Alternative History

The Reichstag in Berlin, site of the Berlin Conference on the Restructuring of the World.

The Berlin Conference on the Restructuring of the World (German: Berliner Konferenz über die Restrukturierung der Welt) was the meeting held in Berlin, the capital of the Greater German Reich, in 1943 of the leaders of the Axis Powers on the organization of the world following the conquest of the world, aided by the Zheronians. In attendance were:

Franco, Salazar, Vargas, and Ortiz were not Axis supporters per se, but were selected by Hitler as "regimes with the possibility of being helpful," provided they complied. Those four leaders agreed to support the Axis in its rule over the world, and would benefit as a result.

The following points were agreed upon at the conference:

  • A Zheronian Direct Governance Zone was to be established in the area surrounding Moscow.
  • The United States would be partitioned along the Rocky Mountains.
  • Italy would be permitted to annex Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia, and most of Northern Africa.
  • Canada and South Africa would join the Reich.
  • Japan would annex China, Korea and the eastern Soviet Union.
  • Germany would have sovereignty over Scandinavia and the western Soviet Union.
  • Germany would obtain the Congo

    The areas ceded to Portugal at the conference.

  • Spain would retain Equatorial Guinea and Spanish Morocco.
  • Portugal would receive parts of Africa south of the Congo and north of Botswana and Namibia.
  • British India and Iran would be annexed to the Reich.
  • Arabia would be given to the Caliphate of Arabia, including the Mandate of Palestine and Turkey.
  • Southeast Asia and the Pacific would be given to Japan.
  • The planets of the Solar System would be allowed to be colonized freely, with any disputes ended peacefully.