Alternative History

Military ranks of the Bellinsgauzenian Armed Forces.

Armed Forces of the United Governorates of Bellingsgauzenia

Bellinsgauzenia's military forces hailed from the White Russian forces that remained in Russian Antarctica during the Russian Civil War, and later of escaped White Russian units (particularly some Cossack units) in World War II. The Bellingsgauzenian armed forces is composed of the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Total peacetime strength is about 120,000.

According to the constitution, mandatory military service is required for all fit men and women between their 18th and 30th birthday, and are required to serve a minimum of 18 months.

Several of Bellinsgauzenia's equipment and techniques come from Nazi Germany during the alliance between them prior and during World War II. Today, most sources of military technology hail from the United States, Germany, France, and from the former Soviet Union and CIS. These days, local Bellingsgauzenian companies produce their own equipment. The standard assault rifle is the MB-51, loosely based on the IMI Galil and the Russian ABAKAN assault rifles.