Alternative History
Battle of Elba
Principia Moderni IV
Part of War of Neapolitan Succession
Date 5 May - 8 May, 1438
Location Elba, Milan
Result Burgundian-Castillian victory
Ancient Flag of Burgundy.svg Duchy of Burgundy

Bandera de la Corona de Castilla.svg Crown of Castile

Flag of the Duchy of Milan (1450).svg Duchy of Milan

Flag of Genoa.svg Republic of Genoa

Commanders and leaders
Ancient Flag of Burgundy.svg John de Luxembourg Flag of Genoa.svg Tomaso di Campofregoso
Ancient Flag of Burgundy.svg/Bandera de la Corona de Castilla.svg 300 ships Flag of the Duchy of Milan (1450).svg 336 ships

Flag of Genoa.svg 500 ships

Casualties and losses
66 ships destroyed 555 ships destroyed or captured

The Battle of Elba was a massive naval engagement in May 1438 during the War of Neapolitan Succession. Involving a total of around 1,136 ships, it sits as the largest naval battle in history, and marked the high point in the fortunes of the French alliance.


While Burgundian ground troops remained uncommitted during the Neapolitan Succession War, a detachment of its navy under the command of renowned admiral John de Luxembourg was sent to the Mediterranean to support the French and Castillian armies from the sea.

After linking up with a detachment from the Castillian Navy, it was decided to move south to north from the "toe" of Naples towards the Franco-Milanese border, intending to clear the coast of enemy warships and merchant ships before blockading important ports and cities such as Genoa and Nice.

The navies of Milan and Genoa, aware of the allied fleet's movement, had gathered to oppose that force. Once assembled, the 836 strong fleet departed and moved south.

The Battle