Alternative History
Battle of Perpignan
Location Septimania, Kingdom of Septimania
Date 680AD
Attacking Army Kingdom of the Visigoths (Ranulf the Flatbeard) with about 20,000 men.
Defending Army Septimania (Charles the Septimanian) with about 20,000 men.
Result Major victory for Septimania
Casualties Septimanians 8,000, Visigoths 14,000


Visigothic control in the region of Septimania formally collapsed in 680 following a rebellion that forcibly ejected what garrison forces remained in Visigothic service. Attempts by Visigothic central control to retain their sphere of influence over the area culminated in a show of force by the Visigothic field army, under the command of Visigothic warlord Ranulf the Flatbeard. Though hard pressed by several concerns, both fiscal and logistical, the rebel leader, Charles the Septimanian, managed to scrape together the force required to oppose them.

The two armies compared[]

The outlook of battle was grim, what with Septimania's army being an unskilled, inexperienced levy. The Visigothic army was in little better a state, due to logistical problems whilst crossing the Pyrenees.