Battle of Yekaterinburg
Part of Russian Civil War
800px-Nikolaus II. (Russland)

Tsar Nicholas II after being rescued by the Chech Legion
Date 17 July,1918
Location Yekaterinburg,Russia
Result Decisive White Army victory,Rescue of the imperial Family
White Army Soviet Russia
Commanders and leaders
Mikhail Diterikhs Yakov Yurovsky
Units involved
Chech Legion Red Guard
25,000 men 300 Men
Casualties and losses
25 Soldairs killed 120 soldiers killed and 280 captured.

The Battle of yekaterinburg (also known as the rescue of the imperial family) was a battle between bolshevik forces under the command of Yakov Yurovsky and the chech legion which was under the command of Mikhail Diterikhs. The battle resulted in a decisive white victory and the rescue of the imperial family.


The battle

After having reached the outskirts of Yekaterinburg on the 16 July, 1918, the chech legion began fighting its way forward until it reached the Ipitiev House. The Ipiatiev house was where the imperial family was being held captive. General Mikhail Diterikhsordered his forces to encircle the house during the night of the 16 and on the 17 launched a suprise attack on the house.The battle lasted for several hours but it quikly became clear that the chech legion were going to win,Nonetheless the red guard put up a stiff defense but capitulated after the death of their commanding officer.

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