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Duchy of Brandenburg
Herzogtum Brandenburg
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Margraviate of Brandenburg
1157 - Present
Coat of arms
CapitalBrandenburg an der Havel

Berlin (from 1417)

Official languages German
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Monarchy
 -  Established 3 October 1157 
 -  Raised to Electorate 25 December 1356 
 -  Raised to Duchy 1 January 1734 

The Duchy of Brandenburg (German: Herzogtum Brandenburg) is a German state. Currently a vassal of the Kingdom of Bavaria, the Duchy, previously a Margraviate, has existed from 1157 to the present. Also known as the March of Brandenburg (Mark Brandenburg), it played a pivotal role in the history of Germany and Central Europe.

Brandenburg developed out of the Northern March founded in the territory of the Slavic Wends. Its ruling margraves were established as prestigious prince-electors in the Golden Bull of 1356, allowing them to vote in the election of the Holy Roman Emperor. The state thus became additionally known as Electoral Brandenburg or the Electorate of Brandenburg (Kurfürstentum Brandenburg or Kurbrandenburg).

The Electorate was annexed by Bavaria in the mid-Seventeenth century following a large war with Austria. Following Bavaria's succession from the Holy Roman Empire, Brandenburg lost its Electoral titles, however remained a privileged state in Bavaria.

Margraves and Dukes of Brandenburg

Margraves under Bavarian sovereignty (1653 - 1734)

  • King Leopold II von Wittelsbach of Bavaria (1653 - 1658)
    • Klara von Eggenburg
  • Margrave Albert III von Wittelsbach (1658 - 1677)
    • Elisabeta Mittendau
  • Margrave Albert IV von Wittelsbach(1677 - 1733)
    • Maria von Hamburg
  • Margrave Albert V von Wittelsbach (1733 - 1734)
    • Edina von Boda

Dukes under Bavarian sovereignty (1734 - )

  • Duke Albert V von Wittelsbach (1734 - 1739)
    • Edina von Boda
  • Duke Edmund I von Wittelsbach (1739 - )
    • Margreta-Jakobina von Euster