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Battle of Antarctica



Russian West Antarctica


Collapse of Russian West Antarctica


Flag of the Soviet Union (1923-1955) Communist party of Russian West Antarctica
Flag of the Chiefdom of Krannkush (Great White South) Katharan Liberation Army

Flag of Russian West Antarctica Russian West Antarctica


Flag of the Chiefdom of Krannkush (Great White South) Aleksander Aiy'ak

Flag of Russian West Antarctica Nikolai Gorchakov

Casualties and Losses

The Battle of Antarctica was a brief conflict between the Communist Party of Russian West Antarctica against the Colonial administration. There was no Communist presence in Russian East Antarctica, so none of the action of the Civil War took place there. Nikolai Gorchakov, the Governor of Russian West Antarctica, was a noted anti-Monarchist, and many expected him to side with the Communists in the War. However, he stated that: "Communism, as presented to us by Lenin and his Bolsheviks, is no better than the Monarchy"; and in the War, his main concern was simply to keep order in the Colony - already a poorly-regulated wilderness.

The Communist Party saw this as a sign that his administration was pro-White (the White Movement was the anti-Communist side of the War. Gorchakov denied these claims as well.); and the Party began a Guerrilla campaign against his government. Gorchakov himself was assassinated by a Communist agent early in the war, and was never replaced. A few months after his death, the Regulators (the Colonial Military Police) located and stormed the Communist Headquarters near modern-day New Washington, Byrdia, and executed the entire Communist leadership. This effectively ended the War, but left Russian West Antarctica with no kind of central Government; and the Colony fell apart. By 1923, it was completely replaced by the American territory of Byrdia; the New Zealand Dependency of Rossland; and various K'atharan states in modern-day Ognia.

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