Alternative History

The United States Plan for assistance and relief for the Free World, better known as the Bradley Plan, was the United States plan to curry allies after World War II.


Nazi Germany and the United States of America had ended world War 2 on a stalemate in 1945 with the Treaty of Stockholm. Japan was still to be defeated, and the postwar world was to be decided by the two superpowers. The US realised that the Germans would begin encroaching into Old Commonwealth territory, and decided to step in and keep the Nazis in check. But there was debate on how to do this. Some people in the Joint Chiefs of Staff advocated military occupation, but that would overextend the United States. General Omar Bradley Sent a report to the Pentagon and the White house for his proposal: That key nations receive Aid to ensure that they are US allies. The USA, together with the UK, Canada and Australia pooled Billions of Dollars in aid. The Plan was enacted after the Japanese defeat in 1946.

Main recipients[]

Omar Bradley noted in his report that there were key areas that needed direct assistance to curry favour. They were Latin America, Asia, South East Asia as well as Free Africa, in order of importance. It was decided that money would go to infrastructure as well as help in industrializing those nations. The main recipients are as follows:

Republic of China: 4 Billion USD

Korean Republic: 1 Billion USD

Empire of Japan: 1 Billion USD

United Federation of India: 5 Billion USD

Republic of Brazil: 800 Million USD

Republic of Colombia: 400 Million USD

United Mexican States: 700 Million USD

Nicaragua: 300 Million USD

Indonesian Republic: 500 Million USD

Costa Rica: 100 Million USD

Venezuela: 600 Million USD

Haiti: 200 Million USD

Dominican Republic: 250 USD

Indochinese Federation: 600 Million USD

Republic of Chile: 500 Million USD

Kingdom of Siam: 300 Million USD

Republic of Peru: 500 Million USD

Republic of Bolivia: 400 Million USD

Republic of Uruguay: 500 Million USD

Guatemala: 100 Million USD

Republic of the Philippines: 500 Million USD

Republic of Liberia: 500 Million USD

Ethiopian Empire & Protectorates: 1 Billion USD

Note: the United States annexed all European holdings in the Americas.


These nations benefited Greatly from the Bradley Plan, with infrastructure being improved greatly. Brazil & India were the first to get their industrial bases up and running. By 1961, each nation's GDP increased 3 fold.

A major result of the Bradley Plan was the Free World Alliance, which is as of 2009 in a cold war with the National Socialist Federation.

Foreign Reactions[]

Nazi Germany condemned the Bradley Plan as a Jewish conspiracy to win favor through the use of money.