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Thomas Boone Pickens
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Thomas Boone Pickens
Portrait of Thomas Boone Pickens

21st President of the Confederate States

Predecessor George Wallace
Successor Bart Starr
Vice President Bill Clements
Born May 22, 1928
Holdenville, Sequoyah, CSA
Political Party Independent
Profession Businessman, Entrepeneur, and Politician

Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr. (born May 22, 1928) is the 21st President of the Confederate States of America, serving from February 22, 1982 until February 22, 1988. Pickens is probably best remembered for authorizing Operation Chihuahua (an unsuccessful effort to overthrow Mexican President Antonio "El Jefe" Oaxaca), as well as his aggressive approach to developing alternative energy sources. Though most of the investments during his administration bore little fruit at the time, the recent advancements that have made the Confederate States an energy superpower are due in large part to the programs established during President Pickens' administration, because of this, Pickens is praised by many historians for his foresight, though at the time the controversy surrounding Operation Chihuahua and the massive government spending taken on by his administration made him unpopular with Conservatives and Liberals alike.