Alternative History
Kingdom of Borealia
Official language English (special status for French in Lower-Canada)
Capital Rotating with each parliament between provincial capitals
Head of State - (personal union with Great Britain)
Prime Minister -
Establishment 1840
Currency Borealian Dollar
Government Type Constitutional Monarchy


Borealia was known as "British North America" until the early 1830s. The addition of much land following the War of Southern Aggression led to difficulty in terms of managing such a large, as yet non-unified, entity.

The solution adopted after much discussion was to incorporate all the various colonies and dependencies into a single kingdom modeled along the lines of Great Britain itself. The Head of State was to be the currently reigning British monarch in perpetuity.


Borealia is the largest country in the Americas and occupies much of North America, from one ocean to the other. The Kingdom is composed of the following sub-national entities:


The following are governed by an elected bicameral house under the direction of a vice-regal Lieutenant Governor.


Royal Flag

The Borealian territories are governed by an appointed Commissioner with some power held by an elected unicameral house

  • Indian Territory
  • Michigan Territory
  • Red River Territory
  • Rupert's Land


Districts are administered by the British government-chartered "Hudson Bay Company" as part of the unincorporated territory of Rupert's Land.

  • Columbia District (Rupert's Land)
  • Keewatin District (Rupert's Land)
  • Northwest District (Rupert's Land)