Beylik of Mentese
Hoepoina lek Mentese
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Beylik of Mentese
New Flag of the Beylik of Mentese.png Coat of Arms for the Beylik of Mentese.png
Flag Coat of arms
Yuanited li heji, lakki li jall (Mentesen)
United we stand, divided we fall (English)
Jih Mentese Rarych lek jib Ghetis (Mentesen)
The Mentese March of the People (English)
Other cities Fukiysm, Kilen, various others
Official languages Mentesen, Turkish
Other languages English, Spanish, French, Oghuz, various others
Demonym Mentesen
Government Beylik governmental type
The Beylik of Mentese or commonly known as Mentese is a sovereign state located near the borders of a vast rural Turkish area. The nation is a Beylik, which means "the territory under the jurisdiction of a Bey". The flag colors all represent something. Red denotes the blood for victory, and the blood of the souls. Light Blue denotes the sky, and the sky of fresh. The white is the Mentesen Cross, which is topped with a clover for good luck in the future of Anatolia. The Coat of Arms is a Dragon, which legend says it's important for the Mentesen tradition.

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