Alternative History

General comments

According to interviews, the uchrony "Beta" would appear to be under the political, economical and cultural influence of a group of Anglo-Saxon countries known variably as the "United States", "United Kingdoms", "Commonwealth" or "Coalition". They have military bases in many countries around the world and would appear to be currently at war with an army of Mahometans.

From certain comments made, it would seem that a large number of countries have a form of government close to a form of republic although with an almost plutocratic bent.

A very puzzling thing is the mention of "Napoleon Bonaparte" when the subjects were asked to name famous Frenchmen. He was apparently some sort of military dictator in the early 19th century that somehow managed to conquer most of Europe. Even with alternate spelling, no French politician or military leader of that name have been found. One hypothesis is that he was a first or second generation immigrant from one of the Italian states (according to experts, his name has some similarity with those of that region) who on Alpha somehow never existed.


Here follow a tentative list of countries:

  • America: Would appear to refer to both the continent and a country on it.
  • Britain
  • France
  • Germany: United but said to have been divided until recently. Mention of a dictator named Hitler responsible for a world war.
  • Italy: United, no knowledge on how long so could assume that it has been for a while.
  • Russia: Not an empire any more but subjects seem uncertain what type of regime it currently has. Was said to have been "Communist" (?) until recently. One subject claim they still were and that the collapse was just, quote, "a lie propagated through a conspiracy of them by Zionist Occupational Government". No such government was mentioned by any of the other subjects.
  • China: Like Russia, was not an empire any more. Unlike Russia, it is still "Communist". A government in Formosa or Taiwan claims itself to be the real rulers of China.
  • Japan: The Mikado is still the ruler, but instead of the "Tai-kun", a man called the "Naikaku Souri Daidjin" runs the daily business of government. It was similar to a Chief Minister; the term in English is Prime Minister. Fought a war with China and America and lost. Wasn't supposed to have an army again but due to threat of Russia, China and their apparent vassal "North Korea", they have rebuilt it.
  • Korea: Divided into two countries, one apparently influenced by China and ruled by a "dear leader", and the southern part is apparently influenced by America. Apparently it was controlled by Japan at some point.
  • Spain: Still a kingdom, but most of its possessions became independent countries. Portugal still exists but it is no longer ruled by a king. Said to be a dictatorship for a while by a general named Franco.


Christianity, of various sorts, holds sway in the European part of the world. "Islam" (Mahometanism) is said to be present in most parts of the world - including Europe. Subjects have expressed some sort of worry in that regard.