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The battle for Fiji includes the Fijians and Samoan Empire at 464 BC.



                     Spearmen         Stone hurlers        Archers       Axeman        (yes, I said catapults)      Cataboat       Extras       total units


Samoans          600                       10                   50                60                           5                           1                70              796

Fijians              400                       60                   0                  70                           0                           0                40              570

The Fight[]

The Samoans entered through the north of Fiji while the Fijians were preparing to fight at the east side of the island but they saw the Samoans and moved to the north side. the Samoans got the cataboat to launch several stones onto a small seaside village and eventually destroyed it. The Fijian troops came in immediately afterwards, the Fijians got to throw some small stones at the canoes and cataboat but nobody died. The Samoans got to test there bows as well. The arrows fired rapidly and swiftly and the Fijians lost 20 men. When the Samoans landed the Fijians were hiding in the forest waiting to attack when they attacked, the Samoans lost 130 men already while the Fijians only lost 60 men in that battle the Samoans managed to escape.  The Samoans killed everybody in a small village and hid in it. The archers fired at the Fijians when they entered the village, another 60 dead. Death total already at 270. The Fijians went to the nearest village and also hid with their stone hurlers ready to fire but then the Samoans launched flaming arrows at the village, the Fijians managed to escape through a second exit with nobody dead or injured. The Samoans then sent 2 spearmen into the forest as scouts but the Fijians caught them and killed them. The death total at 272.the Samoans then sent all there spearmen and axemen charging into the forest and the Fijians suffered heavy losses. the Fijians then had lost another 200 men, the Samoans lost 150 men too, meaning the Fijians lost 340 men. they only had 190 soldiers left while the Samoans had lost 282 men. then the Fijians retreated back to another part of the forest but the Samoans were more careful and the Fijians attacked them from behind and the Samoans lost 100 men and the Fijians lost 70.  Fijians lost a total of  410 units and the Samoans, 382.  Now, the Fijians were well aware of  having only 120 soldiers left so they, at the main village trained 40 more to protect the main village. Soon after the extra soldiers were trained. The other 120 came but the Samoans were not attacking them for some reason.... For it was because the Samoans were waiting for their reinforcements. Soon later the Samoans came with an extra 70 spearmen and started to shoot flaming arrows and throw stones at the town. The Fijians were also throwing stone, then the Samoans used the catapults and demolished half the town then the Spearmen and axe men rushed in, attacking the town. They ravaged the town and the Fijians lost all their soldiers. the Samoans had won this fight.