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Bougainville & Solomon Islands
Bogenvil & Solomon Ailans

Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Solomon Islands, North Solomons of Papua New Guinea
Flag Soloville 1983DD BSI-crest
Flag Coat of Arms
Solomon Islands
Location of Solomon Islands

Unity, Strength and Hope

Anthem "O, Solomons!"
Capital Arawa
Largest city Arawa
Other cities Honiara, Kirakira, Auki
English, Tok Pisin
  others Hiri Motu
President John Momis
Vice President Patrick Nisira
Area 23,424 km²
Population 678,000 
Independence 1984
Currency Commonwealth Dollar ($)

The Bougainville & Solomon Islands (Tok Pisin: Bogenvil & Solomon Ailans) are a group of islands east of Papua New Guinea, including the former North Solomons and the formerly independent state of the Solomon Islands. The government in power of Bougainville violently annexed the Solomon Islands. The new government is not acknowledged by any known sovereign state, because of this annexation and the mistreatment of Solomon Islanders. The League of Nations and the ANZC have condemned the annexation, and currently regard the Solomon Islands and Bougainville as separate, sovereign and independent states

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