The Black Death was an epidemic of Bubonic Plague that hit Europe in 1346, killing about 30-60% of Europe's population at its peak. It led to social and economic change being greatly accelerated, eventually leading to capitalism, and the church's power was weakened. Medical knowledge was also increased. This devastating plague stopped in 1350, though it kept coming back until the 19th century. What if it appeared a century earlier, in 1246?

The religious, social and economical changes would have happened during the 13th century, which would then lead to the renaissance during the same period. The renaissance held an increase in the scientific field leading to technological breakthroughs 100 years earlier then our timeline (e.g, the car was invented in 1785 rather the 1885), meaning we should be 100 years more advanced.

Note: some events are plus or minus a century because some events contradict one another (America is already discovered, so Columbus sailed southwest towards Australia).


Black Death to 1500

1246:- Black Death appears in Europe

1248-1250:- Peak of the black death, 30%-60% killed

1249:- Statute of Labour enforced

late 13th century:- Renaissance begins

1281:- Peasants revolt of 1281

1320:- Europe population stabilises

1370:- Europe population starts to climb, parachute invented

1392:- Due to increased exploration America is discovered

1492:- Columbus discovers Australia due to America being discovered, landing in Western Australia

1495:- Spanish economic crisis prevents them from colonising Australia

1500:- England beats Spain in colonising Australia (New South Wales)

16th century to atomic age

1615 Sydney built

1660:- First Industrial revolution

late 18th century:- second Industrial revolution

1785:- Car invented

1788:- 26th January; Australia gains independence

1845:- Atomic age, Trinity test

Space age to Information age

1857:- Russians launch Sputnik, starting Space age

1861:- Moon landing by Apollo 11

1870:- Information age

1880:- Small pox extinct

1889:- Simcity released

20th April:- Hitler is born

1901:- Petronus towers destroyed, Sims released

1903:- High speed maglev train invented

1908:- Hitler gets involved with the video game industry, launching his first game "Prometheus"

1911:- Technology of today

1919:- Solar power efficiency at 45%

Environmental age to 2nd space age

1925:- 7th July; solar power efficiency at 54%, starting Environmental age.

31st July; fusion plants coming online

14th August; Moon and Venus colonized

1927:- 12 June; self driving cars on the market

9th November; Cryo-ship used for space travel

1930:- mars colonized

1931:- WWIII, seven nukes fired at North Korea

1940:- 2nd March; WWIII ends

5th April; first holopod, the game sphere released

1945:-15 march; fusion perfected

23rd December; first handheld Laser gun

1961:-12 April; Yuri Gagarin gets to Jupiter

14th October; clear-screen invented

1975:- First probe on an exoplanet, starting second Space age

1979:- 1st February; malaria extinct

17th; Hover car invented by Toyota

1995:- Independent colony on the Moon

1997:- Colony on Ganymede

2000:- V-pod 1 released

2003:- Independent colony on Venus

2008:- Economic crisis

2011:- Independent colony on mars

2013; Colony on Pluto.



Hover car:- a common and highly popular form of transport used in high density cities. fastest models can go up to 640 km/h (400 mph). Due to speed the are automated. manufactures include: Toyota, Mazda, Honda and Holden.

Personal Rapid Transport(PRT):- PRT are small, car like trams that exist in towns for public transport. can do 160 km/h (100 mph) and usually seats four to eight people in one car. early versions exist in our universe.

Slipstream:- a maglev based train found in large countries. developed by Transways, the slipstream is said it can do 1000 km/h(625 mph) and is as quiet as a mouse.

Aerostream:- A space plane also developed by Transways. the Aerostream can do 2500 km/h(1562 mph) and holds 1250 passengers. it is used on round-the-world flights


clear-screen:- A touchscreen interface used in smart windows. it holds ten terabits (1250 gigabytes) and can load the entire history of humanity

Artificial Intelligence(AI):- used in various video games to enhance gameplay and robots to develop artificial personalities


V-pod:- a Virtual Reality device used in gaming. developed by Nintendo, It is famous for being the best selling console in the 21st century, V-pod 5 is the latest model

LX3000:- a Holo-shed by Sony. very popular in the 90's, It is one of the first Holo-sheds.

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