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For the British nation, unofficially referred to as 'Britannia', see Britannic Commonwealth.

HeadquartersNo Official
Official language English
Membership See Below
 -  Head Queen Elizabeth II

The name 'Britannia refers to the many city states, colonies, and remnant nations in the former United Kingdom, occupying much of the remaining inhabitable parts of the island of Great Britain. The many nations of Britannia are organized as independent dominions of the Britannic Commonwealth, with the current monarch of the Commonwealth serving as their head of state.


Flag Nation Capital Joined Left OTL
Dominions of Britannic Commonwealth
Bflag.png Brythonia Plymouth South West England, South Wales
Channel Flag.png Republic of the Channel St. Helier

Bailiwicks of Jersey
and Guernsey, English Channel

Anglesey alt5.png Ynys Môn a Man Holyhead Anglesey Island, Isle of Man
Flag of the Isle of Wight.svg Isle of Wight Isle of Wight
Flag of Yorkshire (Yellowstone 1936).png Yorkshire
Flag of Fascist England.svg English State
Birmingham Flag.png Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham and Surrounding Area
Kent Sussex YS.png Sussex-Kent Canterbury Sussex, Kent, Surrey

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