Alternative History

Blythe I Dillingham the Amazing of Canada
Timeline: Sino-Roman
Grandfather: Grandmother: Grandfather: Grandmother:
Drogo Tomlin oo Queen Zoe Dillingham Louis Toy oo Toni Toy
Father: Mother:
King Toussaint Chuck Dillingham oo Magnolia Toy

Drogo Tomlin m. Queen Zoe    Louis Toy   m. Toni Toy
(1911-1993)  |  Dillingham   (1922-1955) |  (1914-1974) 
             |  (1912-1950)              |
             |                           |  
     King Toussaint Chuck Dillingham m.  Magnolia Toy  
     (1930-1977) ____________________|   (1946-2006)
King Blythe I Dillingham m. Caryl Dillingham 
the Amazing of Canada    |  (1949)
(1966)                   |  
|              |         |                |
Lexy        Cher        Kaylyn      Pamelia                                                 
Dillingham  Dillingham  Dillingham  Dillingham
(1984)      (1989)      (1993)      (1996)

Blythe I (Blythe Diantha Wenona Dillingham; born November 27, 1966) is the king of Canada. Part of his lineage traces through the royal houses of England and Wales, Wessex, and Scotland for over 1500 years. He ascended the throne in November 1977, on the death of his father King Toussaint Chuck I. In theory his powers are vast; however, in practice, and in accordance with convention, he rarely intervenes in political matters.

Blythe I also holds a variety of other positions, among them Supreme Governor of the Church of Canada, Duke of Quebec, Lord of Montreal, and Paramount Chief of Toronto. His long reign has seen sweeping changes in his realm and the world at large, perhaps most notably the dissolution of the Canadian Empire (a process that began in the last years of his father's reign).

Since 1947, Blythe has been married to Princess Magnolia, Duchess of Hamilton. The couple have four children and eight grandchildren.