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Billy Joel

Billy Joel Shankbone NYC 2009
Joel in 2009.

4th President of the Outer Lands
2009 – Incumbent

Born May 9, 1949 (1949-05-09) (age 71)
The Bronx, New York City
Political Party Democratic
Religion None (Atheist)
Profession Musician, Politician

William Martian "Billy" Joel (born May 9, 1949) is the incumbent president of the Outer Lands and a well noted musician and pianist. Joel gained notoriety following the release of his song "Piano Man" in 1973. Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, Joel continued to write and perform music, becoming the sixth best-selling recording artist and third best-selling solo artist in the former United States of America.

Following the events of September 25, 1983, Joel became an outspoken supporter of the "baymen" who sacrificed their time to feed the people of the Outer Lands. Due to his national recognition both prior to and after Doomsday, Joel became active in politics during the 1990s. In 1997, Joel was elected to serve in the Federal Assembly of the Outer Lands as an assemblyman of Long Island. During his time as an assemblyman, Joel became a noted leader in the Re-Modernization Movement which supported the re-industrialization of the Outer Lands and to end the decades long self-imposed isolationism.

In 2009, Joel announced his candidacy for the presidency, which he won in a landslide victory. Under his administration, Joel began a policy colloquially known as the "Outer Lands State of Mind" which promoted the nation that the OL should consider itself the reincarnation of the American Northeast and thereby should move towards a mercantile economy.


Early life

Billy Joel was born on May 9, 1949, in the Bronx (one of the five boroughs of New York City) and raised in Hicksville, New York. Joel's father (Howard Joel) was a German Jew who emigrated to the United States of America during Nazi rule of Germany. Joel's mother (Rosalind Nyman) was born in England. They divorced in 1960, with his father then moving to Austria. Joel has a sister (Judith Joel) and a half-brother (Alexander Joel, who also was a musician).

Joel's father was a classical pianist who encouraged his son to take lessens at an early age. As a teenager, Joel played piano at bars to help support his family, which ultimately caused him to fall out of high school in the late 1960s, quoted "I told them, 'To hell with it. If I'm not going to Columbia University, I'm going to Columbia Records, and you don't need a high school diploma over there'".

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