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Bjorkman Crime Family
Formation May 14th, 2012
Type Modern Crime Family
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus Extortion
Headquarters Kiruna, Lapland, Sweden
Former name Bjorkman Brothers
Bjorkman Crime Family, is a family which was created in 2012, May 13, after the selfish decision of Kenneth to put Sander Ek into position of underboss on May 12. Caj and Daniel Bjorkman were not satisfied with this decision, because Sander almost never brang weekly money to the don, because he was so called "asslicker".

Caj and Daniel Bjorkman left the Martinsson Crime Family one day after the happening. This crime family already has 4 associates.

The culture is mostly copied from their former crime family, so there are many similarities between MCF and BCF.

Current Events

  • 2012, May 18th - The both families sign a peace treaty, which was proposed by Bjorkman family, because one of their members was killed by Martinsson crime family.
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