• 1234chernobyl

    The  soccer team was made by the in 1937. It has some younger teams such as U-19; U-20; U-21 and U-23 Alaska. It had participated in 1950, 1954, 1990, 1994 and most recently, 2018 FIFA World Cup. The best result was the Bronze Medal in 2018 (defeating England). However, recently, most of the team's best players are in the New Archangel, which led to the protest of the football fans whether this is a fair contest or not? 

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  • 1234chernobyl

    Well, not Khrushchev, nor Malenkov is liberal. But the one that you should know is L.Beria, 1st Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Ministers of the CCCP. Well, Beria was prosecuted for "serving foreign/Britain" interests, that means he's a liberal. I think if he came to power he will prosecuted Khrushchev and Malenkov (somehow), keep Stalin in Mausoleum and most of all, freed (nearly all) GULAG prisoners. He could let the Baltics independent and allowed German reunification in exchange for the Marshall Aid. Maybe Eisenhower/Truman supported it because this will increase the US interests by selling oil. I will make Beria's history in a positive way

    1. Marshall Aid

    Since it became a market economy, Beria can get some money from the US. This…

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  • Benkarnell

    Checking in

    November 2, 2019 by Benkarnell

    Four years ago I came back for a few months, only to find that AHWiki was in as much turmoil as it had been the first time that I stepped away. How lovely to come back and see that things have evidently calmed way, way down, but the site still lively and active. I'm sure there's a story. Maybe someone would like to tell me about it sometime. But it's good to see the community focused on creating Alternate History again. I'm not ready to commit to a return to Active Duty, but I'm definitely going to hang out a little while, tinker with my timelines, maybe do something about the giant backlog at Category:Delete... and I guess I ought to sign up for Discord, since that's where the discussion happens now. Either way, even a quick look at the T…

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  • NuclearVacuum

    Before going any further, I would like to give a shout-out to user Airwolf fanatic94. Back in 2013, they worked on their own take of a successful DeLorean Motor Company for their Alternity timeline. I greatly enjoyed reading their updates back then, I would highly recommend giving the article a read.

    Today, I will be discussing my own take on a successful DeLorean Motor Company (with an Alaskan twist). Please enjoy.

    If my previous blog post wasn't obvious enough, I do have a bias in favor of both and his . I've been obsessed with the car since I first watched ' in the 1990s. I want to make this perfectly clear as I'm about to reveal something mind blowing (if you are as much of a DeLorean fanatic as I happen to be).

    Getting back to the point, f…

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  • Poofoster

    happy halloween

    October 26, 2019 by Poofoster

    muhahha this is was a joke spooky


    happy halloween

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  • NuclearVacuum

    The following is a secret project that I've been working on for almost a year. The subject matter is near and dear to my childhood, and I felt it vitally important to get it right before making anything public. The following will be a three part blog entry. Hope you guys enjoy.

    I'm fairly certain most are aware of and the . His story has been re-emerging in recent years with the release of ' and '. If you are unfamiliar with him or his work, allow me to clarify.

    John Zachary DeLorean was born in 1925 to immigrant parents [you know where this is going]. Throughout his education, he showed an interest in and the . In 1956, DeLorean accepted a job from (GM) and personally requested a role in (one of GM's divisions). At the time, Pontiac (for…

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  • CrashGrump42

    For the past day or so I've been considering an expansion to the timeline of presidents in The Co-Presidency. This would push the list back from the Eisenhower era to the Wilson administration. I feel like there is a lot of potential when it comes to the elections of 1912 and 1916 and onward. The act would now be signed into law following an earlier and more public stroke Wilson suffers, likely in 1913. While his ability to lead quickly recovers, the scare was in full affect, thus the office is split into two. I am also messing around with the colors and size of the dates of administrations, so this change may come sooner than the expansion. This is what it may look like, expanding the Foreign Affairs Ministry list from Wilson all the way …

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  • Puppydogfour

    The Commonwealth Never Falls timeline is open for open edits and be free to edit.

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  • Луи Блан

    Hello Englishman!

    September 7, 2019 by Луи Блан

    I am an Ambassador fromRussian Alternative history offering you peace and friendship as well as cooperation! And to our Russian authors could post their work to you and your sponsors with us.

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  • Darkight1000

    End of Peace game

    September 1, 2019 by Darkight1000

    I have left the end of peace map game due to the game getting less interesting and boring. The other reason is that I join another map game dawn of war.

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  • Bfoxius

    I've been getting into creative writing lately and figured that some of you may like this. Enjoy. —Bfoxius (talk)

    “Death by tiger? Come here and look at this one, Steve.” Steve wheeled his chair across the cubicle, a practiced glide across the shag carpet of the office. He peered over Mack’s shoulder, looking at his computer screen, a skeptical pucker on his lips.

    “Pneumonia, heart disease, cancer. . .” His voice trailed off. Mack looked at him, expecting a reaction. “There it is. One Sumit Chattarak, I see. Mauled to death by a tiger. Location: Valmiki National Park, Republic of India. Not quite three minutes ago.”  Steve waddled his rolling chair to his side of the cubicle. He hammered against the keys, typing out a memo.

    “Well?” Mack said.…

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  • Fluffycat127

    I have a problem

    July 25, 2019 by Fluffycat127

    Hey so I made an infobox called alt history infobox template.  Used it for all my nation pages.  Then 2 days later I come back to find it deleted.  Can someone explain why this happened.

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  • Don Sarrat

    Personally, I favor the fandom for Future History because there is no strict rules and regulations about what is allowed or what is not allowed to post. Cudos to the admin Future history for embracing the freedom of crativity!

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  • SportsGenius

    I wonder what it would’ve been like had the White Sox won the 1993 ALCS instead of the Blue Jays. What would the 1993 World Series between the White Sox and Phillies have look liked? I know someone did a quick simulation of the White Sox playing the Phillies in the 1993 World Series which resulted in Phillies winning the series four games to two. In it the Phillies used the same rotation and the person guessed rotation that the White Sox would use.

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  • SportsGenius

    What would’ve happened in 1964 had the Phillies not collapsed?

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  • Darkight1000

    50,000 page!

    June 26, 2019 by Darkight1000

    We just reach 50,000 pages. this call for a celebration. 

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  • Darkight1000

    Sun Never Set

    June 23, 2019 by Darkight1000

    Sun Never Set is an Idea I had. In this Timeline, the US lost the revolutionary war and is still a colony. the British colonized Australia in case they lost America. the British would expand more and annex more land from Spain during the Second Anglo-Spanish war. by the late 19th century, The British empire forms the quadruple alliance. the alliance main member is, Great Britain (and his colony) Empire of Japan, Dutch Empire, and the Portugal

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  • SigmaHero045

    Hi everyone it's me: SigmaHero045

    When wondering around the numerous timelines that are present here i always found funny one thing: Canada without Québec would apparently get the name of Borealia. My question (it's just a funny questionning i'm giving to you) is: was there any historical background, some lost proposal of naming for my land of Canada as an opposition to Australia, to justify this choice of name? Was there a time where it was considered in our timeline? Just curious.


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  • KaiserDonald


         I would like to bring to attention to my fellow althistorians to not edit my articles. I don't care if something doesn't make sense, is incoherent, or anything else that makes people wan't to edit my articles. They are my articles to edit myself. Of course in the futrue I might collobrate on projects with my friends, so please, DON'T edit ANY of my articles with my permission or your a communist.

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  • NuclearVacuum

    Over the years, I have established a rather large who will be ns in this timeline. Today, I hope to explain my criteria and methods for a field I shall call "alternate ancestry."

    It all started with a simple question for the 13 Fallen Stars timeline — Which nation would each of America's presidents (OTL) lead in this timeline? While the first few dozen presidents were easy enough to figure out (since they were born in the ), it became more complicated the longer time has passed (as more presidents were born outside the colonial borders). Would (being the first president born west of the be a n in TTL? Would (born in California) even be born?

    From out of the blue, LG came and introduced me to several sites which could answer my questions. H…

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  • Luke Nielsen

    Here are some free ideas for timelines, if anyone wants them. I came up with them originally, but I've decided I'm not as interested in them as I could be, and I'm giving them away- just please tell me if you will use them. Feel free to use the entire thing I have written, or just the POD, or even to incorporate certain aspects of these scenarios into completely different timelines.

    So, in 1550 St. Francis Xavier went to Kyoto and sought an audience with the Emperor. In OTL, he never got it. But what if he did? What if he had met the Emperor, and not only met him, but stayed at the court? What if he was able to convert the court to Catholicism, leading to a top-down Christianisation of the country?

    There are several consequences I can think …

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  • The Genegolst


    April 19, 2019 by The Genegolst

    Okay I checked my creation and someone added things without HIM ASKING ME. I am going to find out who did this and why.

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  • DasBull$

    1983: Doomsday Book

    April 12, 2019 by DasBull$

    I'm currently writing a book. It is based off the 1983: Doomsday timeline, perhaps one of the best alternate timelines on this wiki. As of yet, it has no central focus or even a main character, but I have been creating fictional characters and using real public figures as characters. Some characters I have created include; Soviet sailors Vasily Ivanov and Pyotr Antinpin, former S.S. officier Heinrich Wagner, wealthy Danish students Knud Pederson and Johannes Møller. For what I do have planned, the story will portray events from the nuclear war of 1983. I don't know what else to write about the book that I would like to type, but I would like some feedback on my idea.

    DasBull$ (talk) 00:10, April 12, 2019 (UTC)

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  • NuclearVacuum

    I've had the urge to start blogging my ideas, both as a way to better explain myself and to interact more with the community than I have. Since I already tend to write in a blog format on my sandboxes, it seems only fitting. I've also been working on several secret projects for Russian America that I hope to write out in the coming months. But for my first blog, I wish to address a topic brought up a while back by Scraw and explain it in greater detail.

    I may very well write a separate blog explaining my reasoning and methodology related to the People (Russian America) article, but I feel giving a simple explanation is needed for this particular blog.

    First, I find the idea of creating fictional people for a timeline as being (quite frankly) not…

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  • The Genegolst

    The CSA was created in 1861 after a 3 year battle,in which genral Grant surrdeners. After taking over Boston and New York City,the US is annexned to the CSA. Eventlay,Newfoundland and Labdoor is annxed to the CSA in 1867. Many nations in North America started fearing them afterwards. 

    In 1900,a Spainsh American War happens,causing Cuba,Hati,and the Dutch Caribeaan to be annxed to the CSA. Later that year,a South American War happens,causing all of South America(expcet for Tierra Del Fugo) to be annexed. Also,the Mexican Emprie is annexed to the CSA.

    During World War II,Brtian sold it's domions of the Bahamas,Belize,St Kitts,Anitgua and Barbuda,Dominca,Trindad and Tabgo,and the province of Tierra Del Fugo,which is marked as Amish terrtory.


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  • The Genegolst

    I will no longer be doing the South Wins Timeline. Why? Because I want to apdot a timeline. I wish I could adopt the American Union timeline,but no one has been adopting it. I wish I could so I can create. I have some really good ideas for that timeline. 

    I just hope the editor gives me a chance. I really like the idea of an American Union timeline. It sounds interesting.

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  • Althistorian 2005

    Hello to anyone who will read this!

    This is my first blog post, but I'm doing this because I've hit writer's block.

    I don't have new althist ideas, so I'm crowdsourcing. If anyone has an idea for an AH, they can put it on my talk page.


    Althistorian 2005 (talk) 02:35, March 16, 2019 (UTC)

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  • The Genegolst

    Jefferson Davis(Jan 20 1861-Jan 20 1865)

    Robert E Lee(Jan 20 1865-Oct 12 1870)

    Alexander Stephens(Oct 12 1870-Mar 4 1889)

    Franklin Adams(Mar 4 1889-Mar 4 1913)

    Woodrow Wilson(Mar 4 1913-Mar 4 1921)

    Antoni Ciurczak(Mar 4 1921-May 24 1927)

    Henry Adams(May 24 1927-Mar 4 1929)

    Franklin D.Roosevelt(Mar 4 1929-Apr 12 1945)

    Herbert Foster(Apr 12 1945-Feb 16 1953)

    Francis Ciurczak(Feb 16 1953-Feb 16 1961)

    John F Kennedy(Feb 16 1961-Nov 22 1963)

    Lyndon B Johnson(Nov 22 1963-Feb 16 1969)

    Elvis Presley(Feb 16 1969-Feb 16 1977)

    Jimmy Carter(Feb 16 1977-Feb 16 1981)

    Thomas Ciurczak(Feb 16 1981-Feb 16 1993)

    Bill Clinton(Feb 16 1993-Feb 16 2001)

    Alexander Ciurczak(Feb 16 2001-Feb 16 2005)

    George W Bush(Feb 16 2005-present)

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  • The Genegolst


    The merger of Spectrum(which bought the other companies in 1998 in this timeline) and Xfintiy in 2003 ,this company is good for many cable guys. Aside from the Spectrum News network,this company contains an extenise on-demand libary,a app for streaming,and voice remote,Netxfilx intergation,so you can watch all your orginal connet in one place. You can also manage your internet from your TV. With a large amount of HD channels,and quality DVR service,this is one cable company to brag about. Plus,it comes with fast interernet and the ablity to track scores.


    The merger of Froniter and DirecTV in 2004,this company has it all. You can get up to 3 options,cable ,satliaite,,or ditgaal. It comes with a TV app for watching TV shows…

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  • The Genegolst

    Walt Disney Company

    Founed in 1923,this company is perhaps the largest movie company in the world. Same as otl,but Disney did not buy Fox.

    Parmount Bros.

    Formed in 1983 as the merger between Warner Bros and Parmount,the comapny arged to use Parmounts style of closed captioning,VHS and home media relases. The company is owned by Viacom and opreates many tv channels such as Cartoon Network and Nickoldeon.

    Sony Colubmia-Tristar


    Same as OLT,but the Dreamworks anamtion branch was not bought until 2012 by 20th Centry MGM.

    20th Centry MGM

    Formed in 2001 as the merger between MGM and 20th Centry Fox,the compain uses MGM closed captions and home media relases style.


    Founed in 1912,this comapny is perhaps the oldest of the bunch. Owns a c…

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  • The Genegolst

    History of The CSA

    March 10, 2019 by The Genegolst

    So anyway are some of the presidents:

    Antoni Ciurczak Pary:Dixiecrat

    Born in 1864 to the 1st child of a unknown couple in Poland,Antoni worked on his father's esate. He moved to the CSA in 1887 where he moved to Ware,Vermo

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  • KoopaTroopa448


    Yes, I ditched my only timeline on my second day. How very nice of me! Well, it was just to recent for my likings. I might come back to it, but if you have a page overflow problem you may delete it

    No one can read this though..It's a blog

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  • Poofoster
    • there is only some country in middle europe: Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria we know that. And what if Germany puts the Danube called "Republic State of the Danube"? Instead being called Danube only.
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  • SigmaHero045

    Hello to all users of this wiki, specifically the ones linked to Doomsday:1983.

    As we all know, Doomsday is probably the most beloved and the most popular timeline on this wiki and that's well deserved for all the extra effort, compared to other timelines, into the world itself: socially, politically, culturally, etc...

    But that extra effort cause nowadays difficulties, especially in terms of realism and as to where this whole timeline is going...

    Let me explain. You see, as far as these wiki rules goes, any timeline can continue to exist up to the present in this world (so as of this blog post 2019) to avoid future predictions that aren't alternative history and that's fair enough! But this timeline, that was mostly living an active developm…

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  • Rheagan Zambelli
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  • IvanZelenev 

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  • Orgathball

    Im trying to make a Timeline about a Socialist Oceania, inspired by a game of Conflict of Nations, WW3 i played. I cam up with the idea since we made a coalition with Indonesia, Veitnam, Japan, Australia, and me (New zealand). Philipines left early on and we killed him like we had just killed Russia and China at that point. Id like somebody to help me make a timeline cuase i new here

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  • DukeDevon

    Which Map?

    January 13, 2019 by DukeDevon

    Hi guys and gals, just wanted some advice on which version of map I should use, which one do you prefer, like better, etc. Cheers and thanks for your time.

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  • OnlyCharmanderOrange

    My thing so far

    December 30, 2018 by OnlyCharmanderOrange

    I don't know what to call it.

    Anyways, here are the main things in my timeline that alter history...

    EUROPE: France wins the Napoleonic wars.

    SOUTH AMERICA: Things do not change much after the Latin American countries gain independence from Spain? (HOW DO I EXPLAIN THIS)


    • Cuba and Puerto Rico (and the Philippines in Asia) gain independence at the same time as their mainland counterparts. They go on to take over the Carribean.
    • Stephen F. Austin never writes a letter to his delegates that Mexico doesn't care.

    AFRICA: The Scramble for Africa fails when the natives (including Boers) successfully fight off the Europeans.


    • The Majapahit Empire fights off Dutch and other European colonization.
    • The Mughal Empire fights off the Bri…

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  • United Kingdom Ball United

    I am a mapper called United Kingdom Ball United

    (i want to start a mapping program to encourage making your own maps or using someone else's map for a template of you maps for your mapping videos/content)


    This is just for starters to watch to get a good chance of learning one type of dialect obviously i know other dialect but this one just stand out...

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  • Matthew0057


    December 19, 2018 by Matthew0057

    I have a question for those who have been with AltHistory wikia for a long time how do you creat templates its starting to bug me?

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  • Tnicholas


    November 21, 2018 by Tnicholas

    How do I get my own sandbox

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  • Warrioroffreedom123

    When I make this Blog post, be aware I have been on this wiki for a while. I am no Crony account. So that is that. Now to the point.

    It's time for a Pardon of the Cronies


    • The person most involved in the more recent Drama, United Republic, is no longer within our community or active.
    • The cronies by now have ceased all alleged malicious activity, and simply own a very humorous reddit.
    • The extreme Anti Crony mob mentality earlier became a sign of crushing opposition to the administration - we would benefit from closing this dark chapter.
    • It would prove to assist in clearing up the allegations from earlier, many dubious when examining evidence.
    • They have done many great contributions, ones that cannot be overturned. 

    No, I am not delegitmizing th…

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  • SomethingToDo

    bye fam

    November 6, 2018 by SomethingToDo

    think issue that it is that lack of anybody being active in alt-history genre and always about map games and also the lack of anything creative too

    ironic enough I think best place for alt-history in moment is Scratch it have enough freedom for you to make creative alt-history unlike this wiki will ever have 

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  • SomethingToDo

    Cute WWII Cats

    November 4, 2018 by SomethingToDo

    Only cute kittys from WWII because who know maybe these cute kittys could start world war II

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  • SomethingToDo

    Got silly maps? Place them inside here.

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  • SomethingToDo

    Photos of only slavic alt-history.

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  • Stephenfisher2001

    Today, Marketing 8 Years After My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Was Release In October 10th, 2010. It Took Place In The Land Of Equestria. This Causing The Starting Of Fan Made Of My Little Pony Fandom, And Bronycon. Here Is The Map For You, Or Bronies And My Little Pony Fans. Hope You Like It ;)

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  • Colgan dog

    So i’m Thinking of other ways Great Britain could become a republic without doing the usual commonwealth surviving as the POD. I’m looking for other ways for a republican Britain that do not include the Cromwells what do ever. Cybermats, created by the Cybermen, they kill by feeding off Brainwaves 12:04, October 1, 2018 (UTC)

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  • SomethingToDo

    what about if John Lennon was not killed or we still use those crappy shields in WW1? anything I dare to god I want more what if WHAT IF PEOPLE MAKE WHAT IF what if I have 100% grammar what if?

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