Alternative History
República Federativa do Brasil
Federative Republic of Brazil
1889 –
Flag of Brazil
Brazil 1980s
Location of Brazil.
Capital Brasilia
Official language Portuguese
State ideology Capitalism
Government Presidential system
Head of state
- 2009 –
Lula da Silva
Historical era
- Establishment:
Colonial Era
November 15, 1889
Currency Real

The Federative Republic of Brazil.



Lula da Silva is the incumbent President of Brazil, and he has been in the Political Camp of the Social Democratic Party.

Brazil has five main parties: The Conservative Party, the Social Democratic Party, the United Party (Centrist), the Individualist (Libertarian) Party who although have made legislative Gains have never gained the Executive branch since 1957 and the Centre-left Green Party (who are a fifth-party option).

Under the 1961 constitution, the President is eligble to serve 2 5 year terms, and must step down after serving his second term.


Brazil is a mixed Economy with the Government having control of key sectors of the economy, such as Healthcare and Infrastructure as well as Space. In 2007, the OSS released a report stating that Brazil's Jaguar Status is "likely to remain intact for at least 40 years", indicating how strong the economy is.


Army -

Navy - The Brazilian Navy is among the strongest in the world, with the Dom Pedro Class Carrier being among the largest in the world. The Navy also gets 43% of all military expenditure.

Air Force -

Foreign Relations[]

Brazil is a founding and high ranking member of the Free World Alliance, the only South American nations to have such status.