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Max Sinister Max Sinister 6 days ago

Some artist interested in creating a cover image for a World War II TL?

As you may know, I've started to work on a TL about a Nazi victory called "How many Sixes does Adolf Nazi have to Roll?". At one point, I plan to publish this as a book. But I'm not a great graphical artist. That's why I ask for your help. I already have some idea for the cover - not telling more, but it's a kind of collage.

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Mars Hope Rock Mars Hope Rock 6 days ago

Pretty much done with this Account.

I created this account a couple years ago, was rather bad at writing in general, and I had been developmentally stunted in a lot of ways, I've improved in a lot of ways since then, and I don't intend to continue with this account, pretty much purging all of my posts, thanks for being a part of my development, Alternate History folks.

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Max Sinister Max Sinister 10 days ago

New CYOAH: 100 Possibilities of World War I

100 Possibilities of World War I (German: "Weltkrieg der 100 Möglichkeiten") is a community project which originated in 2017 on our German-speaking sister wiki. As a "Choose Your Own Althistory" game, it allows the reader/player to go through the history from about 1900 until the end of World War I, starting with the decision for one of the five most powerful nations in the world - Britain, France, Russia, the US, or the German kaiserreich.

Planned to contain more than 300 pages once finished (more than half of which are finished already, and quite elaborated), it is one of the biggest AH projects out there.

(Note it's not by me. I edited some of its pages, and translated the start page into English, but it was created during my absence from A…

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ArchesAtSea90 ArchesAtSea90 13 days ago

Deprotect 'Barack Obama' disamb?

Going through some high-profile politicians' disambig pages for updates, I noticed the Obama page is edit-protected - which, fair enough, considering conditions of time.

However, it's been seven years since it was protected - and almost eight since the last bit of vandalism; its last edit was in 2015, thus leaving many Barack Obama pages off it. I think it would help for it to be unprotected, to allow for updates as with other disambig pages.

Not to mention - it is quite out-of-date, read the lead sentence.

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Herodotease Herodotease 18 days ago

The Dirty Thirties: When the Unified States of Amerika degenerated into a dictatorship

I have always been fascinated by the Great Depression and how President Franklin Roosevelt helped preserved American democracy in a time when many other nations fell prey to totalitarian extremism of either the right or left. I have also wondered how the United States of America's history may have moved in a very different direction had the country been governed not by a statesman of his stature. The author Lewis Sinclair wrote a novel in 1935 that attempted to warn Americans of the dangers of a fascism coup in the run-up to the 1936 presidential elections. My own "What if" scenario starts earlier. On February 15, 1933, an unemployed and disgruntled Italian-American attempted to assassinate Franklin Roosevelt when the president-elect was d…

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ArchesAtSea90 ArchesAtSea90 22 May

Page of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Looking at the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez page, it's not entirely clear the timeline it belongs to. It's definitely not a disambiguation, and it's not a timeline either.

The page itself belongs to several timeline categories - of which I doubt all are correct. Also, it seems to have been made from the wikipedia page of Political positions of Ron Paul. I think this might need clearing up, for the benefit of the althist reader?

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Miljon Slapodevič

Miljon Slapodevič (b. March 12, 1971) is a Serbian Association Football Manager and former player who currently manages F.C. Utrecht. Miljon played as a winger and fullback at many top clubs around Europe and is widely regarded as the best Eastern European football player of the 1990s and 2000s.

Miljon Slapodevič was born on the 12th of March, 1971 to Firefighter Peter Slapodevič (1946-2022) and Midwife Elizabeth Slapodevič (1949) in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. His maternal great grandfather Vladimir Kokoric (1880-1918) was Serbian war hero of the First World War who held back many Austrian offences.

Miljon signed for Partizan in 1984 on a 4 year youth contract and made his League debut 1987 against Red Star Belgrade. During the 1986/87 season the…

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Anonymous Canadian1 Anonymous Canadian1 30 April

I want the badge

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ArchesAtSea90 ArchesAtSea90 29 April

Categories to be added

Hello all,

I've been reviewing Special:UncategorizedPages, and there's almost 900 pages currently on it, which is more than I've seen before. I think we need an user collobaration effort to minimise this - otherwise it's going to end up getting out of hand.

- ArchesAtSea

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Max Sinister Max Sinister 17 April

Uncluttering Timelines Category

Yes, I'm talking about Category:Timelines. There are literally thousands in it, it's hard to find.

Yes, it'd be a lot of work. But it would help. We'd need subcategories to move some of them into. Like for prehistory, different US presidents/elections, World War II, World War I, etc.


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Max Sinister Max Sinister 7 April

Realistic "Nazis win" timeline

Something I have been thinking about writing - a timeline, or even a book - for some time. Sure, the topic isn't new, but I hope I can give it a new twist.

Anybody wants to add some comment?

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Mr.Duranov Mr.Duranov 30 March

How can I adopt a banned user's timeline

I liked a timeline and I really want to contribute to it but the author's banned, so I dont know how I can adopt it? Even if the timeline's been inactive for like 1.5 years, are am I allowed to adopt a banned user's timeline? If yes, then do I have to contact the author via another app like Idk discord maybe?

Edit: Nevermind, I have found his reddit account and asked him about it. He said yes and so I have adopted it.

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SportsGenius SportsGenius 21 March

Penske failed to qualify for the 1995 Indianapolis 500.

In 1995, Penske failed to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 as Al Unser, Jr. was too slow and Emerson Fittipaldi were bumped due to them not being able to get their cars up to speed. Had they qualified, there would've been five former winners on the field instead of three. If they had qualified using the backup Lolas from Bobby Rahal's team, the bodywork would've been switched to their own with a Lola chassis in the actual race. The same would've happened if Al Unser, Jr. had qualified using the backup Reynard from Pagan Racing. It would've been similar to how in 1994, both Bobby Rahal and Mike Groff qualified using backup cars from Penske after they couldn't get their Lola/Honda cars up to speed and the bodywork was switched to their own w…

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SportsGenius SportsGenius 16 March

The Canadian race car driver, Greg Moore, was gone too soon.

In OTL, Greg Moore was killed in a crash on lap 10 of the 1999 Marlboro 500 CART race at Fontana. If he lived, he probably would be one of the greatest race car drivers of all time which would result in a lot of people comparing him to ones such as A.J. Foyt or Jeff Gordon. He was to race for Roger Penske's team in 2000, but after he died, Helio Castroneves replaced him. If Greg Moore had in place of him in 2000, he probably would've scored several wins and won the CART championship by beating out his teammate Gil de Ferran. The following year, he would've likely made his first Indy 500 start because in OTL, Penske returned to the Indy 500 in 2001. I strongly believe he would've dominated the Indy 500 in 2001 as he probably would've led wi…

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PhysicalMediaHound PhysicalMediaHound 14 March

Goodbye Alternate History


It's been a honor creating alternate history for you guys,but effective immediately,I'm quitting the alternate history wiki to focus on my own fan fiction.

If you need me,I'll be here:


UPDATE:While I will still be active on the website above,I'm still going to be here. Again,if you need me,go to the website above.

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Ivan9866 Ivan9866 9 March

Circassian ornamental symbol shamrock

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Austria-Gustavo Austria-Gustavo 7 March

Austria-Gustavo (Alternate History)

Austria-Gustavo (Alternate History) is Alternate Universe if Gustavo the First Wins The Revolution!

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Icelandicwriters Icelandicwriters 7 March

Tottenham (What if Football)

The 2009-10 Premier League season was a great one for London club Tottenham Hotspur as in his first full season Harry Redknapp lead them to the Champions League for the first time in Premier league history but what if they had gone one step further and claimed the Lilywhites third league and first Premier League title?

The amazing ensemble of Modric, Bale, Gudjohnsen, King, Crouch and many more had brought the League title to N17. The team had sacrificed their league cup and FA Cup runs for the title and it paid off. But staples of the team soon left as Aaron Lennon was sent to Everton and Tom Huddleston was picked up by Sevilla and in turn Eidur’s loan from Monaco was made permanent and young German midfielder Thomas Müller was acquired fr…

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Icelandicwriters Icelandicwriters 6 March

The Netherlands (What if Football)

It’s the 11th of July, 2010 in South Africa. The biggest sporting event in the World is playing out as The Netherlands and Spain battle it out in the 19th World Cup final, Bayern Munich forward Arjen Robben was in on goal but was denied by Iker Casillas and in added time Andrés Iniesta won it for Spain, confirming their first World Championship. But what if Robben had cut inside and scored.

The whole of the The Netherlands erupts in jubilation as FIFA President Sepp Blatter presents the trophy to Captain Giovanni Van Brockhorst in his final match as a Professional Football player. The Dutch joys didn’t end there and in December Midfielder Wesley Sneijder was presented with the Ballon d’or after winning the treble with Inter Milan. The Dutch…

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Icelandicwriters Icelandicwriters 6 March

Bradford (What if Football)

The infamous 2013 League Cup final between Welshmen Swansea and League Two side Bradford City, the match ended in a 0-5 win for Swansea as the Bradford keeper was sent off. Sooner or later the Swansea players left the club or retired and the Swans were relegated to the Championship whilst Bradford have had some promotion successes. But what if Bradford’s luck didn’t run out at the last match at Wembley.

The whole of Wembley held its breath as the Australian Curtis Good stepped up to take the corner, the cross landed on the head of Rory McArdle who guided it to the post however Will Atkinson proved to be the right man at the right time and pushed it through the legs of goalkeeper Gerhard Tremmel. Bradford led with 20 minutes to go. Goal line…

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Komeylerazavi13 Komeylerazavi13 4 March

smm panel

These days, all businesses need to join Telegram, why? Since one of the most important factors in increasing the credibility of the Internet and social networks is having telegram pages and channels with a large number of members, the pinsmm team has made this issue very easy for businesses by providing very practical ways and services. Is.

Increasing the number of Telegram members

There is no doubt that Telegram is one of the best virtual networks in the world and is in the top three networks in terms of users in Iran, so that more than 40 million were installed in Iran!

Among the services provided by pinsmm, we can mention Telegram fake member and real member and Telegram visit. All these services are provided for both the Telegram channel …

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Batory35 Batory35 20 February

Scenarios of Mine

I have a couple of alternative history related scenarios I'm working on. In this post I'll be covering two of them. There is also a third one but for now that is more like a private scenario for myself and friends. I am not sure if any of those scenarios I will share here, but it is a possibility.

The first scenario is The Resolution. I started working on it not that long ago, and it evolves around the story of the Vietnam War ending with the Paris Peace Accords which would be respected by both the communists (North Vietnam, Viet Cong) and the democrats (South Vietnam, United States), ending up like modern day Korea, with the North not invading the South after the American withdrawal like it did in our timeline. I have not made much for it y…

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Dk2020keck Dk2020keck 30 January

Extra resources

Hello @Gillian1220,

I am here to give you a map of the Third World War in your Era of Relative Peace page. You'll find it under the following name:

Screenshot 2022-01-10 152334.jpg

Note: The color code for the Warsaw Pact is:

  • Dark Red: Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union
  • Medium red: Soviet Union's Allies
  • Light red: Limited involvement.
  • Red in black stripes: Occupied by the WP.

Now to note, I won't be fully contributing to the Era of Relative Peace. I am only here for this file.



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Al Shafan 90 Al Shafan 90 20 January

Making Nations

You can request to me making alr nations if you want to yours or mine canon

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Coordilatte.R Coordilatte.R 12 January

Der Oost will be discontinued

Probably I've grown them too fast without seeing the other side of the TL. I want to rework it but I'm too focused on my current two active TL, Verenigde Staten and Gimme Shelter. I thought the rework would take alot of time. Most of it wasted on research and typing the content out. Thus, I declare this TL to be discontinued and never to be updated again. The article will stay in there, waiting to be whether adopted by someone or dying by itself.

There's a chance for me to update it again, only if I didn't get pressure from alot of sides, I would be flexible and reworking it will be a no bueno for me. But, idk man school, moderating, and developing these infant TL is lotta job, and I wont take a risk of maintain 3 TL at the same time. So to…

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Coordilatte.R Coordilatte.R 10 January

Testing the Blog

Hello?... Can you... even hear me...? Hello?

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Robballgamer2009 Robballgamer2009 6 January

Robball Freestyle II

Hello all, just wanted to deliver another quick hip hop freestyle for you all...

Yeah, uh

This coming straight off the top...

Why can't we all live in harmony?

The wiki has too much causing harm, you see?

Why can't we just be writing in peace,

Police try to stop a brother from his Qs and Ps,

Turn on the wiki, all I see is violence,

A talk page robbed and the people are just silent,

What would Robball do? Would he too stay quiet?

It's hard to be who you are when the bullies are giants,

Wish that I could talk to Robball and ask for some guidance,

Everyone deserves respect, can't we stop the fighting?

Why does every map game have to promote war?

Can't we play a game and not keep the score?

Can't we play a game that…

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Robballgamer2009 Robballgamer2009 4 January

Everything in this world is falling apart

What's up Robball nation,

I can't sugercoat it, I have a very tough blog post for today. Today it feels like the whole world is out to get me. The world just keeps punching me down and beating me up :(

First there is the SNO mess. As you all know I was banned from the wiki for two days by Tullin. I tried to follow the law and stay true to the princples of Robball, but it has been a lonely, broken road to walk. I tried to start a nuke war to do something fun (THat is in the rules too you know), but my efforts have been strucken from the game's canon and even deleted. This has been a very cruel ordeal that has made me very upset with the admins of SNO and also Tullin, who I believe was behind it all.

On top of that, I am currently dealing with …

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Bullet111 Bullet111 1 January


I have to cook a lot, and I like it. But sometimes ideas run out, and then I take recipes from the Cooking Guide blog [1] . There are a lot of interesting things here, and the dishes are just great)

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CrashGrump42 CrashGrump42 1 January

Co-Presidency Update 4: New Year, Same Timeline

Its been a while since the last blog post, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on the timeline, far from it. This year, I would estimate, included the most progress on the Co-Presidency timeline since it was started in 2017. While it can be tiring sometimes, I just worked on a page for about four hours, its been a fun distraction for me these past months.

In this post, I'll discuss plans, what has been done, what hasn't, and various other things, so without further ado, lets start the analysis.

  • 1 2021 in Review
    • 1.1 Wholesale Timeline Changes
    • 1.2 Pages Created
  • 2 To Be Updated
  • 3 Other Plans and Notes

2021 has certainly been eventful in terms of the timeline, while I would've preferred to finish more election pages, so much has been added and ex…

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Robballgamer2009 Robballgamer2009 30 December 2021

Wake Robball Inside!

today i would like to share a song that Robball can sing when he is sad (please sing along to the tune of wake me up isside)

How can you see into his eyes
like open doors?
removing his page from your core
it makes me become so numb

without a page
Robball's spirit sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead it back...

Saaaave him
Call his name and save him from deletion

Saaaave him
Save him from the nothing it'll become
now that I know what im without

you cant just leave him
breathe into him and make him real
bring me to life


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Robballgamer2009 Robballgamer2009 29 December 2021

Robballers Anthem

Official Robballer anthem (sing in your head to the tune Jake Paulers by Jake Paul)

Victory, this is the Robballers anthem
This is for all the Robballers
We run the game, I love you
Buh, buh, buh, buh, yuh

Robballers comin' thru (Yep)
Robballers are the crew (Woop)
Robballers with the views (Yeah)v
Who the BLEEP are you? (I dunno)
Robballers raise the roof (Woop)
The roof's on fire too (Woop)
Robballers keep it lit (Ha!)
Robballers are the BLEEP (Yit)

[Verse One]
I love my army, they my family
They be riding so hard
Robball so fly, I don't know why
They all be rockin' Roball
I go to work, I buy the merch
It's sellin' like a God church
Just hit 10 million subs (Woop)
Guess my prayers to God worked (Yep)
Robballers Everyday (Woop)
Robballers we don…

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Robballgamer2009 Robballgamer2009 29 December 2021

Robball Nation (Freestyle Rap)

Hey guys it's Robballgamer here, just wanted to deliver a freestyle rap (sing in your head to the tune of Lamborghini Mercy by Kayne West)

  • 1 Lyrics
    • 1.1 Chorus
    • 1.2 Verse 1: Big Robball & Robball West
    • 1.3 Chorus

O-o-o-o-o-okay, Yeah we Robball Nation,
robball launch invasions
I-I-I-I'm in that timeline page
with your girl she is asian (Believe!)
O-o-o-o-o-okay, Yeah we Robball Nation,
robball launch invasions
I-I-I-I'm in that timeline page
with your girl she is asian (Believe!)
O-o-o-o-o-okay, Yeah we Robball Nation,
robball launch invasions
I-I-I-I'm in that timeline page
with your girl she is asian (anime)
O-o-o-o-o-okay, Yeah we Robball Nation,
robball launch invasions
I-I-I-I'm in that timeline page
with your girl she is asian (ANIME!)
O-o-o-o-o-okay, Yeah we …

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Robballgamer2009 Robballgamer2009 29 December 2021

Robball and the Robballgamer2009 welcome you to the timeline Robball's World!

Hello, if you are reasding this it means you have been invited to read the excellent new timeline that I am writing called Robball's World!

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Nathan1123 Nathan1123 25 December 2021

How the Admin Stole Christmas

With apologies to Dr. Seuss. A moral story for Christmas time.

Any similiarities to real life people are purely coincidental.

Every User down in Fandom liked Christmas a lot…

But the Admin, put in charge of Fandom, did NOT!

The Admin hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!

Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

It could be his desk was set a little too low,

Or maybe his Internet was a little too slow,

But I think that the most likely reason of all,

May have been his heart was two sizes too small.

Whatever the reason, his heart or his modem,

He stood there on Christmas Eve, hating all Fandom.

With an Admin-like frown over his screen and keyboard,

At the warm lighted windows below on Discord.

Every user pitched in for the holiday t…

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SportsGenius SportsGenius 25 December 2021

No scoring errors during the 1997 True Value 500 IRL race

Had there been no scoring errors during the 1997 True Value 500 IRL race, Billy Boat wouldn't have been incorrectly shown as the winner while Arie Luyendyk and A.J. Foyt would've never fought in victory lane.

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SportsGenius SportsGenius 25 December 2021

Davy Jones wins the 1996 Indianapolis 500.

Had Davy Jones won the 1996 Indianapolis 500, he would've been the second winner of the Indianapolis 500 to have born in Chicago after Billy Arnold in 1930, and he would've been the first driver since Mario Andretti in 1969 to win the Indianapolis 500 after starting second. It would've been the third Indianapolis 500 victory for Mercedes-Benz after 1915 and 1994. It would've meant that eight out of the last nine runnings of the Indianapolis 500 were won by an Ilmor-built engine. It would've been the second Indianapolis 500 victory for Galles Racing after Al Unser Jr. in 1992. It would've been the fourth Indianapolis 500 victory for the Lola chassis after 1966, 1978, and 1990. After all, Buddy Lazier deserved to win the race since his car's…

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Dom PedrolV Dom PedrolV 23 December 2021

English Civil War (The Age of Kings Lasts Forever)

English, Scottish and Irish Royalists
Scottish Covenanters

Irish Confederates
Commanders and leaders
  • Charles I  
  • Prince Rupert,
  • Charles II,
  • Marquis of Montrose (in Scotland),
  • Duke of Ormonde (in Ireland)

  • Marquis of Argyll,
  • Alexander Leslie,
  • David Leslie,
  • Robert Monro (in Ireland)

  • Confederate Supreme Council,
  • Owen Roe O'Neill (in Ulster),
  • Thomas Preston (in Leinster),
  • Garret Barry (in Munster),
  • John Burke (in Connacht),
  • Edmund O'Dwyer (in Munster)

  • Earl of Essex,
  • Earl of Manchester,
  • Thomas Fairfax,
  • Oliver Cromwell,
  • George Monck (in Scotland),
  • Michael Jones (in Ireland),
  • Henry Ireton (in Ireland)

Casualties and losses
50,000 English and Welsh
127,000 non-combat English and Welsh deaths (including some 40,000 civilians)

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Dom PedrolV Dom PedrolV 23 December 2021

The Age of Kings Lasts Forever

This is a long-term project, simulating a world where the era of absolutist kings never ends, the first PoD takes place on October 23, 1642, with a decisive Royalist victory at the Battle of Edgehill and a capture of London months later


  • January 4 – English Civil War: Charles I attempts to arrest six leading members of the Long Parliament, but they escape.
  • March 1 – Georgeana, Massachusetts (now known as York, Maine) becomes the first incorporated city in America.
  • March 19 – The citizens of Galway seize an English naval ship, close the town gates, and declare support for Confederate Ireland.
  • April 8 – George Spencer is executed by the New Haven Colony, for alleged bestiality.
  • May 1 – Honours granted by Charles I, from this date onward, are r…
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PhysicalMediaHound PhysicalMediaHound 20 December 2021

100 Largest United States Cities in Democratia Americae

This a list on the 100 largest cities in the United States in the timeline,Democratia Americae.

1.New York City


3.Los Angeles,CA




7.St Louis,MO




11.San Franscio,CA



14.Washington DC

15.New Orleans,LA



18.Kansas City,MO





23.Jersey City,NJ







30.Saint Paul,MN









39.New Haven,CT

40.San Antotio,TX







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PhysicalMediaHound PhysicalMediaHound 20 December 2021

State Population in Democratia Americae

1.NY-55 electoral college seats

2.PA-38 electoral college seats

3.CA-29 electoral college seats

4.IL-same amount as CA

5.OH-20 electoral seats

6.TX-same as OH

7.MA-18 electoral college seats

8.NJ-16 electoral college seats

9.MI-same amount as NJ

10.IN-15 electoral college seats

11.MO-14 electoral college seats

12.GA-13 electoral college seats

13.WI-12 electoral college seats

14.NC-11 electoral college seats

15.MN-Same amount as NC,KY and TN

16.KY-Same as above

17.TN-Same as above

18.AL-10 electoral college seats

19.IA-Same amount as Al,OK,and LA

20.OK-Same as above

21.LA-Same as above

22.MS-9 electoral college seats

23.VA-Same amount as MS and FL

24.FL-Same as above

25.KS-8 electoral college seats

26.SC-Same as KS

27.WV-7 electoral college seats

28.AR-Same amount as…

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SportsGenius SportsGenius 17 December 2021

The New York Islanders beat the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 7 of the 1975 Stanley Cup Semifinals.

Had the New York Islanders won Game 7 of the 1975 Stanley Cup Semifinals, it would've been the second time in the playoffs that year where the Islanders clinched the series after being down three games to none as they did so in the Stanley Cup Quarterfinals against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It would've been the third time in North America that a team won a playoff series after being down three games to none. Before the Islanders did it in 1975, the first team to do that was when the Toronto Maple Leafs did so against the Detroit Red Wings in the 1942 Stanley Cup Finals.

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SportsGenius SportsGenius 17 December 2021

Raul Boesel is never assessed a stop-and-go penalty in the 1993 Indianapolis 500.

Had Raul Boesel never been assessed a stop-and-go penalty during the 1993 Indianapolis 500, he probably would've finished on the podium or even won the race. In OTL, he was assessed two stop-and-go penalties which dropped him to the back of the pack, but he managed to finish fourth on the lead lap. He felt in post-race interviews that the race had been stolen from him.

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SportsGenius SportsGenius 12 December 2021

No rain during the 1973 Indianapolis 500.

Had no rain fell during the 1973 Indianapolis 500, Salt Walther would've never been hospitalized due to a fiery crash during the aborted start, Swede Savage wouldn't have wrecked in a fiery crash and died later that year, and the rule changes for open-wheel racing later that year would've never occurred. Had the race been run to the entire length, I'm pretty sure there would've been four mandatory pit stops with fuel hookup required, just like with the year before.

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SportsGenius SportsGenius 6 December 2021

Robby Gordon wins the 1999 Indianapolis 500.

In 1999, Robby Gordon nearly won the Indianapolis 500 where he ran out of fuel while leading on the penultimate lap with the white flag in sight which allowed Kenny Brack to win the race. It was well-deserved for him because of the following reasons:

  1. He did it for owner A.J. Foyt who finally had a fifth Indianapolis 500 victory as owner and driver.
  2. His car had Goodyear tires which resulted in Goodyear's 29th and final Indy 500 victory.
  3. He remains the first and only Swedish driver to win the race.
  4. He was the second driver to start eighth and win the Indy 500 after Danny Sullivan in 1985.
  5. It was the sixth Indy 500 victory for car number 14 after Louis Meyer in 1928, Bill Vukovich in 1953 and 1954, and A.J. Foyt in 1967 and 1977

Had Robby Gordon wo…

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TrentKCole TrentKCole 1 December 2021

Computing Coursework

Computing coursework can aim to cover the latest that the world of computer technology can offer to improve speed or approach of resolving problems using hardware or software. It is basically the way to use information, spread, edit, or change it to complete assignments using computers. Using data or information with computers helps us manipulate it to achieve the desired result with the help of computer applications or programs. Several areas have been identified where computing has literally taken over all other methods used earlier to manage content. Some of these methods have been listed below.

1.       Artificial intelligence (AI) is an advanced field in computing that studies how the human mind works and then applies the knowledge to …

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BrianHu BrianHu 16 November 2021

Broken Streak

16/5/2020-3/2/21: 172 days

5/2/2021-14/11/2021: 283 day

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Unnamed2019 Unnamed2019 27 October 2021

this wiki is exploding


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SportsGenius SportsGenius 18 October 2021

Michael Andretti wins the 1991 Indianapolis 500.

Imagine if Michael Andretti had managed to win the 1991 Indianapolis 500 instead of Rick Mears. He would've broken the Andretti curse of 22 years. Since Rick Mears won, he became the third four-time winner of the "500" which Helio Castroneves would duplicate thirty years later.

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Unnamed2019 Unnamed2019 13 October 2021

Top 20 Failed Doomsday Predictions

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a Christian. It's because my grandfather quit in 1945.

WARNING: Includes the future. Unfortunately there isn't a wiki which can include both.


  • 1 1. 2800 BC - The First Warnings from Assyria
  • 2 2. 634 BC - Roman Empire
  • 3 3. 1000 AD - Medieval Apocalypse
  • 4 4. 1600 - Luther's Underestimate
  • 5 5. 1658 - Columbus' Underestimate (without year 0)
  • 6 6. 1700 - Second Coming of Jesus
  • 7 7. 1794 - Shakers' Underestimate
  • 8 8. 1836 - When Christ Should Come
  • 9 9. 1843 - Millerites' Underestimate
  • 10 10. 1844 - Millerites' Underestimate 2.0
  • 11 11. 1899 - Unidentified
  • 12 12. 1910 - Halley's Comet
  • 13 13. 1914 - Russell's Underestimate
  • 14 14. 1936 - Rapture Prediction
  • 15 15. 1982 - The Jupiter Effect
  • 16 16. 1999 - Christ's 2nd Millennium
  • 17 17. 2000 - Y2K
  • 18 18. 2001 - 9/1…

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