Imperial Democracy of Brésil
Impérihan Demokratί dί Brésil
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Empire of Brazil
Flag of the Federation.png
Lí Kōnstitutis, Lí Demokretί, én Lí Persemenom!
(The Constitution, The Democracy, and The People!)
Pǎr Lí Persévérance Soeui Dieu
(Through Perseverance Under God)
(and largest city)
Official languages Fǔrétìhuì
Regional Languages French, German, Iberian, Dutch, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Indigenous languages
Demonym French
Religion Bueĵocivίanism
Government Federal Constitutional Parliamentary Democratic Republic
 -  Kancelierogang Ludoviko Bunidakto
 -  Diäsidentō Klaŭdio Petrovik
Legislature People's Assembly
 -  Discovered 1503 
 -  First Settlement 1529 
 -  Arrival of French 1543 
 -  Captaincies Established 1631 
 -  Antarctique Established 1642 
 -  Riviere D'Argent 1778 
 -  Empire Established 1786 
 -  Monarchy Removed 1941 
 -  1944 census 100,000,000 
Currency Brésilian Florin (ƒ) (BSF)
The Democratic Republic of Brésil (Fǔrétìhuì: Rupǎbliké Demokratίzǔ dί Brésil; French: République Démocratique de Brésil) is a sovereign state in central Laurentia, bordering Columbia and Burgundian Venezuela to the north, Argentine to the south, and Peru to the west. Brésil is a federal democratic republic, consisting of 12 federated states and two associative states, being Argentine and Peru. The official language of Brésil is Fǔrétìhuì, while regional languages of French, German, Iberian, Dutch, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, and the Indigenous languages exist. Around 70% of the country's 100 million citizens follow Bueĵocivίanism, with Roman Catholicism, Nestorian Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Hinduism also present.


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