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Federative Republic of Brazil
República Federativa do Brasil
Timeline: 1822: Brazil split
Flag of Brazil (1968-1992) Coat of arms of Brazil
Flag Coat of Arms

Ordem e Progresso
("Order and Progress")

Anthem "National Anthem of Brazil"
(and largest city)
Rio de Janeiro
Other cities Belo Horizonte, Goiânia, Vitória, Niterói, Uberlândia
Language Portuguese
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Groups
  others Africans, Spanish, Italians, Germans
Demonym Brasileiro/ Brasileira
Government Presidential Republic
President n.d.
Area 1,013,875 km²
Population 47,493,045 hab.
Established 1554
Independence from Kingdom of Portugal
  declared September 19, 1822
  recognized July 20, 1825
Currency Real (BRL)
Time Zone GMT +3
1, Sep - Apr
Calling Code +555
Internet TLD .br
Brasil (Formally, República Federativa do Brasil - English Federative Republic of Brazil) is a country in South America, the most populated of all the remainders of Portuguese colonies in the continent. The country was the first independent political unity created out of Portuguese colonies, and the other countries were formed either by acquiring independence from it or by refusing to join the union.

Despite of its large size (the country is the second largest of all its counterparts, second only to Amazon-based Pará), the country has lost size considerably over the years, since it corresponded to the entire set of colonies at the time of its independence.

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