Alternative History
Battle of Murmansk
Conflict Russian Civil War/Rebellion of 61, Northeast Campaign
Date November 17th, 1965
Place Murmansk, North Russian Republic
Result Republican White Army Victory, subsequent end to Russian Civil War
Republican White Army Communist Red Army
General-Brigade Nikolai Vikolash-kayef
Vasily Lenin, several other low-ranking former-Republican officers
593,694 troops
945 tanks
30 aircraft
340,100 Communist Russian toops
2,134 German mercenaries
300 tanks
80,000 killed
3,700 captured
560 tanks
210,300 killed
3,003 captured
290 tanks

The Battle of Murmansk was a battle fought in Northeast Russia between Communist and the para-military/personal Army of General-Brigade Nikolai Vikolash-kayef on November 17th, 1965. It lasted a mere 13 hours from morning to 7 P.M., and resulted in the capitulation of the entire Red Communist army and its infrastructure's destruction. It also resulted in Vikolash-kayef becoming a Russian national hero, and his future rise to power. The Communists were led by Vasily Lenin, the Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin's son. 2,000 German mercenaries assisted the Communists; they did so in an attempt to topple the then-incumbent Russian Republican government. They failed.