Battle of Opava
Part of the Invasion of Czechoslovakia
German soldiers inspects the cleared-out bunker OP-S 9 Na lukách near Opava.
German soldiers inspects the cleared-out bunker OP-S 9 Na lukách near Opava.
Date 1–5 October 1938
Place Near Opava, northern Moravia, Czechoslovakia
Result German victory
Nazi Germany Nazi Germany Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Gerd von Rundstedt
Nazi Germany Johannes Blaskowitz
Czechoslovakia Vojtěch Luža
Czechoslovakia Emil Fiala
Units involved
II Army Corps:
  • 3rd Panzer Division
  • 6th Infantry Division
  • 12th Infantry Division
  • 32nd Infantry Division
Hraniční pásmo XIII:
  • Border Area 37 (HO-37)
  • 16th SOS Battalion

In reserve:

  • 8th Division
64,900 men
324 tanks
51 armoured cars
202 howitzers
489 mortars
aerial support
~20,000 men
263 heavy machine guns
1,037 light machine guns
42 anti-tank cannons
In reserve:

Invasion of Czechoslovakia
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Moravian front
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Polish front
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The Battle of Opava was fought between 1 and 5 October 1938, between the forces of Czechoslovakia and Germany. It was one of the first battles of the during the initial stages of the Invasion of Czechoslovakia. Around 20,000 Czechoslovak soldiers defended a fortified line of border fortifications for five days against more than 60,000 German troops. Although defeat was inevitable, the Czech defence stalled the attacking forces for five days and postponed the encirclement of the Czechoslovak First Army as they withdrawing from Bohemia towards Slovakia. Eventually the tanks broke through the Czech lines and eliminated all the bunkers one by one. The last bunker surrendered around midday on 5 October.

German storming Czech fortifications near Opava.

German sappers with satchel charges prepare to storm a Czech bunker near Opava.

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