Alternative History


Black Shuck Comics is a small comics publisher from Woodbridge. It started publishing comics based around various supernatural creatures but branched out into publishing revivals of pre-Doomsday comics. Black Shuck is a huge demonic hound said to haunt the county of Suffolk which Woodbridge was a part of.


Tales of Black Shuck[]

The company's first comic and indeed the one that gave the company its name is Tales of Black Shuck. Each edition tells a tale about some kind of villainy and at the end the villain, thinking that he or she have gotten away with their crime sees a representation of Shuck. This representation may be the regular demonic hound or a vehicle with a picture of a black dog or someone with a tattoo. One more than one occasion the villain meets someone with a foreign name that translates as "Black Hound" ie Canenero. In the old folk tales anyone who sees Shuck dies soon after so it is assumed that the villains in Tales of Black Shuck die soon after the end of the issue

Judge Lion[]

The character of Judge Lion and the stories based around him are inspired by the character of Judge Dredd who appeared in the pre-Doomsday British comic 2000 AD. Those stories were largely set in Mega-City One a massive city on the Atlantic coast of a post-nuclear America but the Judge Lion stories are set in Brit-Cit, the British equivalent of MC-1.

Strontium Dog[]

Strontium Dog is a series set in a post-apocalyptic future Britain and is a revival of a story that originally appeared in 2000AD The population is divided between "norms" and mutants. The mutants are victims of widespread racism and are forced to live in ghettos. The only job that mutants are allowed to hold is that of bounty hunter, which "norms" consider beneath them. The mutant bounty hunters work under the auspices of the Search/Destroy Agency. The agency has a badge with the letters S/D on them which had led to its mutant employees being nicknamed Strontium Dogs or "Stronts" for short. Unlike mutants in American comics the ones in Strontium Dog very rarely have any super-powers and their mutation is usually restricted to some kind of physical deformity. One of the few exceptions to this "rule" is Johnny Alpha, the "hero" of the comic. His white eyes give him various telepathic and telekinetic powers.

Rogue Trooper[]

Rogue Trooper is set in the middle of a future war.