Alternative History
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Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States of America.

Clinton's 2nd Term

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Developer Notes

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  • Remember alterations only begin on the 1st of July in the year 2000. Events to be examined are the Bill Clinton Pardon Controversy aka Pardongate, US-China Relations Act of 2000, and The Clinton Parameters.
  • In OTL when the Clintons left the White House there was a misunderstanding regarding the ownership of items in the White House. During Clinton's presidency the White House and the Presidential Family both received gifts with those given to the Clintons belonging to the Clintons while those given to the White House were property of the United States Federal Government. The Clintons had taken what was estimated to be $200,000 worth of items from the White House when they left (the actual total was slightly less with $48,000 in furniture returned and the Clintons paying $86,000 for other items that were not gifted to them for a total of $134,000 of items taken with them). This was interpreted as theft (and in a sense it was but in an innocent way of not understanding that the Presidential Family is not the White House and thus items donated to the House were not donated to them) and seen as protest against the election of George W. Bush. Having the Clinton's informed earlier and assuming the action wasn't in fact done to spite the Bush family - we of the Better 2000s development team can hopefully avoid this controversy.