The islands of Britannia and Éire, alongside various other smaller islands form the North Atlantic Archipelago off Europe's North-West coast.

Politically dominated by Wessex-Normandy, Anglia and Man the islands are divided into 10 countries.

The name Britannia comes from the Roman province. Anglia often uses a female personification of Britannia to represent itself, often in some kind of quarrel with the Wessex lion.

The name Éire derives from the Celtic goddess Éiru.

Countries of Britannia and Éire
Country Capital Flag Current Head of State Population
Anglia Lincoln Flag of Anglia (The Kalmar Union).svg King William V 17,134,000
Connacht Gaillimh Flag of Connacht (The Kalmar Union).svg Queen Eithne 434,050
Gwynnedd Caernarfon Flag of Gwynnedd (The Kalmar Union).svg Prince Llywelyn III 707,325
Man Douglas Flag of Man (The Kalmar Union).svg King Eric V 5,758,344
Munster Corcaigh Flag of Munster (The Kalmar Union).svg King Ruaidri X 1,024,000
Orkney Kirkwall Flag of Orkney (The Kalmar Union).svg Earl Haakon X 167,735
Scotland Edinburgh Flag of Scotland (The Kalmar Union).svg Queen Alexandria 3,203,400
Ulster Béal Feirste Flag of Ulster (The Kalmar Union).svg King Domnall IV 1,684,500
Wessex-Normandy Winchester Flag of Wessex (The Kalmar Union).svg King Frederick II 24,586,300
Ynys Mons Llangefni Flag of Ynys Mons (The Kalmar Union).svg King Eric V 61,250
Britannia with Flags

The 10 sovereign states of the North Atlantic Archipelago.

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