anything could effectively be done.
  • Space stations with Missiles are possible, but not for some time.
  • Which is why work on the Wudi (which is top secret) isn't finished yet. Anyway, let's stop talking about it, since it is top secret. You never read about the project. Anyway, someone said that Mongolia and Tibet could try to provide assistance. Let's just get back to the game, okay?
  • Time we started playing now...
  • Soram:


Soram ships land in Northern Canada. However, they do not alert anyone.

Mian forces take a large beating at the hands of a Soviet-Chinese offensive.

  • Communist China: The Chinese sack Hainan, and Mian forces are halved. However, the revolution marches into Hong Kong and begins a massive campaign to capture it. The emperor has a son, Shǐzhěle Zhèng, who becomes next in line to the Mian throne. However, there are those among the Mian who would prefer a democracy, and the soldiers are starting to prefer Taiwan. Speaking of Taiwan, the republic is now in the war and launches a surprise attack on Beijing, firing a small missile into the capital. The president is killed, and President Long Bing becomes the new president. He retaliates by attacking Taiwan. The Taiwanese request American support, and the Chinese request Soviet support. Serious trouble is brewing.
  • Lord have mercy! How many times will I have to tell you not to write about other people's nations or nations that are not under our control?!!! YOU CAN ONLY WRITE ABOUT YOUR NATIONS. END-OF-STORY.
  • And why the hell would Taiwan attack China? And like I said China vs Taiwan... Taiwan wins.
  • The only real reason Taiwan would win is because the West was supporting them. If they don't, then they lose...
  • Nope. Even without West support Taiwan will win. China is not able to carry out an invasion of Taiwan at all.
  • One nuclear attack on Taiwan would devastate the whole island. Not to mention that China has a larger military/navy. Not saying it would be easy, but possible.
  • No, Taiwan would win. Besides, the USSR and China are in confusion right now.
  • Sorry, but seeing that China is very weak right now, with all the military focused on the Mian campaign, and since the USA itself said the Republic of China (Taiwan) should probably lead a strike on the Commies and the Mians, and since they have incredible Western support and impossible strength for their size, I don't see how they would not take the opportunity. And anyway, since the Empire of China (Mian), the Communist Republic of China and the Republic of China all have the surname China, I consider them all playable by me, because I signed as China without specifying which China.
  • They are not "all playable" by you. You see, I created the CIS and yet I do not play as them. I just say stuff they do pertaining to the empire. See? Good way of controlling two sides of a nation. Saying "Then Taiwan had an election and built planes to invade Japan" is a bad way of doing that. Not that you actually said that, of course.
  • Sorry. And seriously, language...
  • Insectus Queendom: The ring of thieves is driven out by the Insectus, and they search the castle for the Artefact. They find that most of the really valuable treasures were stashed in a natural cave underneath the castle, and that an emergency system was built in by the head of the ring that would destroy the entrance to the cave should anybody try to steal his loot. The system was activated, and now a major rockfall had destroyed the entrance. Careful drilling through the rock wall begins. Meanwhile, on Talloke, one of Illiad IV's eggs hatches into the future Queen Astralis, who will become the lesser queen of the Hive Mind of Two after Embris dies.
  • Regenetech Empire: A rogue Imperial Fleet under the Command of Mittrom Neywtgin Garich launches a major hacking attack against the Communist Government of China and the Soviet Government and their computer systems and he puts a bug into their systems that causes the systems to crash. The same fleet begins to disrupt any communications between the Chinese government and their troops. Meanwhile, he makes it look like the Mians did it. Emperor Vlasvar organizes a galaxy-wide search of Garich and his independent system. At the same time, Garich creates the Confederacy of Independent States and demands an end of Communism on Earth to which the Empire responds by saying that they have no role in Earthly affairs. Very shortly Garich and his forces are arrested and sentenced to ten years on the South Pole of Minitemen. However, former CIS Commodore Rikran Thromandus re-establishes the CIS with the goal of coming to rule the whole galaxy.
  • Peregrini: The Rogue Imperial fleet causes some strange occurrences. Communications links between several probe units in China have been severed, and they quickly annihilate a platoon of Chinese soldiers in a rural area, as well as all of the citizens in that area. Since there were no survivors, there were no witnesses. Due to the communication problems, and battle damage, the solar panels on the probes began to malfunction, and all of them self-destructed (when a probe's battery dies, it self-destructs to prevent it from being discovered)
  • USA: USA prepares for a moon landing. An investigation begins to see why China, the USSR and America suffered from this hacking epidemic.


  • Insectus: The operation is successful, and the Insectus enter the cave. After a month of exploring, it seems that the Artefact has fallen into an even deeper system. A scan proves the Artefact is near. Queen Embris herself goes in to find it, deciding something this powerful should be destroyed. She reaches the Artefact and takes it to the surface. But a rogue drone reactivates the booby traps and flees with the Artefact. Half the troops are sent to find him, and the other half start drilling again to find Embris. But the cave is gone, totally filled in by both rockfalls, and all the treasures inside are buried under four meters of rock. Including Queen Embris.
  • USA (mod-controlled):
  • Communist China: The Chinese are severely weakened by the hacking spree and start an official investigation into who perpetrated it. Due to this disaster, they are considerably reduced in power. Tenuous relations with the Soviets are strengthened by the offer of Liaonang Province to them. Meanwhile, the government continues work into the nuclear program, and troops and resources are doubled. Work on four airplane carrier/battleships begins, with the government expecting them to be done by the end of the year. Meanwhile, the Wudi is still in production, with expectations to be finished by 1969. A lesser prototype, Wudi -1, is finished and launched, and tested on a small South Pacific island with unbelievable results. Meanwhile, a fight for Hong Kong begins, with the Mians using their sole battleship, Si Wang Mu, to attack the naval ports, making sure that the Chinese can't stop them at sea. They lose the first battle poorly, but with Hong Kong navally powerless, the Mians continue their siege.
  • Peregrini: One of the probes gets photographed by a man in the United States. The probe manages to wound him, but the man gets away with the picture. later, a story about the probe is found in the National Enquirer. to the Peregrini, anything with the word "National" in it is thought to be very popular, and Peregrini officials are worried that the probes will be discovered by the world. Also, they manage to land a probe on the Soram homeworld, as they see the Soram becoming too involved with Earth. The probe replicates, and several probes begin transmitting information about the plans Soram has for Earth.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union rejects annexing any land from China. It continues to aid the Chinese government against any rebels, and the government looks into the hacking attacks and begins rebuilding.
  • Novan: The Novans launch several quick and devastating strikes on three Chinese major cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Macau, causing significant damage, but with minimal loss of life. Another devastating attack occurs on North Korea, with several key North Korean positions along the DMZ are destroyed by Novan foot soldiers. When the humans arrived in China and North Korea, they found nothing. The purpose of the attacks was to support the rebels, and destroy the dictatorship of North Korea.
  • Azaranians: The Azaranian Empire Rushes to the Aid of the Chinese. The Azaranian 4th fleet is in its first engagement with the Novans, its first war in a long time. The Fleet is materialized around the planet Sol-4, or Mars, and advance to Earth. The Azaranians believe in a Non-Interferance with the inner workings of Foreign or even Alien States. The Azaranian fourth fleet is attempting to convince the Novans of this, nicely at first, and if that doesn't work, by defeating them in battle.


  • Communist China: Battered by a mysterious increase in hostile UFOs, major hacking attacks and revolution, Communist China collapses and the government is captured by the Mian. The emperor, instead of having them executed, banishes them from China, a last act of compassion from a man called "the nicest revolutionary leader on earth" by the National Enquirer. However, seeing how his people are starting to desert to Taiwan, he turns Mian into a monarchy and reduces the Royal Family to mere advisors for the president. Soon afterwards, he dies of a stroke at the age of 21, his last words being "The gods smile upon the people, and so do I. Do the kindest acts only, the things that will bring happiness to the blessed nation of China, and I will die at peace."
  • Communist China would not go down that easily, seeing as they have heavy aid from the Soviets. Communist China still exists.
  • Insectus Queendom: Crushed by the death of Queen Embris, Illiad IV issues a month of mourning across the queendom. She then has the space program dissolved and puts focus into quelling rebellions on Talloke and turning the Insectus into a nation worthy of space travel. They withdraw from national affairs. Meanwhile, the traitor that killed Embris and stole the Artefact is still at large and escapes on a stolen prototype Chinese space shuttle. Fortunately for her, she lands on a Regenetech starship before fuel runs out and opens communications, promising them the Artefact if she is given special powers within the empire. She demonstartes the power of the Artefact to create a small planet in the Asteroid Belt and then blow it up.
  • The Mian Republic and the Insectus are now up for grabs and will remain in mod control until claimed. SPQR 16:05, May 8, 2012 (UTC)
  • Reapers: Unknown alien race enters the Milky Way galaxy. They call themselves Reapers and broadcast the message to the Earth: "Shhh Riiii Tooo Uuuuuum Pi Looo Ti'Kuu". Most of the Reapers appear at the northern (if we look from the understanding of Earth) Milky Way and use their death rays to slowly "eat" the planets. The only place which can harm the reapers is their eyes, but they are protected by shields, while not aiming. The shields can only be opened by a huge explosive, but this is yet to be discovered by others.
    • No. No extragalactic races. Period.
    • Huh? What's the problem with that? This game is ASB anyway.
  • Peregrini: The Peregrini fleet gets into several skirmishes with a race that has only been identified as "reapers." the race is believed to be extra-galactic. A significant portion of the excessively large fleet has been placed along the northern peregrini border. So far, the reaper ships have been found to be almost indestructible. A nuclear minefield (using H-bombs) is also placed along the northern border in case of reaper attack. Any attempts of contacting them diplomatically have been a failure so far. Meanwhile, on earth, the probes detect a massive war occurring in China. All of the probes destroyed in the fighting have been replaced due to their rapid rate of self-replicating. The war actually ends up creating more probes, as the probes are able to use other wounded or destroyed probes to create others, as well as scrap materials from the rubble in major cities. They use the probes to send a radio signal to all other races, telling them of the appearance of the reapers.
  • Novans: The Novans, glad that the Communists in China have been destroyed, immediately halts all combatant activity between the Novans and humans, and asks for a status quo peace treaty with the Azorians.
  • Soviet Union: The Soviet Union assists the Chinese government, aiding them against the rebels. Secret technology is being developed in Siberia.
  • Dravimosian Empire: The Empire politely asks that the Novans leave Earth alone except for observation. The stealthed fleet in the North Pacific goes on full standby.
    • Novan Diplomacy: Read the Novan Post.
    • Dravimos Diplomacy: I did. Communist China still exists, so you may be carrying out your attack still.
    • Novan Diplomacy: Oh. We will stop.
    • Azaranians: Then you can have peace with us too,
  • East Germany: The citizens are frightened by the happenings in Asia and security measures go up greatly.
  • The United Kingdom: After the 1966 general election, it is decided that the United Kingdom must take a more active part in the current affairs, and so requests an alliance with France, under terms of agreeing to help if they are attacked, if they are allowed a military base in France.
  • Blible: Comes out of hibernation and resumes activity. They launch 100,000 blible marines armed with phasers to land on the United Kingdom, and offer an alliance. No one else knows about the marines, because they are cloaked.
  • The United Kingdom accepts.
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