Alternative History
Republic of Britain
Official language None; English is de facto
Capital London
Currency Florin

Britain today is a republic, led by a President and a Prime Minister. It has been a republic since December 2, 1946 when King Edward VIII was overthrown, ending the monarchy, as well as the Schism of the Commonwealth. This thus leads to the unusual situation that Britain is one of the few Commonwealth nations whose head of state is not King William V.

The Republic of Great Britain today consists of the island of Britain. Unlike OTL, it does not include northern Ireland. The Channel Islands and various other offshore islands are included in the Republic. The Republic has enjoyed a close alliance with France ever since the First European War, and especially since the Global War.

Kings of Britain (From the Point of Divergence) - italics indicate those that are the same as *here*

  • 1840-1901 Victoria
  • 1901-1910 Edward VII
  • 1910-1936 George V
  • 1936 Edward VIII
  • 1936-193? Henry IX
  • 193?-1946 Edward VIII (restored)

Kings of the British Nations beyond the Seas (from the Schism)

  • 193?-1974 Henry IX
  • 1974- William V