POD: On their flight to America, the Beatles crash, killing all on board the plane.

The British Invasion

Pan Am Flight 101, on its way to New York City from Great Britain crashes into the ocean. No survivors were found. Among the victims was a rock and roll group known as the Beatles. The four members of the group, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Richard Starkey (stage name Ringo Starr) leave behind various relatives who have been notified. The bodies of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starkey are recovered and are sent back to Liverpool. Funerals are held for the four singers. Thousands of Liverpudlians turn out to grieve. The Dave Clark Five appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, replacing the relatively unknown (at least in the U.S.) Beatles who had been scheduled to appear a month earlier. The DC5 perform their hits "Do You Love Me?" and "Glad All Over" to an audience that the New York Times described as "... apparently consisting exclusively of frantically screaming teenage girls." This was now clear, the British Invasion had began. Dozens of bands came to America showing off their music. For most of the '60s the Dave Clark Five and the Rolling Stones would be in direct completion with The Who following behind.

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