Alternative History

"...Grandson of rebellious Ekaterine and dispossessed of his native Vidin through his father’s incompetence, this man bore anger at the world in his heart to the dying day. Wealthy and intelligent, he schemed his way into Emperor Andrew’s confidence and then into becoming heir through marrying his daughter. His greatest talent was for intrigue and assassination, a vital skill that removed opponent after opponent, both his own and that of the Empire. His greatest coup was the slaying of the outrightly hostile Berke Khan and all his preferred successors, fatally undermining the Muslim faction of the Blue Horde’s court. Nogai Khan, a secret ally of Boris, became the power behind the throne and he and his sons maintained rule through several young and pliable Khans, leaving the Greeks unmolested and plundering rich Persia instead. However, the secretive ruler held the strings of power too tight to his chest, leaving no worthy successor. The climate of fear and assassination that he fostered also created a legacy where important figures were often removed through subterfuge – including his own heir Stanislav, the last of the Monomach Emperors. With Stanislav’s death, the Cypriot dynasty of the Elegemites once again came to power, while the areas directly administered by Boris’ relatives – Knytlings and Monomachs – claimed independence. No doubt the expectation was to come back to the Empire as semi-independent Tzardoms, precedents for which were well-developed, but the situation was such that between the threat of Mongol domination and the resurgent Muslim powers, the re-association never happened. The Tzardoms – Bulgaria, Tripoli, Tmutarakan - each headed towards their own, separate destiny. One of them was Kiev, the ancient Rus capital and now seat of the council of boyars who were supposed to rule it until Boris’ grandson Stanislav came of age..."

Predecessor: Nikephoros VI Monomach-Rurikovich (Barbarian Empire) Successor:
Andrew Nikephoros VI

Basileus of Eastern Roman Empire

Heraklios III
Yaroslav III Boris II

Grand Prince of Kiev

Stanislav II

Tzar of Bulgaria