King of Gothenland
Reign 4th April, 1408 - 8th March, 1413
Predecessor Eric IV
Successor Catherine
Born 5th August, 1385
nr Sporda, Gothenland
Died 8th March, 1413
Mjöbäck, Gothenland
Spouse Alexandra of Halshany
Full name
Benedikt Janssen
House Piast
Father John IV
Mother Judith of Radowašojce

Benedict was briefly king of Gothenland at the start of the 15th century.

Succeeding to the Gothenlandic throne following his elder brother's early death, Benedict would have go on to have an equally short reign. His rule is chiefly remembered for the breakdown of Gothenland's political class into two feuding factions: the 'Herrings' and the 'Hooks'.

Briefly speaking the Herrings favoured the rights of the towns and minor nobility, the Hooks, meanwhile, supported the growth of royal power. Eric IV had, predictably, sided with the Hooks but was shrewd enough to at least attempt to balance his court, arranging the marriage of his sister Catherine to one of the leading 'Herring' nobles, Eric Lejonbalk. More impetuous and impatient, Benedict did not see the point in courting anyone else's opinion and side-lined the Herring faction earning their emnity.

Contemporary reports suggest Benedict was frequently ill and bedridden. Many have speculated that he had epilepsy. He would die in March 1413 after a particularly bad bout of fits which appear to have been triggered by 'excursions following his marriage to Alexandra of Halshany'. Despite his frequent illnesses it appears he made no effort to formalise the succession. In practice the throne went to his younger sister Catherine. However, she was firmly in the 'Herring' camp and as her husband Eric Lejonbalk attempted to grasp the machinery of government the 'Hooks' found their own claimant to rally around: Catherine's cousin Magdalena.

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