Alternative History

A Patagonian General inspects his troops prior to the conflict.

Brazilian-Patagonian War
Date 1981 June 14th - 1981 December 30th
Location South America
Result Brazilian victory
790,000 men,

626 tanks,
670 aircrafts

Patagonia Republic:
680,000 men,
453 tanks,
602 aircrafts
Casualties (incluide civilians):
1,012,101 killed,
47,262 wounded

112 missing

Casualties (including civilians):113,126 killed,

1,383 wounded,
421 missing

Opposing Forces

Patagonia Republic

Patagonian Pulqui II jet fighter.

Patagonians best aircraft was the Pulqui II Jet fighter, a modification of the Focke Wulf Ta 183 Jet.


Brazil's armed forces were equipped with American and Aztecs weapons, like the M-48 battle tank, and the sabre jet fighter, which was equal to the Pulqui.

The Conflict

Opening Moves

At 6:26, massed Patagonian artillery opened fire on the border fortifications, while Patagonian aircraft attacked every airfield in southern Brazil.


At the time of the declaration of war, Aztec Carrier Group 2, consisting of the carrier Nezahualcoyotlr, the light carrier Xochitl, one light cruiser and four destroyers, was sailing off the coast of Brazil. The presence of the fleet so close to Brazil sent shivers down the spines of the Brazilian high command. Both Aztecs and the United States declared themselves neutral at the opening of hostilities,

Nuclear Attack

With Brazilian forces approaching the capital Gut Lüftet, and the city of Rosenkranz fallen, it was time for drastic measures. The Patagonian Republic had a nuclear program going since the 70's. Several Atomic reactors were situated all over Patagonia, but the real prize was the atomic weapons program, which had only recently borne fruit. Now with Patagonian armies beaten and bleeding, it was time to use the bomb. A Ju Leufteit 387 Jet bomber took off from a military airfield near Gut Lüftet and flew towards Rio de Jainero. On December 14th 1981, at 13;07, the 35Kt Atom bomb detonated 600 metres above ground level.

Capture of Gut Lüftet

The ancient city of Gut Lüftet was besieged on December 22nd of 1981 by the Brazilian forces. Eight days later, on December 30th, the Patagonians surrendered to the Brazilians, so the war is also known as the ' ' New year's eve war ' '